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Gramma: What's this for now?

Season 1

  • The one-off character Dr. Enamel being voiced by Fozzie Bear. Literally. We have Eric Jacobson voicing Fozzie voicing another character. I'm going deeper, Leo!
    • Even better, Fozzie is listed in the credits As Himself while Eric is credited as Fozzie's "personal handyman".
  • In "Cricket's Place", there's Cricket's message to his dad written on the fence: EAT IT.
  • In "Axin Saxon," Tilly assumes Gramma destroyed her beloved Saxon (Nancy accidentally did it while trying to clean the toy) and swears unholy vengeance until Gramma apologizes.
    Tilly: I will break you, old woman!
    • Nancy becomes increasingly scared of telling the truth, mostly out of fear Tilly will hate her and also because Tillie's getting creative in her ideas of revenge. She's at one point training one of the chickens to mutilate Gramma and has the bird practice on a dummy.
      Tilly: Remember Priscilla, you'll get more seed when the job is done. Now MAIM HER!
      • When it cuts back to Tilly and Priscilla, the chicken's ripped the dummy to shreds.
    • Gramma initially derided Tilly for playing with Saxon by stating how, when she was Tillie's age, she buried all her dolls in the yard. It then cuts to a mini graveyard complete with tombstones and a single red rose on the ground while organ music plays in the background. Gramma then adds she has no idea who keeps leaving flowers.
  • "Cricket's Biscuits" shows Cricket and Tilly desperately trying to get Gramma to make more of her delicious "Feel Better Butter Biscuits." Being told Gramma only makes them when people get badly injured, the kids make up two dummies and toss them off the nearby building while Gramma's watching. She's horrified as the dummies become increasingly wrecked, until they land on someone's grill and are set on fire. The owner calmly flips the dummies over the balcony railing, which only freaks Gramma out more.
    Gramma: WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?!
    • When Gramma finds the "Injured" kids, she says they can have biscuits after she RESETS THEIR SPINES. She then takes out an archaic looking contraption and straps Cricket in.
      Gramma: I'd say this won't hurt much, but I ain't no liar.
    • Gramma made the biscuits for Bill after he lost part of his finger. He jokes he's considered cutting off another one to get more of those biscuits. And then he picks up a knife.
      Bill (holding a knife): Surely I don't need ALL of them...
    • Cricket and Tilly try to make their own biscuits. They... do not succeed, to put it mildly.
      Bill: Did you really think you could simply "Bake 'em on your own?"
      Tilly: Yes.
      Cricket: You always tell us to believe in ourselves.
      Bill: FOOLS, BOTH OF YA!
      Tilly: Rude!
      Cricket: Yeah Dad, what the heck?
    • Gramma's got her room set up booby traps, including a spike pit and explosives. Bill and the kids find this out the hard way.
  • From "Green Streets":
    • Keys eating a bread bowl. Gloria's expression says it all.
    • Cricket spraying lemon juice in his eyes, trying to get Benny to talk.
  • "Harvest Dinner":
    • Cricket and Gramma insulting the pie in the window.
    • The mean rooster. 'Nuff said.
    • To distract Tilly so Cricket can switch his papaya with her paprika, Gramma utters, "Meow." Tilly falls for it.
  • In "Sleepover Sisters" Cricket has a hard time sleeping without Tilly. He briefly tries to bunk with Bill and Gramma.
    • Bill gets incredibly hot when he sleeps and thus gets very sweaty.
    • All Cricket did was open the door to Gramma's bedroom, and he finds her brandishing her sword in her sleep screaming "Go back from whence you came, Prince of Darkness! The girl's soul is MINE!" He has no idea what that's about and had no desire to find out.
  • From "Volunteer Tilly", the anchorwoman on TV says, "Today in world news, for the first time ever, nothing happened." Which could be ridiculous as something has to happen, like someone being born, the birthday of a celebrity, or the announcement of someone's death.
  • Cricket's story in "People Watching", which is, of course, an over-the-top action flick with explosions and ludicrous shocking swerves left and right. Special mention goes to the end where the repeated double takes between the businessman and the man who turned out to be his brother are illustrated by Cricket in reality by him spinning around in circles at a break-neck speed.

