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The following is a list of titles and summaries for the Fear Street series, including the original book series and its spinoffs.

    Fear Street — Original Series 

  1. The New Girl: Cory falls in love with Anna, the mysterious new girl at school. But his friends never see her, and when he looks her up, her family name is not listed. Is Anna real? Or is there something more sinister going on?
  2. The Surprise Party: A year after one friend died and another moved away, Meg decides to throw a surprise party for Ellen when she returns for a visit. But then she starts getting eerie calls....and threats....and acts of violence....all with one message: "Cancel the party....or else."
  3. The Overnight: Della O'Connor and her fellow Outdoors Club members go an overnight on Fear Isalnd without supervision, and end up accidentally bumping into a possible killer
  4. Missing: After their parents go missing, Mark and Cara Burroughs begin to notice strange happenings around them....and then the real terror begins.
  5. The Wrong Number: Deena and Jade learn the consequences of prank calls when Deena's half brother, Chuck, dials a wrong number....and catches the attention of a murderer.
  6. The Sleepwalker: Mayra starts sleepwalking and thinks it may be connected to the old woman Mrs. Cottler, who she recently started working for.
  7. Haunted: There are whispers of a prowler on Fear Street and soon Mellisa seems to be haunted by a mysterious figure. Can she solve the mystery of this prowler?
  8. Halloween Party: Terry and Nikki, along with a few other kids, are invited to a Halloween party on Fear Street by the sexy but mysterious Justine Cameron. She promises she has some scares cooked up but they may turn out to be too real.
  9. The Stepsister: Emily gets a new stepsister named Jesse, but she might have a killer past that she has to deal with.
  10. Ski Weekend: Best friends Ariel Munroe, Doug Mahr and Shannon Harper become stranded in a blizzard and are saved by a strange man named Red, who guides them to a hilltop ski resort. But can he save them when their refuge becomes a trap?
  11. The Fire Game: Jill and her friends start playing a game where they set things on fire, which turns deadly.
  12. Lights Out: While working at Camp Nightwing, junior counselor Holly Flynn finds her fellow counselors being murdered.
  13. The Secret Bedroom: There's a boarded up room in Lea's new house. Someone had been murdered in that room, and it hadn't been used ever since. So why is Lea hearing footsteps coming from that room?
  14. The Knife: Laurie starts a volunteer job at the Shadyside Hospital, and stumbles onto a dark secret.
  15. The Prom Queen: Lizzie Mc Vay was so excited to be nominated Prom Queen. But when the other candidates are murdered, Lizzie must uncover the killer's identity...before it's too late.
  16. First Date: Chelsea is a shy lonely girl who finds herself having two boys ask her out. Too bad one of them is a killer.
  17. The Best Friend: Becka Norwood's life is turned upside down when a new girl named Honey starts claiming to be her best friend. And it soon becomes clear as to what lengths Honey will go to make that delusion reality....
  18. The Cheater: Desperate to pass math, Carter Phillips convinces math wiz Adam to take a test for her in exchange for one date. But is one date enough for Adam?
  19. Sunburn: Claudia accepts an invitation to stay for the weekend at her friend's beach house. But soon accidents happen that may not be accidents...
  20. The New Boy: Janie and her friends all want the hot mysterious new boy, but he might be more trouble than its worth.
  21. The Dare: Johanna Wise would do anything to date Dennis and be a part of his popular clique. But is she willing to kill?
  22. Bad Dreams: Maggie starts being plagued by horrible nightmares, and soon real life becomes the real nightmare.
  23. Double Date: Bobby's a heart breaker, and sets his sights on the Wade twins, bragging that they'll both fall for him. They do, but one of them is jealous, murderously jealous.
  24. The Thrill Club: Talia's friends love hearing her horror stories...until they begin to come true.
  25. One Evil Summer: Chrissy seemed like the perfect babysitter. But unbeknownst to Amanda and the rest of the Conklin family, Chrissy has a secret agenda.
