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The Wild Mass Guessing page for Big Hero 6: The Series.

For theories on the film and possible sequels, click here.


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    In General 

Mochi will actually become Rocket Cat in the TV series
We know this aspect was originally planned for the movie, but was scrapped because it didn't fit in with the story. But people looking forward to the movie—especially in Japan, it seems—thought the idea was a good one. Not only would this bring back an aspect of the movie that was dumped, but it would also provide a legitimate reason for adding a Team Pet.
  • Mr. Sparkles does put Mochi inside a rocket in "Mr. Sparkles Loses his Sparkle".

Hiro's mild peanut allergy will be brought up in an episode.
  • Confirmed: Episode: "Killer App", Baymax mentions Hiro's peanut allergy after Hiro says he ate an almond butter and jelly sandwich.

Tadashi will appear in the TV series... a Posthumous Character. There's a chance he could be alive - ALA Callaghan - but for the sake of the other characters' development and the film's theme of loss, it's unlikely for now.
  • Confirmed. He's so far appeared in video recordings from before the film in Baymax Returns and Failure Mode, and Hamada family photographs in the background of other episodes.

Lenore Shimamoto's machine is some sort of seismic device
  • Close. Her machine produced an artificial star, which malfunctioned and blew up, causing the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Professor Aquino from the manga adaptation will appear.

Minimax from the manga adaptation will appear.

The series will establish a Rogues Gallery for the team, all loosely based on other Marvel comics characters
The Big Hero 6 of the comics, to put it frankly, didn't exactly have their own Doctor Doom, Magneto, or Red Skull. So it would make sense for this to be the case, especially since the movie is set in its own Marvel world, Earth-14123. No limits are in place here! Any character, well known or obscure, could be radically altered to fit as Big Hero 6 villains. Perhaps even superheroes.
  • For some added Gut Punch, some of the villains will take inspiration from, or even outright be, some of Fred's favorite comic book heroes.

Abigail will return, feeling burdened by the consequences of her father's actions.

Callaghan will return.
As an Anti-Villain, since he probably hates himself and nobody trusts him anymore. However, someone (like Obake) may try to recruit him, but he will reject the offer. If he goes free, then he'll either go alone or he'll return to prison because nothing major that changes the events of the first film can happen (or at least just have Callaghan out of the picture) if Disney decides to make a sequel movie, since he'd look like a Karma Houdini to viewers or would alienate audiences that don't watch the show (like in The Lion Guard in regards to Scar).
  • Confirmed. His actor will reprise his role in the first season.

Professor Granville is a secret villain
It still has yet to be explained how she came across the 'paperweight.'
  • Jossed. It's revealed in "Countdown to Catastrophe" that the 'paperweight' is the result of the accident caused by Obake back when he was her student.

Joan Lee would have voiced Fred's mom if she lived.
  • Jossed. The actor was already cast at the time of her passing.

There will be an episode where at least one of the characters will find themselves in the costume of their original Marvel counterparts. If it's Honey Lemon, it will be Played for Laughs and she'll note how unnatural it feels.

There will be an arc that starts dropping hints that Tadashi is alive.
Hiro will see a mysterious character hanging around in the shadows with Tadashi's build and voice. It will later be revealed that it's a psychological tactic being used by their enemies, who have deduced who Hiro is, and are using his brother's death to mess with Hiro's head.

It will be revealed that Obake started the fire at SFIT.
During the flashback in the original movie, Callaghan seems alarmed by the fire. It may well be possible that he didn't set it, but instead merely took advantage of the situation. This will mean that Obake is responsible for Tadashi's death.
  • It will also be revealed that he did it to lure Granville back to San Fransokyo.

Silver Samurai and/or Sunfire will appear thanks to the Disney-Fox merger.
Fox had the rights to those two characters and only exclusively used them in X-Men movies, but if the merger succeeds.....
  • It will be revealed that, at some point, Krei made a "better version" of some Yashida product like he did with Hiro's microbots and Silver Samurai is Shingen Yashida trying to exact revenge.

The void accessed via Krei's portal will be revisited
The episode will involve the original Baymax.

Karmi will be a Plot Twist character.
Just like Varian from Tangled: The Series before her.

