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  • From Dance of Death, the way Madeline Simms feigned falling under Justin Fear's powers of persuasion. The moment he got close enough, she slashed him across the face and cut his eyes open, effectively undoing his century of youth and causing him to rapidly decay and die.
  • The first Silent Night book had Reva Dalby's ex-boyfriend destroying her smug ego by telling Reva how he pities her for being a miserable, unhappy girl incapable of ever getting close to anyone. Due to what an insufferable asshole Reva is, it was rather satisfying to see Reva get dressed down with no retort.
  • The big reveal of Double Date, where it turns out everything was all a big prank set up by the twins and some of Bobby Newkirk's previous girlfriends, as punishment for how much of a sexist douche he is. Seeing him lose in the end is very satisfying.
  • The new girls of 13-A in the second Fear Hall book, having moved in after Darryl killed Mary and Margie and Melanie moved out, attempt to subdue Darryl by themselves despite knowing this is the person responsible for the deaths on campus. Darryl's completely taken aback after realizing Melanie's not here and only just barely gets away when nearly the entire floor tries to stop him. He gets away, but these girls proved they are not gonna let anyone else die if they could help it.
  • A few occur in The Hand of Power:
    • Peter Stuyvesant saves Margaret Fier from the villagers when they intend to kill her for Janice's death. Peter offers Margaret shelter and manages to get the villagers to back off long enough for their pastor to make them take a bullshit "Witch test," which both Peter and Margaret pass. Peter then gets everyone to figure out who really killed Janice, her future husband, and has the groveling little stooge taken away until he can be probably tried.
    • Peter's grandmother Alina chopped off her hand and held on just long enough to hide it so no one would be able to use its evil power. She would've destroyed it by throwing it in the river (since it represents the power of fire and could only be destroyed by water) had she been strong enough, but died doing what she could to stop her husband from abusing the power.
    • Peter and Margaret destroying the hand for good, first by Peter chopping it off before he hurts Margaret, and Margaret throwing the damn thing in the river before it could get away on its own.
  • By the end of Halloween Party, Niki is the one who saves the day when Justine's gambit to terrify everyone with the sounds of bloody car crashes while she set the house on fire failed on her since she's deaf. Niki keeps her wits long enough to get Terry and Alex to help her into the dumbwaiter, escape through the basement with Justine's uncle, and the two pry open the dining room windows from the outside and get everyone out. This, alongside Niki being the one who refused to participate in the ridiculous prank wars and figured out Justine's motives, are the reason why fans think she's one of the best heroines in the franchise.
  • Dana and Deidre Palmer closing their door in Trisha Conrad's face at the end of The Thirst, as she shows up claiming to have had another vision about them after her previous one was highly suspect.



  • As Deena and Sam are about to be attacked by Skull-Mask in the supermarket, Kate comes out of nowhere with a makeshift flamethrower and sends the undead killer scattering while encouraging the two to run.
  • Sam defiantly kissing Deena in front of her homophobic mother.
    • She also proves to be extremely resilient throughout the course of the movie, from shrugging off an axe wound on her shoulder to surviving an overdose AND being drowned in a lobster tank (thanks to Deena's timely intervention, too). Her decision to sacrifice herself to spare the others from the Killers' attacks is also commendable, as she stands her ground in front of Nightwing charging at her despite being scared shitless.
  • Deena somehow managing to tie up a possessed Sam with a telephone cord.


  • Anytime Ziggy gets comeuppance against Sheila for her being a relentless bitch toward her. She decks Sheila in the face with her elbow when they try to string her up, and she later knocks Sheila out completely after Ziggy had attempted to save her (despite Sheila being trapped in the outhouse because of Ziggy's prank).
  • Alice deserves a mention for quickly growing past unlikable slasher fodder to quickly become one of the most praised characters of the entire film. She also finds Sarah Fier's lost hand and is the first one to notice something is up when she finds Tommy's name on the slab of stone with all the Shadyside killers.
  • Cindy killing Tommy twice. The first time, she sneaks up on him and is able to stab him in the chest with a kitchen knife before he can kill Ziggy. When he's resurrected, she grabs a shovel and buries it into his neck, severing his head completely.


  • Sarah humiliating Caleb in front of the other young adults at the party when he tries to make an unwanted advance towards Hannah.
  • Deena getting Nick to see a vision of every victim his family has claimed, just before Sarah's own ghost becomes the last thing he sees before Deena kills him.
  • Sarah’s Badass Boast to Solomon Goode
    Sarah: The truth will come out. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. The truth shall be your curse. It will shadow you for eternity. I will follow you forever. And everything you take, and everyone you harm, you will feel the grip of my hand. I will show them what you’ve done. I will never let you go.
  • Sam's love for Deena is so strong that she briefly manages to overcome the devil's power and stop choking her girlfriend, enough for Deena to safely knock her out.
  • Deena outsmarting Goode twofold, first creating a bulletproof vest with books taped together to protect herself from stabbing attacks or bullets, and then when he starts to physically overpower her, she makes him touch the eldritch mass that dispenses the curse, making him the direct recipient and plaguing him with visions of all the victims since 1666, giving Deena enough time to stab him in the eye.
  • Josh, Martin, and Ziggy spraying Deena's blood on the four killers (Skull Mask, Milkman, Nightwing, Plague Doctor) in the mall, causing them to kill each other. They probably could have gone to assist Deena had Billy and Ruby not shown up.


  • The fact that the trilogy has been able to drum up a large fanbase for having an interesting gimmick, a tri-weekly release schedule, and having a really well told and interesting horror story. So much so, that every single film in the trilogy has over 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, a feat practically unheard of for most horror series!
  • The diversity of the trilogy, with a large number of POC and a lesbian love story at the core of the series. And avoiding tropes like Black Dude Dies First, Bury Your Gays and Stuffed in the Fridge.