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After the drama and tearjerking material from the movie, the series gives us some relief with hilarious moments aplenty.

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    Big Hero 6: The Series Shorts 

"Baymax and Fred"

Fred's continuous attempts at creating a secret identity for Baymax include:
  • A cowboy
  • A biker
  • Santa Claus
  • A princess
  • A butler
  • A pirate
  • A clown
  • A leprechaun
  • A fireman
  • A lumberjack
  • A baseball player
  • A wizard
  • When Fred finally settles on a sumo wrestler, he challenges Baymax to a sumo match. Which he loses.

"Baymax and Go Go"

Go Go tries teaching Baymax to roller-skate, in which Hilarity Ensues since he doesn't know how to stop.
  • Baymax passes by a noodle place and causes a dirty boot to land in an unfortunate customer's bowl.
  • And there's also him running into a couch carried by two movers that results in him holding the couch with the movers sitting on it. They try telling him to get out of the way of some senior citizens, but then an old lady hitches a ride on the couch.
  • When Go Go congratulates Baymax, she nearly falls over the dock before being caught.

"Baymax and Wasabi"

Wasabi tries to teach Baymax some yoga poses. It goes as well as expected.
  • Baymax installs a censor for when Wasabi feels excessive stress. It goes off many times.
  • When Baymax attempts the first boat pose, he rolls back, crashing off-screen.
  • In an attempt at a back-to-back toe touch, Baymax flings Wasabi into his desk. Cue Eye Twitch from Wasabi, as Baymax looks back at him.
  • Baymax tries the tree pose; he breaks a ceiling light structure, and the light knocks Wasabi down.
  • During the second boat pose attempt, Baymax launches Wasabi up in the air, off-screen.
  • When they try the Viparita Karani, Baymax accidentally hunches Wasabi's legs down, hurting him.
  • After many attempts to focus and relax, Wasabi finally walks away (on his hands), after the aforementioned failures. "I'M RELAXED!! WE'RE DONE!! NAMASTE!!"
  • Fred's two cameos definitely qualify; he's first sitting on a yoga ball, playing a sitar, before bouncing away per request from Wasabi. At the end, Fred appears again, his legs contorted. "Namaste!"

"Baymax and Hiro"

This short is about Baymax running out of power. That's all you need to know, but specific moments include:
  • Hiro and Baymax coming home late at night after stopping a robbery and Hiro had tacos.
  • In the morning, Hiro creates a chip that keeps Baymax powered on, which makes him function incredibly fast.
  • Karmi taking pictures of Baymax feeding Hiro at lunchtime, but then she feels genuinely concerned when Hiro starts choking.

"Baymax and Mochi"

"Baymax and Honey Lemon"

    Big Chibi 6 Shorts 

"Making Popcorn"

  • The entire short. Just GoGo using drastic ways only to make popcorn.
    • She uses Honey Lemon has a sub-machine gun to spread fertilizer on the corn field.
    • Baymax doing the sprinkler dance move while being a literal sprinkler.
    • She literally drags Obake, who's holding a mini lighthouse, into the field, in order to create a star with Hiro's energy amplifier so that the corn will grow faster.
      • She puts sunglasses on Fred's eyes so he won't blind himself.
    • The corn grows taller than the atmosphre. Holding a screaming Wasabi, GoGo uses his laser blades to cut the corn from top to bottom.

"Mochi No!"

  • Mochi going from a cute kitten to making a nightmare-ish face in the space of a second.
  • The entirety of the mess Mochi puts Wasabi and Fred through.
  • Mochi clones himself. Wasabi tries to grab each Mochi, hoping to be the real one. Each Mochi is a clone that disappears in a cloud into his hands.
  • Mochi using Baymax's armor.
  • Mochi being a cat and moves to drop one of Honey's chemicals. Despite Fred and Wasabi's protests... he drops it. Cue massive pink explosion that can be seen coming out of Earth from space.
    • Right after, Honey Lemon enters the scene and sees the nerd lab in a mess and Wasabi and Fred are knocked out. Mochi simply jumps into her arms and she brushes everything off with an "aww!".

"Save Mochi"

  • The cat-hating woodpecker looking like Obake.
  • Hiro jumps on Baymax's back in order to catch Mochi from the tree. He jumps so hard, he blasts himself into space.
  • Just when they think they have Mochi, he jumps trees.
  • Mochi jumping trees as Baymax in his armor tries to get him.
  • The short ends with Mochi jumping off the tree into some of Honey's chem-balls, only for the woodpecker to pop it and send Mochi back in the tree.

"Noodle Song"

  • Just the entire short about Noodle Burger Boy singing a full version of the Noodle Burger song with Big Hero 6 as backup.


  • The ridicules lengths the characters go to wake Honey up. GoGo yells at her, plays loud music, and jumps on her bed. Then, she calls for help. Fred plays doodle sack which produces a ship, Wasabi vacuumы the floor next to Honey's bed and her blanket, the whole gang improvises a rock concert, the Kentucky Kaiju does a Mighty Roar, — and Honey sleeps soundly through all of this.
  • The ending. Honey wakes up in the morning.
    Honey: GoGo? It's just that you were snoring.
    GoGo: (eyetwitch)
  • Just the fact that the polite, nice Honey Lemon can snore like a sick elephant.

"Gumball Trouble"

"Love Letters"

  • The entirety of the short of Karmi being a determinator and trying to give her letter to Captain Cutie, who's running for his life.
  • Karmi defying gravity and running vertically on a building while Hiro tries to escape her on Baymax's back.

"Super Charged"

"Low Battery"

"Road Trip"

  • When Wasabi is driving everyone around, we get to see the dreams of everyone else:
    • For Gogo, she's shown driving the car so fast that they end up in space. Even the car is screaming for help.
    • For Hiro, he dreams of being the tallest person in the group, with his elongated head sticking out the car roof.
    • For Honey Lemon, she dreams of being in a field where it's nothing but bunnies and ducks surrounded by a rainbow. Some scenes include Hiro and Fred barfing them up, and Gogo still maintaining a stoic expression even during the group shot.
    • The last scene is where Wasabi wonders what Fred is dreaming. It gets...complicated . Baymax's stoic reaction sells it.

"Super Driver"

Poor Wasabi getting the S1 villains as clients for his new part-time job as a super driver.

"Brunch Rush"

    Season 1 

"Baymax Returns"

  • When Fred asks Wasabi why he did hero stuff before, he says it was cause he was on adrenaline. "Now, I'm back to being afraid of things-heights, speed, cholesterol, loud noises. I have issues, you do not want to be Wasabi!"
  • The antics Baymax’s runaway body gets into.
  • The team stopping what they think is a car thief. When they open the car door... it's actually a man driving his pregnant wife in labor to the hospital.
    Man: Are you people crazy?! My wife is about to have our baby!
    [cue Oh, Crap! from the team]
    Honey Lemon: Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! You're doing great!
    Wasabi: Boy or girl? Wait, don't tell me, I wanna be surprised!
    [The man drives to the nearest hospital]
    Fred: [screams at them] CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BUNDLE OF JOY!
  • When walking into Good Luck Alley, Hiro tells Fred to let him do the talking. The moment before Hiro can speak to the man guarding the door:
    Fred: FREDERICK FREDERICKSON THE IV! This is Hiro. We're very busy, dangerous types and we don't like to be kept waiting!
    [the guard stares at Fred, unimpressed. Fred tries to be intimidating. Hiro facepalms.]
    • Surprisingly, the guard lets them in and this dialogue ensues:
    Hiro: What happened to letting me do the talking?!
    Fred: Now, you and I both know it was never going to work.
    [Hiro sends an annoyed glare at the audience.]
  • GoGo informs Fred that night patrol is not a thing and Honey chimes in with what might be shaping up as her Catchphrase "It's really not."
    • For added funny, "It's really not." is being used in a completely different context here, a statement of agreement with GoGo instead of a straight correction as in the original movie.
  • Yama tells his men to get rid of Hiro and Fred. Fred asks for clarification as to whether Yama just means for his men to toss them out, or for something more "permanent". Yama's Slasher Smile tells Fred all he needs to know, and he calmly confirms that Yama means to kill them.
  • Fred is trying to convince the others that they need to be a team of super-heroes full-time. Honey Lemon's response is priceless.
    Honey Lemon: I froze someone yesterday. I'm... not comfortable with that.
    • There's actually something hilarious about the disparity of Yama, the big, hulking mountain of a man being frozen in his tracks by Honey Lemon, who, while by no means timid, is definitely Yama's polar opposite.
  • As Yama unleashes his army of counterfeit Baymaxes on San Fransokyo, Fred keeps insisting that they others need to suit up and act as "Big Hero 6" to stop them. At every turn, GoGo insists that they don't need to intervene, even saying that the police can handle it. Cue a police officer yelling into the camera "We can't handle this!". You can hear the defeated resignation in GoGo's voice as she sighs and says, "Let's suit up."
  • Baymax spends some time on Hiro's computer, but unable to see, while Hiro gets his body up and running. This gets paid off twice.
    • Fred has a small conversation with Baymax about safety, and then realizes who's agreeing with him.
    • After BH6 rescue Fred, Hiro, and Baymax's body, we cut to Baymax asking if the others are angry by asking if they are glaring and so on. Cue Description Cut.

