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"I've got the kids! I think I'm going to kill one of them now just for the heck of it!"

Disney villains tend to be very noteworthy, both for their personalities and their songs. However, some of them can also be horrible, ruthless, and despicable.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Disney Animated Canon

    Films, by release date 
  • Pinocchio: The Coachman runs Pleasure Island, a too-good-to-be-true amusement park for troublesome children. Presenting a guise as a kindly old man, he laces the cigars and beer of the children with a substance that transforms the children into donkeys whenever they act like jerks. The Coachman then sells them as normal animals into harsh working environments and keeps the boys who can still talk within a pen with no indication of their fates afterwards. Even Honest John and Gideon, a pair of con artists, are visibly terrified by him and his actions.
  • The Black Cauldron: The Horned King is an evil, sorcerous lich who wants to use the Black Cauldron to conquer the world with his army of the undead, the Cauldron-Born. Stopping at nothing to achieve his goal, he's willing to kill innocents, has his loyal henchmen killed to create more skeleton warriors, and tries to sacrifice his own servant, Creeper, to power the Cauldron. Desiring to be seen as a god-like figure by what's left of the Earth, the Horned King remains one of the darkest villains in a Disney movie to date.
  • The Rescuers Down Under: Percival C. McLeach, despite knowing the animals he hunts are sapient, delights himself in "tearing off their hides". While searching for the rare eagle Marahute, McLeach kidnaps the young Cody and forces his compliance by trapping him in an animal cage and recklessly tossing knives at him. Gloating to have previously captured and killed Marahute's mate, McLeach aims to destroy her eggs to increase the potential value. McLeach then entertains himself whilst disposing of Cody by lowering him into the crocodile-filled water, and when his fun is cut short, McLeach tries to shoot the rope suspending Cody.
  • The Lion King (1994): Scar is the envious younger brother of King Mufasa who, upon losing his position as next in line to the throne by the birth of his nephew Simba, sought to take it by force. First tricking the young Simba and his friend Nala into entering the Elephant Graveyard to be killed by his hyena henchmen, Scar next orchestrates a wildebeest stampede and tosses Mufasa to his death after he attempts to rescue his son. Blaming a grief-stricken Simba for his father's murder, Scar forces him into exile before commanding the hyenas to finish him off. Upon taking control, Scar's incompetence as king leads to a famine, with Scar uncaring that he is sentencing everyone to death, even striking Mufasa's widow Sarabi unconscious when she criticizes his rule. Upon Simba's return, Scar takes advantage of Simba's lingering guilt over his father's death to attempt to execute him publicly, pausing only to mockingly reveal his role in Mufasa's death. Later, to save his own life, he attempts to foist the blame on his hyena henchmen before attempting to kill Simba, even after the latter spares his life.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Judge Claude Frollo, the Minister of Justice, is a deeply prejudiced and hypocritical official who seeks to totally exterminate the gypsies scattered around Paris. Frollo introduces himself by murdering a fleeing mother and nearly drowning her infant child for the crime of being deformed. With the archdeacon's intervention instilling the fear of divine retribution in him, Frollo dubbed the child Quasimodo and raised him in isolation under emotional abuse. Deeply enraptured with the gypsy Esmeralda, Frollo resolves to make Esmeralda his or watch her burn, offering "choose me or the fire" when she's tied to the stake. Frollo has gigantic sections of Paris burned in his further attempt to find the gypsies; orders a family torched alive in their own house; and even tries to murder Quasimodo himself in the end after having seemingly murdered Esmeralda, forsaking all piety to reveal the monster he's always been within.
  • Mulan: Shan Yu views the Emperor of China having built The Great Wall as both an insult and a challenge. As a violent Blood Knight, Shan Yu leads his horde of Huns to invade, relishing when China knows he's there. After capturing two Imperial spies, Shan Yu releases them with a message for the Emperor—but has one of his archers kill one anyways as you only need one man to deliver a message. Shan Yu later ambushes the armies of General Li at a village, resulting in a mass slaughter, not only of the soldiers, but every civilian as well, with no children spared either. Even after his army's downfall, Shan Yu attacks the Imperial Palace with his remaining men and takes the Emperor hostage, furiously trying to kill him when he refuses to kneel to Shan Yu.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke is a tomb-robbing mercenary (or, as he insists, "adventure capitalist") solely in the Atlantis operation for profit. The leader of the expedition sent to find Atlantis, Rourke maintains a gruff, militaristic indifference to the lives of those lost to the Leviathan and upon seeing the Heart of Atlantis, plans to confiscate it and sell it for double the money he'd receive. Knowing full well this will kill every Atlantean, when he's confronted on this Rourke threatens to shoot Princess Kida and shortly thereafter murders her father, never dropping his friendly façade. Rourke was concerned for little else but himself and the potential profit he could reap from Atlantis, to the point where he tosses Helga off a blimp to her death for a minor benefit to his escape, and was greedy enough in the end to make his entire party turn against him.
  • The Princess and the Frog: Dr. Facilier, the Shadow Man, is a "very charismatic" conman and voodoo sorcerer who employs his demonic "Friends on the Other Side" for his own ambitious ends. Facilier tricks Prince Naveen into giving him his blood, cursing the prince into the form of a frog, while roping his greedy valet Lawrence into posing as the prince to marry into the inheritance of New Orleans's wealthiest sugar baron Eli "Big Daddy" LeBouff, ensuring Facilier can murder LeBouff and Naveen after to secure the fortune for his own. Plunged deep into debt to his "Friends" with his soul at stake, Facilier sinks to his lowest when he offers up the souls of New Orleans's citizens to his demonic "Friends" to glut themselves on, and even cold-bloodedly kills Ray the firefly when he poses an obstacle to his plans. Defined by his thirst for power, even Facilier's elastic, unmistakable charm can't disguise the monster he truly is underneath his conman facade.

