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Gramma: What's this for now?
Big City knows everyone has at least one bit of humor every now and then.

Season 1

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    Welcome Home 

    Space Chicken 
  • Tilly's Establishing Character Moment:
    Tilly: I have seen danger... and I love it.
  • Cricket's out of nowhere bear traps.
  • We get this bit from Cricket and Tilly.
    Cricket: Tilly, what's the most impressive thing you can think of?
    Tilly: Uh, chocolate volcano.
    Cricket: No, we need something that makes your eyes go wide, and your heart beat fast!
    Tilly: Uh... uh... a vanilla volcano!

    Steak Night 
  • Cricket sees a breakdancer and assumes it's an "underground hoedown" and dances along. Then the breakdancer begins doing the robot, causing him to assume he's someone in a robot body.
  • This bit:
    Bill: We can buy more steaks, but we canít buy another Cricket!
    Tilly: Iíve tried!

    Cricket Versus 
  • "More for Tilly."

    Swimming Fool 

    Tilly's Goat 
  • Tilly making eye contact with Melissa for quite some time. The boys are perplexed.
    Remy: Um, is she okay?
    Cricket: Ssh. You musn't break the link.

    Critterball Crisis 


    Gramma's License 

    Supermarket Scandal 


    Backflip Bill 

    Barry Cuda 
  • EVERY TIME we hear the Barry Cuda song.

    Mama Bird 
  • When the baby birds imprint on Cricket, they apparently follow his every move.

    Photo Op 

    Remy Rescue 

    Parade Day 

    Blue Tater 

    Bear Trapped 

    DIY Guys 
  • In one scene after the title card, a Freeze-Frame Bonus shows Dirtbag stuck inside the wall.
  • Tilly pretending to die of boredom when Bill begins a speech on self-reliance. Cricket follows suit.


    Suite Retreat 

    Gargoyle Gals 

    Fill Bill 

    Family Legacy 

    Paint Misbehavin' 

    Rated Cricket 

    Homeshare Hoedown 

    Blood Moon 
  • Cricket spooking Bill in the beginning, the same with Gloria.
  • All of Gloria's "strange behaviors".
  • Bill holding trick-or-treating indoors, passing the rooms off as houses and disguising himself as the "owners". Cricket is not enthused.
    • The first disguise is an old lady named Jill who distributes porcelyn horses. Remy tries to eat his, but Bill harshly stops him.
      • In a case of Brick Joke, Remy is actually seen eating the horse later on.
    • Bill's second disguise is a cool dude named Zill, who ironically invites the boys in.

    Cricket's Shoes 
  • Kiki's ringtone.
  • Phoenix speaking to the dogs in their language, allowing them to leave.

    Feud Fight 

    Breaking News 


    Tilly Tour 

    Dinner Party 

    Big Deal 

    Forbidden Feline 

    Coffee Quest 
  • Chip referring to Gloria as "Ponytail". She is ANGRY when she hears such a thing.
  • The car almost hitting two cats and a baby, one appearing after the other.
  • Gloria's parrot. Just listen.
    • "I'm lonely! I miss home!"
    • "Gotta buy more ice cream! Can't believe I ate it in one sitting again!"
      Gloria: GOODNIGHT.

    Phoenix Rises 
  • Cricket finishes his story saying he and Phoenix were best friends. Remy does not take this well.
    Remy: Neat story, Cricket. (WHAT THE HECK!? I THOUGHT I WAS CRICKET'S BEST FRIEND!!!!!) Neeeeat story...


    Night Bill 

    Cheap Snake 

    Harvest Dinner 
  • Cricket and Gramma insulting the pie in the window.
    Cricket: I hate you! I HATE YOU, STUPID PIE!
  • The mean rooster. 'Nuff said.
  • To distract Tilly so Cricket can switch his papaya with her paprika, Gramma utters, "Meow." Tilly falls for it.
  • Nancy pulling Perp Sweating on a tomato before she slices it.