"Issue 188"

  • Richardson Mole’s secret room where the games all depict Fred getting hurt, complete with the cardboard cut-outs yelling "Ow!" when struck or shot.
    • GoGo beating the high score on one of the games so they can read the titular comic. The game in question being a version of Whack-a-mole. GoGo wins with next to no effort.
  • The entire concept of High Voltage.
  • Karmi, after snapping at Hiro for peeking in her sketchbook, collects her laptop and a large number of books into a stack almost as tall as she is and angrily stomps off.
  • Hiro saves Karmi from a falling lamppost, not realizing he just rescued his #1 fangirl.
    Hiro: You okay? (shrieks when he realizes it's Karmi)
    Karmi: (lovestruck laugh) I am now.
    (Karmi snaps a photo of Hiro. Cue a massive Oh, Crap! from him)
  • This Bait-and-Switch conversation between Hiro and Karmi:
    Hiro: Hi, Karmi.
    Karmi: Looks like I caught you!
    Hiro: (grows nervous) Hey, Karmi, um, any chance I could convince you to keep this quiet?
    Karmi: Eww. You think I want people to know you have a crush on me?
    Hiro: EW, WHAT?!
    Karmi: It's so obvious. You're always saying stuff like, "Hey, Karmi, we should work on our project!" N5-4 totally called it.
    Hiro: Wait, no! (snatches her phone from her and refers to the pic of him in his supersuit) What about this?
    Karmi: (snatches her phone back from him) That guy saved my life! (soft lovestruck voice) He could say, "Hey, Karmi" to me any day! (rubs her face affectionately against her phone)
    Hiro: Um, okay... (uncomfortable chuckle) Bye, Karmi.
    • Later in the episode, Hiro enters Karmi's lab by saying "Hey, Karmi." He remembers what she said about that and is quick to change it to "hi".
  • After Hiro accidentally kills one of Karmi's microbe viruses, Karmi begins mourning it, all while Baymax is matter-of-factly saying that it is a positive thing to happen since the virus was reaching a high containment level, then starts downloading instructions on how to make sure no part of the virus survives, and then suggests that Karmi throw out any other samples of this virus that she has.
    Karmi: (to Hiro) SHUT! HIM!! UP!!!
    • Hiro awkwardly trying to tell Karmi that Baymax and him have to go:
    (Hiro flashes Karmi a nervous smile as he drags Baymax away to the exit)
    • To make it even funnier, Baymax proposes relaxing techniques to Karmi when he notes she's upset. He doesn't stop listing them even as Hiro drags him out of her lab.
  • Wasabi gushing over High Voltage's dance moves.
  • Hiro starts attempting a heart-to-heart with Karmi:
    Hiro: It's just that Granville's right, we have a lot in common. The age thing, the genius thing—
    Baymax: The rush of hormones coursing through your pubescent bodies. Pimples will start to appear on your face and back.
    Hiro: (Shoving him away) Thanks for making it awkward, Baymax.
    Baymax: You are welcome.

"Big Roommates 2"

  • Honey and Gogo's contrasting personalities and hobbies clashing as Honey moves in.
    • While GoGo works on her bike, Honey Lemon opens her caterpillar box. They all became butterflies and swarm around GoGo. One gets stuck in her bubblegum. Honey gives her a nervous grin as she pops the bubblegum, setting the butterfly free.
    • GoGo accidentally chopping Honey's flowers after she threw darts... with a scarf on her eyes.
  • Honey Lemon snores. A lot. GoGo is pretty much falling asleep standing up as a result. Leads to an amusing scene where GoGo insists she's not sleepy to the rest of the gang. So Baymax puts on a lullaby. For two seconds. GoGo is instantly unconscious.
  • Baymax carrying a sleeping GoGo around in his arms.
  • Fred bouncing all over the cafe excitedly informing the gang that there's a monster in San Fransokyo.
  • Dibs aka "Globby" just can't get a break.
    • He attempts to steal an old lady's purse, managing to hide in some convenient scenery, running off with it, only to slam into a post and have the purse fly back where the old lady left it.
    • When Globby transforms for the first time, he ends up getting suspended in midair due to his powers. His response? "Darn it!"
  • When Fred ask if he could call the monster Globby, Globby said he does mind and wonder how this can get any worse. Cue getting hit by a bus.
    Fred: You got to watch where you're standing Globby!
    • Just the fact that everyone accepts Globby as his name; when Bluff Dunder interviews Krei's assistant later, she refers to him as "the monster we all agree is named Globby."
  • When it's revealed that Honey Lemon's purse was in fact stolen, Wasabi was glad it wasn't a labeling error.
    Wasabi: I know this is terrible for you, but for a few minutes, I didn't know who I was anymore.
  • How does Wasabi know that GoGo's neighborhood is pretty sketchy? It's full of jaywalkers. Never mind the openly walking and proud (aspiring) thief; Felony Carl openly standing out with his motorcycle; and the crumbling, crappy apartments scattered all around.
  • GoGo repeatedly tells Honey Lemon to keep an eye on her stuff as the neighbourhood is a bit shady. Honey Lemon has already let a biker hold her purse as she redecorated his motorcycle, in pink and glitter. (He likes it cause it shows how much he's comfortable with his masculinity.) Honey Lemon asks his name.
    Man: Felony Carl.
    Honey Lemon: You might just wanna go by "Carl".
    Felony Carl: Yeah, talk to my mom.
  • All of Felony Carl's moments. In spite of his name, his appearance, and his gruff, perennially deadpan voice, he's actually quite nice, is willing to listen to Globby's issues, and pets a wild street cat which immediately takes a liking to him.
  • Honey Lemon finally manages to talk down Globby, telling him that he can change his life for the better. And then Globby decides to become a supervillain.
  • GoGo & Honey's argument about their different points of view, where they basically imitate each other.
    Baymax: Respect and und...
    GoGo: Exactly Baymax, it's hard to respect someone who's always like (imitating Honey Lemon) "I'm so happy about everything and everybody all the time."
    Baymax: And understanding our...
    Honey Lemon: Well I don't understand why you're all (imitating GoGo) "I'm so serious and cool, and I have bubblegum."
  • After Honey becomes pessimistic when she finds out she's responsible for Globby existing, GoGo tries to cheer her up by pointing out some of her butterflies on Baymax, which doesn't work.
    GoGo: But you love adorable nonsense.
  • Globby kidnapping Krei. He smashes into the window and grabs the statue Krei was getting carved of himself. After a moment of silence, Globby comes back, lets go of the statue before grabbing the real Krei and leaving.
  • As Globby takes Krei on top of a building:
    Krei: This is unacceptable. I'm rich! I'm connected! (looks down) This is high. This is very high! Are you crazy?!
  • This scene not too soon later when the team arrives to Krei's rescue:
    Hiro: (points Krei) Let Krei go!
    Krei: (as Globby dangles him near the edge of the skyscraper) WORDING, PEOPLE!
  • After Globby to decide a supervillain, he lets out an Evil Laugh, escaping the scene and using his glob à la Spiderman... only to smack himself against a window, let out "Darn it!" and slide off.
    • For extra hilariousness, the window he crashed on is an office and the lady working in it doesn't even bother realizing or caring he's here.

