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One big happy family.
Due to the show's strong themes of family, there are plenty of heartwarming moments scattered all throughout the series.

Season 1

  • The first episode of the series "Space Chicken" has Cricket immediately calling over Remy to help him and Tilly launch a chicken into space, leading to their friendship. Knowing how much of a Lonely Rich Kid Remy was prior to the series, it tugs at the heartstrings seeing him so surprised and elated that he's finally made some friends.
  • In "Steak Night", after Cricket loses the steaks, Tilly manages to manages to cheer him up.
    Tilly: But the Cricket that I know never gives up when it comes to family.
    • And she's right. During the fight with the robot who mistakes the steaks for a bomb, Cricket was willing to put his life on the line just so his family's Steak Night won't be ruined. It mixes with a tear jerking moment when Cricket wrestles with the robot on the tracks, not caring that a train is on the way. Then we get this beautiful moment of dialogue, even delivering the moral of the episode word-per-word:
    Cricket: You said it yourself! Steaks are the heart of Steak Night!
    Bill: No, that's wrong! Steak Night isn't about the steaks! It's about family! We can afford to buy more steaks, we can't afford to buy another Cricket!
  • "Coffee Quest" brings true development between Cricket and Gloria in complete contrast to how they started in the beginning of the show. While the episode starts off with them at their usual disagreements, they start to bond once both agree that Chip Whistler (who might show some attraction to Gloria) is a creep. In their task to bring the cafe the last coffee bag in Big City, the two begin to trust each other.
    • While hiding from Chip and his workers, Gloria allows Cricket into her apartment, where he begins to see a side of Gloria he had never seen. When learning that her small apartment is due to her barista's salary, Cricket shows some empathy given how long it's taken to fulfill his debt.
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    • The episode itself reveals that Cricket and Gloria aren't that different from each other: Gloria isn't from Big City, actually having moved from the suburbs known as Benford Park. When Cricket asks why she's so hard with him, Gloria confesses that she herself is working hard to try and fit in Big City, while Cricket and his family seem to already fit in without even trying. Moment of Tear Jerker when, through Gloria's talking parrot, reveals how much she misses home.
      • What makes the moment sweet is how supportive and caring Cricket is to Gloria during this. The smile she makes when he admits to assuming she was from Big City is everything.
    • The episode almost ends with Cricket walking out of the cafe, both he and Gloria feeling rather dejected upon the fact he's cleared his debt and won't have to work together anymore. It results in Gloria wrecking the cafe and Cricket blaming himself for the mess do they resume working as a team.
  • In "Phoenix Rises", there's the flashbacks of Cricket and Phoenix bonding, emphasizing how much the dog means to him.
    • Phoenix reuniting with the Green family after they thought they lost her for good.
      • The icing on the cake for this episode is the introduction of Nancy Green, whom the kids are overjoyed to see on account of being in jail for the duration of Season 1. The way Bill playfully teases about how she finally got out of jail shows they do get along well.
  • For "Valentine's Dance", ALL of Cricket's lovestruck moments with Gabriella, Imagine Spot included.
    • Alice and Nancy realizing how much in common they have with each other and become a team.
    • Cricket and Gloria deciding to dance together after a) Cricket loses Gabriella to Remy because he constantly avoided her, and b) Gloria's date never showed up. It's great to see these two bonding more.
    • Cricket discovering what love really is — it doesn't take things away from you until you have no freedom, it can give you something very special, like someone who understands you.

Season 2

  • The Greens pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Gloria's car from being towed in "Elevator Action".
  • The Christmas Episode has several of these:
    • Tilly is the only one of the family who know the True Meaning of Christmas and what it means, by being kind to others.
    • Cricket's Hard-Work Montage as he's doing good deeds for the townsfolk.
    • Cricket making a Selfless Wish to get Tilly back on the nice list after owning up to his mistakes.
    • Tilly's Arc Words to Cricket that she sees there's good in him.
    • For the subplot, Nancy and Gramma teaming up to get Bill the perfect gift is perfectly heartwarming. Seeing how much of a rivalry Gramma is with Bill's ex-wife, it's good that she put her differences aside for now.
    • Tilly discovering not only she got presents, but Cricket as well, as a reward for his Selfless Wish.
  • "Reckoning Ball":
    • Despite his overly mean nature, Chip deeply cares about his father, and is pretty much the only one who he's not that controlling over.
      • As an addition, the only thing in the CEO office not taken down is the picture of Mr. Whistler as a young farmer, showing he still has feelings for him.
    • The Greens reassuring Chip near the end. Bill notes he as to "put in the work" before he can "reap the rewards", which is what his dad tells him, and once he does, he can have anything he wants in life.
  • "Garage Tales" has Bill tell the story of how Gramma met her husband, which is full of heartwarming moments that ends with Ernest giving Gramma his mother's pearls in lieu of an engagement ring, and Gramma enthusiastically accepting.
    • At the end of the episode, Gramma goes back into her room, pulls out a picture of her and Ernest's wedding day, and looks at it with a warm smile.
    • This exchange between Bill and Gramma deserves mention too.
    Bill: Dad was a great guy, but he wasn't some swashbuckling hero.
    Gramma: [small laugh] He was to me.
  • Bill reuniting with "Good Ol'" Joe in "Friend Con". After experiencing a false friendship with Chip, it's great to see one of his true friends finally show up.
    • Before that moment, after the kids realize Chip's true colors, Cricket reveals to Tilly that even though Bill doesn't have anymore friends, he has the whole family, which can be friends, too.
  • "Gabriella's Fella":
    • Cricket and Gabriella becoming a couple. Fans broke out into cheers.
    • Community Sue revealing to Cricket that Gabriella has feelings for him, because she's fluent in social situations.
    • Cricket and Gabriella instantly bond with each other over the fact each one has had a similar situation where they blabbed a comical but offensive word.
      • Gabriella gradually smiles as Cricket tells his situation, showing he's very much like her.
    • Though it was tough, Remy supporting Cricket's love for Gabriella was pretty cute to notice. He knows Gabriella is just friends with him, and is the perfect match for Cricket.

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