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The Wild Mass Guessing for Big Hero 6.

For theories on Big Hero 6: The Series, click here.

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The sequel will more explicitly admit that Fred used to be addicted to something.
  • We're getting to the point where younger films will admit more serious things. By the time of the sequel, Disney will finally be able to admit Fred was an addict.
    • It would actually be slightly cool if Fred is a recovering addict, because of all the intelligence and willpower it takes to admit to and overcome an addiction of any kind.
    • Or in a bold move, Fred's addiction was tied to an eating disorder and he starts struggling with it again from the stress of being a superhero, providing the lesson that eating disorders don't discriminate and can and will strike anyone.
    • Or it will admit that he is off it but still struggles and it's his friends who help him stay off it.

The sequel will take place around 5 years after the first film

Marys Iosama will appear in the sequel.
Hiro really needs a friend his own age. Plus, they're both so freaking smart. She can demonstrate her genius with her cyberglasses.
  • She could be a potential love interest for him. She may even be given a race lift to add more diversity.
    • She could start off as Mission Control and end up having a Big Damn Heroes moment with some of her gadgets when the rest of the team gets captured by the bad guys.

San Fransokyo's criminal underworld will be explored.
  • It was originally planned for the first film.
    • Seems to be confirmed for the series.

If there's a sequel, it'll pull a Winter Soldier, and have Tadashi return as a villain with no memory of who he is.
  • The fandom seems to be demanding it, after all.
  • Or a Protoman, he knows exactly who he is and what he's doing as a villain.
  • Just drop Elsa in here. She is just as much a superhero the abovementioned guys are, and the portals in the first movie makes the perfect explanation why Elsa is pulled to the post-modern world. Canon Welding maybe, but it will be epic.

In the sequel, Tadashi will be revealed to be alive, but will have had some kind of physical/mental injury to explain why he hasn't come home.
It could be amnesia, or being in a coma, or being unable to communicate with people. The point is, Tadashi as Hiro and everyone else knew him will still be gone, and they'll have to learn how to deal with a Tadashi that looks like the same person but isn't.
  • While neither a Jossing or a confirmation, it's worth noting that a promotional image for the series has Tadashi redrawn into the style of the series and acting like his usual self. Even if we assume there will be lots of flashback episodes, it's really unusual for an extremely minor character (which someone who only appears in flashback would be) to have a full character design and appear in promotional material.

Depending on the nature of the sequel's villain, Hiro will be forced to consult an imprisoned Callaghan.

Alistair Krei is as bad as Callaghan claims and will be the villain in the next installment
Callaghan's warnings that he has more ambition than morals or attention to detail is not without merit, despite the fact Callaghan himself was the one who stepped off the deep edge, not Krei. Krei's attempt to walk off with a microbot at the fair is actually foreshadowing where his character is headed in a future installment.
  • Not only that, but Krei will become the new Yokai.
  • He will be responsible for the rise of the scientifically-enhanced villains showing up on the show.

The next villain will use a combination of the team's weaponry, including microbots.
Just think how cool that would be. Combining the laser blades, roller blades, metal armor, rocket jets, a flamethrower, AND those chem-balls in one package. This villain could be a Blood Knight simply testing his power against the heroes, or maybe doing it to test them and make them stronger. Or both.

The Fujitas will appear as the villain's henchmen.
They were originally intended as Yokai's. The bot fight ringleader, due to having a resemblance, could be one of them.
  • Confirmed so far for Yama in the series.

Hiro developed a new combat chip post-movie.
After Hiro rebuilt Baymax's body, he didn't just recreate his combat chip, but made a new one based on non-lethal martial arts, e.g. Taiho-jutsu. After what almost happened with Callaghan, Hiro never wants to make Baymax hurt anyone again.
  • I would suggest otherwise. Hiro have to rebuild Baymax from scratch in his brother's lab, and this suggests that he's got his brother's complete blueprints, source code and documentation of Baymax. Given his intelligence he is more than capable to merge the source code of his battle programming (which he created without accessing Baymax's original source code, and is a set of programs that is binary patched into Baymax's system previously instead of properly integrated from the source code this time) into the source code Tadashi previously written and make sure the core programming enforcing the three laws at any time cannot be unloaded like the original Baymax. (Baymax went rogue when Hiro unloaded the healthcare chip and hence programs stored on it, and took the supervisor with it.)

Fred’s mansion will become the team's base of operations.
They'll have built an X-Men-style HQ.

We'll see Fred's family's island.
And end up having it be their primary base of operations.

We'll see more of Fred's father.
His superhero past will be explored.
  • One of the villains the team goes up against will be one of his enemies from his superhero days. And in a moment of Genre Savvyness, said villain is able to work out at least Fred's real identity and delightedly targets his old rival's son, forcing the team to rescue Fred.
  • Confirmed for the series.

Aunt Cass will have more screentime.
She was originally to be included in the "Tadashi is here" scene.
  • Since Tadashi's death, she is the only family member Hiro has left. So the sequel's main villain will kidnap the person Hiro holds dearest in an attempt to make him surrender, subsequently leading Cass to discover the superhero double lives of her nephew and his friends.
  • She'll have a Love Interest.
    • If this turns out to be true, there will likely be an arc where the team suspects said Love Interest of being some kind of criminal and depending on how optimistic the show ends up being, will be proven wrong or right.
  • There'll be a flashback episode showing how she came to raise Hiro & Tadashi.
  • There will be more focus on how she is coping with that heartbreaking loss (since it was pretty much glossed over in the film).
    • Upon discovering the identity of the BH6 gang, she will initially respond with shock. Being very overprotective of Hiro, she gets utterly horrified about Hiro and the others throwing themselves into danger, especially since she's already lost one nephew. She'll also be revealed to be a Stepford Smiler, secretly lamenting on how she could have prevented Tadashi's demise.
    • If Tadashi turns out to be alive, she's be shown dealing with the upheaval that event would cause, resulting in a lesson about how even something truly positive can have negative side effects and those can take a while to resolve.