    Other works, by air date/release date 
  • The Legend of Tarzan: Queen La is the mystical queen of Opar, who created and enslaved a race of leopard men from mundane leopards. La has a bad habit of incinerating her followers who cross or fail her, and a history of killing men who reject her. When Professor Porter is brought to her, she decides to have him sacrificed before she falls for Tarzan; attempts to kill Jane; and later tries to sacrifice Tarzan for rejecting her. In her next appearance La's leopard men start to rebel against her and try to place Jane as the new queen to free them; after La gets back into power, she executes some of the leopard men but plans on doing something special for the leader of the rebels—attempting to feed him to a monster. During the next battle, La incinerates more of the leopard men, and when Tarzan is seemingly killed, mocks Jane about it. Despite La's death, her spirit later returns and possesses Jane in an attempt to get her power back. During the final fight against her, La possesses Tarzan and muses at the prospect of killing his beloved wife using his own body.
  • The Lion Guard: Scar, Mufasa's envious younger brother, is just as vile as he was in the original film. Once the leader of the original Lion Guard, Scar decides to overthrow and kill Mufasa when the latter playfully nicknames his brother "Scar" when Scar tried to seek praise for killing a traitorous lion and cobra who scarred him—not revealing that he had been perfectly willing to work with them to overthrow Mufasa. When Scar's fellow Lion Guard members refused to help him overthrow Mufasa, Scar uses the Roar of the Elders to kill them, but ends up losing the Roar in the process. In season 2, years after his initial death, Scar is brought back as a fiery spirit and tries to lead the animals of the Outlands on a brutal conquest of the Pride Lands, first by cutting off the river and entire water supply of the whole Pride Lands, and eventually simply trying to have them burn the savannah and all its inhabitants. In the season 3 premier, Scar attempts to burn the new Lion Guard, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and the hyena clan to death, the latter for one of them considering on defecting to the Pride Lands, before planning on tricking Kion into erupting the volcano with his roar, which will kill everyone in the Pride Lands. When confronted by the Lion Guard, Scar has Ushari scar Kion, with the snake's venom slowly turning Kion evil as Scar declares that Kion will now be just like him. Even after the death of his physical body, Scar remained a hateful creature driven by spite.
  • Tangled: The Series: Zhan Tiri is a former friend of Lord Demanitus who betrayed him during their search for the Sundrop and Moonstone to claim the power of both artifacts for herself. Freed by her followers, Zhan Tiri corrupted the Great Tree to use its powers to kill any who opposed her, and when resealed, her followers took her teachings to commit monstrous acts in her name, such as Mother Gothel's abuse of Rapunzel; and a curse of Zhan Tiri's on the land of Corona leads to another character's descent into villainy. Playing as Cassandra's confidant, the "Enchanted Girl", Zhan Tiri manipulates her into betraying Rapunzel, pitting them against one another while she takes the Moonstone for herself and escaping her prison. Free at last, Zhan Tiri eventually betrays Cassandra to steal the two artifacts and with her newfound power attempts to painfully drain the lives of the people of Corona.
  • Frozen II: Dangerous Secrets: King Runeard's crimes are fleshed out much more in the book. Runeard, former king of Arendelle, was the father of Agnarr and the grandfather of Anna and Elsa. He was horribly abusive towards his wife and child, eventually causing the former to leave him, with Runeard blaming this on an "evil spirit". Runeard eventually encountered the Northundra tribe and feared them for their use of magic which could threaten his power, so he built a dam seemingly as a peace offering but really to drain their resources and force their submission. When the Northundran leader showed concern, Runeard killed him in cold blood and waged battle on the Northundras, killing many on both sides. Even after his death, his actions would continue to haunt all involved. In the end, Runeard showed himself to be nothing more than a merciless tyrant who would gladly murder anyone who got in his way to keep his power.

Disney Live-Action Remakes, by release date

  • Aladdin (2019): Jafar, the Grand Vizier, is much worse here than in the original animated film. Seeking the Genie's lamp, Jafar attempts to send several prisoners into the Cave of Wonders to retrieve it, resulting in one of the prisoners being killed. Jafar then kills one of his own guards for calling him "second". When Aladdin retrieves the lamp for Jafar, the latter coldly leaves the former to die in the cave, and later throws him into the ocean when he returns as Prince Ali. Upon retrieving the lamp, Jafar becomes Sultan of Agrabah and a powerful sorcerer, sending Aladdin to a wasteland to die a slow and painful death. He then painfully tortures the Sultan to force Jasmine to marry him just to spite her and the Sultan. When Jasmine and Aladdin steal the lamp from him he attacks them with a giant Iago and a twister, endangering civilians and destroying the Magic Carpet in the process. Upon retrieving the lamp, Jafar declares his intent to conquer several neighboring kingdoms in order to build himself a mighty empire and starts painfully torturing Aladdin too. Upon transforming into a Genie, Jafar attempts to destroy Shirabad and spitefully drags Iago into the lamp with him when imprisoned.
  • The Lion King (2019): Scar is a wrathful and bitter lion driven by an insatiable desire for power. Envious of his brother Mufasa's position as king, Scar attempts to have Mufasa's son Simba—Scar's own nephewkilled by tricking him into entering the domain of the vicious hyena clan. When this fails, Scar allies with the hyenas and orchestrates a wildebeest stampede, killing Mufasa and blaming Simba for the tragedy, exiling him before sending the hyenas to finish him off. Taking over as king, Scar reduces the Pridelands to a barren wasteland by killing everything with no restrictions in addition to starving the lionesses when Sarabi, Mufasa's widow, refuses to become his mate. When Simba returns, Scar attempts to kill him personally, stopping only to tauntingly reveal his role in Mufasa's death. When his crimes are exposed, Scar orders the hyenas to kill everyone in sight, and when Simba has him at his mercy, attempts to blame them for his crimes.
  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Queen Ingrith is Prince Phillip's secretly power-hungry mother who despises her husband as a fool for wanting peace between his kingdom and The Fair Folk. It's revealed she spread the fable of Maleficent being an evil sorceress, later framing her for cursing King John into a death-like sleep and the deaths of two of her poachers; in the process, she tries to ruin Aurora's bond with Maleficent. Ingrith has her poachers kidnap fae from the Moors and perform experiments to find a way to kill them, experimenting with red iron dust to kill a helpless sprite; her assistant in these experiments is a pixie whose wings she cut off. She lures the Moors into a church where she has red iron dust unleashed, killing dozens of them, while she oversees the massacre of the Dark Fae in the ensuing battle. When Ingrith tells Aurora a story of how she lost her brother and was exiled from her kingdom due to the fae, Aurora doesn't believe her and calls out her lies, with Ingrith admitting she's a fear-mongering tyrant. Ingrith seemingly kills Maleficent while her and Aurora's guard is down, and pushes Aurora off a tower as a diversion when Maleficent rises from the ashes during an escape attempt.