Karmi's expertise in viruses will come back to bite everyone in the ass.
It's bound to spell out trouble. Perhaps at the end of Season 1, Obake unleashes one of Karmi's viruses onto the city, causing Big Hero 6 to race against time to find a cure. This could also be in league with the above WMG.

The writers will pull a Varrick/Zhu Li and have Krei/his assistant be a thing.

Karmi will be Hiro’s love interest.
I think this is possible for multiple reason, 1. Karmi is shown having a crush on Hiro’s superhero self 2. Karmi mistakenly believes that Hiro has a crush on her (something which she teases him about) and 3. She is the only character that is a similar age to him.

So I think if Hiro does get a love interest she’s the most likely candidate (unless they introduce another character to be a love interest but I personally find that unlikely because as I’ve just stated it seems they’ve already set her up as a possible love interest.)

  • Possible, in "Small Hiro One" Hiro and Karmi have a sweet moment when he comforts her after she admits she was kicked out of the lecture. They do realize that they were being nice to each other and gag about it afterwards but still...

We will deal with a clone army.
Wasabi suggested that cloning is possible explanation for Clark Kenting and it was rejected for being unable to fool a genius biologist and not for it being impossible.

An episode will delve into the team's backstories and their relationship with Tadashi before the events of the film, revealing that he was the one who brought them together
  • Gogo acts tough to cover up insecurities brought on by a tragic event in her past. Once she got into SFIT, she met Tadashi and finally made a friend. This explains why she could relate to Hiro the most - they both had a Friendless Background and Tadashi was the first person they could trust.
  • Fred was bullied for being a nerd (like Hiro) but a comic book nerd. He became best buds with Tadashi, to the point he was the only person prior to the film who knew Fred was rich.
  • Honey had a secret crush on Tadashi and planned to reveal her true feelings to him...on the night his younger brother got accepted into college.
  • As for Wasabi, I guess he had a similar past to Fred, but with his OCD instead of the comic book obsession.

Granville is somehow connected to Obake.
Why else would she have the paper weight that he's after? Or how else would Obake know she has it?
  • Semi-Confirmed. Though not outright stated the Yearbook photo in "Small Hiro One" shows here with a student that seems to be Obake in the past.

Globby will later become a hero.
Simply because he really just isn't all that evil in the first place, and because he would find there are a lot of benefits to being good.
  • Confirmed. In "Countdown to Catastrophe", he is appalled by Obake's plot to destroy San Fransokyo and teams up with Big Hero 6 to save the city.

Granville's personality change was connected to Obake's Start of Darkness
  • Looks to be confirmed.

In "Small Hiro One" Granville is revealed to have been a teacher at SFIT far longer than originally implied (Hiro believed her to be a new hire). She is also called "The most caring, lovely, enthusiastic teacher ever" and seen with her hair loose. We also see a picture of someone who we're pretty sure is a young Obake. Now while she does care about her students, she shows it in a different way, not an obvious one that would earn the previously referenced description, nor does her loose hair match the tight bun she wears as the stern authority figure we know today. So why did she change? Perhaps Obake was a prised student and she gave him too much encouragement and she feels guilty, perhaps she was directly 'hurt']by her former student and closed herself, or maybe their connection isn't only historic... Also why did Hiro think she was a new hire.

  • Confirmed, Obake was Granville's former student, and he was in an accident because Granville was too trusting of him.

Karmi will not be Hiro's love interest.
Hiro is uninterested in her and Karmi is uninterested in the real him. Since this is coming from the Kim Possible creators, there will probably be some Reality Ensues or deconstruction of the Loves My Secret Identity trope or something in that not every boy and girl has to be paired up and they won't always like each other as any more than friends.
  • Well, episode 20 is introducing a new young female Bot fighter. It is possible that she will be Hiro's Love Intrest and Karmi was a decoy.
  • I would likely call the idea of Trina being Hiro's love interest jossed. Being as she's working for Obake, his 'daughter', and a robot
  • Given that Trina now seems to be a super villain out for vengeance for her father's death I think that ship is mostly sunk, but we now also have Megan, a normal kid, who also seems to be a potential Love Interest.