Honey Lemon will be revealed to have been in love with Tadashi, and possibly dating him at the time of his death.

The portal technology will be used to introduce the concept of alternate universes and time travel.
  • This could allow for canon welding with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or at least crossovers with other Disney XD series.
  • Hiro could be presented with the dilemma of whether or not to prevent Tadashi's death.

The portal technology will take the team to an alternate universe where Hiro died in the fire instead and Tadashi founded Big Hero 6.
Alternate Tadashi could've killed that universe's Callaghan, fracturing the team and leading to him becoming The Atoner.
  • The alt. Baymax could have black colored armor.

The next movie will continue the themes of revenge and loss with the villain being a victim of the fire Callaghan started.
It could be anybody. A janitor, a security guard, an innocent bystander... Anyone. Bonus points if they saw Callaghan sneak in the building and tried to see what he was up to, or was about to get Tadashi out of the building before it blew up. This will be the Darker and Edgier villain(more like Anti-Villain) for a Darker and Edgier sequel. The fire, let's say, cost this man (woman?) 2 or more of his/her limbs in addition to other obvious damages, and uses technology to get back what he/she lost, (perhaps derived from Hiro's minibot/magnet tech) but like Callaghan, is so filled with rage he/she also uses his tech for revenge, but UNlike him, only wishes to see Callaghan suffer, and shows an unwillingness to kill Hiro and his friends, or innocent bystanders, seeing those as lengths only the truly evil like the one responsible for Tadashi and his/her mutual fates would go to. Also, Tadashi may be a Red Herring, or even the actual villain himself.

Abigail will visit her father in prison.
This fic is closest to that WMG

Abigail will play a major role in the sequel.
After she learned what her father did, she will come to personally apologizes to Hiro for indirectly causing his brother's death. Maybe she could even become the Seventh Ranger of the group.

"Ba-la-la-la" will incorporated into future works.
Specifically, the team will use it as a catchphrase.

Tadashi will eventually come back to life as the Ebon Samurai.
If he doesn't return as Sunfire, this is the next most likely possibility.
  • While neither a Jossing or a confirmation, it's worth noting that a promotional image for the series has Tadashi redrawn into the style of the series and acting like his usual self. Even if we assume there will be lots of flashback episodes, it's really unusual for an extremely minor character (which someone who only appears in flashback would be) to have a full character design and appear in promotional material.

The identity of Yokai will become a fad for criminals
After Callaghan is arrested, the identity of Yokai, especially the mask, eventually becomes a widespread moniker among the criminal underworld of San Fransokyo, with everyone from low level hoodlums to Large Ham Yakuza bosses using the moniker when doing crimes. In fact, there will be a scene where Callaghan is seen as being treated with adoration and respect by his follow inmates for essentially nearly destroying one of the biggest corporations in America. Callaghan, for his part, tries to isolate himself as much as possible and avoid the news just as much while downing depression medication like candy.
  • Or maybe a street gang who idolizes him and all dress in theme, similar to The Jokerz from Batman Beyond? Extra points if the majority are the thugs from the beginning of the film.
  • In another similar way as of Gotham, The Death of Jerome Valeska doesn't mean his reign of anarchy is finished. His actions of charisma and murder contaminates the local atmosphere of Gotham, prompting them into similar homicidal manics. As Jerome's father said his legacy will be "Death and Madness".
  • Possibly confirmed. The Big Bad of the television show goes by "Obake", following the Theme Naming of yokai.

A sequel will feature a plot based on the original storyline of Sunfire and the Big Hero 6.
The Big Bad will be an incarnation of the villain Everwraith, portrayed here as an Evil Luddite who seeks to destroy San Fransokyo, the tech capital of the world, with, naturally, some kind of super weapon. Operating as his Dragon will be an Expy of Sunfire, who turns out to be a Brainwashed and Crazy Tadashi with radiation powers.

Baymax MK. 1 will come back from hyperspace, operating only on his combat chip
Since his medical chip was removed and sent back, so if the remaining shell somehow comes back from hyperspace he'll be in the "Baymax, Destroy" mode, making him a dangerous adversary. The only problem is that he won't have much battery power, but that can be worked around.
  • Holy shit, all those microbots are in there with him...
  • Sort of confirmed. In the plot for the Big Hero 6 world in Kingdom Hearts III, the original Baymax is overtaken by darkness and wrecks havoc on San Fransokyo. Whether or not this applies to future installments of Big Hero 6 itself remains to be seen, however.

If a sequel comes out, the next villain will have been involved in the death of Mr. and Mrs. Hamada
  • And might have rescued Tadashi for their own purposes, temporarily forcing the team into a Fighting Your Friend scenario, revealed by Baymax scanning their opponent and declaring said opponent to be Tadashi. The team reacts in horror, since Baymax's scans are recognized as 100% accurate in-universe and have been proven as such through testing, but Tadashi, currently Not Himself for whatever reason, doesn't let up, forcing them to fight back until they are able to free him. The trauma then could set up a conflict where Tadashi, wishing to make up for all the hurt he caused, tries to join the team but is repeatedly rebuffed before finally being assigned the roles of Mission Control and Team Medic, eventually upgrading to Combat Medic.