”Fred’s Bro-Tillion”

  • Pretty much any moment in the episode that isn’t a Moment of Awesome is this.
  • Baymax dancing in different styles after Hiro makes him a new chip.
  • The rest of the gang catering Fred's party.
    • Honey and her Cuteness Proximity to Cass's animal shaped hors d'oeurves. She even names two of them, and is upset when they're eaten.
    • GoGo skating around the stuffy guests and blowing gum.
    • Wasabi getting into the role of a waiter by wiping the mouth of one guest with a dishcloth on his sleeve.
    • Baymax takes the cake by informing one woman that her nose job is healing and deflating himself when the room gets too crowded.
  • As Baron Von Steamer makes his escape through a huge cloud of steam.
    Fred: ‘Kay, not sure where your creepy laugh is coming from. Could you cackle again please?
    Baron Von Steamer: No!
  • While Baron Von Steamer crashes Fred's bro-tillion and guests are running away screaming, Cass can be seen giving her catering cards as they escape the mansion.
  • This dialogue between Wasabi and Steamer:
    Wasabi: Look, scary steam guy, I have no idea who Boss Awesome is but I can assure you, I am not his baby child!
    Wasabi: What? No! You're not listening to me! I'm not Fred! You got the wrong guy!
    Baron Von Steamer: Save your breath, Frederick. If your daddy doesn't show, it could be your last!
    Wasabi: (starting to panic) My last breath? No, no, no, no! I have lots of breaths! Watch! (starts inhaling and exhaling)
  • Later when the team comes to Wasabi's rescue, Baymax and Hiro save Wasabi to fall to his death in molten iron. This dialogue ensues.
    Wasabi: Baymax, am I glad to see you!
    Baymax: Scanning. You are unharmed, but damp.
    Wasabi: Yeah, well, it's hot in here. And I, uh, maybe peed myself a little.
  • The scene where Steamer realizes he kidnapped the wrong person:
    Fred: You wanted Frederick Frederickson the Fourth and here I am, in a lizard costume!
    Baron Von Steamer: Wait. You're Frederick? Ah, yes, I see the resemblance. (to Wasabi) You scoundrel! How dare you impersonate a Frederickson?
    Wasabi: (deadpan) Yeah, that's what I was doing.

"Food Fight"

  • Momakase slicing up everything in Krei's office.
  • Baymax offers to give a still mostly paralyzed Krei a massage. He tries to refuse but finds its actually pretty nice.
  • Fred finding Krei's second secret safe easily.
  • Krei's chair is cut and falls to the floor with him in it... after the numbness wears off.
  • When the fish's poison wear off, Krei stands up, glad to be in one piece. Then his clothes fall to shred, revealing underwear with red polka dots.
  • Felony Carl impressed that Cass won by not cheating, saying he never knew that was in the realm of possibility.
  • When the team are able to get into Momakase's lair, they end up face to face with two of her mooks. Honey gives them a nervous "hi"... and GoGo just tosses everyone aside and sends a goon against the window with a single punch.
  • Cass asking why the Food Fight arena has a net after being trapped in it.
  • Celebrity chef Bolton Gramercy sheepishly arrives at the cafe asking for his knives back. Cass takes him to a closet full of of knives asking "Which ones are your Nana's again?"

"Muirahara Woods"

  • When Hiro asks where GoGo goes, Fred replies that nobody knows or dares ask, then adds that he did ask once and regretted it, then adds in the same creepy voice that no one dares to ask a second time.
  • After they reached Muirahara Woods, a gnat cloud gets into Hiro's face. Baymax states gnats swarm in order to reproduce.
    Hiro: UNNECESSARY INFORMATION, BAYMAX! [Hiro screams as he trips into a puddle of mud]
  • Baymax' meteor-induced gibberish. Special mention for his reaction to meeting a moose.
    "...I am a choo-choo train."
    [after seeing an owl fly away] "Goodbye, Honey Lemon!"
  • Ned Ludd has a "story snake" he wears on his arm while telling his backstory, which he points out to Hiro whenever the latter interrupts the story.

"Failure Mode"

  • Globby asks for three seconds before surrendering. "One... two..." He then flees. Baymax won't pursue him until someone says "Three".
  • Honey Lemon explains the painting that the museum has on display:
    Honey Lemon: It captures the city's rebirth after the catastrophe of 1906. I'm a huge fan (long awkward pause) not of the catastrophe, that was...that was terrible. Of Shimamoto.
  • Poor Honey Lemon attempt at explaining art to Baymax.
  • Hiro, Honey, and Wasabi take a peek at Baymax's attempts at art, only to find a canvas depicting their skeletal likenesses.
  • After discovering he can turn into food, Globby gets a little too interested in how delicious he is.
  • Baymax shows a video of a moment of Tadashi thinking of giving up and then realizing, to his horror, that he was still being recorded.
  • The Museum guard line upon seeing Globby fall on an art sculpture before making a run for it.
    Museum Guard: Don’t touch! That’s all I’m paid to say! Doing my job! Now everybody saw it! Nowouttamyway!
  • The debate over whether Globby is a "super" or "sub-par" villain.
  • When Hiro's first attempt at earthquake proofing fails and he says he's no good at it, Granville, displaying some of her more playful side, tells Hiro that she's the one who decides that, and asks him not to take away her favorite part of the job.
  • While Hiro is depressed over his failures, GoGo suggests slapping him to snap him out of it. Wasabi suggests otherwise, and sings a motivational verse to Hiro instead.
    GoGo: What was that?
    Wasabi: Think of it as a musical slap in the face.
    GoGo: Oh, I do.

"Aunt Cass Goes Out"

  • Hiro sets up a distraction by giving Baymax a bag and tells him to give it to the chef. That's not funny. What's funny is Baymax suddenly having to explain and justify giving the bag to the random chef when he can't lie. He also didn't know the bag was full of garbage.
  • Good News! Wasabi manages to make the BUDDY visible!... as Krei heads.
    • Wasabi's line in this scene counts as well: "Typing... with your chin... isn't easy!" (he finishes typing) "I think I did it!" (the BUDDY bots turn into Krei heads) "I think I did something else!"
  • "Guard BUDDY- it's more than protection, it's the friend you can depend...on." Krei then admits the slogan needs work.
  • Aunt Cass showing off pictures of Mochi sleeping to the driver.

"The Impatient Patient"

  • Baymax goes with Hiro to see the doctor after he gets a cold. This goes about as well as you think it does.
    • Later on in the episode, Hiro breaks his leg. The Doctor has kicked Baymax out to prevent a repeat. Baymax just scans through the doors and sends his results to Hiro's phone.
  • The lead Jack explaining the how the group works:
    Hiro: Wait, so you're all named Jack?
    Greg Jack: Actually, my real name's Greg, but I go by Jack; team cohesion, man.
    Hiro: Well, uh, that makes no sense.
  • Fred apparently thought he was being stung by an irradiated bee whenever he went to the doctors for a flu shot.

"Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle"

  • At the beginning of the episode, Fred contacts the others by mentioning there's a tiki torch factory on fire and they have to stop it before it spreads to the paper mill.
    Fred: Yes, GoGo is familiar with the area.
  • Honey Lemon's "sticker party". Just by mentioning it, she gets GoGo to agree to go with Fred to Mr. Sparkles' show right after GoGo stated nothing Fred says would make her go.
  • GoGo glaring at Hiro for looking at her in the broccoli costume she had to wear to rescue Mochi.
  • Baymax using nasal spray on Wasabi for his pollen allergies.
  • At the first testing of suit delivery, the suits land on the wrong recipients:
    • Wasabi's, on Hiro
    • Hiro's, on Baymax
    • Baymax's, on Honey Lemon
    • Honey Lemon's, on Wasabi (unfortunately for him)

"Killer App"

  • Baymax in the ball pit at Noodle Burger, amongst the little kids.
  • Fred tries to show off his Noodle Burger Boy stickers to the rest, but they aren't interested.
  • Hiro and Wasabi working together on a project; it goes like expected.
    Hiro: (rests his feet on Wasabi's desk casually, with bits of dirt falling off his shoes)
    Wasabi: Uh, Hiro? Your feet, my desk. Uh-uh.
  • The Noodle Burger Manager pulling Fred into a hug and crying over Noodle Burger Boy's disappearance...for almost a full thirty seconds. All the while, Fred's face goes from "I'm gonna fix this" to "Man, she has been crying for a while" to "Okay, this has gone on way too long".