Liv Amara was the one that turned Orson Knox into a mutated creature.
Orso Knox is an investor, not a scientist. For him to have been transformed into a monster, someone else would have had to cause it. Liv Amara's field is biotech, and she had connections to Knox. During the attack on the gala, Knox zeroed in on Amara (granted, this could have been because he considered her his appointment's objective like Krei and Fred). Finally, once Nox had been sedated, Amara stated that her company had the facilities to help him and would take him in. However, no one had informed her that the mutant was once a person, let alone a male.
  • Also, her company's name is Sycorax, who is a minor, unseen character from The Tempest, the Shakespeare play that Knox quoted repeatedly throughout the episode. It is likely not a coincidence.
  • "Prey Date" confirms that she was responsible and is now blackmailing him to force him to invest in her company.

Trina (the new female bot fighter being introduced in episode 20) and Karmi will have a Betty and Veronica type relationship Hiro
Just an idea I had. Perhaps they might both get Ship Tease with Hiro and go on to form a Betty and Veronica type Love Triangle with him. It may be a tad early to say who will be the Betty and who will the Veronica but personally I would guess Karmi being the Betty on account of her both being a fellow student and child genius and also knowing Hiro longer. With Trina being the Veronica due to presumably meeting Hiro for the first time in Episode 20 and also being a bot fighter and thus someone less 'upstanding' than Karmi so to speak. But it is always possible it could end up being the other way around or something else entirely.

There will be an episode involving an Alternate Timeline
Krei builds a portal similar to the one in the film that brings our heroes to a parallel timeline, one where Big Hero 6 was never formed. In this timeline, Hiro took it upon himself to avenge his brother's death, and without his friends around, he was able to pull a Face–Heel Turn and succeed. Now he roams San Fransokyo with kill-programmed Baymax to seek out criminals.

The good Hiro and Baymax will save the day by confronting their Knight Templar counterparts. Hiro will try to convince his evil self that what he's doing goes against everything Tadashi expected, giving the latter a Heel Realization. Alternate Baymax, once returned to healthcare mode, will then give him a hug, establishing the moral that Love Redeems. Gogo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred also train their counterparts to be superheroes and ultimately form a new Big Hero 6 in this timeline.

Gogo saw the horror movie "Leprechaun" starring Warwick Davis, and was traumatized by it
This would explain her fear of leprechauns mentioned in "Obake Yashiki".

Megan Cruz goes to the same high school Hiro attended in his pre-teen years
It would be pretty interesting, wouldn't it?

Chief Cruz has ulterior motives for wanting Big Hero 6 out of the way
He's secretly a bad guy and that's why he keeps villainizing them, even after they saved him.

Chris was hitting on Wasabi to get his guard down.
Considering it doesn't go anywhere, this is a possibility.


    Season 2 
The next main villain will be named after a yokai again.
  • Kitsune
  • Oni
  • Kirin
  • Akuma
    • I’d say Jossed by virtue of the fact that there was already an Akuma Island in the movie.
  • Tengu
  • Hibagon
    • Ned Ludd was the Hibagon, but he doesn’t strike me as a Big Bad.
  • Mononoke
  • Yurei

Trina will be the main villain of Season 2.
  • Jossed. She's a regular antagonist, but Liv Amara is the Big Bad.
  • There's still chances she might become more of a main antagonist in the second arc of S2, though.

Yama will be the main villain of Season 2.
Dragon Ascendant, anyone?
  • Jossed. Liv Amara is the Big Bad, and so far Yama only appeared once, yet again as a minor antagonist.

Liv Amara will be the main villain of Season 2.
She'll be focused on Baymax. She only feigns lack of interest.
  • Looks to be confirmed by the synopsises of the new episodes, although whether or not she's interested in Baymax is unclear.
  • She is the villain but she doesn't care about Baymax

Karmi will be abducted by another villain who believes the fanfic about her being Captain Cutie's girlfriend.
The villain will see the picture she took in her debut episode and, unlike her, recognize Hiro. The villain will mock her for not connecting the dots. She'll spend a whole episode trying to come to terms with the fact.

If Fred's Dad appears again, it'll be nothing more than silent cameo appearances.
The executives will decide that he shouldn't be voiced at all rather than have someone other than Stan Lee voicing him.

