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"...Dracula came out of Transylvania to conquer London, bringing with him horrors most of Europe didn’t believe in or had forgotten."

"Factions would worship the new boss-god, trying to believe they alone would be saved as genocide tallies rose. Rebellions would be crushed. The Princess might imagine banishing all bad people – by her definition – with her ossification beam. But she wouldn’t chuck a bug grenade into the marketplace. She was a ruthless moralist, not a sociopath. Even as a terrorist, she’d been purposeful. The Light Years – Anni Lux – would be crushingly horrible. But Zeroworld would be worse. Jun Zero was a nutter. He wanted a killing jar the size of a planet."
Richard Jepperson on Jun Zero, Anno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju

The dark and zany Multiverse of Kim Newman is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover which is home to some truly vile villains.

Series are sorted by release date of first book.

Back in the USSA can be found here, while Warhammer: Drachenfels can be found here.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Anno Dracula series
  • Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul himself, is the lord of all vampires and the rarely seen but always present Greater-Scope Villain. Dracula started off as the brutal Impaler in life and would have thousands put to the stake out of bloodlust before becoming a prolific killer in undeath. Having killed Van Helsing and most of his allies, Dracula sets up a tyrannical vampire Police State in England by forcibly marrying Queen Victoria. Countless people are impaled or sent to the Tower to be tortured, with Dracula outlawing sodomy as a crime punishable by death. Allowing his vampire followers to murder and rape with impunity, Dracula presides over a court where innocents are regularly torn apart in an orgy of blood as Victoria is Forced to Watch. Later starting World War I in all its bloody glory, Dracula has thousands impaled on the battle field and funds the creation of vampire pilots by destroying their sanity and killing millions in the bloodshed. Eventually corrupting and killing a teenage boy as a way to revive himself, Dracula later returns from the dead to destroy his rivals and resume his role as king of the undead.
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  • Anno Dracula (first novel): Vardalek is a twisted member of the Carpathian Guard in England. A serial child-killing pedophile, Vardalek is caught by heroine vampire Genevieve Dieudonne while forcibly taking a little boy from his father to molest and devour, which he has done to numerous little boys before. Humiliated by Genevieve, Vardalek tries to have her killed, and is later caught raping and feeding from another child with another corpse nearby.
  • One Thousand Monsters: Lieutenant Majin is a servant of the Taira no Masakado and Enma-Ou in Japan. Seeking to raise his masters for Hell on Earth, Majin brutally runs the ghetto Yokai Town, having disgraced people from Japan sent to the ghetto to have them commit seppuku or be torn apart by the monsters so he can feast on their fear and pain. Turning Yokai and vampires against one another to cause bloodshed to feed his power, Majin intends to cause an earthquake and bury all of Tokyo before unleashing hellish nightmares upon the world.
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  • Anno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju: Jun Zero is a sociopathic hacker who savors causing pain to others, causing death, ruining lives and even stealing from orphanages to distribute the money to the wealthy. Seeking to hijack the plan of Christina Light to ascend to godhood at the new millennium, Jun Zero manipulates others at the Daikaiju building while intending to seize upon the ascension. Once done, he plots to turn the Earth into a killing field where all that lives will be subject to torture and death at his hands until the world has ended.