  26. The Mind Reader: Terrified by ghostly visions that lead her to a shallow grave, Ellie Anderson is stunned when she discovers the body of a girl had been was murdered two years earlier and finds herself drawn further along the path of the killer.
  27. Wrong Number 2: Deena and Jade's wrong number from the previous year comes back to haunt them.
  28. Truth or Dare: Dare and her friends play a game of Truth or Dare to pass the time during a trip, but one of them some killer secrets.
  29. The Dead End: Natalie Erickson and her friends share a terrible secret. They were all in the car that foggy night - the night someone died at the dead end. Now someone knows too much and there's danger ahead.
  30. Final Grade: Lilly is desperate to get a perfect grade. But is she willing to kill?
  31. Switched: Nicole is depressed and wants to trade lives with her friend Lucy. It turns out she has a way for them to switch bodies but Lucy starts using Nicole's body to kill.
  32. College Weekend: High school student Tina arrives at Patterson College to spend the weekend with her boyfriend Josh. But where is he? Are his friends hiding something?
  33. The Stepsister 2: Nancy is finally coming home but can Emily trust her after what she did last time?
  34. What Holly Heard: Holly is the biggest gossip in school but soon she hears a secret that someone will go to any lengths to keep under wraps.
  35. The Face: Martha was an accident, but she can't remember any of it. Her friends made a promise to let her recall it on her own. She starts drawing the face of a mysterious boy, who might be dead.
  36. Secret Admirer: Selena is on top of the world, her acting career at Shadyside High is going great- until she starts getting messages from someone calling themselves The Sun and accidents start happening. Can she find out the identity of her 'number one fan' before it's too late?
  37. The Perfect Date: After his girlfriend's gruesome death in a sledding accident, Brady is ready to move on. He's met a girl named Rosha and she seems like the perfect girl. But is she a dream date...or a nightmare?
  38. The Confession: After one of her friends confesses to a murder, Julie decides to keep his secret. She's sure he won't kill again...or would he?
  39. The Boy Next Door: Lynne and Crystal would do anything to go out with Scott, Crystal's new neighbor. But that's all Scott's last girlfriend wanted...and now she's dead.
  40. Night Games: Diane and her friends love to go out late at night and play pranks...until someone dies. And they are all pulled into a nightmare beyond their control...
  41. Runaway: Hoping to escape her dark past, Felicia moves to Shadyside. All seems well there...until someone discovers her secret.
  42. Killer's Kiss: Delia and Karina would do anything to date Vincent. But is one of them willing to kill?
  43. All Night-Party: For Cindy's birthday, her friends take her to Fear Island for a party. But when Cindy is murdered, the friends are pulled into a nightmare. Who is Cindy's killer? And who will be the next to die?
  44. The Rich Girl: After discovering a bag full of money, Emma and Sydney decide to keep it a secret. But when Sydney tells her boyfriend, Jason, Emma is scared. Would Jason kill to be rich?
  45. Cat: After accidentally killing a cat that lived in the school gym, Marty is sentenced to community service. But now he's bring stalked by cats wherever he goes. Almost like they want revenge....
  46. Fear Hall: The Beginning: Hope's fine life in college is turned upside down when her boyfriend starts killing people.
  47. Fear Hall: The Conclusion: Hope goes on the run to escape Daryl but her own mind may be what she really needs to run from.
  48. Who Killed The Homecoming Queen?: Tania is having the perfect year, topped off by being voted homecoming queen. But someone is jealous. Will she live to see the dance?
  49. Into the Dark: Paulette Fox refuses to let her blindness stop her from living a normal life, especially when it comes to love. But Paulette may soon learn that love can be as blind as she is when her sighted friends witness her new boyfriend commit a heinous crime and fear that Paulette may be next.
  50. The Best Friend 2: Becka is hoping to finally put Honey behind her what she did. But soon she starts seeing Honey everywhere, and she might want Becka dead.
  51. Trapped: During detention, Elaine and some other kids discover a tunnel under the school. They explore it out of boredom, but something evil and inhuman is down there.