  • Jossed. Fred's Dad appears in "The Fate of the Roommates" while still being voiced. Stan Lee recorded his lines before his passing.

Karmi will be unwillingly mutated.
For whatever reason (perhaps Karmi views Sycorax as a Broken Pedestal after discovering their crimes), Amara decides to mutate her and then blackmails her into continuing to work for her in exchange for a cure.
  • This is greatly similar to what Amara does to Orso Knox... hmm...

Amara is another Shadow Archetype of what Hiro would become if limits weren't set.
The whole "progress at any cost" thing sounded like someone that didn't get provided with limits.

A Major Part of season 2 will be finding a cure for Liv's mutations.
With Liv mutating these villains, it's strongly important that Big Hero 6 must the cure for these mutations. It is also possible that Karmi will have a major role in finding that cure, since she's working for Liv.

Liv Amara will be a Complete Monster.
Both previous Big Bads have ultimately been sympathetic characters, Yoaki had been a Tragic Villain already, moreso when he returned in the show, the anger having worn off and allowing him to express remorse over what happened to Tadashi and Obake became sympathetic in the last act with the reveal that he was unable to tell right from wrong because of brain damage stemming from an accident in his past. Therefore to make Liv a Contrasting Sequel Antagonist there will be nothing to excuse her actions, no understandable cause, no inability to understand that what she was doing was wrong, she knows that what she's doing is wrong and doesn't care.

Liv Amara is building an army of mutant monsters.
So far, nearly every episode featuring her involved turning a person into some kind of superhuman monster. She's planning to build an entire army of them to take over San Fransokyo - which she will do in the Season 2 finale.
  • Sycorax is the Bigger Bad from Shakespeare's The Tempest and Caliban's mother. Caliban's goal was to create an army of creatures just like him.
Liv Amara is a clone of the original Liv Amara.
The original Liv Amara suffers from a horrible health condition that currently isn't curable. Before putting herself in cryosleep or in a stabilizing chamber, she made an artificial human in her own image except perfected and gave her orders to find a cure for her, but if a cure isn't possible, then her next task is to turn everyone into monsters so that her supposedly hideous condition can be considered the ideal body. This explains why she's so perfect (and perhaps a similar reason why Chris seems superhuman), why she doesn't want to fail the mysterious woman in the chamber, and why her motivation is to improve upon Mother Nature (because the original Liv Amara was naturally disadvantaged) at any cost. This would also make her further of a foil to Obake, who wanted to destroy and rebuild the world because he saw it as imperfect and wanted to make it perfect just as his natural mind was.
  • Confirmed as of "Lie Detector", though it can also be a twin.

The real Liv Amara isn't evil
Given how evil imposter!Liv is, it'd be an interesting twist if the actual Liv was as nice as the former pretends to be. If that's the case, then when she inevitably wakes up, she'll be horrified at what her replacement has done.
  • It would make sense, considering she and Professor Granville know eachother for some time, meaning the real Liv Amara was friends with Granville.

The Liv Amara impostor is the real Liv Amara's twin who impersonates her sister while trying to find a cure for her.

Due to being identical, the fake Liv can easily pass for the real Liv and it'd explain why her company sees her DNA as Liv's (since they share the same DNA). It'd also explain why the fake Liv is so devoted and caring to the real Liv. Perhaps a part of the fake Liv's act of villainy comes from the fact her sister's illness had caused her wrong through her career, and she uses her sister's name in order to both cure the illness and take back at those who brought her sister down, but she uses drastic ways for it. She's basically the Evil Twin.

Krei's Character Development will be important.
Now that he's becoming more pleasant to be around, Big Hero 6 will see him more as a useful ally than a burden. Krei and Hiro's growing relationship also seems to be paralleling Amara and Karmi's instantly hit off relationship, and by things are looking, Amara and Karmi's relationship will inevitably fall apart due to betrayal by the end of the arc while Krei and Hiro will see each other as trustworthy allies by the end of the arc. Krei and his company will be instrumental in the fight against Amara and Sycorax somehow.

Trina and Noodle Burger Boy will team up with Big Hero 6.
Liv Amara and her monsters will become a threat big enough that forces these two villains into an Enemy Mine situation where they need to work together with the heroes. This may be temporary or (like in Globby's case) can lead to a full Heel–Face Turn.