Pixar, by release date

  • The Incredibles: Syndrome was once Buddy Pine, an aspiring hero seeking fame and fortune, who became outraged at all Supers when his "idol", Mr. Incredible, ceased his attempts at being a hero for his own safety. Decades later, Syndrome enacts his revenge, as he creates the "Omnidroid," a Super killing machine that he uses to massacre Supers he lures in to duel it under the illusion it is simply a rogue robot. Upon capturing and torturing Mr. Incredible—notably forcing him to listen as his wife and children are seemingly killed by Syndrome's forces—Syndrome unveils his master plan to launch the Omnidroid into a highly-populated city, have it target innocents at random, then swoop in and "save the day" to become the greatest hero in the world. When the Incredibles foil this plan, Syndrome makes one last attempt to spitefully ruin the family by kidnapping their infant child, Jack-Jack, and raising him to be a supervillain.
  • Toy Story 3: Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear is the ruler of Sunnyside Daycare, and oppresses the other toys through brute force and violence. Originally the favorite toy of a young girl named Daisy, Lotso was mistakenly lost and replaced, leading him to believe that all toys were worthless and unloved. Taking over Sunnyside, Lotso subjects the toys in the Caterpillar Room to horrid mistreatment from the younger children. When Andy's toys request that they be relocated to the Butterfly Room, Lotso resets Buzz Lightyear and has him beat down his friends, showing a cold satisfaction while doing so. When Woody frees the toys and they attempt to escape, Lotso has Chatter Telephone beaten in order to get him to explain Woody's escape plan before ordering the toys disposed of in the dumpster. When his minions turn on him and he is taken to the dump, along with Andy's toys, he abandons them to burn to death in the incinerator, ignoring that they had previously saved his life. While he has a tragic backstory, Woody himself calls him out on how weak it is, stating that Lotso had abandoned her, not the other way around. Sociopathic and misanthropic, Lotso may have appeared innocent, but was depraved at his core.
  • Cars 2: Sir Miles Axlerod and his Dragon Professor "Z" Zündapp are a pair of "lemon" cars who want power and to hurt all other cars simply because they were laughed at for being older models. After they buy up one of the world's largest oil reserves, Professor Z develops a weaponized camera that causes the alternative fuel Allinol to explode and decompose, and Axlerod orchestrates him to use it on the racers of the Grand World Prix, severely damaging the cars, to paint alternative fuels as dangerous and drive the world back to oil, which will enrich the villainous duo. Z personally murders two spies, crushing one and torturing then exploding the other, on Axlerod's orders before the two try to murder the last user of Allinol, Lightning McQueen, planning to make his best friend Tow Mater watch before killing him as well. When their weaponized camera fails, the two plant a bomb on Mater and try to detonate it in a pit stop, uncaring that it is filled with dozens of other cars, and even when their plan fails, Z spitefully activates a timer on the bomb to destroy whoever he can.

Live-Action Films, by release date

  • Return to Oz: Princess Mombi is a deranged, tyrannical sorceress who usurped control of the Emerald City by trapping the true ruler inside an enchanted mirror. A narcissist whose looks are fading with age, Mombi collects the heads of beautiful women and swaps her own head for one of theirs every so often. When not in use, the heads are kept alive and conscious. When Dorothy arrives in the Emerald City, Mombi has her imprisoned with the intention of adding her head to her collection once she becomes an adult.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Judge Doom is the sadistic and merciless high judge of Toontown, and a staunch anti-toon bigot. Since toons can't be killed in any way, Doom invented a solution called the Dip and is introduced demonstrating its effects by melting an innocent toon shoe. When Roger Rabbit is accused of murder, Doom starts a ruthless hunt, reveling in the thought of melting him in the Dip—regardless if he's guilty or not—and fully willing to harm or kill anyone who stands in his way, either by himself or by letting his brutal weasel henchmen do it. Doom himself was the mind behind the murder, along with RK Maroon's who tried to report him. His ultimate goal is to commit a massive toon genocide by spraying Dip over Toontown in order to build a freeway and owning all the profits. The worst part, however, is that Doom is a toon himself and the one responsible for the hate of private investigator Eddie Valiant towards the toons since he's the one who killed his brother long ago by smashing him with a piano. During the final battle, Doom attempts to kill Eddie, along with Roger and his wife Jessica, by cutting him in half with a buzzsaw, grinning evilly all the time. Despite the lighthearted nature of the movie, Doom is a shockingly dark and frightening villain.
  • Dick Tracy: Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice is a mob boss seeking to control the city. After having a rival gang shot to death while playing cards, he strong-arms Lips Manlis into turning over control of his nightclub, territory and girlfriend Breathless Mahoney—who Big Boy threatens and mistreats—to him, before having Lips killed in a cement bath. Part of Big Boy's plan is to unite all the remaining gangs, and when one rejects him, Big Boy has their car bombed as they're leaving. Trying to get Dick Tracy out of his way, Big Boy bribes him, and when this fails, tries to kill Tracy. Upon discovering his new club has been bugged by Tracy, Big Boy has the cop informing on him almost given the same cement bath as Lips and then takes part in killing Fletcher, the DA in his pocket, to frame Tracy. Framed for the abduction of Tracy's girlfriend Tess Trueheart by rival gangster The Blank—really Breathless—Big Boy abandons his men and runs off with her, nearly letting her head get crushed by a clockwork. He also shoots and morally wounds Blank as well.
  • Mighty Joe Young: Andrei Strasser is a poacher who establishes his ruthlessness by killing the titular ape's mother as well as mortally wounding Dr. Ruth Young. Twelve years later, Andrei runs a supposed wildlife preserve wherein he sells organs of the animals he's harnessed over the black market. When he recognizes Joe as the ape that bit his fingers off years prior, Andrei—intent on selling the primate's body parts for a profit—goads Jill Young—Ruth's daughter—into giving him Joe, claiming he would be safe at his refuge. Strasser demonstrates his indifference towards the lives of others when a missed shot intended for Jill causes a deadly fire to spread throughout the carnival, endangering a child trapped in a Ferris wheel. Believing that he won, Strasser gloats whilst preparing to finish what he started with Jill's mother by murdering her. Valuing monetary gain above all else, Strasser exemplifies everything wrong with illegal hunting.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean series:
    • Dead Man's Chest & At World's End: Lord Cutler Beckett is the Chairman of the East India Trading Company. Upon his arrival at Port Royale, Beckett assumes illegal control and has the governor's messenger to the king murdered. Beckett later enslaves Davy Jones, forcing him to kill his pet Kraken and making Jones his personal attack dog of the seas. Governor Swann himself is later murdered when Beckett decides he's of no further use. It is made abundantly clear that Beckett's prime motivation is power and control, and as piracy is a threat to that, Beckett initiates a purge of anyone even vaguely associated with piracy, with all legal proceedings suspended. The result is a massive line of people, many of whom aren't even pirates, taken to the gallows to be hanged. Not even children are safe, as a little boy is shown being hanged as Beckett looks on without remorse or emotion.
    • On Stranger Tides: Captain Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, prides himself on being one of the most feared men on the high seas. Blackbeard abuses and murders members of his own crew on the basis of "if I don't kill a man every now and then, they forget who I am". He incinerates his ship's cook to demonstrate this and resurrecting some of his own slain crew members as mindlessly obedient zombies. On his quest to the Fountain of Youth to avert his prophesied death at the hands of a one-legged man, Blackbeard puts a mermaid named Syrena through hideous treatment for the purpose of gaining her tear, first showing her the remains of her own fellow mermaids and then ordering Phillip, the single man who displays compassion to her, killed in front of her. Blackbeard claims to love his daughter, but undersells even this through a risky game of Russian Roulette with his own daughter's life and ultimately trying to sacrifice her life for his own at the Fountain of Youth. Blackbeard admits he feels closest to God in moments of pain and anguish and calmly tortured and murdered anyone who dared to stand against him.
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Nizam, the uncle of Dastan, chafed at being in the shadow of his elder brother, the King. To remove himself from under the King's shadow, Nizam set his sights on the Dagger of Time and the Sands of Time, not caring of the horrors and chaos he could unleash on the world. Nizam brought about a battle with an innocent city, not remotely caring of the deaths of innocents, and arranged the death of his own brother while attempting to have his sons murdered. Revealing an utter contempt for the adopted low-born Dastan, Nizam revealed his true goal was to rewind time so he could undo his greatest error: once saving his brother's life when they were children.
  • The Lone Ranger (2013): Butch Cavendish shows why he is rumored to be a Wendigo when, after gunning down John Reid's brother Dan, Butch cuts out his heart and eats it. Butch uses fear to oppress any hint of rebellion and will kill at any hint of complaint. At one point, he even kills a laborer for nothing more than saying the entrance of a cave he wanted entry to was blocked. Butch conspires to start a war with, and wipe out the Comanche people for the silver in the mines by leading attacks on innocent people in settlements, framing the Comanche. In the past, when the Comanche saved Butch's life, he repaid them by slaughtering them, earning Tonto's undying hatred.

