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"Tsu grows up with every luxury, wanting nothing, but he's a loner, incapable of bonding with family or friends. He's given a hard time at the flashy school he's at, so he starts exhibiting anti-social traits that even by his father's standards are way out of order. He doesn't target the bullies themselves, he goes for their mothers. Believe me when I say you won't want to know the details. LAPD called it aggravated rape, but for what he did that's a hell of a euphemism."
Qi Linbau, to Laszlo W. Kovic, about Tsu Yuntao, Battlefield 4: Countdown to War

Sometimes, those fighting on the Battlefield are especially bad.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Video Games

Main Series
  • Battlefield 3: Solomon is a former member of the GRU who decided to take revenge upon the West for unknown reasons. Becoming a CIA operative, Solomon got close to Iranian dictator Faruk Al-Bashir, who Solomon assists in his war against the US. Helping Faruk kill hundreds and cause as much destruction as possible, Solomon manipulated him into contacting with Russian Arms Dealer Amir Kaffarov, so he could obtain the nukes from him. Later on abandoning Faruk to fight along with US forces, Solomon sneaks a nuke to Paris and detonates it, destroying most of the city and killing 80,000 people. As a final part of his scheme, Solomon tries to destroy New York with a nuke as well and frame the Russians, solely to provoke a war between Russia and the US.


  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat: Commander 31, the leader of a powerful terrorist group called The Burning Flag, seeks to Take Over the World. To this end, Commander 31 orchestrated the long and devastating war between China and NATO, which resulted in the deaths of thousands. When he believed that all sides of the war were weakened enough, he revealed himself, proudly announcing his intention of destroying part of the world with nuclear weapons, so he alone could rule the rest. As either China or NATO track him down, Commander 31 tries to launch nuclear missiles upon China, the United States, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • Bad Company 2: Colonel Arkady Kirilenko is one of the leading officers in Russia's conquest of the world and the head of a project to create a weapon of mass destruction, called the Scalar Weapon. Leading his forces in spreading death and destruction all over the world, killing many, Arkady uses Agent Aguire's anger at the US, for sending his father to die, to help him find the final piece of the Scalar Weapon, after which he quickly disposes of him. Finishing his weapon, Arkady first tested it on US forces in the Colombian city of Medellin, further destroying the city, as well as killing all US troops there and some of his own men. Satisfied with the results, Arkady tries to fly this weapon to the US, so that he could use it there in an attempt to destroy part of the country, so that America would be easily invaded and annihilated by Russian forces.
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  • Hardline: Sergeant Carl Stoddard is a Dirty Cop within the Miami Police Department and second-in-command of the "Preferred Outcomes" force, which protects the criminals from justice and allows them to do whatever they want for the right price. Joining Captain Julian Dawes's corrupt organization out of greed, Stoddard does all the "heavy lifting", making deals with the criminals, killing the rivals and anyone else who could talk. At one point instigating a drug war to wipe out all his opponents, Stoddard helps Dawes in framing the one honest cop within their ranks, Detective Nicholas "Nick" Mendoza, by killing the powerful drug lord Remy Neltz right before his eyes and tricking Nick in helping him kill them off, while Dawes put all the false evidence in Nick's apartment. Learning that Nick has escaped from prison bus, Stoddard put a large bounty on his head, while he himself helped to expand Dawes' corruption to Los Angeles.


Battlefield 3: The Russian
  • Solomon is a rogue Russian agent who works only for himself. Starting out as an orphan from a refugee camp in Lebanon in the late 1980s, he soon was recruited to the Soviet army, where he became a very gifted agent. Slicing off the heads of his bullies in school, Solomon killed many targets for the Soviets before abandoning them and helping the terrorists battle Russians. After some time, Solomon reasoned that "The world is out of balance. Something has to give." This leads to him entering CIA service to trick them into getting him close to Iranian President Faruk Al-Bashir, who he helped to overthrow his government and commit various terrorist acts. Manipulating him to get close to acquire the nukes, so he could steal them, Solomon immediately abandons Faruk, leaving for Paris, so he could plant the first nuke there, in a place where the illegitimate son of his former mentor Dimitri Mayakovsky worked, solely to hurt him, before leaving to plant the second nuke in New York, planning to destroy both cities to start a Russo-American war.
  • Faruk Al-Bashir is the self-proclaimed President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Iran. Overthrowing his former government, Al-Bashir establish himself as its sole ruler, creating his own army called People's Liberation and Resistance or PLR, indoctrinating countless people to his cause to serve as suicide bombers and having his people to track down and torture and execute on camera any American soldier they find, as well as anyone who opposes his rule in general. Starting a destructive war with the West, Al-Bashir reduced cities of his own country to rubble as a result of his battles with the US.

Battlefield 4: Countdown to War

  • Admiral Chang Wei, one of the most powerful people in China, thought that foreign influence integrated too deep in China and made the country weak. Hating the US in particular, Chang Wei hires the mercenary Tsu Yuntao and orders him to trick US soldiers to come to North Korean territory, solely to provoke a firefight between US unit and North Koreans, resulting in many deaths, and rearrange the events so it would look like Americans were attacking Chinese soldiers. Having Tsu plant his second bomb in a populated place where his own supporters were, Chang detonated it, killing countless innocent people and once again framing the Americans for it. Planting his third bomb in a place where his rival Jin Jie spoke to thousands of his supporters, Chang detonated it, killing most of them. Succeeding in provoking the Chinese into starting a war with the US, Chang takes over the leadership over a country and prepares to launch an attack upon the US fleet.
  • Tsu Yuntao is the leader of the mercenary army, and is known for his love of torture. Raping the mothers of his bullies while he was in school, Tsu was sent to Shanghai by his father to keep him from getting arrested. Immediately becoming a criminal, Tsu tries to resurrect his father's gang, only to quickly get bored by "old crime styles" and joining the Flaming Fist organization instead. Creating his own army there, Tsu forces people to accept his services of protection, in return getting all information about them. Constructing his personal building where he tortures his hostages for years, Tsu assists Chang Wei in planting bombs in populated areas, where they would detonate and kill hundreds of people, so Chang could use it to frame Americans in attacking China and start a war between nations.