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     For future episodes in general 
One episode will prove Andromeda right in her conspiracies for a change
She keeps insisting that someone new who's moved into Big City is really an alien or robot in disguise and tells it to Tilly, Cricket and everyone else in there friends group, but naturally, no one believes her at first.. till they also grow a bit suspicious as the episode goes on. And when they get to the unmasking, turns out they weren't human after all! Besides, this show can still do more out there concepts. Already proved it could with the cat-rat-racoon-bird hybrid thing.

Chip's current whereabouts
At the end of "Chipocalypse Now!", he and his helicopter are launched faraway by telephone wires. What's next for him should he return for Season 3, assuming he even survived the crash? One thing's almost certain: with the whole thing caught on the news, his father will have found out about his actions and have some harsh words for him. Perhaps a future episode will have the Green family visiting the countryside for old time's sake. They happen to stumble upon their old foe, now having undergone an apparent Heel–Face Turn (or the crash gave him Identity Amnesia), following his father's footsteps by farming potatoes and selling them as chips. For very obvious reasons, the Greens are dubious that he has changed, given that he already pulled the Fake Defector trick once. Then again, considering his Sanity Slippage, it's likely that Chip will be much more threatening than before.

The series will have a crossover episode with Kim Possible
Word of God confirms these two shows coexist in the same universe. Disney Animation has lately also been bringing back their older IPs in some form to newer audiences (DuckTales (2017) has several instances). Kim Possible was brought back once in the form of a live-action TV movie, and a crossover with a newer show could be the next step, if not a full-blown revival/reboot. The characters could easily blend in by being drawn in the BCG design style - Drakken and Shego are already a step ahead with their blue and green skin.

Kevin might be connected with Wholesome Foods.
After Kevin turns down Gloria and she leaves, Wholesome Foods can be seen behind her. This could foreshadow some sort of connection with Kevin and Wholesome Foods, and he even shares the same head shape as the VP from "Chipwrecked", even having similar skin tones. He also sounded nervous when turning her down, so something with the store might be preventing him from asking her out.

Cricket or Tilly (or both) will lose an appendage
Alice lost her foot, Bill lost his fingertip, and given Cricket’s carefree nature, he seems likely to be on the path to lose a full finger or toe. But even if it happens to either sibling, they would more than likely take it in stride and think their scars are cool.

A future episode will be a Take That! towards Country Music
Considering the bad rap modern country music gets and the fact that this show stars country folk adapting to urban life, it makes perfect sense.

The new CEO of Wholesome Foods
With Chip out of the picture, the question now is who could take over Wholesome Foods? Going with a theory above, Kevin seems like one possibility. Or what about Gloria? This would give her a job and a chance to move out of the Green's house.

Tilly is on the autism spectrum.
She acts aloof, is bound for flights of fancy, and seems oblivious to the world around her. Her antisocial and distant behavior is typical of those on the spectrum.

  • That's unlikely since Tilly doesn't display the traits of a person on the spectrum. It's more likely she is just eccentric, even more so than her family.

It's the same Big City as Sheep in the Big City.
Expect the fanfic crossovers any day.

Bill Green is not what he seems
That's right, Bill Green is in fact BILL CIPHER! They have the same name, they're both yellow, and they each have only one of a specific body part (Cipher's one eye or Green's one index finger).

Cricket has ADHD.
"Quiet Please" shows that he has trouble focusing on things like reading books, which is common for kids with ADHD.

The Movie or Season 4 will focus on Chip's return.. But this time, he'll either be thrown in jail, or Killed Off for Real
  • The final episode of Season 3 has revealed Chip has indeed survived, although nobody is aware of that yet. (In fact, he has a grave stone, pretty much signaling everyone thought he was dead) Once again, he's out for revenge on the Greens. It's quite likely that the Houghton Brothers are planning to finally bring his story to an end, however. This time, he'll either be hauled off to jail and stay there for the rest of his life, or the less likely option, he actually does die; though of course censorship will be in affect.

The next time Chip appears, it will be in a disguise.
Notably, when Chip makes his grand return in The Stinger of season 3, only his mouth is seen, with the rest of his face cloaked in shadow. When he makes his next move, he’ll go for a more subtle route, by disguising himself as someone new. With the magic of Latex Perfection, or perhaps even full on cosmetic surgery, he now has a completely new look, and maybe even for at least the duration of the disguise, a new voice which he plans to fool the Greens with by posing as a new friend and bring them down from within. Of course, what will give him away, both to the Greens and the audience, will be the crucial moment when his newest tooth implant falls out by some circumstance, but by then his next revenge scheme will already be in effect.

