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Shocking / Fear Street

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Fear Street Part 1: 1994

  • Heather getting murdered by her friend Ryan Torres, who had been established as a generally Nice Guy beforehand.
  • The return of Ryan Torres in the hospital, since as far as everyone knows, he was shot in the head at the beginning of the movie.
  • Ruby Lane apparently coming back to life after being shot in the head.
  • Kate's death due to getting her head shoved through a bread slicer. Not only is it incredibly graphic, but it also establishes that Anyone Can Die.
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  • This is immediately followed by Simon suffering an ax to the head, meaning that the only main characters alive at this point are Deena, her girlfriend, and brother.
  • The brief flashback of Billy Barker beating his brother with a baseball bat. What makes him stand out from the other killers is the fact that he is a child.
  • Deena gets a call from C. Berman after the events of the movie, who tells her that despite what she thinks, "It's not over". This is followed by a now possessed Sam stabbing Deena in the gut, ending the film with a Diabolus ex Machina.


Fear Street Part 2: 1978

  • Nurse Lane attempting to murder Tommy, especially as the former was a nice lady who otherwise never interacted with him.
  • A minor one compared to what will follow, but Sheila has no qualms about maiming a fellow camper. Even her posse is unnerved by this.
  • The killer this time around is Tommy Slater, Cindy's "perfect" boyfriend, who is also a Nice Guy. The first thing he does after snapping is slam an ax into Arnie's face, killing him instantly.
  • Tommy charging towards Jeremy and axing him, then doing the same to four more Shadyside campers.
  • Cindy Berman receiving multiple ax strikes to the chest, especially as her survival was implied to be a Foregone Conclusion. Except she actually did die - the C. Berman we were following at the beginning of the movie was her sister Ziggy, aka Christine.
    • What's more is that Ziggy also died - she was revived by Nick Goode.


Fear Street Part 3: 1666

  • Pastor Cyrus Miller, yet another Nice Guy, gouging out the eyes of 12 children. This includes Sarah's brother Henry.
  • Sarah losing her hand is disturbingly messy and drawn out.
  • The reveal that Solomon Goode made a Deal with the Devil, meaning that Sheriff Nick Goode went from Reasonable Authority Figure to a dangerous cultist.