    Winner Winner 
  • Bill letting the kids know if anyone asks about their age with his membership, they're under six.
    Cricket: Goo-goo, ga-ga!
    Tilly: Call me Baby Tilly!

    Hiya Henry 
  • Gloria's slam poetry.
    Little bean in the tree.
    Do you feel as sad as me?
    I grind up the beans as they grind up my soul!
    Corporate greed is evil and cold!
    The best part of waking up...
    Until we wake up no more.
    Gramma: Why'd everything rhyme but the last line?

    People Watching 
  • Cricket's story, which is, of course, an over-the-top action flick with explosions and ludicrous Ass Pulls left and right. Special mention goes to the end where the repeated double takes between the businessman and the man who turned out to be his brother are illustrated by Cricket in reality by him spinning around in circles at a break-neck speed.
  • "And that's why you should always listen to your mama."

    Hurty Tooth 
  • Tilly's famous cornbread: it's a can of corn Tilly dumped on a loaf of sliced bread.
  • The one-off character Dr. Enamel being voiced by Fozzie Bear. Literally. We have Eric Jacobson voicing Fozzie voicing another character. I'm going deeper, Leo!
  • Even better, Fozzie is listed in the credits As Himself while Eric is credited as Fozzie's "personal handyman".
  • Bill's anxiety with that spot-the-difference in the Highbrights magazine.

    Sleepover Sisters 
  • Cricket has a hard time sleeping without Tilly. He briefly tries to bunk with Bill and Gramma.
    • Bill gets incredibly hot when he sleeps and thus gets very sweaty.
    • All Cricket did was open the door to Gramma's bedroom, and he finds her brandishing her sword in her sleep screaming "Go back from whence you came, Prince of Darkness! The girl's soul is MINE!" He has no idea what that's about and had no desire to find out.

    Trailer Trouble 
  • The Running Gag of someone complaining about the pizza roles being so hot.
  • Tilly freaking out when she realizes a pair of scissors got imbedded in her helmet after Nancy crashed.

    Mansion Madness 

    Valentine's Dance 
  • Gramma shooing Jace so far away he ends up leaving the dance.

    Green Streets 
  • "The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the butterflies are butterflying..."
  • Keys eating a bread bowl. Gloria's expression says it all.
  • Cricket spraying lemon juice in his eyes, trying to get Benny to talk.

    Park Pandemonium 

    Cricket's Biscuits 
  • Cricket and Tilly desperately try= to get Gramma to make more of her delicious "Feel Better Butter Biscuits." Being told Gramma only makes them when people get badly injured, the kids make up two dummies and toss them off the nearby building while Gramma's watching. She's horrified as the dummies become increasingly wrecked, until they land on someone's grill and are set on fire. The owner calmly flips the dummies over the balcony railing, which only freaks Gramma out more.
    Gramma: WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?!
  • When Gramma finds the "Injured" kids, she says they can have biscuits after she RESETS THEIR SPINES. She then takes out an archaic looking contraption and straps Cricket in.
    Gramma: I'd say this won't hurt much, but I ain't no liar.
  • Gramma made the biscuits for Bill after he lost part of his finger. He jokes he's considered cutting off another one to get more of those biscuits. And then he picks up a knife.
    Bill (holding a knife): Surely I don't need ALL of them...
  • Cricket and Tilly try to make their own biscuits. They... do not succeed, to put it mildly.
    Bill: Did you really think you could simply "Bake 'em on your own?"
    Tilly: Yes.
    Cricket: You always tell us to believe in ourselves.
    Bill: FOOLS, BOTH OF YA!
    Tilly: Rude!
    Cricket: Yeah Dad, what the heck?
  • Gramma's got her room set up booby traps, including a spike pit and explosives. Bill and the kids find this out the hard way.