The sequel has Krei resurrecting the microbots for his own use... dredging up the one in the glass case that Hiro dropped into the bay.
  • Or this could be done by a new character, possibly even an Evil Counterpart or Shadow Archetype to Hiro (a kid with Hiro's intelligence and skills but a neglectful home and either a Big Brother Bully or a lonely childhood due to being an only child, traits that drove the kid into hating the world and wanting to bring it to its knees).

The sequel has Fred finally living out his Kaiju fantasy...
...with his own Mo Cap Mecha! Semi-Confirmed in Episode 14 of the Series, "Kentucky Kaiju".

They get a Cool Car for a team transport.
And to settle any arguments about who gets to drive (you KNOW Wasabi and Gogo will get antsy about that), they recruit Abigail!
"Oh, you can call me Abi. All my old co-workers did... until they were all retrenched and the island our institute was on got quarantined... which I only learned about after having been sucked into limbo for something like five years..."

The sequel will feature a set of Psycho Rangers for Big Hero 6
Personally I'm thinking this would be another excuse for Disney to introduce more real world science as they've already done. Personally I only have an idea for two members (Feel free to add any of your own ideas if you're so inclined).
  • Wasabi's counterpart will use circular saws lined with industrial diamonds which grind away anything almost as fast as Wasabi's plasma can cut.
  • Gogo's opposite will be straight Super Speed, but wearing a pressurized suit like fighter pilots. This protects their vital organs from the increased G-force of their speed and thus lets them run faster than Gogo can skate.
  • Alternatively, this villain team could have powers and gear that can counter Hiro's team; Wasabi's counterpart can create force fields that he cannot cut through, and whereas Wasabi makes clean, precise cuts, this guy/gal can use the force fields as gauntlets to violently smash things.
  • Gogo's counter could be a teleporter that can keep up with her easily. He/she could otherwise be very slow and unathletic though, so even if he/she can move from place to place in an instant, cannot physically fight well, whereas Gogo is quite athletic and quite a good fighter.
  • Honey's could be someone with some kind of freezing power that causes chemical reactions to stop or slow down. Or, someone with power over electromagnetic waves, able to both see them and shoot laser beams (possible through a visor a la Cyclops).
  • Fred's opposite could be an actual superhuman/genetically modified person with real super strength. As an addition, he or she could have a personality opposite from him, either as a kind of Jerk Jock who dislikes comics and sci-fi, OR as the worst kind of cynical, caustic nerd who's only interested in dry data and facts, to counter his laid back geekishness.
  • If Hiro and Baymax have an opposite, who will likely be the Big Bad of the sequel, he/she could be a cyborg, a horrific, unhealthy blend of flesh and machine as opposed to the harmony Hiro has with the medical Baymax.
    • For added horror, this team was put together by the people who killed Hiro's parents and have been instructed to eliminate Hiro (and Tadashi if he turns out to have survived) by any means necessary.
  • And, just for laughs, even Mochi will get one— a robotic cat armed with things like "explosive hairballs" and "laser claws".

There will be a crossover with Avengers Assemble.

There will be a huge crossover movie, with Big Hero 6, The Incredibles, and Ben 10.
While not Disney, Man of Action Studios created and owns Ben 10 so they can do whatever the hell they want with him, it will be the cartoon counterpart of The Avengers films.
  • Unlikely and also in one point wrong, considering it's Cartoon Network, and hence Warner Bros., who owns the rights to Ben 10, hence the various sequels series after the original.

In a sequel movie, cartoon episode, or comic, Fred becomes a "real" Kaiju.
He is obsessed with them, and in his obsession wants to be one "for real" so he seeks out a scientist in secret. But while he wants to be the "Heroic" type of Kaiju, the MadScientist who wants to cause chaos and destruction, turns him into a destructive one. Seeing as he told no-one about seeing the Mad Scientist (because they'd stop him), the team doesn't know it's him, causing the risk of possibly killing their friend without ever knowing.

Fred and Baymax get a bunch of specialized suits.
The most obvious one would be the amphibious function suit, with Fred getting a Loch Ness Monster type and Baymax getting the deep sea rescue outfit. Of course, Fred makes a joke about selling more toys and the other guys just look at him funny.

Heck, they all get new suits.
  • Wasabi would get something with heavier armor and more head protection, basically a Date Masamune thing with his arm-blades upgraded to shoot as well.
  • Gogo's new suit folds up into a more streamlined luge thing.
  • Honey gets a super-thick bomb disposal armor suit, solely for protection of course, that she can purge or 'explode off' to reveal her old suit.
  • Hiro goes all the way with his own flying suit, more armor protection, plus a Powered Armor in the shop.

Or instead of sequels, they go straight to the series.
Maybe animated by Nerd Corps or something. With Slug Terra ended, they need something to compete with the Nickelodeon kids-action belt dominated by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), The Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Dragons: Riders of Berk, freaking Power Rangers....
  • Confirmed. A TV series will arrive on Disney XD in 2017.

Biotechnology will play an important role in future works.
Tadashi says that he programmed Baymax with over 10,000 medical procedures. Considering what a work of art Baymax is, and how Tadashi would never leave such a thing to chance, it’s not very likely that Tadashi came up with this knowledge via his own research. Instead, he got the word of a licensed doctor. Baymax’s co-creator/Dad no. 2 will be either an important side character or a villain.

The sequel will be titled "Big Hiro 6"
Reflecting the fact that by then Hiro will be morbidly obese, due to the convenience/constant temptation of living directly over a pastry restaurant and unresolved grief issues about his brother.

Hiro will recreate his Microbots as his own special tech power, instead of being solely The Kid with the Remote Control.
It's his tech, after all. After Yokai is defeated, he can reclaim his own creation as a power for acts of heroism.

