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"The Fears have always been evil...Evil upon evil for time out of mind. But there is one name that causes even other Fears to hide their heads in terror. That name is Justin Fear."
"Auntie", to Madeline Simms, about Justin Fear, Dance of Death

Fear Street, where your worst nightmares come to life. Some nightmares are the worst of all.

All books are written by R. L. Stine unless noted.

Entries in each group are by publication date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Main Series
  • The Knife: Doctor Raymond Price is the administrator of Shadyside General and a human trafficker who kidnaps babies and young children from out of state so that he can sell them on the Black Market with the help of his partner, Mrs. Deane. The abducted children are looked after by Mrs. Deane, who abuses them verbally and physically, to the complete apathy of Price. When a nurse discovers what he is doing, Price stabs her in the throat with a scalpel before selling a couple a three-year-old boy named Terry. When Terry's twin brother, Toby, is rescued by Laurie Masters, a girl whom Price has been friends with for years, Price tries to kill her, her friend Rick Spencer, and her Aunt Hillary.


  • Sarah Burns Appearances  was the best friend of Jane Hardy, who she swapped lives with to get out of an Arranged Marriage to Thomas Fear. While traveling to Europe to enjoy her new life, Sarah was killed in a shipwreck, but returned as an evil spirit to haunt Jane. Irrationally blaming Jane for her death, and obsessed with making all living people suffer in retaliation for her own life being "unfairly" cut short, Sarah repeatedly possesses Jane, and forces her to gruesomely murder numerous innocent people, including Thomas. When Jane commits suicide by drowning herself in order to defeat Sarah, Sarah, before becoming trapped in Jane's dead body, spitefully causes the boat that they were on to capsize, killing Jane's brother-in-law, the man's two young children, and Jane's stepbrother, Jason. Sarah is released from Jane's corpse over a century later when Jane's grave is damaged, and proceeds to possess, terrorize, and slaughter anyone who crosses passes with her, with her main target being cheerleader Corky Corcoran. Sarah broils Corky's sister in a locked shower room, kills her boyfriend with a power saw, drowns one of her closest friends in a lake, and at one point takes Corky over and causes her to nearly attack her own younger brother, Sean.

Fear Street Super Chiller

  • Bad Moonlight: Kit Kragen is the alpha of a werewolf pack that includes his father, Doctor Moore, and his band, Bad Moonlight. The other lycanthropes are little more than Kit's slaves; he kills any who try to act against him, as he is implied to have done to the members of another band that he was apart of prior to Bad Moonlight. Becoming obsessed with a girl named Danielle Verona, Kit slaughters her parents and aunt, and arranges for her to be taken in by an agent of his named Margaret. Over the course of three years, Kit has his father covertly hypnotize Danielle to prepare her for her eventual transformation into a werewolf while he works on wooing the oblivious Danielle. When a subordinate named Joey flirts with Danielle, Kit rips him apart, and when he realizes that the other members of Bad Moonlight are trying to warn Danielle away from him, Kit terrifies them back into submission by murdering one of them, a girl named Dee. When Danielle realizes what is going on and screams that she would rather die than become his mate, Kit sneers that once he forces her to become his werewolf bride, she will lose all free will and become his obedient plaything.