    Axin' Saxon 
  • Tilly assumes Gramma destroyed her beloved Saxon (Nancy accidentally did it while trying to clean the toy) and swears unholy vengeance until Gramma apologizes.
    Tilly: I will break you, old woman!
  • Nancy becomes increasingly scared of telling the truth, mostly out of fear Tilly will hate her and also because Tillie's getting creative in her ideas of revenge. She's at one point training one of the chickens to mutilate Gramma and has the bird practice on a dummy.
    Tilly: Remember Priscilla, you'll get more seed when the job is done. Now MAIM HER!
    • When it cuts back to Tilly and Priscilla, the chicken's ripped the dummy to shreds.
  • Gramma initially derided Tilly for playing with Saxon by stating how, when she was Tillie's age, she buried all her dolls in the yard. It then cuts to a mini graveyard complete with tombstones and a single red rose on the ground while organ music plays in the background. Gramma then adds she has no idea who keeps leaving flowers.

    Cricket's Place 
  • There's Cricket's message to his dad written on the fence: EAT IT.

    Volunteer Tilly 
  • The anchorwoman on TV says, "Today in world news, for the first time ever, nothing happened." Which could be ridiculous as something has to happen, like someone being born, the birthday of a celebrity, or the announcement of someone's death.

Season 2

    Cricket's Kapowie 
  • Tilly taking her role as "Girl Eating Donut" too far and claiming she needs to eat her donuts the right way. She eats so many that she's completely bloated when it's commercial time.

    Car Trouble 
  • The Green's new Vrum smart car in "Car Trouble" keeps thinking the overenthusiastic Cricket is a "fussy baby". Cricket takes offense, until the car hands him a cookie.
    Cricket: Oh... well in that case, I am a fussy baby. Ga-ga goo-goo.
  • When the car offers the option to name it, Bill starts thinking it over before Cricket impulsively names it Dr. Bubblebutt. To rub it in, the AI insists the name is permanently locked in.

    Urban Legend 
  • Alice as the Swamp Witch, with Cricket as her "Imp".
  • She threatens bystanders with a spell for every day of the week from her pill dispenser.
  • When she asks Cricket to curse a man, Cricket throws a piece of paper that reads "Your curs'd." Bill rewrites it so that he's not cursed (and correcting his spelling besides) and adds "Have a burg on me."
  • Cricket drinks some "Devil's Brew" (stagnant water from a rain barrel) and does some histrionics before very clearly dragging himself behind the barrel and pushing forward a chicken wearing his loincloth. The people actually think he turned into a chicken.
    Tilly: Never drink barrel water.
    • At the end a neighbor asks if he can try the barrel water to which Tilly adamantly states "YOU DON'T. DRINK. BARREL WATER!"
  • She makes the bystanders think she can fly by putting her costume and a walkie talkie on a kite. Then the kite breaks away and lands on electrical wires.
    Alice: Dang it, those are my only spare glasses.
    • The bystanders cheer thinking Alice is destroyed until she reveals herself shouting "SWAMP WITCH CAN'T DIE!"
  • Tilly frying a dozen eggs at once. According to Bill, it's not the first time she's tried it.

    Wishing Well 
  • Cricket's Good Angel, Bad Angel fighting inside his head, occasionally hitting his brain, causing him to twitch, go momentarily blind, and even get briefly smarter.
  • The end of the episode has the good Cricket flying off into the sky now that they're done. The bad one? Gets dragged into Hell.

    Elevator Action 

    Bad Influencer 
  • When Cricket mistakes "Ichaboi" for "itchy boy".
    Cricket: Itchy boy? Are you an itchy boy? Grandma's got lotion if you need any.
    Remy: You havenít heard of Ichaboi? Have you been living under a rock?
    Cricket: (sidestepping in front of a rock with "home sweet home" painted on it) No.
  • Ichaboi is one heck of a Large Ham for everything he says.
  • Gramma popping up in Tilly's video and saying "What's this for now?".

