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  • The one-off character Dr. Enamel being voiced by Fozzie Bear. Literally. We have Eric Jacobson voicing Fozzie voicing another character. I'm going deeper, Leo!
    • Even better, Fozzie is listed in the credits As Himself while Eric is credited as Fozzie's "personal handyman".
  • In "Cricket's Place", there's Cricket's message to his dad written on the fence: EAT IT.
  • In "Axin Saxon," Tilly assumes Gramma destroyed her beloved Saxon (Nancy accidentally did it while trying to clean the toy) and swears unholy vengeance until Gramma apologizes.
    Tilly: I will break you, old woman!
    • Nancy becomes increasingly scared of telling the truth, mostly out of fear Tilly will hate her and also because Tillie's getting creative in her ideas of revenge. She's at one point training one of the chickens to mutilate Gramma and has the bird practice on a dummy.
      Tilly: Remember Priscilla, you'll get more seed when the job is done. Now MAIM HER!
      • When it cuts back to Tilly and Priscilla, the chicken's ripped the dummy to shreds.
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    • Gramma initially derided Tilly for playing with Saxon by stating how, when she was Tillie's age, she buried all her dolls in the yard. It then cuts to a mini graveyard complete with tombstones and a single red rose on the ground while organ music plays in the background. Gramma then adds she has no idea who keeps leaving flowers.
  • "Cricket's Biscuits" shows Cricket and Tilly desperately trying to get Gramma to make more of her delicious "Feel Better Butter Biscuits." Being told Gramma only makes them when people get badly injured, the kids make up two dummies and toss them off the nearby building while Gramma's watching. She's horrified as the dummies become increasingly wrecked, until they land on someone's grill and are set on fire. The owner calmly flips the dummies over the balcony railing, which only freaks Gramma out more.
    Gramma: WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?!
    • When Gramma finds the "Injured" kids, she says they can have biscuits after she RESETS THEIR SPINES. She then takes out an archaic looking contraption and straps Cricket in.
      Gramma: I'd say this won't hurt much, but I ain't no liar.
    • Gramma made the biscuits for Bill after he lost part of his finger. He jokes he's considered cutting off another one to get more of those biscuits. And then he picks up a knife.
      Bill (holding a knife): Surely I don't need ALL of them...
    • Cricket and Tilly try to make their own biscuits. They... do not succeed, to put it mildly.
      Bill: Did you really think you could simply "Bake 'em on your own?"
      Tilly: Yes.
      Cricket: You always tell us to believe in ourselves.
      Bill: FOOLS, BOTH OF YA!
      Tilly: Rude!
      Cricket: Yeah Dad, what the heck?
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    • Gramma's got her room set up booby traps, including a spike pit and explosives. Bill and the kids find this out the hard way.
  • In "Slumber Sisters" Cricket has a hard time sleeping without Tilly. He briefly tries to bunk with Bill and Gramma.
    • Bill gets incredibly hot when he sleeps and thus gets very sweaty.
    • All Cricket did was open the door to Gramma's bedroom, and he finds her brandishing her sword in her sleep screaming "Stay back, Prince of Darkness! The girl's soul is MINE!" He has no idea what that's about and had no desire to find out.

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