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You're doing amazing, sweetie.


    Season 1 

"Baymax Returns"

  • Just as Yama is about to have Fred and Hiro "disposed of", Wasabi, GoGo, and Honey Lemon make a Big Damn Heroes entrance.
  • Honey Lemon freezing Yama.
  • Hiro creates another memory chip for Baymax, and it's even red like his previous "destroy" chip, but his one is labeled with a man in a cape and is designed to make Baymax more proactive in helping people. It's his "Hero" chip.
  • Baymax being able to infiltrate the other bootlegged Baymaxes due to having the same exoskeleton.
  • Honey Lemon takes out one of the bootlegged Baymaxes using the chemical metal imbrittlement that she demonstrated in the original movie. What's more, she does so nonchalantly.
  • Honey Lemon saving Baymax right before he can fall a great height.
    Honey: We're not losing anybody on my watch!

"Issue 188"

  • Hiro saving Karmi right before she can be crushed by a falling lamppost.
  • GoGo finding the solution to defeat High Voltage by herself by using insulated chemicals on her disks, dodging High Voltage's attacks and deprive them of their energy orb in less than 10 seconds.

"Fred's Bro-Tillion

  • The costume montage along with the glorious music in the back as the team fly to Fred's house. Sure, it turns right to funny when they see Fred being given a pedicure by Heathcliff and Fred was not in danger in the first place.
  • There is something satisfying to see Stan Lee's character, Mr. Fredrickson, punching a Yeti in the face.
  • Fred defeating Baron Von Steamer using the dance lessons Baymax taught him.

"Food Fight"

  • Aunt Cass beating her "Food Fight" opponents without cheating, which Felony Carl didn't even think was possible. She even turns her foes' cheating against them once or twice.
  • Aunt Cass being the one to defeat Momakase by using the net she trapped her in and the anti-gravity.

"Muirahara Woods"

"Failure Mode"

  • Globby gaining better control of his new powers and escaping with the painting after an episode of failure.
  • Hiro getting back at Karmi after she spent the whole episode humiliating him and taking a picture of her baffled face at his project who got a better grade than hers.

"Aunt Cass Goes Out"

  • Mel being able to tie and gag Krei and impersonate him. Considering it happens off-screen, Mel must've been pretty strong to be able to neutralize Krei with ease.
  • Aunt Cass' driving skills while escaping the Buddy Guards.
  • Hiro being able to ride a Buddy Guard while the latter tries to make him fall.

"The Impatient Patient"

  • Even if they're mostly comedic, The Mad Jacks are still competent at what they do and actually give a hard time to the team.
  • Baymax being able to send all three Mad Jacks into the water by simply sending his rocket-fist at the right place.
  • Hiro defeating Greg Jack from his bed with his robot double and while simultaneously drinking tea.

"Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkles"

  • GoGo running a killer death course while dressed as a piece of broccoli.
  • Hiro pulling a Big Damn Heroes and using Skymax to rescue Mochi before his rocket can be sent to space.

"Killer App"

  • GoGo catching and carrying Honey Lemon while dodging flying cars.
  • Hiro and Wasabi defeating Noodle Burger Boy by changing armors and making Noodle Burger Boy not predict their next move.

"Small Hiro One"

  • The beginning of the episode. Hiro is able to dodge Mega Yama's attacks and sends Yama flying.
  • Hiro inflating Baymax with helium and using him as a giant balloon to observe Trevor's workshop and detect Yama's presence in the process.
  • Wendy Wower and the kids distracting Yama and his goons while Hiro infiltrate Trevor's workshop.
  • The gang who unwillingly created an undefeatable version of Mega Yama using their field of research. Even them admit they did a too good right job.
  • Hiro thinking of using baking soda and vinegar from his time with Wendy Wower to defeat Mega Yama. He basically defeated him with a science project volcano.

"Kentucky Kaiju"

  • Hiro vs. Noodle Burger Boy. Sure, it quickly backfires when Hiro loses control of his super strength device, but seeing him defeat Noodle Burger, who can guess your moves before you do them, was pretty awesome when it happened.
  • Hiro tricking the Kentucky Kaiju robot into frying itself on power lines.

