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The Recap page for the series, Big City Greens.

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     Season 1 (June 18, 2018 - March 9, 2019) 
  1. Space Chicken/Steak Night: Wanting to impress his new city neighbors, Cricket decides to try launch a chicken into space. / When the Greens takes the subway to get home for steak night, Cricket loses the steaks meant for dinner.
  2. Cricket Versus/Blue Tater: Cricket has to fulfill the traditional Green family rite of passage of finding a dangerous beast and subduing it before sundown. / The Greens set up a food truck to sell French fries, but Cricket discovers a blue potato that he fears will jinx their business.
  3. Swimming Fool/Tilly's Goat: The Greens go to an indoor swimming pool. There, Cricket tries to jump off the hi-dive board, Tilly goes scuba diving for treasure, Bill loses his trunks in the hot tub, and Gramma tries to keep her new hairdo dry. / Tilly believes the family goat Melissa wants to be a dog and enters her in a dog show.
  4. Cricketsitter/Backflip Bill: When Bill has to take Gramma to the doctor, Tilly is left in charge of taking care of Cricket. / Cricket discovers that Bill had once wanted to become a gymnast, so he helps his dad follow his childhood dreams.
  5. Gramma's License/Bear Trapped: Gramma needs to get her driver’s license renewed, so Cricket and Tilly help her practice for the driving test. / Cricket, Tilly, and Remy befriend a bear lost in Big City that’s being pursued by animal control.
  6. Photo Op/Remy Rescue: Bill takes the family to the mall to have a family photo taken, but Cricket, Gramma, and Tilly have their own plans. / Remy’s parents are not pleased to discover that he has been skipping violin practice to hang with Cricket and plan to ship their son to boarding school, so it’s up to Cricket and Tilly to save their friend.
  7. Gridlocked/Mama Bird: The Greens get caught in a traffic jam and find ways to pass the time. Cricket avoids a scary-looking trucker, Tilly washes a very dirty car, Bill tries to find the source of the jam, and Gramma looks for a good song on the radio. / Tilly finds some abandoned bird eggs and hopes to get the hatching chicks to imprint on her, but they imprint on Cricket instead.
  8. Welcome Home/Raccooned: On the Greens’ first day in Big City, Bill’s pickup truck gets towed away, and he, Cricket, and Tilly have to get it back if they’re ever going to find their way to Gramma’s house. / The Green house gets overrun with an infestation of raccoons.
  9. Fill Bill/Critterball Crisis: The Greens go to a seafood restaurant where Cricket and Tilly try to free the octopuses, Bill orders the place’s biggest meal, and Gramma tries to get back a trident she once owned. / Gloria confiscates all of the kids’ critterballs after one too many come over the fence of Big Coffee.
  10. Parade Day/DIY Guys: Parade Day comes to Big City, and Cricket is determined not to miss it. But he’s gonna have to find a way out of work at Big Coffee first. / To fix the vacuum cleaner and teach Remy self-reliance, Bill brings the kids to a hardware store. While he and Remy get lost, Cricket is mistaken for an employee and given control of the forklift.
  11. Gargoyle Gals/Supermarket Scandal: Tilly befriends a conspiracy theorist named Andromeda and convinces her that the gargoyles on the city rooftops are alive. / Cricket wants to help Bill make money selling their vegetables, so he takes an order from Chip Whistler asking for more than what the family can produce.
  12. Barry Cuda/Suite Retreat: Cricket gets a singing fish plaque that annoys his whole family. / Gramma sends the rest of the family on a one-day vacation at a suite so that she can get some peace and quiet, but she begins to miss their antics and tries to sabotage their fun so they can come home.
  13. Family Legacy/Paint Misbehavin': Cricket, Tilly, and Gramma search for the Green family's legendary treasure. / When Cricket doodles over Gloria's abstract paintings, the two find that suddenly everyone’s really interested in the art.
  14. Rated Cricket/Homeshare Hoedown: The Greens go the movie theatre, where Cricket wants to see a mature movie, Tilly believes she has entered another dimension, Bill helps the snack bar make good popcorn, and Gramma tries to save the best seats in the theatre. / Cricket convinces his family to make the house into a homeshare suite, but finds hosting the visiting hipsters to be a challenge.
  15. Cricket's Shoes/Feud Fight: Cricket falls sick, so he assigns his family to do his duties for the day: Tilly has to work at Big Coffee, Gramma has to hang out with Remy, and Bill has to run through a dog park while covered in meat. / When Chip Whistler sets up a stand at the farmer’s market to outcompete the Greens, Cricket is determined to chase him out. Meanwhile, Gramma brings Bill to help her find the market's hottest pepper