TV series note 

    Animated series 
  • American Dragon: Jake Long: The Huntsman is the leader of the magical creature poaching organization known as the Huntsclan and ranked as the fourth greatest enemy of the magical community. Once a timid apprentice mocked for his squeaky voice, a meeting with a time-traveling Jake Long landed him in a pit, where a monster mauled him near to death. Physically and mentally damaged, he shed his former self and became something even his tormenters feared. As years go on, he became the leader of the clan and would indoctrinate children in his academy to become his army to wipe out magical creatures and humans who defend them. Any student who failed to meet expectations would have to earn their place back by fighting a hungry kraken. When Rose was born with the Huntsclan birthmark that her family lacked, he had her kidnapped and tricked into thinking he was her uncle and her parents were members killed by dragons to make her his apprentice. When she learned the truth, he threatened to kill her birth family if she didn’t aid him in his latest quest, capturing all of the Crystal Skulls to use their power to wipe out all magical creatures. Motivated by greed at best and hate at worst, the Huntsman was a threat to human and magical creature alike.
  • Darkwing Duck (includes the sequel comic's original run): Taurus Bulba, Darkwing's smartest and most-feared adversary, is introduced serving a 99-year sentence at a high-security prison for several crimes, including the murder of Gosalyn's grandfather. Once he breaks out and destroys the prison he was contained in, Taurus schemes to activate the Waddlemeyer Ramrod in order to destroy buildings and rob banks. To gain the code, Taurus threatens to drop Gosalyn off a building if Darkwing didn't activate the Ramrod, remarking that she'd "make a nasty stain on the street". Once Darkwing activates the Ramrod, Taurus drops Gosalyn anyways, looking over it with a smug grin. When the Ramrod is damaged, Taurus grabs Darkwing so they will both die in the explosion. After he was resurrected by F.O.W.L. as a cyborg, Taurus shows his gratitude by destroying their base and going to work on his own. Returning in the comic, Taurus secretly founds the corporation Quackwerks, creating crimebots to violently stamp out all crime, however minor, in St. Canard and leaving him the secret ruler of the city. Taurus forces his prisoners to guess the code to the Gizmoduck Suit so he can use it, and threatens to make Gosalyn his slave when she gets the suit. After Darkwing interferes, Taurus unleashes weapons on the Quackwerks HQ in order to destroy St. Canard. With no comedic quirks and with no regard for whom he hurts, Taurus Bulba was Darkwing's most feared adversary for a reason.
  • DuckTales (2017):
    • Season 2: General Lunaris is the seemingly-benevolent leader of the city on the moon, Tranquility, but is in fact a vicious warmonger out to prove the superiority of the "planet Moon" by any means necessary. Acting friendly to Della Duck when she arrives in Tranquility, Lunaris eventually falsely accuses her of having used the Moonlanders for her own enemies as rhetoric to attack Earth. When his true colors are revealed, Lunaris cruelly reveals his intention to kill the children of the heroes first to break their will, following this up with an all-out invasion and an attempt to freeze the Earth over by taking it out of its orbit to make it revolve around the moon instead. In the end, throwing away any façade of caring for his own people, Lunaris attempts to ram the Earth with his spaceship and wipe out everyone on it—including his own people on the planet—solely to deny them their victory.
    • "Let's Get Dangerous!": Taurus Bulba, inventor of the reality-warping RamRod and one of the chief agents of F.O.W.L., is introduced as a brilliant, charismatic scientist and colleague of the mysteriously-vanished Professor Waddlemeyer. Bulba heavily implies that he himself tossed Waddlemeyer into another dimension in protest over the destructive effects of the RamRod, does the same to Scrooge when he clues into Bulba's plans, and betrays the head of F.O.W.L. to spearhead a more extravagant means of world domination. Bulba attempts to use the RamRod to utterly remake the world, even if it means totally ripping apart the old reality and putting a new one in its place.
  • Gargoyles, for the most part, has a well-deserved reputation for sympathetic and three-dimensional villains. There are, however, a few unrepentantly horrible ones:
    • Hakon is the ruthless leader of a group of Viking raiders and the instigator of the Wyvern massacre. In his debut, he invades Castle Wyvern with the intent of looting it and selling off its residents as slaves. After a humiliating defeat, Hakon vows vengeance against the Gargoyles, and with aid from the Captain of the Guard, successfully takes over the castle. However, not content with plundering the castle, Hakon slaughters most of the petrified Wyvern clan, threatening to kill the Captain if he gets in his way. When cornered by Goliath, he attempts to blame the Captain, before they both fall to their deaths. Blaming Goliath for his demise, his soul persisted within Castle Wyvern through The Power of Hate, and he, along with the Captain, torment Goliath with visions of the Wyvern massacre. Luring him deep into the castle, he gleefully commences a ritual that would revive him and have Goliath bound to the castle in his place. When the Captain turns on him and thwarts his plan, he stubbornly hangs onto his hate; binding his soul to an axe and teaming up with Wolf to kill Goliath and Hudson. A savage motivated by petty vengeance and senseless hatred, Hakon set the standard for how truly malevolent the show's villains could get.
    • Jackal is a sadistic and violent member of the Pack who gleefully participates in hunting the gargoyles for sport and abandons his humanity to become a cyborg killing machine, seeming only to take pleasure in violence and cruelty. While Jackal is often kept in check by his colleagues, season 2's "Grief" reveals what he is truly capable of. When the Egyptian god Anubis is captured by an Emir seeking to bring his dead son back to life, Jackal seizes power from the Jackal god and makes himself the god of death, torturing his enemies by aging them to the point they are almost too infirm to move and transforming his own teammates into children. Jackal proceeds to attempt to wipe out every living thing on the planet simply because he can, destroying an entire city before he is stopped.
    • Thailog is a clone of Goliath, created by Dr. Antoine "Anton" Sevarius on David Xanatos's orders. An Evil Genius whose only drive is his ambition to dominate, enrich himself, and control what he could, Thailog is introduced enacting a plan to steal $20 million from Xanatos, then trying to murder his three "fathers", by burning them alive. Later seducing Demona, Thailog attempted to trick her and Macbeth into killing one another so he could steal their fortunes and seize control of their assets for his own gain, or to simply lock Macbeth mac Findlaech away for all time. Going on to clone the Manhattan clan to create a slave clan of his own as a prelude to killing them, Thailog betrays and tries to kill Demona when she stops him from killing her daughter, revealing that he had cloned Demona as well to create a new submissive mate. Returning from the supposed dead, Thailog tries to force the clones back into servitude while impaling his own "father" Goliath to leave him to bleed out. Combining Goliath's brute strength with Xanatos's cunning and Sevarius's flair for the dramatic, Thailog stands out as one of the Manhattan clan's most malevolent foes, a creature that even Xanatos regards as a monster.
    • "The New Olympians" & "Seeing Isn't Believing": Proteus of the New Olympians is a shape-shifting Serial Killer who was imprisoned after murdering the previous captain of the guard. He consistently assumes the form of his victim to mock the man's son Taurus. When he tricks his way to freedom, Proteus delights in sowing the seeds of chaos all through the city, using people's emotions against them with his powers for a sick thrill and trying to destroy his city and commit genocide on his own people.
    • King Constantine III, from part 1 of season 2's "Avalon" and issues 10-12 of the "Clan-Building" comic book arc, is a greedy, ambitious Scottish lord who manipulates the noblewoman Finella so he can murder King Kenneth and seize the crown. A brutal tyrant, Constantine also directs his wrath against the Gargoyles, slaughtering all he finds and intending on their complete eradication. Showing no care for the rules of war, Constantine has a messenger executed and intends in massacring the forces and allies of would-be King Kenneth III, even threatening to kill Kenneth's young son in front of him.