Yokai did not start the fire at the showcase.
Despite Hiro’s assumptions, it’s only explicitly revealed that Yokai/Callaghan stole the microbots, not that he caused the fire. Whoever actually caused it and why will come into play in future works, and possibly give a reason for Tadashi being revealed to be alive.

"Tadashi is here" is a Literal Metaphor
We've seen that Baymax can scan the entire city and everyone living in it. Odds are, if Tadashi survived the fire, Baymax will be the first to know. Or he's already found out and is keeping it secret for reasons to be revealed in the sequel.
  • He has actually survived the fire thanks to one of the inventions in the building. He has now been given radiation powers as well as Identity Amnesia, being taken in by the potential villain and turned to the dark side. He will have no memory of his brother or friends, Baymax having to choose whether to serve them or his creator. Later on, Baymax will help him come to his senses similar to how he helped Hiro in the first film, restoring his memory and persuading him into joining the team.
  • Or Tadashi comes back but won't be the main focus of the sequel. Instead, there will be a stinger ending where he is hidden among a crowd, acknowledging how proud he is of the team, none of whom (except maybe Baymax) are aware of his presence. At least until another sequel...
    • While neither a Jossing or a confirmation, it's worth noting that a promotional image for the series has Tadashi redrawn into the style of the series and acting like his usual self. Even if we assume there will be lots of flashback episodes, it's really unusual for an extremely minor character (which someone who only appears in flashback would be) to have a full character design and appear in promotional material.

I see it going down like so: The enemy, who/whatever it is, will be charging at Baymax, who is on the ground, unmoving. Hiro will say something along the lines of "Baymax, I believe our combatant has suffered a heart attack." That will be the cue for Baymax to go into a fighting stance. He will rub his palms together, and that's when we see sparks covering his hands. He winds up the attack, then, in his classic monotone: "Clear." BOOM.

The sequel will be regarding the microbot production facility in the abandoned factory.
Callahan set it up and it is not destroyed in the events of the first movie. Both Krei and Hiro will attempt to take control of the said facility, for his nefarious purposes and for the protection of the public respectively.

The sequel will sport a Upgrade vs. Prototype Fight between generations of microbots.
The first-generation microbots Hiro invented and later mass produced by Callahan contains no authentication (or cryptography) at all so whoever with the appropriate controller can pilot them. In the sequel Hiro will learn from his failure of including the authentication feature in his second-generation microbots. Should Krei managed to get hold of the production facility of the first generation microbots there is going to be a hard fight — the production facility manufacturers microbots faster than Hiro's home lab, but they can be taken over by Hiro's controller, while Hiro's smaller amount of second-generation microbots will ignore any command from Krei.

The turning point here is that someone from Hiro's side found out a way to upgrade the firmware of the original microbot with the second generation's software and Hiro's authentication key, and Big Hero 6 team can slowly take over Krei's bots. However this process is painstakingly slow (since cryptographic algorithms are notorious for being huge if you want them being really fast, by replacing computations with look-up tables) and requires pilot to perform some certain moves to allow the microbots to enter the firmware upgrade mode.

The team will have an unexpected ally...
Namely the desk sergeant who Hiro and Baymax met at the police station, the one who didn't believe Hiro's story about "a man in a kabuki mask" attacking Hiro with "an army of tiny robots controlled by ESP". He'll recognize "Balloon Man" in some news footage of the team stopping a runaway cable-car, figure out that Hiro and his friends at San Fransokyo Tech are the mysterious "Big Hero 6", and will become the team's Friend on the Force.

The sequel will have another death
An ally experiences a traumatic loss similar to Hiro's. Or the new villain turns out to be a Complete Monster and endures a Disney Villain Death. Heck, maybe they'll go with both.

Yokai will become an Anti-Hero
He will break out of prison, no longer the man he once was now that he knows Abigail is alive. However, Hiro still isn't fond of him, and in return, Callaghan only grudgingly respects the team. He will act as a neutral force, acting on his own, but helping the Big Hero 6 when he knows he has to, in a Proto Man sort of way..

The emergence of scientifically-enhanced villains is inspired by Yokai

Baymax will get an armor upgrade that makes him look like a dragon
As a reference to his dragon from from the original comics.

Abigail will become more significant as a character
The TV series could involve her having to deal with the atrocities her father has committed. She would feel a deep sense of guilt whenever she encounters Hiro and the gang, holding herself responsible for the fire, even though they hold nothing against her. She also worries that she might end up just like her father. Baymax will help her through means of therapy.
  • This would eventually lead to her becoming an ally of the team. Tying into the Yokai becoming an Anti-Hero theory above, he presence in the team will add to the reason why he never directly confronts them.

Minimax from the manga adaptation will appear.

Hiro and Gogo will develop a romance in an inevitable sequel.
At the very least, Hiro starts developing a crush on her and she ends up feeling awkward about it cause he's a kid.

The car crash that killed Hiro and Tadashi's parents will be revealed to have not been an accident.
For some reason (possibly to get their hands on the boys to use their intelligence for their own ends), someone arranged an "accident" for the parents but were unable to fully achieve their plan. Later they did a similar thing with the Expo fire but used the fire to cover their tracks kidnapping an injured Tadashi (who got hurt during the fire after being abandoned by Callaghan). Hiro will discover the truth about his parents' death and when the team goes after those responsible, they find and rescue Tadashi.

Hiro discovers Tadashi is alive by being kidnapped by a villain who's been seeking out geniuses for nefarious purposes.
Hiro gets nabbed during a late night lab session and comes to in a room with one other occupant, who has their back to him. Hiro makes a snarky comment, prompting his cellmate to recognize his voice and reveal themselves as Tadashi. The brothers secretly work together to create a distress signal and are rescued by the team, along with the other captives. Hiro will bluster about how BH6 saved him once and slipped him their contact info in case it happened again but eventually Tadashi will find out the truth and after trying and failing to convince his brother and friends to stop, will demand to be let in, starting off as Mission Control and eventually upgrading to Combat Medic.