  16. Breaking News/Cyberbullies: Cricket wants the news to do a report on Bill's giant watermelon, but steals the spotlight. / When playing video games at Remy's, Cricket incurs the wrath of a gang of online bullies called the Cyber Knights.
  17. Tilly Tour/Dinner Party: Because Gramma has never bothered to explore Big City, Tilly takes her on a tour to see its landmarks. Meanwhile, Bill and Cricket renovate the bathroom. / Cricket convinces Bill to invite Remy’s parents over for dinner.
  18. Coffee Quest/Phoenix Rises: Cricket and Gloria have to retrieve more coffee beans for Big Coffee, but have to compete with Chip Whistler for the last shipments. / Cricket’s dog Phoenix suddenly leaves the Green house, so the Greens and Remy set off to find her.
  19. Blood Moon: Halloween comes to Big City, and Cricket is excited to go trick-or-treating in Big City for the first time. However, a mysterious blood moon turns the Greens’ farm animals into ravening zombies. Now, the family might be trapped in the house for the whole night.
  20. Big Deal/Forbidden Feline: Cricket wants to buy a new TV on Thanksgiving, so the Greens go to Price Busters, only to find themselves caught amidst hordes of crazed shoppers. / Tilly befriends a cat named Anoush, whose owner Mr. Grigorian disapproves of their friendship.
  21. Uncaged: Cricket and Tilly’s mother/Bill’s ex-wife Nancy comes to Big City, having been released from prison. While Bill worries about leaving the kids in the hands of their free-spirited mother, Cricket tries to show Nancy he’s a cool rebel like her too by freeing all the animals from Big City Zoo.
  22. Harvest Dinner/Winner Winner: Bill sends Tilly to buy some paprika for his stew, but Cricket and Gramma want to beat her to the punch. Meanwhile, Nancy helps Bill in the kitchen. / The Greens go to a community center, where Tilly wants to get her own trophy, Cricket tries to find out what’s behind a mysterious door, and Bill brings Gramma to a dance workout.
  23. Night Bill/Cheap Snake: Cricket and Tilly discover that Bill has gotten a second job as a nighttime telemarketer in order to better provide for them. / Cricket buys a pet snake, but soon finds he can’t take care of it.
  24. Hiya Henry/People Watching: Tilly finds a ventriloquist dummy named Hiya Henry to use for Big Coffee's Open Mic Night, but Cricket is seriously creeped out by the thing but doesn't want to hurt Tilly's feelings. / The Greens have some fun people-watching by making up stories about who they see.
  25. Valentine's Dance/Green Streets: The Greens go to the Valentine’s Dance, where Cricket develops his first crush, Tilly appoints herself to Cupid’s duties, Bill runs the snack table, and Nancy and Gramma volunteer as chaperones. / Cricket teams up with Officer Keys to find a mysterious litterbug on the loose in Big City.
  26. Hurty Tooth/Sleepover Sisters: Bill brings Cricket and Tilly to the dentist to get Cricket’s toothache cured. As Cricket (with Gramma’s help) fights back against having his tooth removed, Tilly dreams about meeting the tooth fairy and Bill tries to spot the differences in a picture game. / Tilly and Andromeda have a sleepover and attempt to acquire psychic powers by staying up all night. Meanwhile, Cricket finds that he is unable to sleep without Tilly.
  27. Trailer Trouble/Mansion Madness: Cricket and Tilly stay at Nancy’s place for the night, but family time gets interrupted by Nancy’s old biker gang. / The Greens look after Remy’s mansion while he’s on vacation. Cricket has to feed Remy’s pet snake, Tilly creates her own aristocratic identity, Bill tries out one of the family’s antique cars, and Gramma gets lost.
  28. Park Pandemonium/Cricket's Biscuits: The Greens go to the park, where Cricket teaches a man named Wyatt how to design a fun playground, Tilly wants Gramma to spend time with her, and Bill tries to return a Frisbee. / Cricket and Tilly get their first tastes of Gramma’s specially made butter biscuits and become determined to get another by any means necessary.
  29. Skunked/Axin Saxon: Cricket tries to become a hero by releasing skunks into Big Coffee so he can then save everyone. / Nancy accidentally destroys Tilly’s potato sack doll Saxon, but Tilly believes it was Gramma’s fault. Meanwhile, Bill, Cricket, and Remy go fishing.
  30. Cricket's Place/Volunteer Tilly: Cricket narrates a story where he and Remy are tired of having adults bossing them around, so they rent their own apartment room which leads to disaster. / Tilly volunteers at Brett's animal shelter, but doesn't want any of the animals adopted. Meanwhile, Cricket and Gramma play pranks on Bill.

