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The plot of the first movie was a Shout-Out to H. P. Lovecraft.
An expedition in Antarctica discovers ruins of a structure built by aliens. Inside, the explorers are attacked by those aliens and find carvings illustrating part of their history: they came to the Earth in ancient times and used a non-sapient, genetically engineered species for their own purposes. That species eventually (almost) obliterated them. In the climax, the protagonist flees out of the structure, chased by a creature from that non-sapient species.

What am I describing? Alien vs. Predator or At the Mountains of Madness?

The AVP movies and games are canon and are set in the same universe with both franchises.
Okay, this might be odd for many but the very existence of Charles Bishop Weyland in the first AVP movie is a big give away as we see the many Bishops in the future as found in the two movies and two games. Bishop (341-B) of the second movie, Karl Bishop Weyland of the third AVP game, Michael Bishop Weyland of the third film and the Bishop in the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game. The OWLF sprung up again in the second movie which would bring us back to the second Predator film that showed a xenomorph skull in the Yautja trophy room.

the Grid Alien was born from Rosseau
because it just makes the most sense to me.

The Rookie from the 2010 game was a cyborg
That's why he can block what should be lethal strikes and knock down Aliens and Predators, catch facehuggers mid-leap and walk off acid burns and bullet wounds as if they were nothing with just a stim. At the very least his arms and torso area have been reinforced. This might also be why he can't jump well or sprint for more than a couple seconds, his body's too heavy now.

Righting together? That's how Predators court each other
  • Normally Predators seem to fight one-on-one against their enemies - or they set traps as assassins. One for the Scar/Lex fans - Lex thought she was fighting beside Scar as an ally, but in the Predator warrior culture a show of partnership and strength is how courting - or at least flirting - goes between males and females. Scar was young enough and impressed enough that he decided to return it.

The Elder was Scar's father
  • Scar obviously came there with his homies for his ritual - he was the son of the clan leader, but he needed to prove himself just as much as any other warrior.

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