In the sequel, Fred will fully be able to turn into a lizard.
In the comics Fred can turn into/project some sort of Kaiju avatar thing, and after the talk with his dad at the end of the first movie he will learn that he really can do it, not just the suit. Or that in a few years he'll be able to do it. Maybe it's down to a scientific accident at that SHIELD base he grew up at.

The sequel/series will do a Broad Strokes of the Big Hero 6 plot in Kingdom Hearts III.
While they won't outright adapt it as it is due to non-Kingdom Hearts audiences probably finding it extremely weird and offputting as well as preventing Continuity Lockout, there will be an episode where something causes the original Baymax body to become evil and crazy, and returning to the material world to wreck havoc. Rather than Sora, Goofy, and Donald stepping in, however, the characters figure out how to solve the problem on their own. There will be a nod to Kingdom Hearts in something about interdimensional crossing and/or friendship across different worlds while they're at it or something.

Callaghan will become a good guy.
But he'll work from the shadows and give them help anonymously (considering he wouldn't be that Easily Forgiven), sort of like Mr. E from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Tadashi will come back... but something's a little different about him.
During a battle against a Gadgeteer Genius villain, they'll end up rescuing some hostages before he/she gets away. turns out that one of the hostages is Tadashi himself, much to their confusion. Despite Baymax freaking out that Tadashi's vitals are low, the team welcomes him back and plan to catch up on all their adventures so far, and bring him back to Aunt Cass. However, Tadashi starts forgetting certain things or claiming to remember things he wasn't a part of, making everybody suspicious. Gadgeteer Genius villain comes back to the Hamada house later that night and reveals the awful truth that Tadashi is a fake (whether or not the robot knew "You're so gullible for believing he'd return!" or not "How dare you use me against this poor family!"). The team beats him, the Tadashi robot is destroyed, but Baymax quietly reminds Hiro that Tadashi never left him at all. "Tadashi is here."

Silver Samurai and/or Sunfire will appear thanks to the Disney-Fox merger.
Fox had the rights to those two characters and only exclusively used them in X-Men movies, but if the merger succeeds.....

     First Movie 
Agent Phil Coulson will make a cameo.
Or even better, Nick Fury will appear in the movie, connecting the Disney Animated Canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The microbots had an intelligence of their own and they were manipulating Callaghan the whole time because they found him to be an easy person to manipulate

Musical numbers will be added following the success of Frozen (2013).
It is very possible that when Disney decided to do Big Hero 6, they would not add any musical numbers and songs as it would be difficult to insert them in a movie that is not based off a fairy tale. But with Frozen's success, Disney will change their mind.

A Samurai Cowboy will play a big role.
Big Hero 6 takes place in a city based off Japanese and American locales. He/she might not be a Samurai Cowboy exactly, but he/she could model him/herself after one.
  • Never shows up in the film. Maybe in a sequel?
    • Actually, this troper is fairly sure she saw the words "Samurai Cowboy" on a poster or a box in the background, but nonetheless, it does not play a big role.

This movie was pitched as 6teen if the whole gang had super powers.
  • That's why GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred, and Professor Callaghan are so similar in both design and personality to Nikki Wong, Caitlin Cooke, Wyatt Williams, Jude Lizowski, and Ron the Rent-a-Cop, respectively.

The movie will take place in the same Shared Universe as Frozen and Tangled.
Thus setting up a future movie where the heroes of these three and possibly other movies team up to battle a greater evil. Besides, everyone is doing it these days!
  • San Fransokyo seems too advanced to be in the same time as those two movies, though it could take place in the same universe, just several decades into the future.
  • More correctly, the movie will be set 20 Minutes into the Future in the shared universe of Frozen and Tangled, or even as a parallel the second decade of the 21st century, our time. They might even make Shout Outs to both films are historical references (ie their version of ''Tangled'' being based on true events and Arendelle being a world power thanks to Elsa).
    • Well, Prince Hans is wanted in San Fransokyo...
      • And at one point Baymax destroys a statue of him.
    • Maybe San Fransokyo found some Australium?

Lightsabers will be involved.
Well, Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars, and Hiro's already built a robot, so might as well!
  • Given how Wasabi's blades work...semi-confirmed, maybe?

The main villain will be an old and Evil Luddite.
The main character is a Child Prodigy whose favored field is technology, so an elderly curmudgeon who hates new tools could serve as a fine Foil to him.
  • Expanding on this idea: the main villain will be a far more intimidating version of Turner D. Century, who is listed on the Evil Luddite page. He's owned by Marvel, and making a ridiculous time-based villain genuinely cool has been done before by their Distinguished Competition.
  • Jossed. The main villain is a foil to Hiro, but in an entirely different way. He actually embraces technology to accomplish his goals.

The film is a test-run/proof-of-concept for more Disney animated Marvel comics adaptations
The use of a less publicly-known title is to shield Marvel from any damage if the film fails to perform. However if it does even half as well as recent releases we can expect to see more action-oriented Disney films in the Marvel universe. Hopefully featuring characters like Iron-Fist, Sang-Chi, Power Pack, and maybe even Alpha Flight or Excalibur.

The film's soundtrack will consist primarily of songs by J-Pop and J-Rock artists.
Since the setting is partly inspired by Japanese culture, it makes sense that Disney decides to use J-Pop/J-Rock songs for the film. My best guess is that they'll hire The Pillows to do a handful of songs for it, or alternatively, have them do a collaboration with an American artist to perform the film's theme song.
  • Seems reasonable, given that Disney has used J-Pop before in Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Maybe Disney will commission some J-Rock and J-pop artists to write some songs for the movie maybe Faylan could write a song for the final battle or even the Movies theme song!
  • Ultimately jossed.

