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Headscratchers / Big Hero 6: The Series

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  • How did Lenore Shimamoto survive the Great Catastrophe? It's been a while since I've watched the finale, so I may be missing details, but this always bugged me. From what we see in the flashback, Lenore was inside the hidden laboratory when the star was produced. In fact, it looked like it was forming in front of her! Obake, at the very least, was in a room he designed to survive the star, Lenore had no such planning and she was right in front of the danger. How did she manage to live?
  • A late season 1 episode has Fred turned off from Noodle Burgers due to the Noodle Burger Boy's mascot turning evil. But in season 2 he goes straight back to Noodle Burgers even though NBB is still evil.
    • Maybe he just thought he just likes them too much to give them up. It happens in real life, people who a love certain food items will try to give it up when learning the company producing it has done something unethical, but return to it when they start missing it too much.
  • Sirque's portal tech is very vaguely explained, bringing up a lot of questions.
    • What happens to the balls that Sirque leaves behind on one side of the portal? Do they just lose their effects and become garbage, or can they be reused somehow? If they do, how does she collect them again?
    • How is it decided where the other side of the portal opens? Is there another set of balls there? Or is the target programmed into the original balls?
    • Where does she get a new set of balls for opening a new portal? Does she just have a near-unlimited number of them?

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