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Nightmare Fuel / Big Hero 6: The Series

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Season 1

  • Everything about Obake. An Evil Genius mastermind who stays in the shadows, and whom the team doesn't know the existence of until mid-season... while Obake knows every single detail about them. The idea of someone stalking you while you're oblivious to it is pretty creepy.
  • Granville hopelessly seeing her former student lose himself to villainy and feeling guilty about it.
    • Turns to Tear Jerker after what happens to him in the end of "Countdown To Catastrophe".
  • In "Baymax Returns", Yama tries to throw people off buildings. One of them being Hiro, a 14 year old child.
  • Dibs transforming into Globby is quite chilling. He just sees an enormous gelatinous form envelop him and literally becomes him. Which means, Dibs' bones and muscles are gone and he's now 100% glob. Hearing his screams and seeing the shadows on the wall showcases us Dibs went through a lot of pain during that transformation.
    • He even admits he forgot how much it hurt in Season 2.
  • In "Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkles", one of Mr. Sparkles' obstacles in his course is a giant blender that GoGo almost falls in. Not that Mr. Sparkles minds.
  • On multiple occasions, Momakase tries to slice her opponents in half with her Absurdly Sharp Blades.
  • Noodle Burger Boy after Obake kidnaps and hacks into his code. One who was once a cheerful fast food mascot, turns into a creepy henchman while remaining his cheerful personality.
    • Can detect your every movements before you even do them, which makes him next to impossible to defeat.
    • His creepy shining red eyes before shooting his lasers at you. See for yourself.
    • His Evil Laugh: a robotic monotone "hee-hee" giggle.
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  • Though it happened off-screen, Karmi gets kidnapped by Momakase and Bound and Gagged in a dark abandoned room, her only hope being Big Hero 6. When Hiro finds Karmi on the camera screen, she's got her eyes closed. She must've been terrified out of her mind.
  • In "Obake Yashiki", after visiting a haunted fun house, the gang (sans Hiro, who sees Tadashi, and Baymax) see their worst fears right before them. It can't be fun.
    • Hearing Obake's voice come out from the Tadashi hologram's mouth is definitely disturbing.
  • Baymax under the influence of Obake's chip somehow comes off as worst than his berserker phase in the movie, as he can still talk but the things he says in his characteristic voice and cadence are just chilling. The below sentence makes Hiro comply immediately.
    Baymax : Resisting will result in further injury.

Season 2

  • The Big Bad of Season 2: Liv Amara, a kind Benevolent Boss by day, a ruthless sociopath by night.
  • High Voltage's mutation thanks to Liv Amara in "Something's Fishy". Just when they wanted a normal life, they got forced by Liv into this mess...
    • The first signs of their mutation. They get hungry for fish... which they eat whole. The truck driver they steal the fish from is horrified and runs away screaming.
    • Their transformation into eel-like monsters. They are visibly distressed and horrified by their monstrous appearances. Juniper panics and goes to her mother for comfort, who while trying to comfort her daughter, is just as terrified as her.
      • Their final transformation into Animalistic Abominations. They look more eel than human, and are kept into Liv's aquarium as pets. Talk about disturbing.
  • Ned Ludd's transformation into the Hibagon in "Muira-Horror!" definitely qualifies.
  • Chris breaking into Honey Lemon's lab to steal a sample of Globby in "Nega-Globby!". He hides in the shadows until a security drone comes in, and gets the jump on it by shoving his arm straight through the robot. He then steals the sample he came for. The creepiest part is that the whole time Honey Lemon is sleeping in the room. Who knows what he would've done if she woke up.
  • If you thought the series would lighten the Body Horror on the monster transformations if they happened to a a main character, think again. Karmi’s - who is to note a young teen like Hiro - transformation is at least as horrific as Ned Ludd’s if not more. Much of it is covered by a half-Gory Discretion Shot, but at one point her jaw detaches and twists into something resembling a clawed mandible onscreen.
    • There's also Hiro, suddenly stuck in an enclosed space with a feral ten foot tall monster with claws that can rip through stone. He quickly goes from trying to help Karmi to trying to run for his life, but doesn't get far...
    • He also would have suffered the same fate as Karmi if not for the real Liv Amara surviving.

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