Hiro's brother will turn out to be the villain.
Mainly so the Hiro/Baymax relationship can save the day and prove that true siblings don't have to be linked by blood or something like that. Basically, throwing a curveball at everyone who goes in still thinking about Frozen.
  • The second trailer which introduces the villain right after Tadashi's funeral makes this seem likely, or at the very least a red herring.
  • Or the kabuki mask is a Mind-Control Device, and Tadashi is a pawn of the real villain who is using the older Hamada boy's tech.
  • Jossed

Japan expanded further East in this timeline.
A popular alternate timeline theory is the what if scenario of Japan further expanding East into the new world instead of being entirely self-isolated and ending up at New World along the West Coast. This can easily apply to the past of this movie, as the setting it basically a fusion of San Francisco and Tokyo. The first settlers of San Fransokyo could have been either Japanese whom converted to Christianity that fled Japan to avoid persecution, similar to the Quakers leaving England, or assorted Daimyos, nobles, and other individuals who decided to bail during or after Nobunaga's bloody conquest of all of Japan.

The film takes place in the same future as Meet the Robinsons.
There are a handful of possibilities for this, but one that comes to mind is that Krei Tech, the technology company owned by Alistair Krei, could be a rival of Robinson Industries, and is actively searching for the "next big thing" in an effort to outdo the aforementioned company. This might explain why Alistair has taken such an interest in Hiro when he attends the showcase at San Fransokyo Tech; he hopes to pass Hiro's inventions as his own and take all the credit.
  • Another possibility is that before his death, Tadashi met Cornelius Robinson at some point, and has been good friends with him and his son Wilbur. When Cornelius learned about Tadashi's plans to build a "Healthcare Companion" that would help hospital patients, he may have helped him in designing Baymax, who can be considered a proof-of-concept robot made for Tadashi's brother Hiro, and impressed by his intellect, he invited Tadashi to work for his company so they can mass-produce them. Unfortunately, Tadashi passed away before that could happen, and when Cornelius attended his funeral, he gave Hiro his condolences for his loss.
  • Points for Big Hero 6 continuing the "Keep moving forward" moral, albeit much more subtly.

Callaghan and Krei will be a Big Bad Duumvirate.
The Yokai role will alternate between them and at one point, they'll do it simultaneously to confuse and separate the heroes.
  • Jossed. Krei is amoral, but not evil. Callaghan becomes Yokai to take revenge on Krei.

Yokai is after Baymax.
Baymax is supposed to be a piece of ground-breaking, first of it's kind tech. It's possible that Yokai has found a more sinister purpose for him than being the perfect babysitter.
  • Jossed. He's actually after Alistair Krei.

Baymax will be distracted by a baby at some point.
Since he's sort of a "nanny-bot," he has pre-programmed instinct to care for all children, not just Hiro.
  • Baymax was seen in the trailers petting a cat and calling it a "hairy baby", if that counts.

The reason Prince Hans' face is on a wanted poster, see Freeze-Frame Bonus, is because some time in the past the Guild of Super Evil, whom Hans was a member of, invaded the Big Hero 6 universe.
Or alternatively, Hans originated from the Big Hero 6 universe as a wanted criminal. He used a time machine to escape into the past and the whole prince thing was an act.

Hiro will develop a Precocious Crush on Honey Lemon.
It will start during Honey’s Establishing Character Moment, when she unintentionally pulls a chemistry-flavoured Geeky Turn-On.

The movie will open with a Self-Parody of classic Disney movies by having a comic book open up.
  • Stock scenes from comics are used as the backdrop for the opening credits, then it pans out to reveal Hiro reading a comic book.
  • Jossed. The movie opens up to a sky view of San Fransokyo.

Officer Gerson will be a Chekhov's Gunman.
To play with the Police Are Useless stereotype, the dismissive cop will return in the movie's climax, and have something that starts as a Big Damn Heroes moment, but ends in Epic Fail.

Rapunzel is Honey Lemon's ancestor.
Why else would she look exactly like the Disney Princess?
  • Lazy character design, perhaps?
  • Aunt Cass looks more like Rapunzel than Honey Lemon does in the movie though.
  • It's not just the appearance. Honey is just as adorable and excitable as Rapunzel was.
    • Adding to the WMG: Not only is she an ancestor of Rapunzel, the story of what happened to the "real" Rapunzel was passed down through her family. When she told Tadashi that she had always been told Rapunzel had magic healing hair that gave Tadashi the idea to build a healing robot.

The movie takes place in the Marvel 2099 continuity.
Big Hero 6 is that generation's version of The Avengers. The only difference is that no outside organization is involved in the team's formation.

The team's Home Base will be located in Wasabi's sushi restaurant.
Hence Honey, Gogo and Wasabi's Edible Theme Naming.
  • Jossed; at least during the film proper. For their initial outing, they don't operate out of any particular base; though Fred's house and to a lesser extent, Aunt Cass's garage, can be considered the closest things they have to one.

Stan Lee will have an animated cameo in the film.
After all, it's originally a Marvel franchise.

Yokai isn't the main villain
He's an actor hired to pretend to be him
  • Jossed

Yokai isn't a bad guy and isn't evil
Besides possibly stealing Hiro's microbots and Gogo's throwaway line of "just tried to kill us" in the trailer, have we even see Yokai do anything devious? Also, in Japanese mythology, red kabuki masks symbolize strength and justice. It's possible that Yokai is not evil and is instead working to uncover a larger plot in San Fransokyo as a vigilante.
  • Jossed. Though he likely doesn't see himself as villainous at first. So confirmed in a Metaphorically True way?