"Small Hiro One"

  • Hiro being denied entry to Trevor Trengrove's workshop and having to be with Wendy Wower the child entertainer and her bunch of young kids.
    • Made even funnier that Fred is a big Wendy Wower fan since forever and joins the kids while they sing the Woweroo song.
      • Fred developing a one-sided rivalry with Brooke, a girl barely older than 6. Along with Richardson, she's the second rival of Fred who's a child.
  • Wendy chooses Hiro to be her assistant during a science activity in which he wears a hat saying "Wower Power" while giving the most unnamused deadpan face during Wendy's cheerful explanations. It's priceless.
  • Karmi accidentally photo-bombing Honey Lemon's selfie with GoGo and Wasabi, completed with a Snapchat-like dog filter. The faces she gives are hilarious.
    Hiro: [after Honey Lemon sends him the selfie, smugly] Oh, that's a keeper.
    • Made funnier by the fact Hiro sees this as payback after Karmi constantly took humiliating pics and videos of him in "Failure Mode". Turns out taking embarrassing pictures of each other is a ritual in their rivalry.
  • Everything about the creepy blonde kid.
    • His first quote is "I fear nothing." after Hiro poured water for him to make his gloop. Hiro gives him a disturbed expression which doesn't leave his face as he simply walks away.
    • "She liiiieees."
    • When Wendy tells the kids to put on their googles before making their baking soda volcanoes erupt, he puts on three pairs of googles while a fellow kid looks at him confused:
    Creepy blonde kid: Huzzah...!
    • "I can hear the tiny screams."
    • While Karmi sings her song, whose rhymes need to be worked, all the kids share looks, not knowing what to think of it. Except for the blonde kid, who's jamming to it like you would on a rock concert.
  • Hiro and Karmi sharing a heartwarming moment when Hiro sympathizes with Karmi after she was kicked out of Trengrove's workshop. They genuinely smile at each other... but then realize they're supposed to hate each other, and look away to gag in mutual disgust.

"Kentucky Kaiju"

  • Hiro's invention backfiring horribly, causing him to destroy everything he touches.
  • Once the Kentucky Kaiju goes on its rampage, he passes by an office. A lady nonchalently closes her blinds and focuses on her work.
    • For extra hilariousness? She's the same Unfazed Everyman from "Big Roommates 2" (the one who Globby crashes against the window of her office).
  • Fred's father, immediately after giving Hiro some words of encouragement, tells him he should probably leave, since he didn't recognize Hiro and contacted his security team. This is all happening while Fred's father is fighting off mummies with an old book he found.

"Rivalry Week"

  • Granville being OOC in the most hilarious way. First, she shows herself to be excited to prank SFAI, then acts like a Drill Sergeant Nasty to Wasabi and Fred so they won't be the first ones to be pranked.
  • Gogo tells Honey she's aware Honey takes art classes. How come? Honey talks in her sleep.
    Honey: (mumbling) Shh! I'm taking art classes at SFAI. It's a secret. (snoring) GoGo, GoGo, don't tell anyone, okay? It's a secret.
    (Gilligan Cut of Honey Lemon grinning nervously at GoGo)
  • Honey Lemon trying to hide her paintings from her friends while they're infiltrating SFAI.
  • Wasabi and Fred getting caught by SFAI students, taped on the wall and painted over as unicorns and ponies in a rainbow sky.
    • When Granville sees they've been caught, she leaves them to "stew in their failure".
    Fred: Hey, Wasabi, do you think she's going to get stuff to cut us down?
    Wasabi: Pretty sure she's not.
  • Obake fooling Honey Lemon with a Paper-Thin Disguise.
    • Also his alias? Herman Ekabo. Despite being a cold, stoic villain, Obake proves he has a sense of humor.

"Fan Friction"

  • Karmi's fanfiction narrating the first two minutes:
    • Painting herself as Hiro's alter ego's girlfriend. And any time her name is mentioned or she appears in the story, a jingle of "Kar-miiiii!" is heard.
    • Giving the members of Big Hero 6 less than super superhero names, like "Tall Girl" for Honey Lemon and "Captain Cutie" for Hiro.
    • When the gang makes it to Karmi's office, the door reads "Karmi: Nobel prize winning biologist. KEEP OUT".
    • Baymax's Sailor Moon-esque overdrive mode.
    • The animation shifting from the chibi style to one straight out of a shoujo anime of "Captain Cutie" and Karmi looking at eachother passionately as they embrace. The cherry on top is when it subsequently cuts IRL to Hiro's clearly disgusted reaction.
  • After Momakase escapes from prison thanks to Obake, the security guard walks by her cell and sees everything in her cell falling apart. Nothing has not been sliced up by Momakase. She needed her fun before escaping.
  • To Hiro's frustration, everyone on campus is reading Karmi's fanfiction and shipping the two of them together. At one point, he can't take everyone talking about it anymore and lets out a big scream of frustration. In front of everyone. When he realizes people are watching him, he puts his hood on and runs away.
    Student: What's up with that kid?
  • After GoGo successfully uses a move that Karmi made up, Fred and Honey Lemon try to pull one off, as well. The result is Fred frozen in a pillar of ice.
  • Later, Hiro tries to come up with ways to get Karmi to stop writing fanfiction, by: claiming that she knows too much; flat out saying she's a terrible writer, and trying to sue for copyrights—even dressing Baymax up as a lawyer!
    • When he does this, his friends wear a crudely made, yelling version of Karmi's face on their head.
  • We get more drunk Baymax as Hiro made a real overdrive mode for him.
    Baymax: (delirious) I did the thing!
  • Hiro takes Karmi's hand and asks her to follow her as a romantic music plays in the background. You can see Karmi's face gradually flush to a beet red.
  • At the end, Fred reveals to Honey Lemon he has a series of couple names for the whole team in case people decide to ship them. Most of them are for Wasabi, yes, even with him.
    Fred: I'm banking on Wasabi being a fan favorite, I mean look at him, he's so cool!
  • Karmi letting her inner Genki Girl show.
  • When Karmi hugs Hiro, the whole gang can be seen smiling and flushing heart signs and thumbs up at him.
  • Fred reading Karmi's newest chapter saying Captain Cutie proposes to Karmi. Hiro covers his ears and screams he can't take it anymore. Fred says he was kidding... they actually kiss in the end. The episode ends on Hiro flashing a distressed glare at the camera.


  • Fred confronts Globby, who's stealing the loose change from a fountain:
    Fred: Drop the loose change, Globby!
    Globby: (Turning into a giant coin) How about if the loose change drops you?
    Fred: Not sure if I get that.
    (Coin!Globby runs him over and speeds away)
    Fred: Oooh, yeah. Okay.
  • Mini-Max meets Baymax:
    Mini-Max: (Blinks and cocks head inquisitively)
    Baymax: (Does the same) Hello, I am Baymax.
    Mini-Max: Greetings, I am Mini-Max! I am programmed to protect and assist my fellow heroes! (Does a Wall Run up Baymax and flips onto Fred's head) To thwart villainy and to always be a champion— (Leaps from Fred's head to Baymax's, knocking Fred over in the process) —for JUSTICE!
    Baymax: I am a personal healthcare companion.
    Mini-Max: We all serve, in our own way!
  • Just Mini-Max himself:
    Mini-Max: I do not have internal organs!
    Fred: We make a great team, Mini-Max! Are you feelin' it?
    Mini-Max: (Suddenly monotone) I feel nothing. I am a robot.
  • Hiro trying to make Baymax inconspicuous by putting him in a trenchcoat, hat and fake moustache.
  • Fred and Mini-Max confront Globby, who's robbing parking meters while wearing nothing but a ski mask.
    Globby: (Affecting a bad Cockney accent) Globby? I don't know who you're talking about.
    Fred: That ski mask isn't fooling anyone, Globby. We can see your entire body. Oh, and you call that a Cockney accent? (Puts on his own accent) I can do bettah, Guv'nah.
    Mini-Max: Both your accents were highly inaccurate!

"Big Hero 7"

  • Barb stealing Krei's battery after sending him across the room with a kick. Not long after, Juniper appears on scene, also trying to steal the battery.
    Krei: (after Juniper says Barb betrayed their mother-daughter duo) Mother? (huffs) I don't believe it.
    (Juniper spins around and kicks Krei across the room, grabbing into the battery).
    Krei: (twitching in pain on the ground) Oh, I feel the resemblance.
    • Not even a few minutes later:
    Krei: (watching as High Voltage bicker for the battery) Ladies, you do realize there's another battery right there?
    (Cue both ladies stealing the two batteries)
  • Barb telling Juniper it wasn't how she raised her to steal things.
  • After High Voltage steals his batteries, Krei reminds himself to call his mother. Which he does.
  • Fred going through a hilarious Rage Breaking Point when Richardson lies about being friends with Big Hero 6 which prompts him to accidentally reveal his identity to his arch-enemy. Cut massive Oh, Crap! from Fred and a devious Cheshire Cat Grin from Richardson.
  • When Richardson starts insults High Voltage's dancing, Fred says this gem:
    Fred: RICHARDSON! Never insult the bad guys in an enclosed space!!
    • As if insulting the bad guys was no biggie, as long as you're not near them.
    • Of course, Richardson doesn't listen and digs himself deeper by insulting Juniper:
    Richardson: Shuffle-hop-step? More like shuffle-hop-mess.

