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Film / Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog

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Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog is a rather obscure family film released by Fox in early 1995. The story is a young teenager named Angus adopts a Stray Lab Retriever he names Yellow. A few days after getting the dog, He and his father travel to the coast of British Columbia when the boat is capsized by rocky waters. With Angus stranded with Yellow, the two of them will have to face the wilderness if they want to get rescued. The film is very obscure.


This Film Provides Examples of:

  • A Boy and His X: Of course.

  • Kids' Wilderness Epic: Angus and Yellow end up being stranded in the wilderness of British Columbia after their boat is capsized.

  • Savage Wolves: Angus and Yellow are confronted by a couple of wolves that Yellow somehow manages to fend off despite Yellow being you know, a Retriever.

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