As in man-ga vs mang-a. Fred's a hardcore geek, so it'll probably be him.
  • Jossed

Big Hero 6 is going to become a breakout hit. On the level of Frozen.
  • Wow, I hope so.
    • Confirmed that it's a breakout hit, but Frozen is a very Tough Act to Follow, BH 6 has massive praise but not quite as close.
    • Considering how little time Disney spent into promoting Big Hero 6 compared to Frozen (and the amount of attention Disney's paid to BH 6 overall), Big Hero 6 could in a way be considered an even larger "natural" success.

San Fransokyo is actually a City on the Water mutually developed by the American and Japanese governments
It wouldn't be much of a stretch given this is already a 20 Minutes into the Future setting, and would explain why it has a blend of elements from Tokyo (the Japanese Kanji and pagodas) and San Francisco (chiefly the trolley cars and hills), and also the mixture of American and Japanese populations.

A majority of the score will come from Hiro's rock mix playlist.
So far we have "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fall Out Boy and "Top of the World" by Greek Fire. If those are some of Hiro's favorite songs, then it will be like Guardians of the Galaxy and Hiro will end up providing most of the music.
  • Jossed. Although the OST does seem to match Hiro's mood over the course of the film.

Hiro will end up becoming a genderbent version of Violet.
According to the manga, he was bullied for being incredibly intelligent. As a result of this, he had become rather shy about being smart. The movie is about how he overcomes his shyness and by the end, he cuts his hair shorter to show how confident he has become.
  • Hiro is actually not shy at all. In the first ten minutes of the film, he's openly participating in underground robot fights and steamrolling his opponents. His problem is that he doesn't have a proper outlet for his intelligence and creativity since he graduated from high school early.

Tadashi will be revealed to be Yokai.
Who else sees this coming from miles away?

Fred is a S.H.I.E.L.D. intern.
It would make a nice reference to his comic counterpart.
  • Maybe his parents are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and they haven't got around to telling him yet.
    • The Stinger does reveal that his dad, who's voiced by Stan Lee, has some superhero outfits...
      • His mom could be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, or some similar organization.
    • And he really will be able to turn into a giant lizard someday because of scientific experimentation (or just an accident in a lab). He's just not old enough - or all that pot-smoking impeded it.

If Go Go has a criminal background like her comic counterpart, it involved street racing.

Go Go is a closet Captain America fangirl.
  • It was her idea to have her armour include Deadly Discs.
  • Go Go has a bike she modified herself, and Cap's most recognized vehicle is a motorcycle.
  • Her street clothes include the colors red, white, and blue.
  • Her fangirlism is shown in one scene where she playfully tosses a disc and retreats it back to her all with a smile on her face.
  • Aside from bike riding, Go Go spent her childhood pretending she was Captain America and she used a painted frisbee as a makeshift shield. In the movie, she treats battling Yokai like those games, hence why she was able to last the longest on Akuma Island.

Go Go is a fan of The Rocketeer.

The Hans seen in the wanted poster is an Identical Grandson.
Taking into account the previous WMG of Big Hero 6 being the same universe as Tangled and Frozen but set 20 Minutes into the Future, it is likely the Hans in the Freeze-Frame Bonus is not the original Hans from Frozen (2013) but more accurately one of his descendants. The fact that he's a wanted felon suggests he, like his ancestor, was probably a Con Man trying to make a huge score, using the royalty yarn as his bait. However, this may also suggest that A) the original Hans completely faked his royal heritage for the sole purpose of ruling a kingdom and living it up; or B) the original Hans' family as royalty went extinct sometime within the centuries between the end of Frozen (2013) and the start of Big Hero 6, and the modern Hans is using his family former prominence for his scores.

"Light em Up" refers to Yokai and his motives.
A clear theme in Fall Out Boy's song is Be Careful What You Wish For. Who ever Yokai really is, he's an outwardly good person being consumed by rage over something, and now he is Obliviously Evil, or just believes what he is working toward is worth sacrificing a few lives for.
  • Such a connection is never made, but "being consumed by rage" is pretty accurate for Callaghan.
  • That and, y'know, he did light things on fire, like the college and Tadashi.

Yokai isn't a real person.
The man in black is a mass of microbots, secretly being controlled by someone from a distance.

Baymax's defibrillators will be a Chekhov's Gun.
As a sort of reverse of the Shock Gloves' purpose in Batman: Arkham Origins, the defibrillators will be used as an emergency power source for Hiro's equipment during the Darkest Hour.
  • Jossed

The guy in the mask is Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow.
The mask really resembles his hollow mask.

Baymax will be destroyed or killed at some point by Yokai only to be rebuilt by the end.
Whether or not he'll be in his nursebot form or not remains to be seen but to emphasize how much Hiro and the gang shouldn't interfere with him, Baymax will be killed off at some point at the hands of Yokai. This will cause a Heroic BSoD by Hiro, flashing to how his brother died, a lá Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and will cause him anguish that he will have to grow out of an accept. This will be one of the biggest tear jerker moments in the film. Being a marketable character in a Disney Movie, he'll survive.
  • Sort of confirmed. Baymax does appear to die, only for it to be a Disney Death. It wasn't by Yokai however, rather a random piece of debris that he hit before they escaped the dimension with Abigail.
    • Maybe even closer, if this piece of concept art is anything to go by [1]. Looks like it was actually considered at one point by disney artists.

San Fransokyo is a city in Japanifornia.
Their legal system is a little different...