"Big Problem"

  • Granville tells the gang to "look intelligent" as she's walking behind Fred, who has both pinkie fingers stuck up his nose.
  • Karmi Fangirling over Liv:
  • Both Fred and Krei describing the monster as looking like somebody put "a whale, a dinosaur, and some hair in a blender, poured it into a human-shaped ice cube tray, froze it, then let it thaw just a little".
  • More of Baymax's Literal-Minded nature:
    Professor Granville: This is Hiro Hamada.
    Liv Amara: Which must make this little guy Baymax.
    Baymax: (Blinks and cocks his head) I am relatively large in stature.
  • And later:
    Hiro: Ugh! I want to melt into the floor!
    Baymax: That is a physical impossibility.
  • And more of low battery Baymax:
    Baymax: I scared the blender whale!
    Hiro: Thanks Baymax.
    Baymax: You're welcome, pal!
    (Baymax faceplants)
  • "This play has three of my top nine fears: Shipwrecks, rainstorms and (Shudders) puns."
  • At the end, Karmi saves the day by putting one of her special patches on the monster, and she seems pretty smug about it - until the monster starts getting back up, resulting in Karmi frantically putting several more patches on him super-fast.
  • This dialogue between Hiro and Karmi:
    Hiro: (fake deep voice) You know, Karmi, you did a super job out there.
    Karmi: I love you too, Captain Cutie.
    Hiro: (surprised) What?
    Karmi: What?
    Hiro: (helmet fogs up, high-pitched voice) I gotta go!
    (Hiro runs into Baymax's armor and plants on the ground)
    Baymax: Oh...

"Steamer's Revenge"

  • Bluff Dunder states that thanks to Big Hero 6, the crime rate has been going down. Since he has no news to tell, he starts doing a segment called "Foods I Don't Care For".
  • While Hiro is working on the underwater armor, Baymax is in the background, poking the nozzle of an air tank. He pokes too hard, the nozzle punctures his finger and overinflates him.
  • Hiro and Baymax head into the bay to get Wasabi's car:
    Hiro: Let's dive. (Dives in)
    Baymax: (Waddles awkwardly to the edge of the dock) I cannot dive. (Faceplants into the water)
  • As Obake works in his underwater lair, he gets disturbed by Steamer's drill shaking the walls. Obake, despite being a fairly creepy guy, proves he can let out quite a few funny lines:
    Obake: (annoyed) Baron Von Steamer? Stupid name!
    • Later, when he hacks into the team's communication:
  • Steamer throwing a poor bystander teenager into the bay:
  • Literal-Minded Baymax, as the gang are working on upgrading Wasabi's car.
    Honey Lemon: Eee, I can't wait to see Wasabi's face!
    Baymax: (puts up a photo of Wasabi on his screen) Here it is. You are welcome.
    Honey Lemon: I, I mean when he sees his car.

"The Bot Fighter"

"Obake Yashiki"

  • Fred wraps himself in chains to play the ghost of GoGo's ancestor to scare her. Unfortunately, he chooses to do so in the room housing SFIT's new hyperconducting magnet.
  • While the gang is meeting up to head to the haunted house, Baymax is approached by a trick-or-treater dressed as Hero!Baymax. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
    Kid: What are you supposed to be?
    Baymax: Hello. I am a pirate. (does his "Hello" gesture with a hook on his hand) Arrrr.
  • More of Baymax's Comically Missing the Point nature:
    (A prop skeleton pops out of the floor, screaming)
    Baymax: This is not anatomically correct.
    (A prop mummy pops out of a coffin)
    Baymax: (Begins rewrapping its bandages) Your bandage is loose. This could increase your risk of infection.
  • After learning GoGo is afraid of leprechauns, Fred dresses as a leprechaun and rides around her apartment in a tricycle in order to scare her. As expected, GoGo is more annoyed than scared.
  • Noodle Burger Boy reprogramming a shipment of Buddy Guards into his own personal army of flying, smiling dumplings.

"Countdown To Catastrophe"

  • The villains were on fire in this episode:
    • Noodle Burger Boy breaking into a song and dance as Big Hero 6 are ready to fight. Gogo shares a look with Wasabi before nonchalantly tossing a disk at Noodle Burger Boy to shut him up.
      • Noodle Burger Boy sings the song again as the villains escape SFIT. An annoyed Momakase begs him to stop.
    • Before Globby realizes Obake plans to destroy the city, this gem happens:
    Globby: He's gonna destroy San Fransokyo? (leans real close to Momakase, spitting food crumbs in her face) Even Joe's Diner?
    Momakase: (slams his food tray in his face) Your breath smells like garbage.
    (Cue Noodle Burger Boy bursting into fits of giggles)
    • Gets a call-back when Globby rescues Hiro and traps Momakase against the wall with his glob.
    Globby: Ha! (leans in Momakase's face) Whose breath smells like garbage, now!
    Momakase: Still yours! (Globby gags her with his glob)
  • As Karmi and Liv laugh at the "power plant" pun, Krei joins them in their laughter. Cue both of them stop laughing when they realize someone else is laughing with them and staring at Krei, who also stops laughing in embarrassment.
  • Obake's face when he gets caught by Hiro stealing the energy amplifier from his lab.
  • Fred creating a Mood Whiplash after Granville reveals her history with her former student Bob Aken/Obake.
    Fred: (after a dramatic moment of silence) HIS REAL NAME'S BOB?!
  • Hiro trying to escape the room Obake trapped him into by running into the metal door. He only hurts his arm in the process.
  • This conversation between Hiro and Globby:
    Hiro: Wait. You're gonna help me escape?
    Globby: Yeah. I knew Obake was crazy, but I thought it was a fun crazy! Plus, I don't want to destroy the city. All my friends live there! Felony Carl and, um... (pondering) Felony Carl...
    Hiro: That's the whole list, isn't it?
    Globby: (deadpan) Yeah.
  • When Globby tells Momakase he and Hiro are busting out, Hiro peeks from the door of his cell and gives an awkward grin and wave to Momakase.

    Season 2 


  • The cow costume. Enough said.
  • Hiro's bragging to Karmi about his internship at Krei Tech quickly turning against him:
    Hiro: (smugly, to Karmi) I've got very important work waiting for me.
    [Gilligan Cut of Hiro on his first internship day at Krei Tech]
    Hiro: Picking up Krei's dry-cleaning?!
    Krei's Assistant: Congratulations. He must see real potential in you.
  • Trina constantly losing her head, to her annoyance.
  • Noodle Burger Boy "vomiting" an infinite quantity of pickles that wouldn't even fit in his body in the first place.
  • Noodle Burger Boy holding a captive Krei on a Conveyor Belt o' Doom... and Baymax stuck in a potato vat.
  • This entire dialogue:
    Trina: (to Hiro) I've been trying to find my little brother for days. Guess you found him first.
    Noodle Burger Boy: (beeping) Uh-huh. I found him!
    Hiro: (weirded out) Your little brother? Okay...
    Trina: Really, Hamada? We're weird? You hanging out with Mr. Hugs over there?
    Baymax: (a potato falls on his head) My name is Baymax.
    Trina: Oh, shut it, Hugs!
    Noodle Burger Boy: Howdy and hello! (claps, turns to Trina) Hi, sis! Something is different. Is it the hair?
    Trina: I cannot believe we're related.

"Seventh Wheel"

  • Baymax asks Momakase if she would like to voluntarily surrender; predictably, she refuses. Hiro's response? "Told you that wasn't going to work".
  • When Momakase damages Baymax, this causes Baymax's language settings to glitch as well as parts of his body randomly inflating.
    • Baymax offering a "lollipop" to Granville in yiddish, which actually is a wrench. To make it even funnier, Granville answers "No thank you" in the same language.
    • How does Granville fix Baymax's language glitch? By taking his chip out, blowing into it as you would for a CD or game cartridge, and putting it back in the chip slot.
  • One of the upgrades that Professor Granville gives apparently increases the effectiveness of Wasabi's blades... But it makes an annoying, loud, shrill noise. This noise even continues into the fight scenes.
  • Fred shows up happy that Noodle Burger brought back the Chicken Noodle Burger, which Professor Granville then smacks out of his hand proclaiming Big Hero 6 needs to eat better, in order to be better heroes. The moment the burger hits the floor it cuts to outside the building as Fred belts out "WHHHHHHHHY?!" in complete despair.
  • Richardson acting as if he didn't know of Krei's existence... while Krei points out he actually made his phone.
  • Krei was pretty funny in this episode:
    • When he realizes the "surprise chef" of the dinner is Momakase, who has previously poisoned him he is quick to dry his tongue using his hands, then Richardson's shirt. Richardson is as grossed out as you imagine.
    • As Momakase goes feral during the dinner, the guests run out the door. When Krei tries to escape, Richardson slams the door right in his face, trapping Krei into the room.
    • When Momakase chases Granville, a cloth gets moved from a table, revealing... Krei sucking his thumb in fear. He quickly hides himself with the cloth once he is discovered, going back to sucking his thumb.
  • A lot of humor in the climax comes from the staid, ever-composed Granville discovering that she is absolutely awful at superheroing. She eventually deduces that her special skill is running away, which she actually does use to stall and help defeat Momakase.
  • After mutant!Momakase escapes, Wasabi says this: "Can we talk about those nails now?"