  • Get Ed: Mr. Simon Bedlam is an evil bureaucrat and Corrupt Corporate Executive who was originally business partners with Anthony Ol' Skool before he cheated him out of the business, leaving Ol' Skool with nothing. He also expands his business by killing off all his competitors and gaining a significant half of Progress City, before deciding to destroy the other half so he can rebuild under his control, uncaring about the innocent lives lost in the process. When courier Ed foils this plan, Bedlam develops an obsession with Ed's DNA, to use it for his own sinister machinations. This obsession would have Bedlam subject Ed to a DNA extracting process which he describes as "very painful", forcibly convert an innocent man into a cyborg to kill Ed, and forces Ed to watch as he subjects Deets, Ed's Love Interest who was forced to work for Bedlam when he was holding her parents hostage, to Electric Torture until Ed complies to give him his DNA. Using his DNA to physically turn himself into another version of Ed, Bedlam then proceeds to destroy the couriers headquarters, seemingly killing Ol' Skool along the way, and later kills off his own right-hand woman, Kora, when he believes that she is of no use for him. When he learns of "The Machine" and its destructive capabilities he decides to use it to destroy Progress City and re-create it in his own image, which would kill millions in the process. A monstrous megalomaniac willing to destroy everything and everyone in his path to obtain total control over Progress City, Bedlam cements himself as the heroes most personal adversary.
  • Gravity Falls : Bill Cipher is an interdimensional demon and is, despite his appearance, his demeanor, and his twisted sense of humor, the Overarching Villain. A being of chaos who killed his parents and destroyed his home realm to escape its limitations, Bill sought to escape his decaying realm by invading another world he could wreak havoc on, and set his eye on Earth's universe. A chessmaster extraordinaire, Bill exploited the desperation of Stanford Pines, manipulating him into building a portal that would allow the fusion of the Nightmare Realm and the physical world so Bill could wreak chaos worldwide. In the present, Bill stalks the Pines twins after their initial meeting. At the turning point of Bill's plan, Bill goads a despondent Mabel into handing him the means in which to break the gap between the real world and the Nightmare Realm—and, after doing so, traps Mabel in a Lotus-Eater Machine and unleashes "Weirdmaggedon" on Gravity Falls. Demonstrating his random cruelty by abominating Preston Northwest's face, Bill assaults the town, which sees almost all its citizens converted into a series of statues built into a "throne of human agony", and the rest living in hiding in a horribly-mutated Eldritch Location. Bill is dismissive of the fact that his influence could lead to destruction of existence itself, and callously vaporizes Time Baby and the Time Police squad once they point this out to him. A being who was motivated by a lust of chaos and random whims, Bill happily conducted torture and the attempted brutal murder of children to further his goals. Treating everyone like a pawn and life itself as a game, Bill Cipher devoted his entire existence to wreaking chaos and destruction on the world at large.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!:
    • Mandarin was the original leader of the Hyperforce, and the one who inadvertently turned their kindly creator, the Alchemist, into the malevolent Skeleton King. Even as a hero, Mandarin was a sadistic bully who at one point had his younger sister, Nova, participate in a torturous "training exercise" that entailed Nova being subjected to worsening sub-zero temperatures by Mandarin, who could be heard giggling at the obvious pain and discomfort that he was causing Nova. Eventually concluding that he was better than everyone else, Mandarin turned to evil and attempted to conquer Shuggazoom, only to be defeated and imprisoned by the rest of the Hyperforce, who replaced him with Chiro. After escaping from custody, Mandarin enslaves everyone in Shuggazoom City, captures the Hyperforce, and tries to tempt Chiro to his side by telling him that We Can Rule Together. Later allying with the Skeleton King, Mandarin abducts and rips off the head of Chiro's robot girlfriend, Jinmay, and psychically tortures Chiro into revealing the whereabouts of the missing Hyperforce, who he also mentally tortures in an attempt to destroy their wills and turn them into mindless servants of himself and the Skeleton King. In his final appearance, Mandarin attempts to create a perfect clone of Chiro. After Chiro destroys his replicator, Mandarin has all of the remaining imperfect clones merge together to form a massive Blob Monster that he orders to devour every living thing on Shuggazoom.
    • On the surface, Ma and Pa Sheenko appear to just be the kindly old owners of Shuggazoom City's arcade, but in reality the two are the leaders of the Skeletal Circle, an Apocalypse Cult made up of Shuggazoomians who have sworn allegiance to the Skeleton King. In the past, the couple offered their daughter, Valeena, to the Skeleton King, who tainted her with his evil, turning her into the wicked Skull Sorceress. After the Skeleton King was killed, the Sheenkos stole his skull so that they could take its power for themselves and pick up where the Skeleton King left off by raining destruction down on the universe, starting with their own "pathetic" home world of Shuggazoom. Ma and Pa unleash worsening supernatural disasters on Shuggazoom City, and when a vagrant stumbles onto one of the Skeletal Circle's underground chambers, he is strung up and left to be Eaten Alive by giant rats summoned by Ma and Pa. Before using the Skeleton King's power to mutate themselves into demons, Ma and Pa ask their daughter to join them, and when she refuses, they attack her while declaring that she will suffer along with everyone else on Shuggazoom.
  • TRON: Uprising:
    • General Tesler is the brutal dictator dispatched by CLU to subjugate Argon City, and as such, is responsible for most of the series's crimes. Years ago, Tesler was informed by two programs of the presence of an ISO, a persecuted minority, at their hospital, at which point Tesler ordered the entire hospital be slaughtered, including the two who informed him of the ISO, simply because they saw the rogue ISO program. As the ruler of Argon, Tesler sets up the Games, a gladiatorial tournament where programs are regularly forced to fight to the death for even minor infractions against Tesler's rule; Tesler has no problem throwing innocents in for even touching him. Refusing to accept any weakness or failure from his soldiers, Tesler ruthlessly executes them for decreasingly legitimate reasons as the series goes on, punching a hole through one for simply surviving an assault on his base. Though seeming to care for one of his Co-Dragons, Paige, Tesler is quickly revealed to be manipulating her into his servitude, having convinced her that an ISO butchered her best friends when it was Tesler himself, and regularly goes behind her back and murders people she likes or cares for, which culminates in him showing no restraint in ordering her executed when he thinks she betrays him. With a cold disdain for everything not under his thrall, General Tesler stands out across the Tron franchise as perhaps the most wicked villain.
    • Pavel, one of Tesler's two Co-Dragons alongside Paige, makes his mark as the single most sadistic and cruel character in the Tron universe. Though often kept in check by Tesler or Paige, when Pavel gets the chance to run wild, he threatens innocents by the dozens; murders his own minions with glee; and slices a Bit, the Tron equivalent of a pet, in half. After accidentally damaging a train's engine while trying to kill a single passenger, dooming the hundreds onboard, Pavel cackles about it while expressing his desire to stay and watch the fireworks as the passengers die, revolting Paige, and is also revealed to run his own torture chamber, littered with the remains of his many previous victims, and proceeds to use said chamber to mutilate a program's hand for nothing more than spraying graffiti. Continuously trying to usurp Tesler and gain more personal power, Pavel arranges for three teenage programs to be executed to embarrass Tesler; frames the loyal Paige for treason by mind raping her, before doing the same to his partners in crime; and hides a powerful upgrade disk from Tesler, using it to massacre an entire room of innocent programs as a test run while cackling like a lunatic. An utter madman who horrified and disgusted everyone he interacted with, Pavel may not have had the power of CLU or Tesler, but he more than made up for it in sheer depravity and evil.