What exactly is Chris?
From what is revealed in "Lie Detector", the Liv Amara we've seen in the past episodes appears to be a clone of the original. So where does her assistant Chris fit in the equation? What is known so far is that he is an Artificial Human created by Liv and essentially her Human Pet - to the degree where she refers to him as her pet and he acts like one. Taking this one step further, he might have started off as a simple Lab Pet which, after being subjected to genetic experimentation, was turned human and granted human intelligence as well as superhuman abilities. He would then work alongside Liv as either a debt of gratitude or a deal in exchange for being turned back to normal. After Liv's scheme is uncovered and she is defeated, he will take over as the next season's villain.

Karmi will try to get revenge on Liv.

If she's ever mutated by Liv, Karmi will have a The Dog Bites Back moment where she goes through an Unstoppable Rage and gets back at Liv for manipulating her, using her projects for her own selfish desires, faking their friendship and mutating her. Perhaps if her mutation causes her to go feral and lose her common sense, she might almost kill her and will be stopped in time.

    Original Source Material 

Karmi is this continuity's version of Marys Iosama.
  • There's nothing supporting this idea other than they're both female "friends" with some level of Ship Tease (and it's different for the both of them, too: Karmi is Loves My Alter Ego and tsundere while Marys is a Nice Girl in a Puppy Love romance) with Hiro.
  • Though it seems that parts of Marys Iosama's personality traits has been split into Karmi and Megan respectively.

Marys Iosama's show incarnation will be an antagonist.
Or at most an Anti-Villain. Rather than his Distaff Counterpart, Marys (under a new name and backstory) will provide a moral contrast to Hiro Hamada by using her technological genius to commit or aid in criminal activities. Her debut episode will go like something along these lines: Introduced as an ordinary schoolgirl who is facing danger from a gang, likely Mr. Yama's, and needs BH6's help. By the halfway point, the threat is revealed to be a con: She is not only the gang's willing techie, she is the daughter or younger sister of Mr. Yama. After Marys reveals her allegiance and refuses to give up crime, she enters a playful rivalry with Hiro, a la Batman and Catwoman.
  • If you mean Karmi, so far, she just seems to genuinely admire Big Hero 6 and so far just seems to be a Grumpy Bear than flirty. Jossed, at least for now.

The TV series will have Shout-Outs to Kim Possible.
Since it's being made by Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley.
  • There'll be advertisements of Bueno Nacho and Club Banana.
    • Fred might even be a frequent customer of Bueno Nacho. He'll might say something like "I could sure use a naco right about now."
      • Coincidentally, in the pilot, he talks about going to a noodle taco restaurant (Yaki Taco), but it unfortunately doesn't seem to be related to Bueno Nacho.
  • Mention of Rodeghan, which is a democratic nation instead of a monarchy, as a nod to Prince Wallace's intention of turning his country into such at the end of "Royal Pain".
  • Someone has a poster of Team Possible.
  • Fred having a poster or action figures of Team Go and the Fearless Ferret. The latter's TV show will be shown on TV or mentioned.
  • Coco Moo
  • Everlot
  • Snowman Hank
  • Cuddle Buddies
  • Well, it's confirmed Christy Carlson Romano will guest-star as a character named Trina in an episode, so that's as close to a reference as you will get.
  • Forget Shout-Outs. There'll be a crossover with the movie.

There will be a crossover with Tangled: The Series.
Big Hero 6 already established that unrefined portal technology does exist (and could be refined later in the show), and Tangled could find a way using magic (if Tangled takes place in the same universe as Elena of Avalor—which had an episode about the portal between the jaquin world and the normal world—then that answers that question). In addition, both Big Hero 6 and Tangled are slated to have sequel stories in Kingdom Hearts III, which might mean something.There won't be any legal issues, because they'll just use the same loophole that Lilo & Stitch: The Series (and Hercules: The Animated Series & Aladdin: The Series) must've had because they were Disney spinoff shows.
  • While that would be cool, I don't think that would happen. Any Disney or Pixar film that has a leading female protagonist will have the movie and any media associated with it having premieres and encores on Disney Channel and Disney Junior due to how Disney XD targets only boys.
    • Okay, while the channel does try to appeal to boys, it isn't operating under a Girls Have Cooties mentality. If so they'd reject anything with a female in the main cast, which isn't the case.
      • Maybe it's not the girls with cooties mentality, but it is rather strange. Since the channel became Disney XD in 2009, only one of its shows has a female as the lead protagonist. All of it's other shows (animated and live action) all have guys in leading roles. Also of note is how Disney Princess movies and projects have never aired on the channel (Toon Disney did air them, but not Disney XD), and how of all the Pixar films released so far that have aired on tv (as of November 2017), none of the ones with female lead roles have aired on the channel.