"Prey Date"

  • While Hiro and Karmi talk in her lab at Sycorax, Fred can be seen pilling up petri dishes containing her viruses. The Fred drops them, prompting the alarm and sprinklers to go off in Karmi's lab and her sending a Death Glare at Hiro and Fred.
    • Funnily enough, it's the second time Karmi's viruses indirectly die because of Hiro (who this time brought Fred in Karmi's lab).
  • This Ho Yay moment between Wasabi and Chris where Wasabi is trying hard not to give away his identity:
    Wasabi: Hey, Chri I mean, guy I've never met before.
    Chris: May your blade be as true as your heart. (winks)
    • The next scene is about Honey, Wasabi and Fred talking how handsome Chris is... and then GoGo gives a disinterested "eh" with a shrug.
  • Karmi fangirling when she sees "Captain Cutie" at Sycorax. Hiro's dialogue is just as hilarious:
    Hiro: (fake deep voice) Yes, it's me! (voice falls in despair) Captain Cutie...
  • And then, Karmi shows that she cares about Hiro, asking "Captain Cutie" if Hiro was hurt.
    GoGo: (with a smug smile) Your friend Hiro is fine.
    Karmi: (embarrassed) He is not my friend!
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the Cold Open: Hiro and Fred tripping over each other scrambling to get out of Fred's room results in Fred picking up Hiro and carrying him like a plank of wood.

"Something's Fishy"

  • Although she's blackmailing them in the next scene, Liv acting like an excited teenage girl and giving high fives to High Voltage is pretty funny, considering how OOC it is for Liv.
  • Aunt Cass being a Shipper on Deck for Megan and Hiro, to his embarrassment.
  • While it also counts as Nightmare Fuel, the scene where the truck driver sees High Voltage eat fish whole is kinda funny, especially the part where he runs away screaming.
    Juniper: (mouth full of fish) What's his problem, Mama?
    Barb: Not a clue, baby. (takes another bite of raw fish)
  • Aunt Cass taking tons of pics of Megan and Hiro before they can go to the high school dance.
    Hiro: (whispers) Sorry about this.
    Megan: My dad did the same thing.
  • Megan telling Hiro he's not a genius at dancing.
  • Wasabi taking the Idiot Ball in one scene:
    High Voltage are mutated into eel-like beings.
    Juniper: We're freaks!
    Barb: It's not so bad, baby.
    Wasabi: It kind of is.
    (Barb and Juniper glare at him)
  • Hiro asks Wasabi and Honey Lemon what their high school years were like. Wasabi recalls all kinds of test anxiety, while Honey had fallen in love with chemistry in high school, and a French foreign-exchange student named Andre.
  • During Barb's song about reforming, Wasabi is smiling widely and clapping to the beat, until he sees Gogo looking at him.
    Wasabi: Sorry. It's catchy!


  • Honey talking in her sleep as Chris tries stealing Globby's glob.
  • On the photos shown on Dibs/Globby's phone, Obake has such an exasperated expression.
  • Honey Lemon and Karmi team up. Honey Lemon is hyper and excessively affectionate. Karmi is... not.
    Honey Lemon: BIO-BESTIES! (engulfs Karmi in an extremely tight hug)
    Karmi: (weakly) I'm really not a hugger...
    Honey Lemon: You are now!
    • What sells it is the frazzled look on Karmi's face. As a blink and you'll miss it gag, she actually manages to dodge one of Honey Lemon's hugs earlier, but fails to do so a second time.
  • When Dibs comes out of the machine, naked but human again, it takes him a moment realize that - naturally - he's completely naked. The group has to find him pants offscreen.
  • Everything about Globby working as Aunt Cass' assistant. The inherent problems with a blob monster working in the food industry don't seem to dawn on anyone but Cass until it's too late. She tries to stave it off by making him wear gloves. The patrons are not amused.
    Patron: (in a pointed, very sarcastic accent) Ma'am, I ordered a green tea. This is purple. And sticky. And gelatinous.
  • Hiro and Baymax spend the entirety of the epic climax stuck to a wall. The others don't remember about them until after it's all over.

"The Fate of the Roommates"

  • Mr. Sparkles' making a smile with Yama's cheeks, to his annoyance.
  • Heathcliff. Just... Heathcliff.
  • Mr. Sparkles escapes on a giant flying robot - which happens to be a chicken for no reason whatsoever.
  • The closest Baymax ever gets to being sarcastic, after spending the entire episode trying to get GoGo to learn the day's Aesop:
    Baymax: (to Yama) You failed because you and Mr. Sparkles- (looks directly at GoGo) -did not communicate honestly.
    GoGo: Yeah. I get it.


  • Due to a combination of her own stubbornness and lots of bad luck, Gogo ends up having a very bad time this episode: injuries both amusing and not, Covered in Gunge and she spends a decent chunk of the episode getting chased around by the monster while the other are completely fine.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but the front plate of Alistair Krei's car reads "Krei-Krei" (as in "cray cray").
  • When Ned Ludd turns back into a human and goes back to his senses, this conversation with Krei ensues:
    Ned: Where in the blazes am I? Wh-what's goin' on? Who won Squirrel Wars?
    Krei: You've been through a lot. But you're safe, you're with Krei.
    Ned: Krei? Hmm. (thoughtfully) I knew a fella named Krei... (sudden scorn) Cheated at golf!
    (Krei frowns in annoyance)
  • The whole scene of Baymax and Mini-Max on low battery. They act like two old friends that had too much to drink:
    Baymax: (gasps, slurring) I just realized: you're like me, only mini!
    Mini-Max: Ha, ha, ha! (slurring) It's true! Everything makes finally sense. (pokes Baymax's belly at each pause). You. Are. The. Best!
    Baymax: (slurring) Bist fump!
    Mini-Max: Hey!
    (Both try to do fist bump, only to miss each other and crash on the floor)

"Something Fluffy"

  • Hiro in the entirety of this episode, being a grumpy Only Sane Man.
  • Hiro, Baymax, and Wasabi trying to catch a Mayoi for data counts.
    • Firstly, Hiro and Wasabi sneak up on a group of Mayoi, but stop dead in their tracks when some young kids swipe them up.
    • When they set up a box over a pile of crackers to lure one in, they wait behind a rock, but a Mayoi eats from the box, right next to Hiro, and steals it. He and Wasabi chase after it, while Baymax slowly follows, but comes back when another one takes the trap bait, but isn't captured, and chased like the first one.
    • They go through an abandoned warehouse, where a bunch of Mayoi are hiding.
    • In the "Mole Hole", Hiro and Wasabi try to catch the Mayoi jumping out of the Whack-a-Fred game, but have no luck; not to mention one jumps into Richardson's hands as he walks by.
  • Hiro walking in Professor Granville's office only to see her pamper a Mayoi like a poodle, causing him to close the door with the never leaving horror on his face.
  • GoGo gushing over the Mayoi. Honey and Fred looking at her in surprise the first time counts as well.
    GoGo: What? I feel things. Sometimes.
  • Not even Baymax can resist how adorable the Mayoi are.
    Baymax: I love him so much.

"Supersonic Sue"

  • Mini-Max twice makes the mistake of pouring water on something electric:
    • The first is when Fred's phone gets hot enough for him to drop it, and Mini-Max tries to cool it down. It explodes.
    • The second is when he's so impressed by Fred letting Richardson keep an extremely rare pair of underwear that his head catches fire, as Fred "blew his mind". He pours water on his own head, and then...
      Mini-Max: [Beat] I am in need of repair.
  • Apparently Sue doesn't wash her hands when in the bathroom according to Baron von Steamer.
    Wasabi: Not cool, Sue! Not cool!