  • Lab Rats: Victor Krane is a ruthless, power-hungry billionaire who gains bionic powers through Douglas Davenport's technology. Brainwashing Douglas's nephews and niece, Krane attempts to have Adam and Bree kill Chase for resisting. Building himself an army of superpowered teenagers and children, Krane has them brainwashed and stripped of any identity to become more effective soldiers, later attempting to expand his own brainwashing abilities to try to mind control all of Earth into subservience to himself. Viewing his underlings as nothing more than extensions of himself, Krane also installed a virus into them such that they would die when he did. After his seeming death, Krane returns to infiltrate Donald Davenport's space colony, kidnapping and brainwashing the colonists to build himself a new army and launches a missile that will wipe out all life on Earth, so that he can rule over the remnants.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • Malcolm, aka Peter Pan and The Pied Piper of Hamelin, is a demon who has children kidnapped and forced to become his eternal servants in Neverland. Having his shadow kill any who try to escape by removing their souls, Pan is also a hedonistic psychopath who tortures and breaks others, solely to amuse himself. Dying along with Neverland's magic, Pan plans to absorb the heart of a child, his own great-grandson, who is the truest believer in magic, making himself all-powerful and immortal, while the innocent child dies in his place. Also the Abusive Parent of Rumpelstiltskin, Pan abandoned his son for power, selfishly neglecting the responsibilities of adulthood. Killing his own supporter to complete a magical curse, Pan cares nothing for anyone but himself and tries to murder Rumpelstiltskin's family just to torment his son.
    • Debuting in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Jafar is an Evil Sorcerer who plans to enslave three people and use their combined magic to grant his wish to become the all-powerful ruler of Wonderland. Cruelly transforming the woman who loved him into his iconic serpent staff, Jafar also murders a young woman just to watch the reaction of her lover, before resurrecting her and magically making her fall in love with him to spite her lover yet again. Though having the excuse of a neglectful father, Jafar is revealed to want to use magic to make his father love him just to hurt him more when he torments him. Upon becoming Royal Vizier of Agrabah in season 6 of the main series, Jafar tortures and kills people at his whim with his dark powers and deceives Princess Jasmine into giving him a magical ring, then threatens to destroy Agrabah if she does not accept his marriage proposal. Threatening to use the ring to disintegrate Agrabah, Jafar means to create a ghostly version of the land and seal all the souls within in limbo for eternity. Cruel and selfish, Jafar is a wicked man who cares only for his own ambition and sadistically tormenting anyone he can.
    • "Flower Child": Isla is a spoiled aristocrat who despises magical beings. For her genocide crusade, Isla seemingly befriends the young Gothel, only to have her humiliated and bullied and has the tree nymphs' home invaded, ordering the slaughter of all magical beings, including Gothel's family, and leading to the creation of the land without magic. With Gothel driven to villainy through her actions, the indirect consequences of Isla's cruelty cause further turmoil throughout the work.


