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Nightmare Fuel / Big City Greens

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Throughout the series, despite of being compare to other shows with light-hearted nature, will at times unexpectedly introduce themes that are rather horrifying and notably with a dark tone.

  • In "Blue Tater", Cricket tries to explain to Bill to dispose the blue potato, believing about the curse when he explained that skin will melt, eyeballs falling out, and blood curdle into cheese.
  • Bill is missing the tip of his right index finger. He mentions on "Welcome Home" that he lost it in a hay baler accident, and is self-conscious of it. Although it hasn't been brought up again in the series yet, it is still clearly visible throughout the show, and is not hard to imagine that every time Bill looks at it, it reminds him of what was likely the most terrifying moment of his life.
  • On "Welcome Home", Cricket talks to a stranger on the bus wearing a hoodie. Suddenly the hoodie starts stirring and the stranger is revealed to be a swarm of rats hidden inside. Cricket is rightfully horrified.
    Cricket: Rats! Rats! He's made of rats!
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  • At the end of "Welcome Home", the Greens finally make it to Gramma's house only to find her collapsed on the floor, seemingly dead. Happily, it turns out she was playing a prank on them.
    Gramma: That'll teach ya to be late! I could have died! Now give me a hug.
  • The Fish Fusion restaurant in "Fill Bill" serving live, uncooked octopi to customers. At the very least it would've earned them a health citation.
  • Bill being nearly killed by falling toilets in "DIY Guys".
  • In "Swimming Fool", before Cricket had any chance of diving into the pool, he imagined himself with no choice to back away from the diving board, as he'd launched onto the pool with his body inflamed as he dives into the pool, he was alright until he figured that his body is in pieces.
  • In "Family Legacy", during the flashback episode, when one of Alice’s aunt who was a pilot, had released a swarm of ladybugs upon the aphids that were eating up the crops. Moments later the audience is treated to a close up of an aphid being devoured by a ladybug with a rather scary look.
  • During the city noise scene in "Gridlocked", as when the noise had worsen, the sky became black and the city buildings curled up while Bill holding onto his hat when he looked horribly pressured as seeing the remains of the building curled also, therefore scaring him as the cast of buildings shadowed upon his face as he screamed.
    • While In the same episode with Cricket had provoked a trucker with hook who gave him the menacing look, had Cricket escaping and ending up being chased and caught by him over because the guy would not honk the horn like what Cricket wanted.
      • In addition to it, with Cricket’s imagining of the trucker, which show the trucker having to chained Cricket in front of the truck, complete with the evil laughter and with Cricket screaming in fear.
  • The scene in "Barry Cuda", during a trail of mystery that showed either one of the Greens who either played responsibility of damaging Barry Cuda, one had Tilly use a lawnmower, Gramma had a fry pan, lastly Bill uses a axe, many of the denied, until Cricket had set up a trap until all three were held responsible.
  • In "Blood Moon", when the moon turns blood red that Gramma Predicted, had most of the farm animals turning from normal and docile to feral and vicious under the spell of the red moon.
  • In the short "Secret Cat", having to see Cricket being constantly mauled by a random cat underneath the sofa, while the title card shows red scratches which appeared to show blood by the lines.
  • In "Hiya Henry", Cricket encounters a rather creepy ventriloquist dummy, that during the nightmare scene as the page image shows just as Cricket wakes up, he sees much of his family turned into dummies like Henry, including Cricket himself, the episode itself including the nightmare scene may induce fear to those have Automatonophobia.

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