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Headscratchers / Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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  • More of a behind-the-scenes question… Does anyone know what the deal is with the Bookseller? His story arc is an extremely glaring case of What Happened to the Mouse?, which makes me wonder whether his role was initially meant to be bigger, but eventually cut back (presumably for time).
  • Just how many suits of armor were in that museum/castle? It's a limited space, but the lines of armies goes on for literal miles. Yes, the castle is shown to have quite a few, but for just a little castle with a minor village it seems outlandish.
    • Perhaps those ghostly trumpets in the spell scene also called other suits of armor in other museums to life...?
    • Most museums have far more materials stockpiled in their employees-only areas than on display.
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    • Or those were items from a bigger museum sent to the village for safekeeping.
    • There seem to be far fewer once they close in. An illusion, perhaps? It's a powerful spell cast by someone who explicitly has no idea how to control it, after all.
    • Miss Price knows a spell that turns men into rabbits. Wouldn't that be a much quicker and efficient way to deal with an enemy army? Admittedly I haven't watched the film in a while, so perhaps there was a stated limitation for that spell.
      • The spell is short-lived, everyone she cast it on transformed back to normal after a minute or so. Besides, she tried to cast it on the army, but forgot how the spell ended.
  • Rather then steal the Star of Asterath, why didn't they just talk to the king after establishing a friendship, say they're studying the human who created them and ask for a transcribe of the enscription. The king then gives them a scroll. After they return home, the scroll crumbles to dust, as it can't be taken between worlds.

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