"Rivalry Weak"

  • Obake being able to trick Honey to give him Shimamoto's journal by wearing a Paper-Thin Disguise.
  • The team defeating Obake's deadly rooms' riddles.
    • Just the fact that Obake had the time and energy to design booby-trapped rooms who are exact replicas of the originals (Fred's room, Hiro's room, Lenore Shimamoto's lab). Give that man credit for that.
  • Obake being able to leave the room without a trace after a Badass Fingersnap that turned the lights off.


  • The action scenes from this episode were awesomely animated. Bonus points? It was made by the Nørlum studio, who quite visibly got way better in animating the series' drawing style.
  • GoGo chasing Momakase through San Fransokyo and using Karmi's vertical skating. And succeeds catching up to Momakase.
  • Momakase vs. Honey and GoGo. Sure, Momakase ends up defeating them, but that woman really is a One-Woman Army.
  • Baymax's Overdrive Mode, hands down.
  • Honey and Fred using the ice shower from Karmi's fan-fiction to escape Akuma Island right before it can be destroyed.


  • Mini-Max himself. That bot is a freaking Pintsized Powerhouse.
  • Fred defeating the hacked security bots with a Logic Bomb. Though it's mostly a funny moment.

"Big Hero 7"

  • Barb and Juniper successfully stealing Krei's batteries.
  • High Voltage's Dance Off in Joe's Diner.
    Joe: [looking around his destroyed diner] What a mess. But what a performance!
  • Barb showing herself as an Action Mom by car surfing and backflipping over Baymax like it's no biggie. She might be the oldest and most well-endowed part of the duo, she can still pack quite a punch.
  • Also counts as heartwarming, Barb zapping Richardson Mole after he insults Juniper's dancing. The whole episode where Richardson was acting like a manipulative Spoiled Brat, you can't say he didn't deserve it.

"Big Problem"

  • The introduction of team's new ultra-armors.
  • Karmi beating Orso Knox by herself with her extradermal nanoreceptors right before he can attack Liv Amara.

"Obake Yashiki"

"Countdown To Catastrophe"

  • Obake prompting Hiro to build the energy amplifier he needs simply by having Globby attempt to steal a Krei prototype and knowing Krei would explain it to him. That man is a goddamn mastermind.
  • The fight scenes of Obake's team vs BH6 at SFIT.
  • Obake stealing Hiro's energy amplifier and using Buddy Guards to escape while doing a farewell salute to Hiro.
  • Globby putting a Heel–Face Turn, globbing Momakase against the wall and escaping with Hiro.
  • Wasabi vs. Momakase, Round 2. Wasabi definitely Took a Level in Badass after watching fencing instructions online and even gives Momakase a hard time during their fight.
    • GoGo saving Wasabi, whom one of his laser blades has been destroyed and finds himself corned by Momakase, by throwing disks linked with ropes at her, tying her hands and wrists and immobilizing her.
    GoGo: [smiles at Wasabi] I got bored waiting on the bus.
  • The team and Globby working together to save San Fransokyo from Obake's star.

    Season 2 


  • Hiro saving Krei's life and defeating Trina and Noodle Burger Boy with his mini-magnet in the space of a single minute. Sometimes you forget this kid is only 14.

"Prey Date"

  • Karmi finding a cure for Knox in a few seconds by herself. Even Liv is impressed.
  • Orso Knox saving Hiro's life twice.
  • Karmi basically being the one to cure Knox, even if it was branded as a "teamwork" at Sycorax.

"Something's Fishy"

  • Barb's Villain Song, enough said.
  • Honey Lemon using a giant gummy bunny as a force field shield to protect her and her friends against High Voltage's electricity.
  • Even if they escaped not long after, seeing Fred use his new chameleon suit and temporarily restrain them was pretty awesome.


  • Honey being able to transform Globby back into a human. Seriously... Globby is only made of glob and the neurotransmitter. She was able to actually transform all that glob back into the same human Dibs once was. That's pretty impressive.
  • Globby's fight with Nega-Globby. Not only is it a contender for one of the best action scenes in the series and scored with some serious Awesome Music, it's also a perfect example of just how much Globby has come into his powers, going from a Harmless Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain to a powerful Bunny-Ears Lawyer.
    Globby: And that is how you monster.
  • Honey Lemon using her updated cannon chem-ball purse against Nega-Globby in the same scene.

