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Tear Jerker / Big City Greens

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Who would have thought that a family of country folk living in the big city could somehow bring out the waterworks?

  • In "Steak Night", Cricket feels he really let his family down and ruined their steak dinner night. Seeing him lying under the bench with a shameful expression makes you just want to give him a hug.
    • He feels so bad for it that he's willing to risk his life just so his family can have their steak dinner. Good thing Bill was able to talk him out of it and assure him it's okay, before things got really messy.

  • Most of "Cricket Versus" can be considered this seeing that Gramma was actually literal when she stated Cricket could not keep his last name if unable to fight a wild animal. Feeling practically like a black sheep to the family because of a tradition could strike anyone who might have similar family issues. Good thing Gramma was willing to reconsider by the end of the episode, before Cricket managed to finally earned his title.

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  • There's something sad about Bill's childhood dream in "Backflip Bill". All he wanted was to just have fun while becoming a gymnast, but his mother put so much pressure into the activity that it caused him to quit straight before the competition. It must have been painful to relive those emotions again when Cricket pressures him for the same thing. What makes it even more sad is that this is Truth in Television, and most kids pressured to perfect what is supposed to be their dream don't turn out as emotionally stable afterward like Bill.

  • "Gramma's License" is just as well Truth in Television, especially for families who have older relatives struggling to come to terms with aging and its issues. The episode reveals Gramma is aware that she's getting older and fearing uselessness, due to the inferiority she shows when practicing driving to gain a new license.

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  • "Remy Rescue" reveals that Remy is indeed a Lonely Rich Kid, and that Cricket and Tilly are the very first friends he's ever made. At the start of the episode, it shows that he has a hard time speaking his mind to his parents and that he is forced to comply with their insistence of him going to boarding school. Poor Cricket struggles to fix this, only to makes things worse that nearly results in losing Remy forever. Thankfully, by the end of the episode, Remy has found his voice and manages to convince his parents what a great influence Cricket is on him and forgo boarding school.

  • "Welcome Home" reveals the first time Bill and the kids came to Big City. And from the moment they arrive, they hardly catch a break. The episode is one big punch in the gut to watch, not only with the reveal that Bill lost their farm which resulted in the move, but how the city life treats them in just one day. And when their car gets towed due to a misunderstanding, and ending up lost in the city trying to find it, seeing Bill miserable over the stresses and how much they've lost, you just want to give the man a hug.

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  • Working on a holiday can be tough for some people. "Parade Day" exemplifies that stress as Cricket realizes that with it being one of the busiest days of the year, Gloria has never even seen the parade due to work. And, boy, does work have no mercy on her. The struggles of handling so many demanding people is very relatable to anyone who works in customer service.

  • "Gargoyle Gals" reveals that Tilly is indeed lonely with lack of friends, before she meets Andromeda. However, because of of the girl's conspiracy theory interests, Tilly is forced to lie in order to impress her and keep her as a friend. When she reveals what she's done, and Andromeda heads home, Tilly is pained by the fact she might have just lost her first friend. However, by the end of the episode, Andromeda still wants to hang out with her.

  • Anyone with a Liberal Arts degree or a passion for painting can relate so well to Gloria in "Paint Misbehavin'". The episode does not paint a pretty picture how a struggling artist like her has a hard time selling her artwork before Cricket "improves" them.

  • Much of Gramma Alice's bitterness towards Big City folk is justified in "Tilly Tour", when it's revealed that her home was once originally a peaceful valley, until the city gradually got built around it, wrecking her idyllic existence.

  • At first you just want to hate Louis for his antagonistic ways in "Big Deal". Using his early Black Friday scheme in order to watch customers fight Hunger Game style on each other, he finds enjoyment in ruining other people's Thanksgiving. However, you have to feel bad for him near the end of the episode. Being the owner of his store means he's got to always work on Thanksgiving, while everyone else like the Greens get to. It's possible he must not have family of his own, seeing how lonely and dejected he is with his store empty and the Greens making their own little Thanksgiving feast (on account of the food was already spoiled in the duration they were in the riot). Fortunately, the Greens are quick to forgive him for his actions, and even have him join their dinner.

  • In "Cricket's Place", Cricket looks out his apartment window and sees his family enjoying ice cream sundaes without him, except Bill, who's so torn up that Cricket's gone that he can't bring himself to eat any ice cream.

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