Season 2

  • The Green's new Vrum smart car in "Car Trouble" keeps thinking the overenthusiastic Cricket is a "fussy baby". Cricket takes offense, until the car hands him a cookie.
    Cricket: Oh... well in that case, I am a fussy baby. Ga-ga goo-goo.
    • When the car offers the option to name it, Bill starts thinking it over before Cricket impulsively names it Dr. Bubblebutt. To rub it in, the AI insists the name is permanently locked in.
  • Alice as the Swamp Witch in "Urban Legend", with Cricket as her "Imp".
    • She threatens bystanders with a spell for every day of the week from her pill dispenser.
    • Cricket drinks some "Devil's Brew" (stagnant water from a rain barrel) and does some histrionics before very clearly dragging himself behind the barrel and pushing forward a chicken wearing his loincloth. The people actually think he turned into a chicken.
      Tilly: Never drink barrel water.
      • At the end a neighbor asks if he can try the barrel water to which Tilly adamantly states "YOU DON'T. DRINK. BARREL WATER!"
    • She makes the bystanders think she can fly by putting her costume and a walkie talkie on a kite. Then the kite breaks away and lands on electrical wires.
      Alice: Dang it, those are my only spare glasses.
      • The bystanders cheer thinking Alice is destroyed until she reveals herself shouting "SWAMP WITCH CAN'T DIE!"
  • From the same episode, Tilly frying a dozen eggs at once. According to Bill it's not the first time she's tried it.
  • Cricket's Good Angel, Bad Angel fighting inside his head in "Well Wishing", occasionally hitting his brain, causing him to twitch, go momentarily blind, and even get briefly smarter.
    • The end of the episode has the good Cricket flying off into the sky now that they're done. The bad one? Gets dragged into Hell.
  • Loads of these in "Bad Influencer".
    • When Cricket mistakes "Ichaboi" for "itchy boy".
      Cricket: Itchy boy? Are you an itchy boy? Grandma's got lotion if you need any.
      Remy: You haven’t heard of Ichaboi? Have you been living under a rock?
      Cricket: (sidestepping in front of a rock with "home sweet home" painted on it) No.
    • Ichaboi is one heck of a Large Ham for everything he says.
    • One word: GROUT
    • Gramma popping up in Tilly's video and saying "What's this for now?".
  • "Green Christmas", along with being a Christmas Episode, is also a Musical Episode. During the opening number, Nancy wonders how the others can just break into song.
  • "Reckoning Ball":
    • The humiliating video of Chip is hilarious, even out of universe.
    • Tilly tries to call the police and cheerfully hopes they sic dogs on Chip when he returns.
    • Chip's exhaustion-induced hallucination of Cricket carrots attacking him. Apparently, he buried the kids' bikes during such.
    • "If he hadn't already chipped his tooth, that's where he would've done it."
    • Although it is pretty dark, Chip vandalizing a photo of the Greens is pretty wacky to boot.
  • "Clubbed":
    • Andromeda drinks from bags instead of cups. Why? She thinks the moon is a giant brain that controls the stock market.
    • The Running Gag of Bill spoiling Constellation Battles, much to Cricket's annoyance.
    • "Oh my gosh, Keightlynn, Kaity-Lynn, and Caitlin with a C!"
    • The bouncer's Easy Amnesia:
      Tilly: Your name is Valumus Grimmsberry. You're the head snake charmer at the Big City Zoo. Now go on, you don't wanna be late for work.
    • Tilly and Andromeda's Failure Montage as they try to knock Gloria unconscious.
  • "Impopstar":
    • Pretty much EVERY scene involving Amaryllis. Zillon's apparently well familiar with her and nonchalantly deduces she probably trapped Cricket inside her creepy abandoned mannequin warehouse.
    • Cricket and Zillon's surprised reactions when they finally see each other.
    • Zillon is probably as much as a Cloudcuckoolander as Cricket is. He claims Phoenix is his "grandfather", sings while giving Gramma the remote, and puts the trash in the fridge — or as he puts it, the "trash box". No wonder Tilly was not fooled by this.
