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Fridge Horror

  • Gramma is a completely dangerous person who regular puts her family in danger, along with emotional abuse. Its disturbing that she gets away with so much of it, but someone responsible like Nancy is treated like a threat.

  • Chip Whistler trying to run the greens out of town seems evil but, maybe he’s the only sane man. The Greens regularly cause property damage, have almost killed certain citizens, caused a rodent infestation twice (in Racooned and Skunked) and the cops haven’t done anything to stop them. How do we know he’s trying to harm the Greens so much as save the city?
    • To be fair, the Greens never mean any harm, and do their best to make up for it, and Chip is a very self-centered and egotistical businessman, so he very well could be trying to harm the Greens.

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  • In "Wild Side", Cricket pressuring Remy to join him saying he’ll be happier with him resembles a cult recruiting a new member. Even better, Remy has been shown to be innocent and unsuspecting at times, a common target.

Fridge Logic

  • "Swimming Fool": Why did Gramma get her hair styled just before the family made their trip to the swimming pool? She could have easily put it off until afterward, saving herself (and others) a whole lot of trouble.
    • I've seen this firsthand. A lot of vain old ladies will get their hair done right before going near (or even in) a pool, then blame everyone else when it gets ruined. Gramma isn't vain, exactly, but she is self-centered.

  • Cricket has been shown to be mentally unstable why is no one putting him in some mental hospital?

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