    Fear Street Super Chiller 

  1. Party Summer: Cari Taylor and her friends are looking forward to a party summer at the Howling Wolf in. But their fun turns to horror when the owner ends up being murdered.
  2. Silent Night: Spoiled rich girl Reva Dalby is in for a not-so Merry Christmas when someone begins stalking her.
  3. Goodnight Kiss: Matt, his girlfriend April, and his friend Todd just wanted a peaceful summer at the beach. But that all changes when April and Todd suddenly become weak and pale.....and have two puncture wounds on their necks....and they might have something to do with the two bats flying over the beach.....
  4. Broken Hearts: Melisa's sister Rachael gets into an accident that leaves her with brain damage. While they're left to take care of her, they start getting threatening valentine's notes.
  5. Silent Night 2: One year after the horrors of last Christmas, Reva is still her usual horrid self...and ends up kidnapped.
  6. The Dead Lifeguard: A group of lifeguard at North Beach Country Club start getting picked off. They all know how to save lives, but who will save theirs?
  7. Cheerleaders: The New Evil: Corky and her squad thought they had defeated the evil for good, but when it returns, they hatch a plan to destroy it for good.
  8. Bad Moonlight: Danielle Verona is chosen to be the lead singer of an up-and-coming band, but her newfounded wolf-like tendencies threaten to ruin everything.
  9. The New Years Party: Rennie and her friends think their pranks are all fun and games, until one of the new students ends up dead at a Christmas party. Can they survive until new years?
  10. Goodnight Kiss 2: Last summer, Billy's girlfriend fell victim to a vampire attack. It's a year later. And now Billy wants revenge.
  11. Silent Night 3: Reva is targeted for murder after her fashion show for her new line of silk scarves is sabotaged. But who could have done it?
  12. Hide Tide: Adam is still having nightmares about his girlfriend's death. Then he starts seeing her during the day.
  13. Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!: A new group of cheerleaders discover the evil of Sarah Fear that Corky had previously managed to defeat.


    Fear Street Trilogys 

  1. Cheerleaders (The First Evil/The Second Evil/The Third Evil): A group of cheerleaders, lead by Corky Corcoran is terrorized by the ancient evil of Sara Fear.
  2. The Fear Street Saga (The Betrayal/The Secret/The Burning): The horrifying truth behind the Fear family curse is revealed.
  3. 99 Fear Street (The First Horror/The Second Horror/The Third Horror): Twin sisters Cally and Kody Fraiser move into the most evil house on Fear Street and have to face its secrets.
  4. The Cataluna Chronicles (The Evil Moon/The Dark Secret/The Deadly Fire): Teenagers are terrorized by a haunted car carrying an ancient evil.
  5. Fear Park (The First Scream/The Loudest Scream/The Last Scream): A curse from years ago catches up to the present when Deidre's Baker's father opens an amusement park on Fear Street.
  6. Fear Street Nights (Moonlight Secrets/Midnight Games/Darkest Dawn): Lewis and Janie get involved with a group called The Night People. It seems fun, until it turns to horror.

    New Fear Street 

  1. The Stepbrother: Sondra starts having nightmares about murder. A psychic tells her that she is recalling a past life and someone close to her wants her dead. Could it be her new stepbrother?
  2. Camp Out: Although persuaded by her two best friends, Beth and Ellen, to go on a camp out, Maria is extremely nervous, and her fears are confirmed when strange accidents begin to occur.
  3. Scream, Jennifer, Scream!: When Shelli's best friend, Jennifer, discovers that Shelli and some of her other friends cheated on the important college placement test, the guilty parties decide that they must silence Jennifer at all costs—except that they seem to be the ones who are being silenced, one after another
  4. The Bad Girl: When Jan mixes up a formula in the science lab that brings creatures back to life, her friend Dawn uses it when they accidentally kill another girl, only to discover that while Cindy is once more alive, she has changed for the worse and seeks revenge.