     Season 1 guesses 
Cricket and Tilly's Missing Mom
All we know so far is that she once fought a wolverine. However, future episodes may reveal what she actually looked like and her fate prior to the series (whether she died, disappeared, or simply filed for a divorce and is still living in the country). Perhaps she may be part of the reason why the Greens moved to the city?
  • "Mama Bird" implied she may still be alive, as Tilly wished for her to "come back".

  • Confirmed. "Phoenix Rises" reveals she was in jail in the duration of Season 1. "Uncaged" also confirms she and Bill are divorced.

     Season 2 guesses 
There will be an episode set in a courtroom.
And the Greens are the ones getting sued. As their reckless actions come back to bite them.

Gabriella is secretly a spy sent by Chip.
Chip hired her to spy on the Greens and bond with Cricket to trick him into selling the farm.
  • Jossed: She doesn't even know Chip, and even has a family and apartment.

Nancy might have a connection with Chip.
Chip is aware of Nancy's existence and has a picture of her and her trailer on his evidence board.

Chip might be connected with BigTech.
The map of Chip's evidence board has a picture of BigTech; apparently, he knows where it is.

Chip will lose all of his teeth by the end of "Chipocalypse Now!"
With the Running Gag of his tooth being damaged, this will probably be the outcome of the fight between him and the Greens. That, and his father discovering his ruse.
  • Jossed: He lost one tooth as usual. Also, his dad was nowhere to be seen.

The Greens' ancestors' knickknacks from "Family Legacy" will play a big part in "Chipocalypse Now".
Remember the case with junk the Greens uncovered in "Family Legacy"? Those turned out to be key artifacts sent from their ancestors as a warning to not let the farm be threatened; Cricket and Tilly even added an artifact as well. Sometime during the episode, Cricket will dig up the case and show the artifacts to Chip, telling him how important the farm is to them.
  • Jossed: The knickknacks make no appearance throughout the episode, but Tilly gives a Rousing Speech on how much History Repeats and no matter what happened, the Greens always won.

Bill set up the neutered camping trip in "Wild Side" on purpose.
After catching the wild Cricket, Bill admits he wanted to go wild too; he secretly likes Cricket's wild urge and wanted to do it with him, so he set up the camping trip in the backyard and neutered it on purpose to get him to do so and eventually tell him otherwise.

"Date Night" will have The Big Damn Kiss between Cricket and Gabriella.
  • Jossed: They don't kiss. But they might in the future.

     Season 3 guesses 
The Season 3 antagonist(s) might be..

If Chip Whistler returns, Cricket no longer considers him part of Big City.
  • Cricket's relationship toward Chip will be drastically changed since their first encounter. Shown in a possible moment where Chip reaches out to shake Cricket's hand, but Cricket grabs his wrist defiantly showing his Character Development.
    • The Green family's next encounter with Chip will probably take place outside of Big City, considering the latter's banishment from Big City in "Chipocalypse Now!". He will also be Ax-Crazy and make vain attempts to kill the Greens, basically like a G-rated Sideshow Bob.

The forgiveness contract will be destroyed, either by Cricket or Mr. Whistler.
  • Given that Chip only used the Greens' kindness to get it signed, once Mr. Whistler learns the truth either he or Cricket will rip it up into shreds.

Season 3 will be the final season.
Third seasons tend to be the final season of most Disney Channel shows, so it's likely that Big City Greens will have its third season be its last.
  • Jossed: Its been announced that the will be a fourth Season.

Season 3 will have a new Big Bad in Season 3, who will be an even bigger threat than Chip Whistler
Given that Chip is now banned from Big City, Season 3 will likely have a new Big Bad, in which like Amphibia and The Owl House who now have bigger threats who are King Andrias and Emperor Belos, it will likely have the new villain as a bigger threat than Chip.
  • It'll be the CEO of the dairy company who forced the Greens to sell their farm.

The Season 3 midseason finale will be a huge Wham Episode.
Chris said on his Tumblr that the midseason finale "Dirt Jar" will be "something they always wanted to do with the series", with Shane adding on his Twitter, "the series will never be the same again". As told by the poster, either the Greens will be forced to move back to the country, or they visit their old farm and find it's been taken over by a dangerous enemy of theirs (probably Chip).
  • Half-and-half. They do leave the city, but of their own volition.