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"But unlike others of its species, [the Bad Blood Predator] is no sport hunter, but a crazed psychotic, a butcher of its own kind, an unhinged killing machine."

"Lieutenant Ripley's death: a selfish act. The destruction of the Legato at the hands of some angry little girl: inconvenient. But let us be frank, Corporal—and please, believe me when I say this—there is nothing sacred here. Every resource I have is expendable when it comes to ensuring the further study and development of this organism."
Michael Bishop, Aliens: Colonial Marines (Stasis Interrupted DLC)

Alien vs. Predator shows that Xenomorphs and Yautja aren't the only monsters to worry about.

Entries for each franchise are by approximate release/publication date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Alien(s) franchise 
  • Aliens: Carter Burke, Special Projects Director for Weyland-Yutani's Special Services Division, is the man responsible for the Hadley's Hope disaster. Sending the colonists near a Xenomorph egg nest with no adequate warning, Burke shows no remorse when predictable consequences see the colony wiped out to all but a single little girl. Hamstringing the efforts of the marines to kill the Xenomorphs in hopes he can capture one to advance his profits and stature in the company, Burke tries to have Ripley and the child Newt infected by Facehuggers to smuggle the aliens back inside them while plotting to eject all the marines in cryosleep into deep space so nobody can contradict his story.
  • Aliens: Nightmare Asylum comic, by Mark Verheiden: General Thomas A. W. "Tommy" Spears is a ruthless military officer with delusions of godhood over human and Xenomorph alike. Having taken over a military outpost for himself, Spears arranges for mass breeding of Xenomorphs, handing an entire colony of defenseless people over to be horribly used as incubators for the Xenomorphs. To enable himself full control over the Xenomorphs, Spears routinely locks his own people in a cage with a Xenomorph, waits for it to slaughter the helpless human, then burns it alive in front of its mother, the Xenomorph Queen, instilling a fear of fire and Spears in the Queen. Spears ultimately leaves his entire battalion to die, revealing his true plans of using his tamed Xenomorph army to take back the Earth from other Xenomorphs, then lord over all as supreme. With a callous disregard for human life and a sick fascination with the Xenomorphs, even praising them for wiping out most of the "weak" humankind on Earth, Thomas Spears shows both Newt and Hicks that, sometimes, Humans Are the Real Monsters.
  • Resurrection: Dr. Mason Wren is the head scientist of the covert military operation on the starship USS Auriga, performing illegal experiments to bring back the Xenomorphs. He clones the deceased Ellen Ripley multiple times to extract the Queen hibernating in her. Most of the clones are born mutated and die agonizing deaths, which he stores for further study. He keeps the second-to-last one alive in constant pain and agony. He persuades General Perez to hire a bunch of space pirates to kidnap deep space travelers while they are still sleeping inside their stasis pods, and then implants them with facehuggers while looking on with smug satisfaction. He is ready to execute all of the pirates on the mere suspicion that one of them might be an infiltrator. When the Xenomorphs escape and they all try to get off the ship, he betrays the others and leaves everyone else to be killed by the Xenomorphs so he can pilot the ship back to Earth himself. He later takes Call hostage and threatens to kill her in a last attempt to win.
  • Superman vs. Aliens II: God War comic, by Chuck Dixon et al.: Darkseid is the tyrannical dictator of Apokolips who uses the monstrous aliens known as Xenomorphs as weapons in this crossover series. Introduced by forcing his men to drag a spacecraft out of Apokolips and crash it into the slums, Darkseid callously ignores his minions' protests that it will kill millions of his slaves before it does just that. Discovering the eggs of facehuggers, entities that implant the infant Xenomorphs inside hosts, Darkseid tests a facehugger on one of his top scientists, leading to the man's brutal death as a Xenomorph bursts from his chest, and Darkseid then begins his new plans for war with New Genesis. Implanting dozens of his soldiers with Xenomorphs, Darkseid has them attack New Genesis, only so as to allow the Xenomorphs to burst forth and slaughter everyone in their way, and, when Superman and Darkseid's son, Orion, travel to Apokolips to stop him, they stumble across the fact that Darkseid has used hundreds of his slaved as breeding materials for more Xenomorphs. In the end, Darkseid "saves" Orion and New Genesis from the Xenomorph threat, solely to plant doubt in Orion so he will one day turn on New Genesis and become Darkseid's slave.
  • Colonial Marines (includes Stasis Interrupted DLC): Michael Bishop/Michael Weyland is the face of Weyland-Yutani Corporation and the mastermind behind their experiments on Xenomorphs in hopes of creating a perfect bioweapon. Ordering his subordinates to build a massive Origin Facility on Acheron LV-426 moon under very harsh and deadly conditions and capturing the Xenomorph Queen to produce facehuggers, Michael kidnapped hundreds of colonists for his experiments, turning them into the hosts for the Xenomorphs, which always resulted in their agonizing deaths. Capturing Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Bishop tortures him for information, and after Colonial Marines discover his atrocities, Michael ordered his troops to destroy their ship, resulting in over 300 of the Marines dying.