    Green Christmas 

    Reckoning Ball 
  • The humiliating video of Chip.
  • Tilly tries to call the police and cheerfully hopes they sic dogs on Chip when he returns.
  • Take a good look at what it says on the forgiveness contract. "Hey, we know we did a bad so we wrote this to prove we are really, really sorry. We admit it. We goofed up! Hope it's all water under the bridge. Please don't sue us!"
  • Chip's exhaustion-induced hallucination of Cricket carrots attacking him. Apparently, he buried the kids' bikes during such.
  • After Chip falls and chips his tooth.
    Cricket: If he hadn't already chipped his tooth, that's where he would've done it.
  • Chip vandalizing a photo of the Greens, even if in context itís disturbing.


  • Pretty much EVERY scene involving Amaryllis. Zillon's apparently well familiar with her and nonchalantly deduces she probably trapped Cricket inside her creepy abandoned mannequin warehouse.
  • Cricket and Zillon's surprised reactions when they finally see each other.
  • Zillon is probably as much as a Cloudcuckoolander as Cricket is. He claims Phoenix is his "grandfather", sings while giving Gramma the remote, and puts the trash in the fridge — or as he puts it, the "trash box". No wonder Tilly was not fooled by this.
  • Gramma trying to use the word Grsnarft in a Scrabble-sequel game.

    Football Camp 
  • Remy somehow standing on two legs and talking in complete sentences despite being no more than a few minutes old.

    Heat Beaters 


    Shark Objects 

    Dream Weaver 
  • The Greens' dreams. All of them.

    Level Up 

    Wild Side 

    Garage Tales 

    Animal Farm 
  • Bill discovers another farmer also known as Bill Green, which he's not thrilled about. Then we get this response from Gramma:
    Bill: It just feels weird. If there's two Bill Greens, then what makes me special?
    Gramma: Who told you you were special? Not me, that's for sure.

  • "How can you be out of money? Youíre a bank!"

    The Gifted 

    Time Crisis 
  • Remy's Freak Out when he learns there's a lot more to his audition than just "a single sheet of music".

    Gramma Driver 
  • When the family gets their smart phones, the clerk notes that one of the features of the phone is that it's practically indestructible.
    Clerk: Looking at you, little man. (Hands Cricket the phone)
    Cricket: (immediately throws flings it into the wall) ah! (Thumbs up)

    Tilly Style 
  • Cricket being forced to eat his zucchini, which he hates after six straight nights. Since he cannot leave his chair, he goes around the house in the chair instead.

    I, Farmbot 
  • The show Bill watches, Terrier House, is simply a reality show with dogs.

    Friend Con 
  • Bill instantly drawn to a stand with dirt.
  • Bill and Joe repeatedly saying "Good ol'" when they reunite, which irritates the kids.
  • After the kids overhear Chip and he and his Mooks round on them, Tilly decides to take them down; but first, she asks Cricket to close his eyes as she's going to "make a mess". He does so, but opens one eye to take a peek as she jumps in to attack. Cue the Smash Cut to them being beaten up.
  • When Chip is hit with Gramma's swag sack, he loses all his teeth except the titanium one, and boy is he embarrassed.
    Cricket: I'm not even gonna laugh. I have nightmares about that.
  • Gramma's entire subplot of collecting the free "swag".

  • Tilly and Gramma trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, which the latter mistakes for a broken picture. Said puzzle depicts a starless night - i.e. it's completely black. Furthermore, it has no edge pieces, because outer space has no borders.
  • Bill seeing Gloria furiously chasing Cricket into the house, then reasoning that Cricket deserves it.
  • Gloria's Nightmare Face is this combined with Nightmare Fuel. Also counts as a "Heeeere's Johnny!" shout-out.
  • What did Cricket spend Gloria's rent money on? A wedding cake with himself as the bride and groom.
  • The guy who shows up with an overly large skull at the end, asking about the Skull Slimmers that no one else wanted.

    Greens' Acres 

    Dolled Up 
  • Us getting a peek into Cricket's mind.
  • Nancy getting slammed in the face by the kitchen door.