    Fear Street Sagas 

  1. The New Fear: Directly following the end of The Fear Street Saga, Nora Goode's pregnant and institutionalized after being falsely accused of starting the fire that destroyed the Fear Street Mansion. Years later, her now adult son Nicholas seeks to reclaim his family legacy.
  2. House of Whispers: Amy Pierce is sent to live with her cousin Angelica Fear during the Civil War, and Angelica seeks to induct Amy into the family's dark tradition of witchcraft.
  3. Forbidden Secrets: After the Civil War destroys her family's plantation and wealth, Savannah Gentry's grateful when her lover Tyler Fier whisks her away to his ancestral home of Blackrose Manor. Savannah's sister Victoria fears Tyler and believes one of them will die before the year's over.
  4. The Sign of Fear: As Matthew Fier succumbs to his madness during The Betrayal, he reflects on how he first rediscovered his family's amulet and how it was born in ancient Ireland thanks to a warrior named Fieran.
  5. The Hidden Evil: Timothy Fier has a dark story to tell about a woman framed for her father's murder, a little boy with a horrible secret, and a murderous ghost.
  6. Daughters of Silence: Best friends Jenna and Hallie begin to visit the reclusive Simon and Angelica Fear, but are the Fears trying to use the girls as replacements for their dead daughters Julia and Hannah?
  7. Children of Fear: After Luke, Leah, and Corey Fear become orphans following the deaths of their parents, Luke wonders if his sister's ability to communicate with animals is being used for sinister purposes.
  8. Dance of Death: Madeline Simms is sent to live with her cousins Marcus and Deborah, and catches the eye of the young and handsome doctor Justin Fear. She has no way of knowing Justin's horrible secret behind why he looks so young.
  9. Heart of the Hunter: After the death of his mother and being abandoned in the Cumberland Gap with his insane father, Jamie Fier swears revenge on Lucien Goode's family and gains awful power from the Shawnee Indians by becoming a wolf at night.
  10. The Awakening Evil: Before the Shadyside Cheerleaders awoke the Evil Spirit, it tormented Sarah Fear. Now the truth behind who or what the Evil Spirit is becomes revealed.
  11. Circle of Fire: Mia Saxton gets swept up in a secret group at her all girls school when a book of spells belonging to Emma Fier is found.
  12. Chamber of Fear: Carolyn becomes an assistant to Mr. Fier and his two sons, David and Marcus, but their magic act isn't as innocent as it seems as Carolyn seeks the truth behind her mother's death and its connection to the Chamber of Fear.
  13. Faces of Terror: Elizabeth tries to find her missing brother, who was recently employed by a famed wax sculptor said to be related to the Fear Family.
  14. One Last Kiss: Eleanor Rawlins has never known stability due to her father's obsession with vampires, but as she falls for the mysterious Trevor Fier she'll learn her father had more to fear than he realized.
  15. Door of Death: One year after his cruel death, Jake Fear returns from the grave seeking to punish those he deems are cheaters. Amy Burke believes Jake wants her for his Halloween bride.
  16. The Hand of Power: Margaret Fier escapes an angry mob and finds shelter with the reclusive Peter Sturdevant, only to find herself entangled in Peter's search for an ancient and terrible weapon.

