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Nightmare Fuel / Disney

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Ladies and gentlemen, what is essentially Disney's equivalent of Satan himself, Chernabog. note 

"Disney scared the pants off of me when I was a little kid. Disney needs to scare kids!"

Disney is for kids, right? But that doesn't mean that they can't scare the pants off of the kiddos with moments that were meant to be frightening, and even then, these can scare adults too.

Examples in (more-or-less) alphabetical order:

  • The Bizaardvark video “Notes In Your Lunch Bag”. Being embarrassed by your mother is bad enough, but why are the students drawn to be so demonic-looking?
  • Dave the Barbarian had Twinkle the Marvel Horse, a deeply disturbed rainbow horse with the mannerisms of Christopher Walken. Most of his clips have been gathered here. His scenes are extremely jarring because they're the only source of dark humor in the series.
    Twinkle the Marvel Horse: But I didn't even get to the part about the shrieking maggots of grief, yet.
  • Goof Troop was normally so tame it made Darkwing Duck seem edgy. Then out of left field comes the episode "For Pete's Sake." The plot follows Goofy's neighbor Pete, who, due to a contrived misunderstanding, believes someone is stalking him with murderous intent. Some coincidental events follow, which fuel his (and the young viewers') paranoia. The most shockingly morbid scene is where a police officer tells Pete about a case similar to his, and shows him a photo of what the victim looked like when they found him. Pete reels in horror, but the policeman says it's the wrong photo, and this is just a bowl of chili. When he hands him another photo, Pete says it's another bowl of chili. "No, that's him," says the cop.
  • The ending of this old "Circle Time" short. Bear in mind that this was aimed at preschoolers.


  • The mascot costumes at Disneyland were a lot different back then. Unlike the cartoonier, and more accurate costumes seen today, the costumes like the Mickey and Minnie ones (seen here: [1]) were a lot skinnier, and had warped elongated faces. And there's just something wrong about those foam eyes, and those seemingly angry/emotionless expressions the costumes give off. Later versions had large, gaping holes for the mascots to see out of, making it look like Mickey and Minnie had been mutilated.
  • The 1998 video reissue of The Little Mermaid stood from other titles as the previews began with a framing device. Jodi Benson is there, and she is joined by two goldfish. Why does this make this page, the two fish are rendered as realistic as possible, and with gravely voices to match!