    • One word: Grsnarft.
  • "Friend Con":
    • Bill instantly drawn to a stand with dirt.
    • Bill and Joe repeatedly saying "Good ol'" when they reunite, which irritates the kids.
    • After the kids overhear Chip and he and his Mooks round on them, Tilly decides to take them down; but first, she asks Cricket to close his eyes as she's going to "make a mess". He does so, but opens one eye to take a peek as she jumps in to attack. Cue the Smash Cut.
    • When Chip is hit with Gramma's swag sack, he loses all his teeth except the titanium one, and boy is he embarrassed.
    Cricket: I'm not even gonna laugh. I have nightmares about that.
    • Gramma's entire subplot of collecting the free "swag".
  • "Flimflammed":
    • Tilly and Gramma trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, which the latter mistakes for a broken picture. Said puzzle depicts a starless night - i.e. it's completely black. Furthermore, it has no edge pieces, because outer space has no borders.
    • Bill seeing Gloria furiously chasing Cricket into the house, then reasoning that Cricket deserves it.
    • Gloria's Nightmare Face is this combined with Nightmare Fuel. Also counts as a "Heeeere's Johnny!" shout-out.
    • What did Cricket spend Gloria's rent money on? A wedding cake with himself as the bride and groom.
  • "Gabriella's Fella":
    • Cricket hasn't gotten over his crush on Gabriella, to the point that if he's even ten feet before her, he is barely able to get a single sentence out.
    • Remy asks Cricket if Gabriella likes "dressage", which is competent horse dancing. She replies she likes things that aren't stupid, prompting Cricket to burst into giggles as she grins at him. This results in the following exchange.
      Remy: Dressage isn't stupid! How dare you!
      Cricket: dare you?
      Gabriella: You're being...weird.
      Remy: YOU'RE BEING WEIRD!!
      Cricket: You're bein' weird.
      Gabriella: Uh...I'm...going to get more paint. (promptly leaves in a huff)
    • Vasquez's overly romantic spiel as Cricket tries to impress Gabriella. No wonder she's so miffed by this.
      • And not to mention his unrequited crush on Rashida.
    • Though Gabriella asking Cricket to go out with her is totally heartwarming, what's comical about this is Cricket asking if they have to hold hands all the time, send each other presents like flowers, and especially, smooch a lot. She amusingly dismisses of those for now, instead starting out with just telling people that they're dating.
    • Tilly's entire subplot when she takes over the community center when Sue is out. Even her modifications to the gym add up to it.
  • "Cheap Show", ALL OF IT.
    • The whole episode is a complete reference to meta; for example, Bill refuses to let the kids go to the street fair because "production costs" are low.
    • Tilly's storyboard pitch. Japanese man included.
    • After the flashback to "Fill Bill":
      Cricket: Gah! This is like one of those TV episodes, where the cheap producers reuse old clips 'cause they're too lazy, to write new stuff!
      Bill: I think it sounds pretty resourceful. (Looks at the show's audience)
      • Not to mention the Greens are still banned — Bill tried to enter once, only to get kicked out.
    • The family retreating into their imaginations.
    • Cricket mentions he'll miss his favorite TV show Little Country Blues and presents his t-shirt of the main character with his catchphrase, "Dingo-dango." It obviously helps that this is a Self-Parody of Big City Greens itself!
    • The largest example of this would be after the blackout, Tilly tells Bill that Cricket "broke the fourth wall" when the lights were out, confusing Bill. Tilly points toward the "fourth wall" (us) and everyone looks in that direction — then the camera cuts to the actual fourth wall with a hole in it.



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