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  • When first beset upon by a pair of German soldiers at the train station, Emmilius manages to incapacitate both of them with a single uppercut, sending them sprawling. Then he is finally able to perform magic and turns himself into a rabbit.
  • Angela Lansbury leads an army of animated armors against the Germans. It doesn't get more awesome than that. Substitutiary Locomotion sneers at Nazi science.
    Possessed suits of armour: Treguna, macoides and trecorum satis dee. [The Germans are utterly speechless]
    • How would you like to see two thousand years of British military history marching towards you? Mind you that was a heck of a museum for a small coastal village.
    • The entire scene of the armor approaching the Germans was one of the coolest scenes ever filmed in that decade. An entire army of British armor from medieval mail and plate armor all the way to redcoats, marching in tune with bagpipes and a creepy faux Latin chant. It's enough to make you tear up if you're on their side and flee in terror if you're not.
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    • It was so awesome, in fact, that most of the original trailers consisted of nothing but scenes from the climax (although that rather spoiled the surprise) and it remains one of the most memorable things about the movie to this day.
    • It's never made clear exactly how the spell works, but considering both the flying garments when they first try it out and the armor seem to have personalities and quirks, a case could be made the inanimate objects are actually being guided/influenced/possessed by the spirits of those who own or once owned them. In which case it wasn't just an army of animated armors; it was an army of animated armors worn by the spirits of soldiers from every major era of British military history, putting aside all their differences to drive forces of Nazi Germany out of their country.
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  • The Portobello Road street dance.
  • The Magical Technicolor Journey to London.


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