"Lie Detector"

  • Wasabi reveals that he started a competitive ironing team in high school when testing Baymax's lie detector. Gogo knows this is true, because she's seen the trophies.
    Wasabi: Still undefeated!
    Gogo: Because you were the only team.
    Wasabi: Irrelevant!
  • Once Baymax's lie detector is installed, Hilarity Ensues:
    • He tests it out on Granville by asking if there's a test next week. She lies about it, but actually decides there will be, which results in annoyed and angry students throwing paper balls at Hiro.
  • Granville's classroom rules? No food or drinks, no cellphones... no Baymaxes.
  • Hiro and Baymax going "undercover" in a restaurant to spy on Liv.
    • Baymax telling the rude waiter is lying (by saying all the tables are occupied) thus permitting Hiro and Baymax to get a table close to Liv's.
    • Bluff Dunder saying he's a big fan of Liv. Baymax states it's a lie. Liv saying she's also a fan of Bluff. It's a lie, too.
    • The Newspaper-Thin Disguise. Hiro and Baymax bury their noses in menu to avoid being noticed and looking suspicious. Because there is nothing suspicious about a robot reading a menu.
  • Chris annoying Liv by repeating "I know, right?" to everything she has to say that frustrates her.
  • Aunt Cass making Hiro taste her disgusting acai salami bowl. Each time Baymax buzzes when Hiro lies about it being good, he says it's a glitch. Which only results in Baymax buzzing again. And again. To make it even more funny, when Hiro leaves, Cass tastes her own dish and is disgusted by it.
    Cass: I can't believe Hiro likes this!

"Write Turn Here"

  • The entirety of this silly filler episode that's not the ending counts as this.
  • Meta example: the first letters of the episode are... "WTH". Acronym for "What The Hell", which is basically a good summary of the whole episode. Nice play, writers.
  • Each time someone does their own Big Hero 6 fanfic, they do the voiceovers for each character, and even depict Momakase's British accent (except for GoGo, who doesn't bother).
  • Basically all the Noodle Burger copies are just as eccentric, and even more hilarious than the original:
  • This moment:
    Karmi: [tauntingly] Have fun staring at a blank computer screen all night!
    Hiro: [smirks, to himself] You wish.
    [scene cuts to Hiro in his room, staring at a blank computer screen]
    Baymax: You have been staring at a blank computer screen. All night.
    [Hiro falls asleep face flat in Baymax's hand]
  • The Running Gag of Fred catching the destroyed Noodle Burger Boy replicas' feet.
  • When Hiro's first attempt at creative writing is too scientifically accurate, FRED, of all people, notes it as boring. When a quirky, excitable Fred tells you your work is boring, it really means you failed. Hiro then tells Baymax to erase all of it, with Fred encouraging it.
  • Hiro taking the Jerkass Ball and having his fanfictions humiliate, ridicule and stupidify Karmi for no reason other than spite (due to their rivalry). Ryan Potter (Hiro's voice actor) speaking in a high-pitched voice for Karmi will have you roll of laughter. When Hiro proudly asks his friends for feedback, there's a moment of stunned silence... before Fred out of all people tells him his characterization of Captain Cutie is a little unlikable.
  • Honey Lemon being a Shipper on Deck and have her fanfiction basically be a shoujo manga about Hiro and Karmi, with the chibi style inspired from old shoujo animes (such as The Rose of Versailles). Hiro is far from loving it.
  • When Honey Lemon tells Hiro he does like Karmi, she doesn't even have the time to finish her sentence Hiro gives her an hilarious angry face.
  • GoGo's fanfiction having Karmi acting like her, a.k.a being annoyed, snarky and popping bubblegum. Basically seeing Karmi act like GoGo. GoGo then refuses to continue the fic despite Fred's protests.
  • Wasabi's fanfiction having the team depicted as held captive in a clean room for once. He then calls out chibi!Baron Von Steamer for unsanitary lairs like warehouses and abandoned subways. Bonus points for chibi!Karmi having Wasabi's beard for a brief moment.
  • Fred continuing the fanfic mid-fight with Noodle Burger Boy missing to slice them to pieces each time. Fred's fanfic has NBB having a redemption arc, completed with slo mo running.
  • If you thought the other fanfictions were wacky, the number one price goes to Noodle Burger Boy's fanfiction:
    • He has all the other villains and Big Hero 6 alike bow to him after a Dance Off the team didn't even dare to participate him because NBB was "too powerful".
    • Seeing all the chibi characters with NBB's eyes.
    • The cherry on top? While he tells his story, the team got annoyed by his story and used that time to defeat the other Noodle Burger Boys.
      Honey Lemon: But we were still listening, promise!

"City of Monsters"

  • At the beginning, Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon, and Gogo are pretty much stalking Hiro to keep him safe, judging by the danger he endured in previous episodes. Their fake mustaches from "The Bot Fighter" return, even though Wasabi is also wearing a face-concealing helmet so you can't even see his mustache until he takes it off. And Fred eats junk food while hiding in the dumpster.
  • Baymax shows Hiro a recording of Tadashi from during Baymax's development, which ends with this:
    Baymax: Hello, I am... (falls over) horizontal.
  • Wendy Wower trying to annoy Mr. Sparkles by singing her theme song. Unfortunately for her, he actually likes it.
  • The team form a huddle as they plan how to infiltrate Sycorax and rescue Hiro... and are joined by Chris, who just lets them inside.
  • As GoGo fights his Mayoi, Mr. Sparkle complains that "It's no picnic for me either." Camera pulls back to reveal him actually having a picnic complete with 3 Mayoi wearing bowties and acting like waiters.
  • When Ned Ludd confronts Bessie, Wasabi covers his eyes and says "I can't look!" After Ned tames Bessie and pwns the other villains, Wasabi opens his eyes and says "Aw, now I wish I had looked."
  • Hiro and Baymax do their "balalalala" fist bump after destroying all the parasynths... and then a giant parasynth looms over them.
    Hiro: We balalala-ed too soon.
  • While distracting the giant parasynth so Hiro can kill it, what else does Baymax say but "I am a distraction."
  • After the monsters turn back into humans, Orso Knox points a finger at the others and says: "Actually, to be clear: I'm not with them".
  • When Ned tames Bessie and keeps endearingly calling her "girl", Mr. Sparkles lets out this gem:
    Mr. Sparkles: Stop imposing gender on our meteorite bear monster!
  • Juniper asks her mother if they're going back to jail. GoGo approaches them and grins.
  • When Chris hulks out, he ends up so strong that he puts monster Karmi on the ropes. That is, until the real Liv reactivates him. Then his muscles literally deflate, and the pissed-off ten foot tall fish monster sloooowly gets back up. We cut away to the sounds of him getting the stuffing beaten out of him while he Screams Like a Little Girl and goofy music plays.
  • Bluff Dunder is so confused by the night's events that he doesn't even bother to read the report and goes straight to sports.

"Mini-Maximum Trouble"

  • Fred basically doing every bad luck superstition in front of a tied Wasabi to prove him bad luck isn't real. Wasabi, being Wasabi, screams in horror the entire time.
  • The running gag of Fred putting Mini-Max in rice to get rid of the water.
    Mini-Max: Empty carbs can't save you now, Fred!
  • Chief Cruz being an Overprotective Dad and spying on Hiro and Megan in her room.
  • Chief Cruz embarassing Megan by making cookies for "kids who are not in dating age".
  • The team avoiding Megan when she stalks them for info of their real identities.
    • Bonus points goes to Fred, who steals her camera with his Fredmeleon suit. Then this dialogue ensues:
    Megan: Hey, give that back!
    [Fred gives back her camera]]
    Megan: (confused) Thank you? (her camera beeps) Wait, you took the memory card!
    [Megan grunts in frustration and throws her camera in rage, which hits invisble!Fred who screams in pain]
    Megan: Sorry...!
  • Mini-Max's Face–Heel Turn is just as hammy as when he's a superhero.
    Mini-Max: MINIMAXIMUM VILLAINY! Evil dance sequence initiated. (starts to dance on a techno music that comes out of nowhere)
  • When the rest of the team learn about Mini-Max's turn to villainy (through a video message), this exchange goes:
    Mini-Max: (on video) Initiating evil laugh. Mua-ha-ha-!
    GoGo: (cuts off the video) Nope.

