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Nightmare Fuel / Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

  • Forte the Pipe Organ is rather creepy, mostly due to his empty eyes and him being animated in Conspicuous CG. That, and being voiced by Tim Curry.
    • Compounding the empty eye problem was the camera always panning really, really close to his face. When that empty-eyed face takes up the whole screen, it's very, very creepy.
    • His death was creepy, with Beast personally killing him.
    • Everything about him is creepy. From his ability to casually destroy the castle, to the fact that he will die if his bolts come loose from the wall, to... everything about him.
    • His human form (seen in a flashback) is creepy as well.
  • As if the flashback scene where we get to see the prince get turned into the Beast isn't bad enough, the Enchantress's true form manages to be both a stunningly beautiful and terrifying bit of animation (her cold face and empty eyes are the kickers), only aided by Kath Soucie's wonderful voice work.
    • The idea of actually seeing the Prince physically transform into the Beast was one of the late Howard Ashman's original ideas for the original film, which was rejected. Perhaps it would've been better not to reinstate that detail even if Howard had originally wanted it (unlike the reinsertion of the song "Human Again").

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