    Gabriella's Fella 
  • Cricket hasn't gotten over his crush on Gabriella, to the point that if he's even ten feet before her, he is barely able to get a single sentence out.
  • Remy asks Cricket if Gabriella likes "dressage", which is competent horse dancing. She replies she likes things that aren't stupid, prompting Cricket to burst into giggles as she grins at him. This results in the following exchange.
    Remy: Dressage isn't stupid! How dare you!
    Cricket: dare you?
    Gabriella: You're being...weird.
    Cricket: You're bein' weird.
    Gabriella: Uh...I'm...going to get more paint. (promptly leaves in a huff)
  • Vasquez's overly romantic spiel as Cricket tries to impress Gabriella. No wonder she's so miffed by this.
    • And not to mention his unrequited crush on Rashida.
  • Though Gabriella asking Cricket to go out with her is totally heartwarming, what's comical about this is Cricket asking if they have to hold hands all the time, send each other presents like flowers, and especially, smooch a lot. She amusingly dismisses of those for now, instead starting out with just telling people that they're dating. Justified, as they're still children.
  • Tilly's entire subplot when she takes over the community center when Sue is out. Even her modifications to the gym add up to it.

    Cheap Show 
  • ALL OF IT.
  • The whole episode is a complete reference to meta; for example, Bill refuses to let the kids go to the street fair because "production costs" are low.
  • Tilly's storyboard pitch. Japanese man included.
  • After the flashback to "Fill Bill]]
    • Not to mention the Greens are still banned — Bill tried to enter once, only to get kicked out.
  • The family retreating into their imaginations.
  • Cricket mentions he'll miss his favorite TV show Little Country Blues and presents his t-shirt of the main character with his catchphrase, "Dingo-dango." It obviously helps that this is a Self-Parody of Big City Greens itself!
  • "The people at home expect entertainment!" People at home, as in, the people watching the show itself.
  • The largest example of this would be after the blackout, Tilly tells Bill that Cricket "broke the fourth wall" when the lights were out, confusing Bill. Tilly points toward the "fourth wall" (us) and everyone looks in that direction — then the camera cuts to the actual fourth wall with a hole in it.

    Green Mirror 

    Cricket's Tickets 

    Times Circle 

    Super Gramma! 
  • EVERYTHING Gramma does when blindfolded.

    Present Tense 
  • The Kawaii photo booth. Nuff said.
    • Cricket also mispronounces Kawaii as "Koala" at one point.
  • The girl eating yogurt Gramma finds in the play tubes.
  • Tilly's Friend to All Living Things tenancies take a huge detail here; instead of whacking the pop-up moles in the whack-a-mole game, she praises them, believing they should be respected. When Bill shows her the right way to play the game, she's mortified.
  • Tilly and Bill's Death Glare at each other when singing happy birthday to Remy.

    Hurt Bike 
  • Cricket's sudden obsession with the "uh-oh technique" leads to him bubblewrapping the entire living room.
  • Tilly naming the motorbike Geraldine.

    Quiet Please 
  • The inner workings of Cricket's brain.
  • Cricket showing signs of ADHD, such as the inability to pay attention and read due to his overly stimulated brain, and having a hard time staying quiet.
  • Whenever the Greens use sign language to Tilly's suggestion.
  • Cricket's reactions to the other Greens' books. He rejects the murder mysteries because they're too long, Tilly's choice of drama because they put him to sleep, and the Lil' Abe collection because they cause him to think of other things.
    • At one point, Cricket has an inner argument with his brain.
  • Cricket stepping on a fallen BLEGO brick on the stairs, causing him to yell in agony.
    • When he stepped on the same brick a second time when heading upstairs, Tilly simply picks up the brick, puts it in her pocket, and calls Cricket out in sign language.
      Tilly (sign language): Was that so hard?!!
  • Gramma annoying the librarian with her hearing aide.
  • The librarian is this combined with Nightmare Fuel. She has really good hearing and ejects anyone who makes even the slightest of noise, especially a barely audible whisper. Especially when Bill pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save Cricket, he ends up banned from every library worldwide, and on his first visit nonetheless.
    Bill: I didn't know they had that authority.
  • "And then they all screamed into the sunset. The end."