    Ghosts of Fear Street 

  1. Hide and Shriek: Newcomer to Shadyside Randy will wish that the stories she's heard about a ghost named Pete were just stories when she's invited to play a rather odd game of tag. If Pete tags her, Randy will lose more than the game. She'll become the newest ghost on Fear Street.
  2. Who's Been Sleeping In My Grave?: Zack suspects that his new substitute teacher Miss Gaunt is a ghost. And she has a special interest in him...
  3. The Attack of the Aqua Apes: Scott and Glen use water from the Fear Street lake to bring their sea monkeys to life — but is it really something in the water that's mutating them into ravenous monsters?
  4. Nightmare in 3D: Wes Parker buys a 3D magic eye poster from a strange general store, and the more Wes tries to find the hidden picture, the more the hidden picture wants to come into the real world.
  5. Stay Away from the Treehouse: Two boys find an abandoned treehouse in Fear Street woods said to be haunted by a boy who died in there while hiding from a lightning storm.
  6. Eye of the Fortuneteller: Kelsey Moore has been a Fear Street resident for years and knows the horrors are just urban legends — until she meets a fortuneteller named Madame Valda, who curses Kelsey to face her fears.
  7. Fright Knight: Fear Street Museum gets a new delivery: a knight's suit of armor said to be haunted by a knight cursed by a wizard to live and die in his armor. Mike, the son of the Fear Street Museum owner, thinks it's cool — until the armor comes alive and accuses Mike of putting the curse on him.
  8. The Ooze: Al gets a chemistry set for his birthday, but it turns out to be a dud when the stink bomb he makes from it turns to ooze — a strange, bright orange ooze-like substance that saps the intelligence of anyone who touches it.
  9. Revenge of the Shadow People: How do you hide from your own shadow? That's what a boy named Vinny Salvo should ask his shadow when his begins to take on a life of its own.
  10. The Bugman Lives!: After accidentally mowing down the tombstone of a scientist who is obsessed with insects known as the Bugman, Janet is haunted by bugs of all shapes and sizes. Has the Bugman returned for revenge?
  11. The Boy Who Ate Feat Street: Picky eater Sam suddenly starts to devour everything in sight that isn't considered food when his friend's weird aunt laces his macaroni and cheese with a weird spice said to send people into feeding frenzies.
  12. Night of the Werecat: Wendy is a girl obsessed with cats; however, her parents won't let her have one. While at a craft's fair, Wendy steals a charm necklace from an old woman who claims it mutates people into werecats.
  13. How to be a Vampire: One morning, Andrew finds a guide book on how to be a vampire, along with some bite marks on his neck. While Andrew thinks being a child of the night is all fun and games, his teacher has other plans...
  14. Body Switchers from Outer Space: Klutzy young boy Will who would do anything to be like Chad, the coolest kid in school. So when Chad tells Will he has a body switching machine in his house, he jumps at the chance to make the switch — only to regret it when he discovers that Chad is an extraterrestrial.
  15. Fright Christmas: A bully named Kenny Frobisher gets locked in Darby's Department Store on Christmas Eve and encounters three ghosts who show him why he's mean during the holidays and what will happen if he doesn't change his ways.
  16. Don't Ever Get Sick at Granny's: Corey is spending the weekend with his Granny Marsha, but before his parents leave, they warn Corey not to get sick at her place—and Corey finds out why when Grandma's home remedies escalate to torture and bizarre science experiments.
  17. House of a Thousand Screams: Jill and Freddie inherit their dead Uncle Solly's house, which wouldn't be a problem, except that Solly was a magician who left behind some evil magic tricks that won't stay dead.
  18. Camp Fear Ghouls: Lizzy joins a girls' nature club called the Camp Fear Girls—who turn out to have strong connections with the undead.