Fear Street Sagas

  • Forbidden Secrets (ghostwritten by Brandon Alexander): Tyler Fier was a Northerner who was engaged to a Southerner named Savannah Madison. When the Civil War broke out, Tyler swore that he would wreak a terrible vengeance on Savannah when she refused to side with him and the North. During the Battle of Gettysburg, Tyler was fatally wounded by Savannah's brother, Zachariah, but he managed to save himself by using dark magic to become an undead entity, one that sustains itself by stealing the life force of others, with the first of his many victims being Zachariah. After the war ended, Tyler invited Savannah and her sister, Victoria, to live with him and his adopted sister, Lucy, in the North. When he realizes that Lucy and a lifelong servant named Mrs. Mooreland have been trying to warn Savannah away from him, Tyler murders and drains them both, making it look like the latter was killed and mutilated by Victoria. When Savannah discovers his secret after marrying him, Tyler happily explains that it had been his plan all along to spend their honeymoon torturing and feeding off her in revenge for her rejecting him in favor of the South.
  • Dance of Death (ghostwritten by Cameron Dokey): Justin Fear was a vain doctor who was obsessed with unlocking the secret of eternal life, which he discovered he could achieve through a Blood Magic ritual described in ancient documents deciphered by his protégé, Tobias Morgan. Justin begins secretly testing the ritual, which involves consuming the blood of the innocent and beautiful, on Tobias's fiance, Honoria Bancroft, and fatally stabs Tobias when he rejects Justin's offer of We Can Rule Together. Over the next eighty years, Justin seduced and gorged himself on the youth and beauty of four seventeen-year old girls, keeping them under his control with his Compelling Voice. In 1873, Justin promises a couple money in exchange for their young cousin, Madeline Simms. When Tobias's ghost and the now-decrepit Honoria try to save Madeline from him, Justin temporarily vanquishes the former and fatally wounds the latter, and resumes trying to control and suck the youth out of Madeline.
  • One Last Kiss (ghostwritten by Brandon Alexander): Priscilla Rawlins, after being turned into a vampire, abandoned her husband and their infant daughter, Eleanor, and became a vicious Vampire Monarch who, by her own account, has fed on and killed "too many to count." When a teenage Eleanor and her father move to Shadow Glen in 1730, they are followed by Priscilla, who enslaves and moves in with Richard Fier, a benevolent vampire who was living in Shadow Glen under the name Trevor. Priscilla plans on turning Eleanor into a vampire before having her marry Richard, so she murders Eleanor's father and feeds on and sires Eleanor's only friend, intent on destroying everyone and everything that Eleanor cares about so that the girl's resulting despair and loneliness will drive her to willingly submit to being sired by Richard. When Eleanor rejects her and calls her a monster, an annoyed Priscilla implies that she is perfectly willing to kill Eleanor, snarling, "I have the power to take your blood without returning you to life!"

Ghosts of Fear Street

  • Spell of the Screaming Jokers (ghostwritten by Kathy Hall): The sorceress known only as "Mrs. Davidson" discovered that she could increase her magical powers by forcibly transforming young children into mindless Joker slaves using cursed Joker playing cards. To help her lure in victims, Mrs. Davidson takes a boy named Max prisoner and cajoles him into playing cards with other children by threatening to turn him into a Joker. Mrs. Davidson has a dozen Jokers under her control by the time she and Max move to Fear Street, where she arranges for four children named Brittany, Louisa, Frankie, and Jeff to regularly visit and play cards with Max. Every time one of the quartets draws a Joker card during a visit, Jokers appear to attack them, and brand them with a playing card suit; when Frankie is branded four times, he mutates into a Joker, and is enslaved by Mrs. Davidson. When the remaining three children realize what is going on, Mrs. Davidson forces them and Max to play one final card game with her using a rigged deck full of cursed Joker cards.

Return to Fear Street

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous: Morgan Fear was the best friend of Morgan Marks, and when the two found out that the latter's boyfriend, Lonny, was cheating on her, they decided to get back at him, though things spiraled out of control when Fear killed Lonny and drank his blood in front of the horrified Marks. While fleeing the scene, the girls got into an auto accident; while Marks was killed, Fear saved herself using a special serum, which she neglected to give to Marks, believing that the girl deserved to die for trying to "betray" her to the Shadyside Police. The concoction turned Morgan into a vampire-like creature, and over the next five years she drifted around the country, killing and drinking the blood of random people for both pleasure and nourishment, eventually ending up in Linden, where she pretends to befriend a group of teenagers consisting of Julie, Amber, Winks, Liam, Delia, and Zane. Morgan proceeds to murder and feed on numerous people, including Liam's mother and Winks, and eventually attacks a school carnival with a horde of zombies while attempting to feed on her remaining friends, starting with Delia.

2021 Film Trilogy

  • Sheriff Nick Goode is the latest of the corrupt line of Goodes who are the masterminds behind the curse plaguing Shadyside. Having the town of Sunnyvale prosper to benefit himself by sacrificing Shadysiders, Nick summons undead killers to commit murders and has random Shadysiders possessed by the devil to murder those close to them. Having been behind the massacre at Camp Nightwing in the 1970s, Nick has numerous innocents killed since, and in the present of the 1990s, even tries to murder his old Love Interest Ziggy when she learns the truth before attempting to murder heroine Deena to keep his secret.