     Season 2 (November 16, 2019 - present) 
  1. Cricket's Kapowie/Car Trouble: Cricket is cast as the star for a commercial advertising Big Coffee, but the preparation for the role gets to his head. / The Green family sells their old pickup truck to the eccentric tech mogul Gwendolyn Zapp for a new and much more hi-tech vehicle.
  2. Urban Legend/Wishing Well: Bill holds a barbecue for the neighbors in order to make up for how Gramma always drives them away, but Gramma will not tolerate her family befriending any neighbors. / Cricket learns about wishing fountains and makes his own as a scam at the behest of his conscience, but he is faced with a dilemma when Tilly uses it.
  3. Elevator Action/Bad Influencer: Gloria decides to move out of Big City and return her keys to her landlord, but she gets trapped in an elevator with the Green family. / Cricket is worried about Remy when the latter becomes obsessed with an obnoxious online celebrity and starts imitating his lifestyle.
  4. Green Christmas: Christmas arrives in Big City, and Cricket is horrified to learn from Tilly that he is on Santa's naughty list, and does everything he can to break it into the nice list but things go horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Nancy and Gramma forgot to get a present for Bill and have to find a gift as soon as possible.
  5. Reckoning Ball/Clubbed: Chip Whistler is forced by his father, the CEO of Wholesome Foods Co., to reconcile with the Green family and spend some time helping them with chores, but little do they know he's plotting to deceive them. / Tilly and Andromeda follow Gloria when she goes to a nightclub thinking she got amnesia. Meanwhile, Bill and Cricket stay at home to watch a classic sci-fi movie, but Bill keeps spoiling the plotlines.
  6. Impopstar/Football Camp: Cricket and Nancy pull a scam to disguise Cricket as child pop star Zillon Brax (who looks just like him) while the real deal moves in with the Green family. / Remy enters his father's football camp so he can finally earn his dad's respect. Meanwhile, Tilly believes the camp's tiger mascot is a real animal.
  7. Heat Beaters/Bill-iever: Cricket and Remy have a basketball match in the middle of the hottest day in Big City. Meanwhile, the rest of the Green family gets a new air conditioner that works too well. / When Cricket accidentally destroys Bill's garden, he decides to blame it on aliens.
  8. Shark Objects/Dream Weaver: The Green family goes to the beach, where Cricket pulls pranks with a fake shark fin with near-fatal results, Nancy tries to be a more responsible parent, Bill gets buried under Tilly's sand castle, and Gramma gets arrested for getting in a fight with a seagull. / Cricket discovers his family sleep talks and that he can manipulate their dreams by talking to them, only to turn their dreams into nightmares.
  9. Level Up/Wild Side: Remy and Cricket introduce Bill to a farming simulator video game and end up getting him totally hooked on it. / Cricket comes down with his annual "itch", which causes him to go feral, and he escapes into the streets that night, so Bill, Remy, and Gramma have to catch him but eventually end up getting manipulated into becoming feral like him. Meanwhile, Tilly and Nancy have a backyard camping trip.
  10. Garage Tales/Animal Farm: Gramma recounts a series of adventure stories from her youth all involving one particular man. / While the Green family go to the farmer's market, Phoenix loses her leadership of the farm animals to the farm rooster Cogburn. Meanwhile, Bill has an identity crisis when he meets a more successful farmer also named Bill Green.
  11. Desserted / The Gifted
  12. Time Crisis / Gramma Driver
  13. Tilly Style / I, Farmbot
  14. Friend Con / Flimflammed
  15. Greens' Acres / Dolled Up
  16. Gabriella's Fella / Cheap Show

     Country Kids in the City shorts 
These are one-minute shorts uploaded to the Disney Channel's YouTube.

  1. Hog Ride: Cricket and Tilly chat to a biker about their rides.
  2. Tea Party: Cricket interrupts Tilly's tea party.
  3. The Last Donut: Bill gets the last donut but becomes distracted by the kitchen cabinets behaving strangely.
  4. Duck Sandwich: Cricket refuses to give his sandwich to a hungry duck.
  5. Secret Cat: Cricket and Tilly find a cat living under their couch.
  6. Tilly's Cat: Tilly befriends a bunch of cats.
  7. Bee Tree: A bee lands on Tilly's face while she and Cricket are climbing a tree.

     Random Rings shorts 
Flash-animated shorts where Cricket makes prank calls on various businesses.

     Road Trip shorts 
Flash-animated shorts that involve the Greens on a road trip to Breakfast Land amusement park, while getting into comedic detours along the way.


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