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Fridge / Big City Greens

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Gloria's skin color is purple, while her parents' skin colors are blue and pink (technically a shade of red). Now, what colors do you mix to create purple?

Fridge Horror

  • Gramma is a completely dangerous person who regularly puts her family in danger, along with emotional abuse. It's disturbing that she gets away with so much of it, but someone responsible like Nancy is treated like a threat.
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  • In "Wild Side", Cricket pressuring Remy to join him saying he’ll be happier with him resembles a cult recruiting a new member. Even better, Remy has been shown to be innocent and unsuspecting at times, a common target.
  • Gloria working in Wholesome Foods in "Chipocalypse Now", at first it could sound funny, but considering that Chip flirted with her in "Coffee Quest"... who doesn't say that given the chance Chip could have harassed Gloria sexually if she stayed for too long? And since Chip is the CEO and Gloria needs the money for her rent, she had no choice and let Chip have his way with her. Gloria should thank Cricket for reminding her of the good things the Greens made to her and that she was fired in the climax of the episode.
  • Andromeda's obsession with being a huge conspiracy theorist is pretty funny.. but it gets a little less so the moment you remember that there's full grown adults out there who act just like she does. If she doesn't grow out of it, her obsession with finding out the truth (which might not actually be there) could get even worse, and could even harm her friendship with Tilly.

Fridge Logic

  • "Swimming Fool": Why did Gramma get her hair styled just before the family made their trip to the swimming pool? She could have easily put it off until afterward, saving herself (and others) a whole lot of trouble.
    • A lot of vain old ladies will get their hair done right before going near (or even in) a pool, then blame everyone else when it gets ruined. Gramma isn't vain, exactly, but she is self-centered.
  • Cricket has been shown to be mentally unstable. Why is no one putting him in some mental hospital?
    • Cricket is a child, and they are not going to put him in a mental hospital.