  • The Jungle Book novelization The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, by Scott Peterson & Joshua Pruett: Shere Khan is even worse than in the film. Having killed Mowgli's father when Mowgli was a baby, Khan wants to kill Mowgli as well as an act of revenge for having been burned by his father. When the wolves try to send Mowgli to the man village, Khan murders their leader and Mowgli's adoptive father, Akela. He threatens to kill the wolf pups if Raksha displeases him. When a jackal provides Khan with useful information, Khan kills him just for asking for scraps of food in return. When Mowgli returns, Khan nearly kills Baloo and Bagheera to get to him, and taunts him about having killed both of his fathers.
  • A Twisted Tale (by publication date):
    • Once Upon A Dream: Maleficent is the cruel, dark mistress of all evil in the story, dedicated to tormenting Aurora and prolonging her own life. After her original plan to curse Aurora when she was a baby to die on the day of her 16th birthday fails, Maleficent, struck dead by Prince Phillip, uses the last of her energy to trap the minds of Aurora and the entire kingdom in a dream world until Maleficent can gain power to possess Aurora's body. Rejuvenating herself by brutally murdering people in the dream world—which kills them in the real world—and using their blood in rituals, Maleficent eventually drops the façade of the dream world, indulging in full-on slaughter of dozens of people for both their life forces as well as just for fun. Though seeming to have gained the slightest hint of care for Aurora during their time in the dream world, Maleficent ultimately rejects these feelings, murdering Aurora's parents and killing innocent people just to torment her while mocking the woman over her coming fate as Maleficent's bodyjacked puppet.
    • As Old as Time: Monsieur D'Arque, full name Frédéric D'Arque, is the owner of the local Bedlam House whose history goes back with Belle's own father Maurice. D'Arque, a member of the supernatural charmante people, hates his own people and experiments to take out the magical parts of himself to embrace his delusional idea of pure-blooded humanity. In his asylum, D'Aarque subjects the charmantes to hideous experimentation for years on end to "torture the magic out of them", implementing 11th-century torture tactics in his research and cheerfully apathetic to the number of charmantes who die either from torture or suicide. D'Arque is willing to use his scientific technique to endorse the king and queen's intended Final Solution across France, and although he claims he would never harm a human, D'Arque is so lost in his own hatred he murders his best friend Alaric and unhesitatingly tries to do the same to his other old friend Maurice.
    • Part of Your World: Ursula the Sea-Witch, after bewitching Prince Eric into marrying her human guise of Vanessa and keeping King Triton as a defeated trophy, intends on expanding her kingdom via bloody warfare with no care of countless civilians dead. Realizing she lacks her powers on land and with Queen Ariel undermining her, Ursula uses the dark powers she gained from a book of Carcosa and the Elder Gods, intending to sacrifice countless innocents. Deciding to commit genocide on the Merpeople and summon the Elder Ones with Triton and thousands of innocents as her sacrifice, Ursula unleashes death upon the nation, gloating over the pain and suffering of Eric and Ariel's people.


  • Kilala Princess: Valdou is the leader of a race of mechanical humanoids who sees humans as naturally inferior, and leads a coup in the magical land of Paradiso. His ultimate plan is to create a land without any emotions where only machines rule; thousands of human dissenters are captured, brainwashed, or killed in concentration camps. During his search for the Seventh Princess and the magical tiara, he brainwashes Kilala's friend Erica to retrieve the tiara, then orders his men to shoot her in the head. After dropping his friendly pretense, Valdou shoots Kilala as she reunites with Rei, then captures the prince and plans to torture him into being thoroughly brainwashed, trying to kill Kilala several times. When he uses Princess Sylphy as a mole, Valdou plans to brainwash her too, and threatens Princess Jasmine's life in the world of Aladdin. His final, most despicable act of cruelty is to set a village on fire, endangering children orphaned under his rule, and mocking Rei over Kilala's apparent death in the blaze.
  • Kingdom Hearts: The manga series gives Adaptational Villainy to the following incarnations of Xehanort:
    • Kingdom Hearts: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness is the Heartless form of Xehanort. Masterminding the Heartless' invasion of several worlds and Maleficent's plan to capture the Seven Princesses of Heart in order to open the Final Keyhole, Ansem Mind Rapes Riku so that he can possess his body. He stabs Maleficent with a Keyblade in order to destroy her once she's no longer of use to him, and then deceives Sora into using that same Keyblade to make what would ultimately be a Senseless Sacrifice, turning Sora into a Heartless and unsealing the Final Keyhole. When Riku's heart fights back from within to stop him from attempting to kill Kairi, Ansem uses his power to banish Riku's heart into the Dark Realm. Ultimately planning to open the Door of Darkness to let darkness consume all existence, Ansem shows nothing but glee towards his destructive ambitions. Returning after defeat as a specter within Riku's heart, Ansem attempts to play the boy's own emotions against him in order to take control of the boy's body once more, vicious to the end. Showcasing no redeeming features and played dead seriously against the manga's usually lighthearted and silly tone, Xehanort's Heartless would do whatever it took to gain ultimate knowledge and power, and to sate his undying hunger for darkness.
    • Kingdom Hearts II & 358/2 Days: Xemnas, the Nobody form of Xehanort and leader of Organization XIII, is portrayed as a cruel sociopath who rules his organization without care for any of its members, viewing his followers as weaklings who are only fit to serve his purposes. Looking to exploit the Keyblade's power to claim hearts, he allows Roxas and Xion to grow close, intending to then pit them against each other so he can judge which Keybearer would be more useful to his plans, even tampering with Xion's form, Mind Raping her and sending her to her death. When Axel is sent to look for the runaway Roxas, Xemnas threatens to eliminate him if he doesn't bring Roxas back dead or alive. He later attacks the Radiant Garden with hordes of Heartless, almost getting Goofy critically injured in the process, just so Sora and King Mickey can slay them all and give him enough hearts to complete his own Kingdom Hearts. When Ansem the Wise and Mickey try to stop his plans at his castle, Xemnas orders his Nobodies to kill them, and proceeds to overtake the Great Heart from within in an attempt to reduce all of existence to nothingness and destroy all those in his way. Cold-blooded, pitiless, and lacking his game counterpart's Tragic Villain qualities, Xemnas continuously shows himself to be more monstrous than any other Nobody solely because he thinks it in his best interest to be so.