    Predator franchise 
  • Concrete Jungle & Dark River comics, written by Mark Verheiden: The Yautja known as "Devil" went mad with rage and bloodthirst after being beaten by a human. Rather than perform honorable ritual suicide as is usual for his race, Devil instead begins slaughtering anyone and everyone he can in the South American jungle, disregarding all standards and honor followed by Yautja. Butchering unarmed men, defenseless women, and even implied to slaughter children, Devil houses dozens of skulls and flayed corpses in his hideout. Making Devil all the viler is his sadistic tendency to torture his victims for as long as he likes, healing them up and keeping them barely alive so he can record their screams of anguish and mock them with the sounds while he bisects, guts, and carves them to pieces.
  • Bad Blood comic, by Evan Dorkin, Derek Thompson, et al.: The "Bad Blood" Predator is a Yautja criminal who was a vicious, evil Serial Killer being taken on a prison ship to face justice. Upon getting loose, the Bad Blood Predator massacres everyone onboard the ship, cannibalizing them before escaping into the backwoods of earth. Deciding to enjoy himself, the Bad Blood Predator goes on a vicious killing spree for the fun of it. Ambushing and killing multiple humans, the Bad Blood Predator murders another Yautja sent to eliminate him while ramping up the bloodshed in increasingly savagery and violence, cheerily mimicking the words "sick, psychopathic bastard" to refer to himself. While most of the Predators are no friend to humanity, the Bad Blood Predator, lacking the honor of most Predators shows why he is considered a monster by both human and Yautja alike, with a body count well into the double digits.
  • Superman vs. Predator, written by David Michelinie: Captain Nigel Skane doesn't even have the tiny redeeming qualities of his boss, Dr. Solomon Ward. A mercenary willing to do anything for a buck, Skane is helping out with the global genocide of everyone with a birth defect for a payday. Adding to this, Skane is an attempted rapist who tries to leave one of his own men for dead at the Predator's hands, just so he can swoop in when the Predator is exhausted.
  • If It Bleeds's "Gameworld", by Jonathan Maberry: Sake Chiba runs the titular Gameworld, luring hapless fighters into brutal Gladiator Games against Chiba's mutated monstrosities. Chiba knowingly gets countless people slaughtered by his creations for the sake of crowd-pleasing entertainment and a quick buck, and further uses his genetic experiments to create an entire aquarium of adolescent, perpetually suffering "mermaids" for his deviant, viewing pleasure. Upon capturing the Yautja dubbed "the Nightmare Kid", Chiba tortures the youthful Predator and throws away the lives of his own men to test it before holding the Kid at gunpoint to threaten its parental figure into surrender.

    Alien(s) vs. Predator 
  • Original comic; Prey novelization by Steve & Stephani Perry: Tichinde is a young and impulsive Yautja who quickly worms into a way of leadership after he and ten other Yautja are left stranded and their leader Broken Tusk supposedly killed. Tichinde wastes no time in becoming a Bad Blood, ruthlessly murdering a fellow Yautja outside of the bounds of honorable combat the second he's stood up to, shortly before rallying the remaining Yautja into massacring the nearby settlement of Prosperity Wells under the pretext of revenge. Tichinde is responsible for the death of dozens of innocents, a huge number of them children, personally trying to kill a little boy during the attack after having already killed his parents. When Broken Tusk finally finds the Bad Bloods who used to be loyal to him, Tichinde doesn't hesitate to try and murder him.
  • Predator: Concrete Jungle: Isabella Borgia, later known as the supercomputer and heart of Neonopolis MOTHER, is the matriarch of the Borgia family and the root of all of Neonopolis's corruption and misery. Once the trophy wife of a notorious gangster, Isabella became so much more upon being doused in the blood of a Predator, using her newfound health and power to build the city of Neonopolis over the ashes of New Way City and hooking her own mind up to a supercomputer. Isabella secretly masterminds drug trade, widespread rape, murder, and human trafficking, and the black market arms trade to create a hellish environment suitable for the Yautja to hunt in, letting them slaughter civilians before capturing them and subjecting them to horrific experimentation, whilst also using their blood to rejuvenate herself. Isabella's ultimate goal is to use the genetic material of the Predators to create an entire army, which she plans to use in the bloody conquest first of Earth, and then of other worlds.
  • Aliens vs. Predator (2010): Karl Bishop Weyland, Weyland-Yutani's CEO, greedily seeks Predator technology and control over Xenomorphs. Founding a colony, Weyland uncovers a Matriarch Xenomorph; he then has any colonists who complain about the conditions of the colony, as well as unwitting staff members, fatally impregnated by facehuggers to create Xenomorph specimens for him to study. Despite knowing the risks to his colonists, Weyland lets the Xenomorphs escape his labs so he can observe and study their instinctual behavior, callously letting thousands of colonists die, and when a Marine is about to be killed by a chestburster, Weyland spitefully shuts down the surgical equipment so she will die.
  • The Rage War Trilogy, by Tim Lebbon: Beatrix Maloney is the leader of the Rage. When the peaceful explorers known as the Founders discovered Xenomorphs and advanced alien technology that could allow others to control them, Maloney murdered their leader, Wordsworth, and took over. Renaming them the Rage, Maloney began breeding Xenomorphs, and once she had built a large enough army, set to conquer humanity. Choosing to test the Xenomorphs on the Yautja, Maloney destroyed many of their populations, driving them into the Human Sphere, while having saboteurs damage the cryosleep pods on human ships, killing those inside, to escalate the conflict between the two races. Upon reaching the Human Sphere, Maloney's android generals attack numerous human settlements, military and civilian alike. When her second capital ship is destroyed, Maloney attempts to attack Earth herself, telling one of the senior board members of Weyland-Yutani that she will not accept surrender.
  • Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Dr. Niels Reinstot is a scientist obsessed with the improvement of the gene pool. After being driven off Mega-City One for experimenting on orphans, Niels set up a laboratory in Wildlands, where he grew an army of animal-human hybrids. Discovering the Xenomorphs and capturing a Yautja warrior and the Judges, Niels immediately experimented on them, implanting a Face Hugger on the Yautja and one of the Judges, while transforming another Judge into a mindless abomination. Later on taking control over the Yautja ship and using his remaining hybrids as hosts for Xenomorphs, Niels unleashes them in Mega-City One, leading to a slaughter, while he transforms himself into a Xenomorph Queen and plans to kill off the entire population of Mega-City One.

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