    Chipocalypse Now 
  • The face Chip puts when Nancy pins a bunch of statues over him.
  • When Chip pulls a Wounded Gazelle Gambit on Nancy, Officer Keys arrests Nancy, what is funny is how he pins her.
    • And then how he changes the tone of his voice when arrests her:
      Officer Keys: (Serious Voice) Nancy Green, you're under arrest. (Cheerful Voice) Again!
  • Remy acting like a lost children to distract Chip's bouncer squad and they falling for it, despite being an obvious trap.
  • Gloria coming to live with the Greens and not wanting to talk about it.

    'Rent Control 
  • "Ba-na-na-na-na-na-na! Ba-na-na-na-na-na-na!"
  • When Tilly sees Gloria's phone recieve an incoming call from her parents and goes to answer, Gloria panics, as does her parrot.
    Gloria: Wait, don't!
    Parrot: Wait, don't!
  • "Did you have to use all red? It looks like a murderer lives here." Complete with "Psycho" Strings.
  • "Gloria's our mommy!"

    Pool's Gold 
  • Apparently, you have to shower before using the community center pool, like many pools do in real life. Cricket gets past this claiming "You get clean when you go in the pool."

    Big Resolution 
  • Tilly counting down to midnight in seconds.
  • Gloria's list consisting of only "Ask out Kevin".
  • Gloria imagining a worst-case scenario where she confesses her feelings to Kevin in a post apocalyptic world; his words of denial are "You Fool!"; he even writes it out to her.

    Winter Greens 

    Mages & Mazes 

    Okay Karaoke 

    Date Night 
  • Gramma's reaction when she hears Cricket has a girlfriend.
    Gramma: (a la Sanford and Son) I'm comin' for you, Ernest! I'M COMIN' FOR YA!!
  • After picking up Gabriella for their movie date, Bill keeps interrupting their conversation by playing a sappy love ballad over the radio and drowning it out. When it gets to the yodel, they scowl and Cricket slowly turns in the direction of Bill, giving their clear expression of "What".
    • Bonus points: The song was sung by Cricket's voice actor doing his best Johnny Cash impersonation.
  • The waiter trying to suppress his anger while listening to Bill butchering the pronunciation of every Italian word in the menu.
  • The Running Gag of Cricket and Gabriella repeatedly reminding Bill that "this is NOT a date!"
  • Cricket and Gabriella's pranks on the rich folk, but one of them takes the cake:
    Italian man: Somebody toucha my spaghet!
  • The last line, which doubles as Heartwarming in Hindsight.
    Bill: I'll be tellin' all about this at your wedding!
    Cricket: Whut?

    The Room 
  • The drama Gloria watches, Snug Lil' Room, is about three dozen teenagers being forced to share a small bachelor apartment. You can see how terrible it is having that many people in there, such as one woman getting constantly bumped, to another stealing a girl's chair.
    • The girl threatens the thief she will "Peel her like a grape."

  • Apparently, "blort" is a cuss word in this universe.
  • Bill stops Cricket from his Cluster Bleep-Bomb by shoving a basketball in his mouth.
  • The "We Blortin'" song by Lil' Cuss.
  • The spooky interlude.
  • The Running Gag of Tilly trying to perfect her Incredibly Long Note so it can be loved by living things. One attempt results in the doors of a squash court busting to bits, while her ending result rounds up a herd of zoo animals.

