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     The Books 
  • The Hand of Power ends with Margaret Fier managing to get what must be the happiest ending any member of the Fear Family could achieve. She helps Peter defeat the corrupting influence of the hand, destroying it and allowing the souls of Peter's grandparents to rest in peace.
  • Terry and Nikki's relationship in Halloween Party. Terry genuinely cares about her considers himself lucky that he has her. There's also him and Alex being able to aside aside their petty feud in order to find her.
  • In The Stepsister there is a scene where Emily and Jessie are making a cake when Jessie "accidentally" sprays Emily with whipped cream and the two are soon engaged in a Foodfight!, and when Nancy comes in she joins in on the action. All three of them find it hilarious and Emily even says it's the most fun she's had in ages. Considering most of the book is pretty scary and sad, it's a welcome break.
  • Lea and Deena's friendship in The Secret Bedroom. In contrast to the usual, Deena is consistently supportive the whole time. She doesn't even ditch her once she gets a boyfriend, as the two still try to find time to hang out and no major conflict comes of this.

     The Movies 


  • Heather’s locker is covered in notes wishing her to rest well and lamenting that she’s mourned. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • Simon's attempts at encouraging and assisting with Josh's crush on Kate. After making a few dry jokes about it at the beginning, he genuinely tries giving Josh advice in the supermarket after he's kissed by Kate.
  • Despite having had what could have been a relationship-ending falling out moments before, Deena goes all out protecting Sam once the skullface killer shows up at the hospital.
    • Deena giving Sam her sweater, knowing it was her favourite when they were still together. She takes the chance to apologize to Sam as well, telling her that she's sorry for being so mad at her for being scared about coming out. They find comfort in being with each other for one night, even if dead people are trying to kill them and "shit is doomed".
  • Sam saying that despite all the craziness that's happened to them, being with Deena is the first time she's felt like herself in months, so much she'd forgotten how that felt like. She admits to having run away from their relationship because she was afraid of her own feelings.
    Sam: You make me feel like me.
  • Sam deciding with little hesitation to let herself be killed if it means keeping her friends safe. And the last thing she does before she goes on to Face Death with Dignity? Giving Deena a Headbutt of Love.
  • Even though there’s a high risk of death, Simon, Kate and Josh agree to act as bait to draw the killers away while Deena tries to kill Sam and bring her back with Epipens. Doubly so for Kate and Simon, who were ready to sacrifice Sam after losing hope at the high school, but immediately agreed to try an alternative method. Sadly however, they both meet a brutal demise.
    • Sam tells Kate and Simon that they are free to leave rather than continue to remain in harm's way. The two refuse specifically citing Sam's willingness to sacrifice herself for them earlier.
  • Sam kissing Deena in front of her homophobic mother. Doubles as a CMOA.
    • Deena giving Sam the mixtape she had prepared for her before the beginning of the movie. While she originally wanted to leave it in the box with Sam's stuff and a note as a last "screw you", she ended up writing "Dear Sam, I love you and I will always love you." She finally gets to give it to her at the end.
      Sam: I knew it.
      • Crosses over into Tearjerker since she brought it with her at the meet-up in Sunnyvale but got discouraged after eeing Sam with Peter, which is why she later puts it back in her pocket instead of in the box. Ouch.
  • It's a quick moment, but the woman who Kate leaves the children she's babysitting with is Ruby Lane's mother. It's nice to see that she's seen as someone who can be trusted with kids, as opposed to being a total outcast.


  • Both Cindy and Ziggy never believe that Nurse Lane was possessed by the witch while she attacked Tommy. Even he expresses concern for why she tried to kill him.
  • Goode and Ziggy share a touching conversation about their shared nerdy interests and bond over their strained relationships with their family.
    • It's also very sweet to see Ziggy pursuing a boy she likes, considering how guarded and ball-busting she was to everyone else for most of the film. When Nick asks if they can go back to the easy questions, she coyly asks "would you ever kiss the weird girl" - knowing that the answer is yes.
    • And while The Reveal in 1666 makes this scene harder to watch, it does clarify that Nick did genuinely like Ziggy and brought her back to life because of it. So while there was darker stuff at play, his feelings for her were genuine.
  • Despite a short screentime before his possession, Tommy is shown to be nothing but kind and warm towards the campers and Cindy throughout the first act of the film. Even his remarks on Cindy swearing can be interpreted as him being concerned for her growing fraught as they venture through the woods.
  • Seeing Cindy fight tooth and nail to get her sister Ziggy to safety throughout the film.
    • The two sisters even hug when Cindy saves Ziggy from Tommy, both apologising for how they treated each other.


  • As she’s set to be hanged along with Hannah Miller, Sarah makes a Heroic Sacrifice by claiming she bewitched Hannah before she Faces Death With Dignity. It shows how much she truly loved Hannah and how far she was willing to go to protect her. Of course, this quickly lapses back into Tearjerker.
  • A possessed Sam manages to briefly regain control over her own body long enough to stop choking Deena by remembering their moments together, allowing Deena to safely knock her out. Let's reiterate that: Sam's love for Deena was stronger than the literal devil.
  • The reason why Sarah's body was moved and a rock claiming she'll never die was put in its place. This wasn't an act by cultish worshippers, but by her friends, who knew she lied about being a witch to protect the woman she loved and moved her body to give her a proper burial.
    • Related to this, after ending the curse, Deena carves "Sarah Fier, the first Shadysider" into the stone by her resting place, to honor her.
  • A post-it note from Deena and Josh's dad states that he is set for a job interview, meaning things may start looking up for the Johnsons.
  • At the end of the film we see Ziggy reaching out to Nurse Lane and giving back her journal, presumably to help her get closure over Ruby's fate and how she's finally been put to rest. Ziggy even gives her a hug.
  • Also at the end, the sign at Shadyside’s High School states “In Loving Memory of Kate Schmidt, Simon Kalivoda, and Heather Watkins” showing not only that they’re remembered and missed, but also implying that Kate and Simon’s names have been cleared.
  • Deena and Sam resuming their relationship at the end with a passionate kiss.