"The Fate Of The Roommates"

  • Heathcliff's driving skills where he easily avoids hitting a woman with a baby and avoids a truck like it were nothing.
  • Heathcliff was simply awesome this whole episode. Especially when racing through San Fransokyo as part of his undercover act.
    Heathcliff: Be a dear, and fetch me an ice tea.
  • Gogo revealing her new hyper-cycle. If not from Mr. Sparkles calling his airship, she would've caught him.


  • Mochi vs. a mutated Ned Ludd. The small, obese cat makes the giant hibagon run for his money.

"Something Fluffy"

  • Even if she's a villain and it's frustrating since we're rooting for the heroes, you gotta admit Liv's Xanatos Gambit was well-taught and happened exactly like she wanted it to.
  • Seeing Karmi, the designated Damsel in Distress, join the action and help Big Hero 6 and Liv turn the Mayoi back into their infant form.

"Supersonic Sue"

  • Mr. Frederickson pulling a Big Damn Heroes and saving the team from Baron Von Steamer and Supersonic Sue.
    • For extra awesomeness points? It's his first physical appearance that's not on a screen, and he kicks all the ass that needs to be kicked. Badass indeed.

"Lie Detector"

  • There is something quite surprising and awesome about seeing Chris tackle a bear. Sure, he's scientifically enhanced, but still... a BEAR.
  • Baymax Playing Possum and knocking a punch on Bessie when she expects it less. Even Hiro didn't see that coming. Sure, Bessie escapes with the gold soon after, but that doesn't take away how awesome that moment is.
    Baymax: I lied so you would not get hurt.

"Write Turn Here"

"City of Monsters, Part 1"

"City of Monsters, Part 2"

  • Hiro's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Karmi is half Heartwarming and half this: he totally wins the fight without doing anything violent. When Karmi comes back to her senses, she protects Hiro from the hulked-out Chris, and Diane, who effortlessly mind-controls all the other monsters in this episode, can't regain control of her.
    • Right afterwards, Karmi violently attacking Chris to protect Hiro. Even if Chris eventually gains the upper hand, Karmi refuses to give up.
    • Though offscreen, Karmi beating the living lights out of Chris after the real Liv transforms him back.
  • Di unleashes monsters on the city to occupy the team and stop them from interfering with her. GoGo, Honey, Wasabi, and Fred initially lose while divided, but then, GoGo takes the lead and decides to get all the monsters in one place so the heroes could fight as a team. By now, they can do it efficiently, and they pull several Big Damn Heroes moments for each other. Namely:
    • As Bessie hits Fred with her magnetic breath and Orso Knox is about to tear him apart, Honey jumps in front of him and stops Orso Knox with a chem-ball. Momakase then cuts through it, only for Wasabi to catch her claws on his new shield.
      Wasabi: Breach this!
    • As High Voltage lounges at them, GoGo joins the fight and hits them with her hower-disk. Mr. Sparkles follows her with Mayoi, so Honey Lemon creates a slide for them and buries the other villains in Mayoi.
  • Fred laments that his usual plan for sticky situations is to rely on Hiro's plans, which isn't possible because the latter is being held captive by Di. Fortunately, he comes with with the idea of having Mini-Max call Ned Ludd over to tame Bessie, showing that he's capable of good plans in a pinch.
  • Bessie uses her magnetic breath to deactivate the bio-chips of Di's minions, which wouldn't have been possible if she didn't turn Bessie into a bear.
  • Momakase and Di believed the rest of the team would be useless without Hiro and Baymax, and they proved them wrong, showcasing Character Development along the way.
  • The real Liv wakes up after being terminally ill and spending a long time in stasis and looks as disorientated and exhausted as one would expect, and the first thing she does? She saves Hiro from being mutated, deactivates Karmi and Chris' implants and chews out her Evil Doppelgänger for what she had done.

"Mini-Maximum Trouble"

"El Fuego"

"The Globby Within"

  • The second fight against Nega-Globby is just as awesome as the first one, if not more so. It starts with Globby turning into an egg-shape and emerging in butterfly form, and ends with him getting absorbed by Nega-Globby in a reversal of "Nega-Globby"... only to transform into a mass of huge spikes, impaling Nega-Globby from the inside and splitting him into pieces small enough to be contained. And once again, it's all set to some Awesome Music.


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