  • Bill's Freak Out at the beginning.
    Tilly: Psst. Do you know why we're sittin' here?
    Cricket: I dunno, but I think Dad's having a meltdown.
    Cricket: ...'Kay.
  • All of the Greens' methods of bringing in customers are HILARIOUS.
    • Cricket stages a literal Publicity Stunt where he zooms down a ramp in a rollerskate coated in honey and jumps into a bathtub, releasing bath bubbles from his buttocks. It backfires when one of the chickens Gloria let out pecks at the lower post, breaking the ramp and causing Cricket to fail, culminating in the bath bombs exploding.
    • Tilly suggests making a "personal connection" with her customers. She proceeds to hypnotize a customer, Angela, by gazing into her eyes and subconsciously telling her to buy the vegetables. She succeeds, and the lady falls under... but then they get so close that they literally "connect" by having their eyeballs touch, and she flees the scene in disgust.
    • Gramma suggests fear is what best motivates a sale, so she repeatedly screams at customers trying to implant fear into them so that they're so scared of the other stands that they'll have to come to the stand. One joke takes the cake:
      Gramma: If you don't eat enough veggies, your body will shrivel up! Like a grape in the sun! Just look at me! I'M ONLY 25.

    Fast Foodie 
  • Cricket going absolutely nuts when a Burger Clown opens next door.

    Spaghetti Theory 
  • Gloria racing to deliver the fondue, video game style.
  • Gloria does not end up on 421 Grand Avenue where Alexander and Terry are, but at 421 Grand Aavenue where Gregly lives.
  • The rogue hot dog cart.

    Ding Dongers 
  • The transition to Tilly's part of the episode:
    Tilly: Where's Tilly going?
    • Tilly's part in general. Getting worried about Phoenix's toot getting them banned and constantly apologizing despite Phoenix's oblivious smile.
  • Gloria's reaction to Ding Donger's complete weirdness.
    Gloria: Well, it was going to happen one day. Your old pal Goria is finally too old for the internet. This is yours now. I'm free!

    Animation Abomination 
  • The completely absurd and exaggerated depiction of the animation process for an animated TV show in general, with special mention going to the show being sent to an animation studio in South Korea via a giant catapult that flings the show and storyboards, tied to a giant boulder, directly to South Korea, and then the finished animation being sent back from there the same exact way.
  • Cricket's version of the Kingdom of Lore finale is completely random and shocking at once. If it weren't for Tilly, then the show would've jumped the shark.

    The Van 
  • Cricket and Grandma attempt to get Rick's Van down after it gets stuck in a tree.
    Grandma: What is this tree made of? Other swords!? How's going over there boy?
    Cricket: I'm a child this is a van what did you ecpect?

    Bat Girl 
  • Community Sue saying "TWEET!" to call the kids over because she forgot her whistle.

    Cousin Jilly 

    Gloria's Cafe 
  • Officer Keys goes undercover to see what's behind the "ghost cafe" and eventually Gloria and the Greens are caught red handed. But they don't notice it's him until he takes off his wig and scarf!.. and his fake mustache... and put his police hat back on.

Season 3


    Boss Life 


    Little Buddy 

    Zen Garden 

    No Service 


    Green Greens 

    Truce Bomb 

    Trivia Night 
  • Gramma is assigned history on the Greens' trivia team, due to how old she is. She resents being called old, but then she gazes lovingly at a picture of a pterodactyl, implied to be one of her old boyfriends.
  • When Gloria asks what is the capital of Mexico, Cricket answers "M", because that's the capital letter in Mexico. Remy then correctly answers Mexico City. Later, when Cricket is inside his own mind, his most recent factoids are "M is not the captial of Mexico" and "Remy knows the capital of Mexico", meaning Cricket didn't retain the answer even after hearing it.

    Big Trouble 
  • Tillyís speech about angels is darkly hilarious to anyone familiar with the events of the Bible.
    Tilly: But angels donít do bad things, angels donít disappoint their papas do they?
  • At the end, Cricket learns that being good makes people trust you more... so you can get away with more bad stuff! He then throws himself down a slide and crashes through the window, splattering mud all over the living room. He then sends himself to his room to save Bill the trouble.

    Dependa Bill 

    The Delivernator 

    Listen Up! 

    Big Picture 


    Dirt Jar 
  • Bill finds Cricket's dirt jar in the trash can, fully intact. And then the jar cracks open and all the dirt is blown away in the wind.