  19. Three Evil Wishes: Hannah finds a bottle at Fear Lake that reads, "Danger: Do Not Open". Hannah's brother, Jesse, doesn't heed this warning, and the siblings find themselves doing battle with a bitter genie who's been stuffed in the bottle for 100 years.
  20. Spell of the Screaming Jokers: Brittany finds herself playing for her life when the jokers in her new deck of cards come after her.
  21. The Creature from Club Lagoona: Tad and his family are on vacation at Club Lagoona, which, for Tad, is not good, as he's afraid of swimming in the deep end—and with good cause, as a scaly monster may be waiting for him there.
  22. Field of Screams: During a Little League game, Buddy gets hit in the head with a baseball—and finds himself back in the late 1940s as Shadyside's greatest baseball player—one that was a member of a baseball team who died in a bus crash after the championship game. Can Buddy change the course of history or is his fate sealed?
  23. Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts: Robbie and Dora are ghost kids living in a haunted house that now has a new resident: a human boy named Oliver Brown, who doesn't believe in ghosts and has a logical explanation behind all the paranormal activity. Can Robbie and Dora scare Oliver into believing?
  24. Monster Dog: Maggie gets a new puppy named Poocher, but one visit to Fear Street's most gruesome veterinarian turns the cute little pooch into an evil dog. Is the doctor to blame or is Maggie's dog truly evil?
  25. Halloween Bugs Me: Greg Romer always loses to Paul Boyd, but not this time. Even though Paul says he'll get more Halloween candy than Greg, Greg is going to beat him with his secret weapon—a bag that makes more of whatever one puts in it, like candy, money—and bugs.
  26. Go To Your Tomb—Right Now!: While taking a shortcut through the Fear Street Cemetery, Jack meets a strange girl who offers him a chance to become invisible, but Jack soon learns that nothing good can come from it—especially if the girl in question is a ghost.
  27. Parents from the 13th Dimension: They say you can't pick your parents, but Sarah would like nothing more than to trade her bizarre family for one that's more well-behaved, which she does by flipping a coin that lets her go into an alternate dimension where she has a perfect family, one that would love to have a girl like her for lunch. Unfortunately for Sarah, she's going to be the main course.
  28. Hide and Shriek 2: Randy managed to defeat Pete, but it turns out he's a sore loser and he sets his sights on new girl Becka.
  29. The Tale of the Blue Monkey: Amanda and Danny find a blue monkey doll in the backyard—the same one their babysitter described in a story that can curse a family with bad luck.
  30. I Was a Sixth Grade Zombie: There's a new after-school club in Shadyside Middle School that turns all of its members into zombies and Valerie Martin may be next.
  31. Escape of the He-Beast: Jamie Kolker is a fan of comic book villain, Hecula the He-Beast, and gets a computer CD featuring Hecula's sketches and drawings—which come to life when he uploads them to the computer.
  32. Caution: Aliens at Work: Matt finds a toolbox in Fear Street Woods, but the tools inside are more than just screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches. This toolbox is literally out of this world, and the alien who lost it is coming to Earth to get it back.
  33. Attack of the Vampire Worms: Jane and Lewis find themselves trapped underground — along with a species of bloodsucking worms and two pale strangers who can't tolerate the sunlight.
  34. Horror Hotel Part 1: The Vampire Checks In: When Joe and his family move to Fear Street to help run Grandpa Howie's hotel, Joe discovers that the hotel may be home to some vampires.
  35. Horror Hotel Part 2: Ghost in the Guest Room: Grandpa Howie's hotel has a new problem: a strange ghost from the past haunting Grandpa Howie and Joe. The spell to rid the ghost goes awry when it leads to a body switch between Joe and Grandpa Howie and now the two must find a way to break the spell before the effects become permanent.