There will be a reference to Meet the Robinsons.
Since both are about taking place in the future and fancy gizmos and moving forward. Might not be a shared universe (unless it's an alternate version of Meet the Robinsons) since Big Hero 6 diverges from the real world timeline in the early 20th century while Meet the Robinsons diverges 20 Minutes into the Future.
  • While a fair argument in the second half, we don't know what the rest of the world Meet the Robinsons takes place in looks like. It's entirely possible that San Fransokyo is part of the world; just never discussed because it wasn't important to the plot of Meet the Robinsons.

There will be a crossover with Lilo & Stitch: The Series.
Lilo & Stitch is established to be a fictional work in the Big Hero 6 universe, but maybe there's an episode about the "surfing the television" plot. It doesn't matter if the show hasn't been on real-life television recently, Ben 10: Omniverse had a crossover episode with The Secret Saturdays despite the latter show having been off the air for a few years by then.

There will be reference to other works of Man of Action Studios, as tribute to Man of Action for creating Big Hero 6 in the first place.
There could be references to how cool it would be to transform into a number of different superheroes using a fashion accessory, using nanites as biotech weapons, and so forth.

There will be an Avengers: Infinity War-type Crisis Crossover with various Disney XD shows.

The main bad guy will be...
MARSHAL LAW. Dear god he's owned by Marvel, lives in an AU San Francisco and can serve as a great villain and a way to redeem his as a charecter (lets be real The Marshal Law comic made less and less sense as it went on).
  • ...Since when did Marvel own Marshal Law? Also, the alternate history aspects of that series might make it a little difficult to work into Big Hero 6. You'd have to involve Multiverse shenanigans at the very least if someone wanted to use him.

There will be a Marvel's Spider-Man crossover.
Mostly because I really would love to see this, and not based on any sort of facts.
  • Norman Osborn will try to lure SFIT students into Osborn Academy and/or buy Baymax and the micro-bots.
  • Osborn and Krei will enter some shady deal together.
  • Obake will learn Spider-Man's identity.
  • Considering that Osborn is either dead or on the run He's unlikely to have a role in any potential crossover.
  • If the 2 shows take place in the same world then SIFT and Horizon High could both go to some kind of expo.
  • If they are not then the Silent Sparrow portal, or something similar, could cause some kind of dimension hopping and either Big Hero 6 get stranded in Spidey's New York, or Peter could get stuck in San Fransokyo.

There will be a Anime/Doraemon crossover.
Both are talking about a cute, chubby robot helps a boy's life:
  • Baymax is given by Hiro's big brother; and Doraemon is given by Nobita/Noby's great-great-grandson.
  • Hiro is a genius; Nobita is a book dump.
  • Both Hiro or Nobita faced losing their robot pal and it returns.
  • Wasabi and Gian/Big G are big guy, with opposite personality.
  • Fred and Suneo/Sneech are living in a wealthy family, and (once again) in opposite personality.
  • Honey Lemon and Shizuka/Sue are cute girl, Go Go Tamago's capable as like as less-girly Dorami.
  • Just like Baymax has Mini-Max, Doraemon also has Mini-dora!
As Doraemon's international broadcast powered by Disney Channel, if Shin-Ei Animation would like to team up with Disney Animation Studio, that can being true.
Obake is going to recreate the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1904 using
the giant magnet he stole from SFIT and the blueprints found in the diary of Lenora Shinamoto in the Season 1 Finale.
  • Why else would the episode be titled Countdown to Catastrophe?

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