Angels of Music

  • "Act I: The Marriage Club" & "Act V: Deluge": Countess Cagliostro is an Evil Sorceress named Antinea who is a descendant of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Cagilostro desires control over the world and attempts in her first appearance to Kill and Replace dozens of high ranking-officials with her dolls to seize control and later attempts to have the Angels sent against her killed by being dipped in hot wax. Beaten, she assembles various defeated but surviving enemies of the Agency and has the city of Paris flooded, killing hundreds while she lets her minions wreak havoc. Murdering Erik's best friend The Persian to hurt and draw him out, Antinea kidnaps his beloved Angels Irene Adler and Kate Reed, intending along with Assolant to kill them in front of him to cause him pain. Intending to overthrow the French government, Antinea plans to launch a missile into the city which could kill thousands before having Assolant's forces help her seize control of France and crown herself empress. Beaten by Erik, she tries to murder him and one of his Angels as a final act of spite and sends Erik and herself to an apparent watery doom.
  • "Act III: Guignol": Georges Du Roy is a psychopathic newspaper mogul and leader of the Red Circle. Learning that he loved violence and evil during the events of Bloody Week, Du Roy helps found and cover for the members of the Red Circle, helping them unleash a wave of torture, rape and murder on the city for fun. A fervid anti-Semite, Du Roy is also behind a smear campaign against the Jewish soldier Dreyfus and incites riots against the Jewish population of Paris, leading to innocent Jews being burned on the streets. Du Roy, along with the rest of the Red Circle, also forces and kidnaps young women into their grand act where they torture them to death for fun and intend to make Kate Reed their latest victim, all while forcing the master of the theatre Guignol to watch.
  • "Act III: Guignol" & "Act V: Deluge": General Assolant is a psychotic French general infamous both for his brutality and blundering and is one of the key members of the Red Circle, having innocents kidnapped to be tortured to death for the Red Circle's enjoyment. Upon being beaten by the Opera Ghost Agency, Assolant nurses a grudge for decades and later joins forces with Cagliostro/Antinea in order to get revenge, helping her flood the city and killing hundreds, and personally killing and plundering Paris, killing dozens more. Capturing the Angels Irene Adler and Kate Reed, Assolant and Antinea plan to murder them in front of him to cause him great plan, and Assolant will use his forces to overthrow the French government in violent revolution in order to put Antinea on the throne, killing multitudes so Assolant profits.

Diogenes Club

  • "The Big Fish" & "Another Fish Story": Janice Marsh is introduced as a Hollywood starlet in the 30s who doubles as a murderous Deep One cultist. An evil Black Widow, Janice seduces a Scottish laird named Brunette and convinces him to kidnap his own baby Franklin for the cult's purposes, then rewards Brunette, first by breaking his mind, then his neck. After her attempt to have baby Franklin made as the host for her ancestor Obed Marsh is thwarted, Janice lives out into the 60s as The Woman Behind the Man to the Manson family cult, attempting to realize her species' ambition of eradicating humanity and returning Earth to the sea.
  • "Another Fish Story": Charles Manson, disciple of Janice Marsh, positively exults in the chance to realize his "End Times" for real. Already a psychotic cult leader, Manson plans to open up a fault beneath Los Angeles and drown the entire city, paving the way subsequently for the Deep Ones to flood the rest of the Earth and destroy humanity. Even as nothing more than a jumped-up pawn in the end, Manson is vile, glorying in how he'll soon get to "wipe Hollywood off the map".
  • Seven Stars:
    • "The Mummy's Heart" & "The Magician and the Matinee Idol": Declan Mountmain is a madman who intends to free Ireland from British rule to turn it into his own dystopia. Declan is a Serial Killer who mutilates his victims and relishes hurting others. Declan intends to acquire the Jewel of the Seven Stars to devastate the planet with the 10 Plagues so he can seize control of the world. After his first defeat, Declan returns, planning to wipe out all of Britain, declaring himself to have become the "destroyer of empire".
    • "The Trouble With Barrymore": Bennett Mountmain is Declan's nephew and successor in the search for the jewel. A vile Nazi occultist, Bennett lends his services to aiding Hitler himself. Bennett intends to use the jewel to unleash nuclear holocaust on the Allies, intending an Axis victory and all the misery that will entail.
  • Cold Snap: Professor Richard Cleaver is a disgruntled mad genius and former Child Prodigy who was a member of the Splendid Six in his youth. Already blasé about death even as a Kid Hero, the Splendid Six's disbanding resulted in Cleaver blaming his rejection on the world as a whole. Cleaver uncovered and subsequently corrupted a primordial entity known as the Cold, testing it first by sadistically slaughtering his entire staff and resurrecting them as frozen, undead snowmen. Cleaver plans to turn the Cold upon the rest of the world so he can freeze humanity to death as the ultimate culmination of his childish, selfish megalomania.