    Fear Street Seniors 

  1. Let's Party: Trisha Conrad has a vision of the Shadyside High senior class dying before graduation, and it looks like Josie Maxwell has accidentally cast the spell that will make Trisha's vision a reality.
  2. In Too Deep: Kenny Klein's employed at a day camp while his girlfriend's attending a special SAT prep course. A female counselor takes an interest in Kenny, but he's more concerned about the strange attempts on his life.
  3. The Thirst: Twin sisters Dana and Deirdre Palmer think a vampire's running loose in Shadyside after Danielle Cortez's blood-drained body is found on the first day of school.
  4. No Answer: Clarissa Turner has been unable to get over the death of her older sister Justine, but a phone psychic informs Clarissa that her sister might've been murdered.
  5. Last Chance: Mary O'Connor is indebted to her social studies teacher after he promises not to report her to the principal for stealing the answers to a test. All he wants is for Mary to do a few favors that quickly turn deadly.
  6. The Gift: Jennifer Fear receives a garnet necklace that belonged to her ancestor Dominique, only it looks as though Dominique's spirit is controlling Jennifer and trying to make her kill Ty Sullivan.
  7. Fight, Team, Fight!: Phoebe Yamura's happiness at being the captain of the cheer squad is shortlived when Jade Feldman starts bullying her, but is Jade also behind the sinister pranks that could cost Phoebe her life?
  8. Sweetheart, Evil Heart: Ty Sullivan smugly thinks he's the greatest for dating three girls at the same time, but Ty's womanizing might be dangerous when he attracts the attention of an admirer from beyond the grave.
  9. Spring Break: Trisha Conrad invites several classmates to her family's ranch in Arizona, but a local legend seems to haunt the nearby archaeological dig. Meanwhile, Josie Maxwell and Jennifer Fear attract some dangerous boys.
  10. Wicked: After a particular awful couple of days at school, Marla Newman falls in with a couple of juniors who promise to help her unleash her hidden power. Yet Marla fears these new abilities are too evil for her to control.
  11. Prom Date: The senior prom's on the horizon, but the events of the past year weigh heavily on Jennifer Fear's mind. At first it seems Jennifer can relax after meeting the perfect guy to take her to the prom, but her dream date's actually a nightmare come to life.
  12. Graduation Day: Multiple seniors have died since the beginning of the school year, and if Josie Maxwell doesn't act fast Trisha Conrad's prediction of everyone dying before graduation will finally come true.


    A Fear Street Novel 

  1. Party Games: Rachael Martin is invited to Brendan Fear's birthday party on Fear Island and she accepts. But the games at this party are more dangerous than they seem...
  2. Don't Stay Up Late: Lisa Brooks is plagued with nightmares and hallucinations. She hopes that taking a babysitting job will take her mind off it. She's wrong.
  3. The Lost Girl: Michael and his girlfriend, Pepper, befriend new Shadyside High student Lizzy Palmer, but when Michael's friends start being murdered, Pepper becomes convinced that Lizzy is behind it, unaware they are being drawn into a tragedy committed in 1950.
  4. Can You Keep a Secret?: Emmy and her friend find a bag of money in the woods, and they agree to leave it there until it's safe to use. However, Emmy soon struggles on if she should use it for herself, while being plagued by strange nightmares.
  5. The Dead Boyfriend: Caitlin has never had a real boyfriend before. When she starts seeing Blade, she throws herself into the relationship with fervor. She ignores her friends who warn her that Blade may be a phony and that she is taking the whole thing too seriously. This turns out to be a very bad idea.
  6. Give Me a K-I-L-L: When a lack of funding threatens to end cheerleading at Shadyside High, school newcomer and talented cheerleader Heather brutally competes against the school's head cheerleader in the hope of securing the last position on the squad.

    Return to Fear Street 

  1. 'You May Now Kill the Bride'': Two sisters, divided by time. Each with a terrible resentment she can barely contain. Two Fear family weddings, decades apart.... Each bride will find that the ancient curse that haunts the Fears lives on. It feeds off the evil that courses through their blood. It takes its toll in unexpected ways, and allows dark history to repeat itself.
  2. The Wrong Girl: Poppy Miller swears she will get payback for Jack Saber's cruel prank that humiliated her in front of all her friends. Then her classmates start turning up dead. All eyes are on Poppy. Is Poppy being framed? Or did the kids of Shadyside High mess with the wrong girl?
  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous: Morgan Marks is the new girl—and nobody can stop talking about her. She’s popular, smart, and beautiful. Everyone wants to be her friend. But her past is veiled in mystery, and no one knows where exactly she came from. Now Shadyside Homecoming is just around the corner. And Morgan’s dark secrets are about to be dug up for all the world to see.


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