Video Games

  • The Haunted Mansion: Atticus Thorn is an Evil Sorcerer who seeks to use the power of the six soul gems to destroy both the afterlife and the living world. Thorn has lived for hundreds of years by devouring souls to extend his life, keeping them trapped in his body to drain them for energy. Just before the final fight, Thorn devours the soul gems along with 999 souls, stating that with his new powers there will no longer be either the land of the living or the afterlife, just "death, death, and more death".
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Jolly Roger was once a friend of Jack Sparrow, until he became envious of Jack's status as the next Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, and tried to kill him. Cursed to become an undead being by a vengeful Witch Doctor, Roger attacks towns, intending to slaughter the inhabitants and resurrect them to serve in his undead army to help him conquer the Caribbean and kill Jack. When Roger finds the protagonist with a man who had betrayed Roger, Roger kills the man after he tries to pay Roger to spare him, only allowing the protagonist to live so they can deliver a message from Roger to Jack.

Disney Kingdoms

  • Seekers of the Weird:
    • Despoina is a vile, immortal sorceress who serves as the Dark Mistress and head servant of the evil Reaper King. Forming the Society of Shadows to worship the Reaper King, Despoina dedicates herself to freeing him and allowing him to desolate the entire planet so she and the Society can rule over the remainder. Motivating the two children destined to open the Coffin Clock the Reaper King in sealed in by kidnapping their parents and threatening to murder them, Despoina has their uncle Roland supposedly play both them and the Wardens, before opting to have his spine torn out in response to his betrayal. A sadist by nature, Despoina even allows the Wardens to briefly take the Coffin Clock solely so she can crush their hope later and have the Reaper King wipe them all out.
    • The Reaper King himself is an ancient eldritch horror and the strongest reaper in existence, a being dedicated only to enshrouding the Earth in shadow and killing all that lives. Previously rampaging across the Earth and causing The Black Death in the process, killing a third of Europe's population, the Reaper King has Despoina and her servants dedicate centuries of their time to freeing him— only to spitefully strip them all of their immortality and condemn them to die with the rest of the world once he's finally released.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: George Willikers seems at first to just be a slimy bully wanting a quick buck, but is slowly revealed to be a heartless sociopath caring for nothing but his own greed. Serving as the second-in-command to Mr. Bullion, Willikers uses his position to abuse the small mining town he lords over, instituting a curfew and threatening lashing with his bullwhip for any who cross him. As head of the mining operation in the mountain Big Thunder, Willikers overworks, abuses, and regularly endangers the lives of the miners, completely uncaring of their well-being as long as they supply him with the goods. In the end, Willikers's truly monstrous personality is revealed, as he holds the miners at gunpoint to force them into highly lethal caverns to mine, and ultimately attempts to leave the dozens of miners, several heroic bandits trying to stop Willikers, and Bullion himself to die in the mountain as it collapses, throwing their lives away as long as he can get away with the mined gold and rebuild the mining town in his glory.
  • The Haunted Mansion: The Captain is a ghostly pirate who once plundered and pillaged all he saw fit across the Earth. Once dying inside the titular Haunted Mansion and being cursed to haunt it for all eternity, the Captain, determined to escape, places a curse upon the Mansion that traps any who die inside, or any ghosts who visit it, to be trapped alongside him, never able to rest in peace or escape. Having trapped nearly one thousand ghosts inside, the Captain later uses the young Danny Crowe to assist him in escaping, and, once free, promises to slaughter all in his path and become the scourge of the world once more, starting by killing Danny then cursing the Mansion once more to trap him and all nearby ghosts inside for all eternity.


  • The Haunted Mansion franchise:
    • Constance Hatchaway is a malevolent ghost in a house full of playful spirits. Constance is The Bride with a Past, as in life she was a Gold Digger that married wealthy men, and then killed them by beheading them with a hatchet. She spent her adult life marrying and killing over a period of many years until she married George Hightower, the owner of the titular mansion. After marrying and killing him, she decided to settle down in her newly inherited mansion and flaunt her wealth. She eventually died and became a ghost. Seeing no more reason for money, she decided to fully embrace her sadistic love of killing and began attacking and killing others, including other ghosts, who she could kill by beheading because she actually died on the property. Many ghosts fell victim to this until they locked her in the attic. In the ride, guests are confronted by her before escaping out the window. She openly admits to her crimes and has yet to be defeated or destroyed.
    • Phantom Manor (2019 refurbishment): Henry Ravenswood is the founder of Thunder Mesa and the one behind the evils of Ravenswood Manor. In life, Henry murdered the suitors of his daughter Melanie to keep her from leaving him. After he died in an earthquake, Henry returned as the Phantom, secretly hanging Melanie's fiancé on her wedding day, causing her to wait for him to return for the rest of her life and afterlife. The Phantom laughed at her despair and began inviting other ghosts to inhabit the mansion, causing the disappearance of an expedition sent to investigate the manor. In the ride itself, the Phantom poses as a friendly guide for the guests, reminiscing about his murders before trapping the guests in the manor. He then attempts to murder the guests by sending them to be tormented by all those who died in Thunder Mesa.
  • The Lion King musical: Scar commits the same crimes that his movie counterpart did and goes beyond that, notably attempting to force himself onto Nala. During the musical, Scar becomes more and more paranoid as time goes by, also feeling that he was being tormented by his older brother even in death. Unwilling to admit that he's terrible at governing the Pride Lands, he instead condemns all his subjects to death so that he wouldn't have to accept that maybe he wasn't as good at being a king that he thought he would be.


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