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  • The soccer match on the Isle of Naboombu is easily one of the wackiest ever made in animation.
    • When we first see King Leonidas' team, appropriately named the Dirty Yellows, they're raring to go. When we see the opposing team, the True Blues, they're shaking in terror with Oh, Crap! expressions on their faces. They've clearly been through what is apparently a Curb-Stomp Battle multiple times before, and know what to expect.
    • Poor Mr. Browne is the referee, and he gets trampled by the two animal teams several times, with several Oh, Crap! expressions on his face as the teams run back and forth in his direction. It's no wonder they couldn't find a willing volunteer to be a referee.
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    • The blue team is booed throughout the match by the public... except when they trample Browne. The public cheers when it happens.
    • The heartbroken look on the faces of the vulture medics when Browne turns out to be alright (or, more precisely, because the king says so every time).
    • The Hyena on the Dirty Yellows gets his comeuppance when, after laughing at the True Blue's ostrich for getting the ball stuck on his head, the ball hits him as well. He immediately starts blubbering like a baby.
    • The king shouts loudly enough to create a wind storm that sends everyone flying, including the heaviest animals. Then he sees the deflating ball fall just in front of the adversary team's goal, and wins the match by having it land in it with a small puff.
  • The suits of armour use the wackiest Dancing Pants shenanigans while fighting Those Wacky Nazis. A recurring visual gag is the suits removing limbs or helmets to shake out accumulated bullets.
    • Just prior to the battle, the entire army stops dead in its tracks when they hear the Scottish bagpipers happily playing on the cliffs. Cue a Viking lord, a Cavalier and a 18th-century redcoat officer turning around and giving each other "um...they're with us, right?" looks. After all, they're all English (and Scandinavian), so what are Scots doing here?
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    • Highlights include one suit of armor taking off his leg, shaking the bullets out of it, then hopping over on one leg and beating a German soldier over the head with it, and a lance-wielding knight literally kicking a soldier's ass while goosestepping. Repeatedly.
    • One of the medieval suits raises the visor on its helmet to "spit" the spent bullets out, with them dinging off of a soldier's helmet.
    • One armor whacks a soldier on the helmet with his mace with a comedic Anvil on Head sound effect after said soldier tried to unsuccessfully attack it with his bayonet.
    • One somehow ends up seated in a walking pair of legs, shouting all the while to be released.
      • Really sold by the reaction of another German soldier that sees it. It's like the guy decides that is the point he's done with the mission.
    • The look on the Colonel's face when the executioner comes for him.
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    • Another suit smacking the fleeing soldiers on the behind with the flat of its blade.
  • "Would you like to be turned into a nice white rabbit?" It's actually a very real threat!
  • "Can't you READ READING? No peopling allowed!"
  • Miss Price's attempts to ride her broom sidesaddle like the instructions say, but gives up and straddles it instead. Cosmic Creepers the cat gives her a significant look.
    Miss Price: I know it's not ladylike!
  • The Running Gag of turning characters into rabbits, though Miss Price comes to use it to her advantage.
  • The scene where everyone's clothes come to life and are suddenly out of control. Miss Price's stockings kicked Paul in the face. Her nightgown assaults the vicar.
  • The Deadpan Snarker tendencies of the children.
    • Paul, after witnessing Miss Price losing control of her broom:
    "She don't fly good, does she?"
    • Charles has plenty to say about the football game on Naboombu. At one point, when a huge scrum for the ball breaks out, this exchange occurs:
    Charles: REF, ARE YOU BLIND?!
    Miss Price: Be quiet, Charles! Don't forget who the referee is!
  • The reaction on Mr. Browne's face after he realizes he successfully cast the spell on himself. His ears begin to wiggle, his nose begins twitching uncontrollably, and then the big, goofy grin envelopes his face, as does the magic.
    • This is followed immediately by the Nazis breaking into the room, and their shock and disbelief when instead of a man they find a cute, fluffy, little white rabbit. If Mr. Browne could at the moment, he'd probably be giving them something of a 1930's variation of troll face.
    • This too is followed by Awesome Music, as a triumphant fanfare plays as Mr. Browne goes off to save Miss Price and the children. Yes, it's a kick-ass moment, but it's just hilarious, and frankly precious, that it's accompanying an adorable bunny.
  • Mr Browne getting extremely flustered by the two young ladies who slide up to him on Portobello Road.


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