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Nightmare Fuel / An Extremely Goofy Movie

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"That was a great cheat. But now, I have a better plan."
  • Goofy's Disney Acid Sequence dream. It starts off with the usual Acid Sequence set to the theme song from The Partridge Family as Goofy's dreaming about the 70's and a bunch of fairies that look like Max. When he's seated at a table by a 70's version of himself, the fairies go to the other side of the table and come out as 11-year-old Max. Suddenly, the song goes into a Last Note Nightmare as Max suddenly turns into a hulking version of himself which rips the tablecloth off the table, sending Goofy falling through an abyss with visions of his boss and Pete until eventually ending up in a White Void Room as Max screams "Get your own life!" at him from a trapdoor in the room ceiling, accompanied by 70's!Goofy before slamming the door, leaving him alone in the room.
  • The climax with the flaming X games logo is pretty intense. And since this movie was released a year before 9-11, it makes the burning X even scarier.
    • Seeing Goofy see his son go into the giant X that caught on fire is horrifying, especially to the audience. Goofy quickly goes inside to save his son, while the others can only watch horrified at the fact that they potentially saw two college students die a horrifying, flaming death. And this was on live TV at the time.
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  • Bradley Uppercrust III, while mostly just a stereotypical rich Jerk Jock, can be pretty unsettling. First, his facial expressions, while funny, can be quite... weird and creepy, especially when he smiles (especially the image above where stands in front of a mantelpiece, giving him the resemblance of a devil's horns). Also, his obsession with winning the X games is so great that he was willing to straight up murder Max's team and even his best friend. It's also worth pointing out that he is around Max's age (maybe slightly older), as well as quite polite and soft-spoken, which makes him even creepier.
    Bradley: I will not be ignored. Nobody finishes this race but me!
  • When Max is reassuring PJ and Bobby that Goofy won't interfere with their college life, his last few words echo creepily throughout the room.
    Max: He's got his life and I've got my life.
    Echo: My life...
    Bobby: Spooky.

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