    The Move 
  • Cricket asks Remy if Vasquez will be alright with him away, and Remy says that he's taken up a hobby. Cut to Vasquez painting a portrait of Remy as an angel... and then breaking down in tears.
    Vasquez: Master Remy! Please come back!

    Country Side 
  • Tilly's choices for her new room as as follows: Bill's closet, the chicken coop, and under the sink of Nancy's trailer.

    Junk Mountain 
  • Tilly's Imagine Spots of what driving will be like.
    • First she imagines herself speeding down the road on a sports car... and getting pulled over.
    • Next, she drives a hearse, leading a New Orleans funeral party of skeletons. Then a vampire rises from the casket on the back and attacks her, and the hearse crashes off a cliff. After which one of the skeletons plays Losing Horns.
    • Finally, she drives a hotdog-shaped truck, giving away hot dogs to Italian peasants. Then she encounters a Saint Bernard with glowing red eyes that tries to eat the truck.

    Farmer Remy 

    Homeward Hound 

    Pie Hard 
  • Bill drives the family through Downtown Smallton... which only takes a second because it's only one block.
  • While looking for a souvenir for Vasquez, Remy considers a pen and imagines Vasquez using it to stab intruders.
  • Gramma's reaction to tasting Patti's pie, which is then Lampshaded.
    Patti: Did you just leave your body and go to Pie Valhalla? My pies tend to do that.
  • Cricket struggles to get his waiter Wayne, who just got the job and has never met Cricket before, to get him his "usual" without writing it down. The first time he gets confused and brings a carrot in a hot dog bun.
  • The fact that Wayne's name is short for Duwayne.

    Rat Tail 
  • Nancy's flashback shows her wearing flared jeans whose cuffs are twice as wide as she is.
  • When Bill tells her that her only two choices are to tell Cricket how she feels or just live with it, Nancy's reaction is to throw a childish tantrum.
  • Gramma can't knit a perfect glove because she always makes them with five fingers instead of the normal four.
    • While struggling to make gloves, Remy knits one with about fifty fingers.
  • Nancy's attempts to get Cricket to cut his rat tail backfire spectacularly.
    • First, she takes him to a barber, hoping he will be disgusted too and cut it. Instead, the barber marvels at "the boy with the hair of an angel" and invites the whole town to see it.
    • Next, inspired by a cheesy ad for Splish cola, she tries the Subliminal Advertising approach. Holding a piece of yarn, she starts cutting it next to her head while saying that it's "the rat thing to do". This convinces Cricket to extend the rat tail with yarn and add a little bell on the end.
  • In the end, Cricket decides to ditch the rat tail... and tries on a mullet wig instead.

    Frilly Tilly 


    Pizza Deliverance 

    Horse Girl 

    Virtually Christmas 
  • The Remmingtons are somehow able to tell which reindeer in the roof Santa display is which, even though they look exactly the same. They keep poor Vasquez up until he can get the order right.
    • When Cricket has to use the sleigh to get back to the Green house, even he can tell Vasquez did it wrong.
  • "We don't have VR. We can barely afford R."
  • Bill has reservations about Cricket's idea to use the VR to spend Christmas Eve together.
    Bill: Isn't that just a cheap gimmick?
    Cricket: No, it's an expensive gimmick. We can discuss the monthly fee later.
  • Phoenix walks in on the Greens flailing around while wearing the VR goggles, rolls her eyes and walks away.
  • As Cricket sleds down the street back home on the Remmingtons' Santa display, he runs into two men delivering a Sheet of Glass in the middle of a blizzard. Fortunately, they trained for just such an occasion and lift up the glass. It shears the head off the Santa figure, which lands on top of Benny's snowman.
    Benny: He got my wetter!
  • This exchange:
    Tilly: If we die in the game, we die in real life.
    Remy: That's not true.
  • The final scene is heartwarming... until the sleigh falls through the roof.
    Bill: CRICKET!!