"El Fuego"

  • The heroes take down Mega-Yama stopping it from breaking Yama out of prison. Cut to Yama beating the wall and urging Mega-Yama to hurry before Big Hero 6 shows up.
  • Honey Lemon shows her violent streak again, by becoming a loud, aggressive mecha-wrestling fangirl.
  • El Fuego wacking Richardson against the ground to count Uncle Samurai's K.O. time.
  • Fred, in full Large Ham mode, tells Aunt Cass about his vendetta against Richardson.
    Fred: That. Is why. I MUST DESTROY HIM!
    Aunt Cass: (deadpan) Or, you could ignore him.
  • Then, Fred takes the idea to heart, with schadenfreude that wouldn't look out of place on a villain conceiving an especially devious Evil Plan.
    Fred: Aunt Cass, you are simply diabolical!
    Aunt Cass: It's actually just being mature.
  • And Hiro is there the whole time.
    Aunt Cass: I feel for Fred. It's hard to not let jerks get under your skin.
    Hiro: (absently, as he designs his fake-Baymax armor to prove himself to El Fuego) Ah-ha.
  • Some of Hiro's lines when he impersonates Baymax to rile up El Fuego. It's just too hilarious to hear Scott Adsit's Baymax voice normally so friendly and innocent trash talk someone:
    "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your stupidity?"
    "You are about to need medical attention."
    "You have been a bad boy. You will not get a lollipop!"
  • This moment:
    (Gilligan Cut to the team all cramped up in Wasabi's tiny car)
    Fred: (squished up between Baymax and Wasabi) You know what? You guys go, I'll catch up.
    • To make it funnier, it's because at that exact moment, Fred catches the Smart Ball and has the idea to defeat El Fuego by using Hiro's exo-suit.
  • El Fuego throws punches at Baymax. Baymax barely budges, due to being basically a balloon, therefore it has no impact whatsoever on him.

"The Globby Within"


  • Hardlight basically roasting Chief Cruz the whole episode, for example calling him "Chief Snooze".
  • This quote from Hardlight as he captures Chief Cruz as a challenge for Big Hero 6:
    Hardlight: I think you do kinda need their help, noob.
  • Krei offering animals crackers to Chief Cruz.
  • Honey Lemon thinking Hardlight is a street magician. Then Hardlight starts attacking the city.
  • Roddy questions if the team really needs six members and suggests cutting Fred and Wasabi. Fred because he's doing an obnoxious Happy Dance. Wasabi because he's standing next to Fred.
  • Honey Lemon Squees at the chance to use a new fog chemball she's developed:
    Honey Lemon: I've never used one of these outside before!
    GoGo: Nope, just in our apartment.

"The Present"

  • Krei acting like a complete Manchild when Baymax dresses up as Santa for him. The best part is Baymax delivering a line that would be dripping with sarcasm coming from anyone else completely sincerely.
    Baymax: And what would you like for Christmas, 44-year-old man?
  • Baron Von Steamer stops Big Hero 6 and the other villains from fighting during his Christmas party.
    Baron Von Steamer: Christmas is a time for peace... and I'll destroy anyone who disagrees!

"Hiro The Villain"

  • When Hiro is about to state how all this happened, Fred wants to know if he could get some popcorn first. For some reason Momakase, still stuck in the trash bin, throws a knife between Fred and Hiro and shouts "NO POPCORN!"
  • A Rewatch Bonus: When the team is having tacos, you can see Wasabi eating his with a knife and fork.
  • Hiro struggling to use his sonic gloves to hover is good for a few laughs.
    Momakase: You're lucky you're good with tech.
  • While invisbible, we see Momakase's silhouette beat the living crap out of Yama's thugs. Then invisible Hiro enters the scene, and is seen struggling walking over their knocked out bodies.
  • Momakase promises Hiro she won't harm anyone while she escapes and calls him "partner" with a smile. Hiro nervously smiles and answers "This is weird..."

"Portal Enemy"

  • In the Cold Open, Fred suggests adding a lazy river ride to the lair. After being shot down, he gets on the phone to cancel a large order of inflatables.
  • Sirque uses her acrobatic prowess to inflitrate Krei Enterprises and steal its tech literally from behind Krei's back; he is too busy on the phone to notice until she is already gone.
  • Krei's new phone design makes it impossible for him to hold on to it; it keeps slipping from his hand like a bar of soap. Later when Hiro is reveiwing the footage, he repeatedly rewinds the footage of the phone slipping out of Krei's hands until Krei asked him to stop.
  • When Big Hero 6 confront Sirque, she shows off her acrobatics and asks for applause. Wasabi starts to clap, but GoGo stops him.
    Sirque: Rude. No encore for you.
  • As Hiro chases Sirque through the portals, one of the places they end up is the Fredrickson's mansion, having a brief fight before leaving. Heathcliff has been in the same room cleaning while listening to music on his earbuds, oblivious to the whole thing until he turns around and sees the mess they left behind. All he can do is give a weary sigh, as if this type of thing happens all the time.

"Fred The Fugitive"

  • The beginning of the episode is golden. To recap, Fred is bored when there's no crime to fight. He then stages 3 fake emergencies to get the team's attention:
    • First, he says that Obake is back and then he pretends to be him, trying and failing to act like a generic supervillain.
    • Second, he gets Honey Lemon to pretend to be an alien and say there's an invasion coming. The funny part comes from how she accidentally falls down, and says she said still had fun.
      • The incorrigible Nice Girl Honey apologetically tells the others that Fred really wanted her help.
    • Third, he pretends to be Bluff Dunder reporting a catastrophe. The backdrop then falls behind him while Mini Max pretends to be a monster. Heathcliff casually cleaning in the background adds to this. By the time his clip is over, everyone left.
  • As Fred is about to get caught, GoGo suggests they should get a new Lizard Guy.

"Major Blast"

  • The moments of Fred being distracted are absolutely funny. It's especially relatable for viewers with ADHD.
  • The Reveal of Major Blast's true identity:
    Major Blast: Frederick. I am your mother.
    Fred: [after a short moment of silence]: ... what?
    • Later when Mrs. Frederickson explains her motives behind Major Blast, her voice trafficker is still on and makes her talk with a funny voice. She hits it with her fist to deactivate it and keeps talking like nothing happened.

"Fear Not"

  • Supersonic Stu is, as he quotes from other people, "as smart as a bag of hammers", but he's definitely entertaining.
  • Wasabi is asked to fill in for a teaching assistant who specializes in quantum physics, but he has a fear of public speaking. He tries yoga after Baymax suggests it, but freaks when he imagines being in front of a large crowd. Fred's even streaming it on his phone, while Wasabi is now stuck in an uncomfortable position.
  • The first time Wasabi goes to the class, he's looking down at the floor to keep his fear under control. But one girl asks him why he's doing this, and when he looks up at the students, he freezes up. 6 hours after class is out, he's still there when Granville comes in. She tells him that all first-time teachers feel stage fright.
    Granville: I trust that wasn't a problem for you.
  • Wasabi asks GoGo how she's so confident, and she encourages him to use reverse psychology for his fear. He's reluctant, and she agrees that it wouldn't work, followed by him insisting that he'll try it. GoGo's smug grin when he realizes sells it.
  • In the second try, he ends up daydreaming of making it big as an SFIT professor; there's even a statue of him on campus, which he admires in his elder years. He ends up staying long after class again.
    Wasabi: (exits the classroom, as Granville walks by) 6 hours?
    Granville: Yes.
    Wasabi: Okay. (walks away, mopey)
    • To add on, Fred streamed him again from outside the classroom door, and the video has Wasabi standing stalk-still, his eyes wide and bloodshot.
  • Baymax uses therapy for Wasabi, advising him to envision a peaceful beach. Wasabi's overactive imagination botches this.
    Wasabi: A conga line of people are coming from the ship! They're all looking at me! They want me to lead the conga line!! THEY WANT ME TO LEAD THE CONGA LINE!!!
    Baymax: Your visions are vivid, and... detailed. (Wasabi is now gripping his arm in fear, almost completely horizontal) I have concerns.


  • Krei boasts about his new line of automated garbage trucks with the slogan "The future is garbage." Cut to one of the trucks failing to pick up a garbage can.
  • As Hiro and Baymax sneak into Krei's office, they are discovered by Judy... who lets them continue because she's on break.
  • Hiro is about to hack into Krei's computer when he notices that he has his password on a sticky note on the side of the screen: PASSWORD. When he has to make a hasty exit, the note is blown away into the wastebasket. Krei can't find it and has to ask Judy for it, leading to a brief Who's on First? exchange.
  • When Trina orders Noodle Burger Boy to destroy Hiro and Baymax, it leads to an epic sequence of Noodle Burger about to attack... and uses inoffensive ketchup splotches that doesn't phases Baymax or Hiro. Cue Facepalm for Trina.
  • Mini-Max: "I'm not a sidekick. I'm more of a front kick!"
  • Mini-Max playing keep-away with Roddy's keys to the Mega-Max.
  • After the Megabots replace the Obake chips of the Buddy Guardians with Baymax chips, one of the Buddy Guardians pulls a lollipop out of nowhere to give to a civilian.


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