Hiro is biologically related to Tony Stark.
Deadpan Snarker? Check. Good at building robot armor? Double check. Bears a resemblance to Robert Downey Jr.? Triple check.

The Movie is set in an Alternate Timeline of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.
Specifically based on the Imperial Victory ending with Japan now ruling much of the world with Japanification becoming the norm.
  • The teleporter Krei Tech was developing was possibly commissioned by high command to recreate the Chronosphere. The Allies and Future Tech would've destroyed all existing devices and all documents relating to them in a last ditch attempt to deny the Empire of obtaining such advanced technology. Which is saying something considering the fact that the Chronosphere was developed in the 1960's/1970's and Krei Tech is still incapable of creating a functioning teleporter in the 2030's.

Yokai will frame Alistair Krei and his company.
  • Jossed. It's worse. Yokai is focused on destroying him and his company.

Hiro will, at some point, ask Baymax to rate his pain.
  • Jossed

This film is the first in the Marvel Animated Cinematic Universe.
A separate universe that runs parallel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tadashi named Baymax in honour of Hiro's old Imaginary Friend.
It's fairly common for advanced children to have imaginary companions. Especially if they had a Friendless Background, and we know that Hiro was bullied when he was younger. Tadashi wanted to give his care-bot a name that would be associated with protection, and, at the same time, be something whimsical a child could enjoy saying. What better than something he picked up from his own little brother?
  • This adds a layer of sweetness to the fact that Tadashi's first instinct when Baymax finally works perfectly is to show Hiro.

Tadashi used his own brain as a template for Baymax's AI
The latest trailer shows that Tadashi had his fair share of headaches in trying to get Baymax working, he eventually reached a point of desperation and took a programming shortcut where he mapped his own brainwave processes and applied that to Baymax's robotic brain. The film will suggest that Baymax also contains part of Tadashi's soul.
  • Possibly, as some of Baymax's mannerisms are similar to Tadashi's. (Example: They both grab Hiro's hoodie the same way.)
  • Tadashi is here.

Yokai is a swarm of Vashta Nerada.
  • Jossed. It's just a guy controlling a large swarm of microbots.

Robert Callaghan is Yokai.
If an established character does turn out to be Yokai, Tadashi and Alister Krei both would be rather obvious choices (Yokai is introduced right after Tadashi's funeral in the second trailer and Krei's particular interest in Hiro's technology would be too big of a tip-off). Making the older and wiser professor type turn out to be the villain, on the other hand...
  • Confirmed

Yokai is actually a servant of Serpenta, thus making Serpenta herself the true Big Bad of this movie.

In the end, Baymax will remove his suit & try to diagnose & treat a defeated Yokai
Like, if he really is Tadashi...
  • Jossed

Krei Tech is secretly Aperture Science.
Let's run down a check list shall we? Ego-centric CEOs driven by their own ambition and ignoring sound science? Check. Futuristic tehnology company that is fantastic as it is dangerous? Check. Knowingly sacrifices their assistant to propel the betterment of For Science! research? Check. Portal creators? Check and Mate. It's like the missing half-sibling of Aperture and Black Mesa.

Hiro is autistic.
He experiences rapid mood swings, he doesn't think very clearly, and he is very intelligent for a boy his age. He is also easily manipulated without realizing it, as seen when Tadashi tricks him into joining the tech by introducing him to his friends.
  • Or he could just be very hot headed, overly confident and impulsive with a large ego. Not exactly different from a lot of other teenage boys at that age. Not all surprising since he's graduated from high school before he even hit puberty.

Mochi the cat will pull a Your Tomcat Is Pregnant at some point in the movie.
Mochi is a calico, and calico cats are often female. Yet Mochi is being referred to as a tom. Wouldn't it be interesting for Mochi to have "hairy babies" in the movie?
  • Jossed, but entirely possible in the series.

Yokai will eventually be made into a Canon Immigrant.

GoGo is descended from Zainichi Koreans.

The fire was set intentionally.
Confirmed. Callaghan set it as cover to steal and eventually reprogram the microbots.

If Baymax never got his medical chip put back in, Hiro would become a worse super villain than Yokai/Callaghan
Maybe if Baymax was unable to "destroy" him thanks to the efforts of the rest of the team, Hiro would go insane trying to get revenge on Tadashi's killer. When that happens, he'd probably turn on his ex-group for trying to stop him. At that point the kid has everything but a single foot off the slippery slope, and if he wasn't the protagonist (especially of a Disney film) Hiro would probably break through with a Start of Darkness.
  • To add to this, I don't see a twisted Hiro killing his friends, but seriously, that kid could easily become a Robot Master on par with Dr. Wily himself. It's also not hard that he could probably follow his line of logic to a Knight Templar rationale, especially if he followed up on Yokai's motives and decided Krei deserved some of the blame too. Cue the nerd version of The Punisher.

Tadashi wasn't killed in the fire.
The odds that Disney/Marvel is going pull a Bucky on us aren't dismal.
  • Sadly Jossed, for now at least. There's always a possibility in a sequel.

Fred's Dad
is Jack-Jack Parr
  • If this movie is set in the 2030s, and that movie was set in the mid-60s, the math would line right up for him to look like Stan Lee, but still be young enough to have a kid that young without raising eyebrows.
    • It would explain all the stuff behind the family painting perfectly. And, should Fox lose the rights to the X-Men properties, Sunfire and Silver Samurai could slide right in to a perspective sequel with no problem.

Tadashi was ENORMOUSLY affected by the death of his and Hiro's parents
  • Since the theme of the movie seems to be how one deals with loss, this one popped into my mind that Tadashi was driven by the death of his parents throughout his life but never really showed it. His Chronic Hero Syndrome was nothing new, but for awhile he accepted his limits and put his energy into making a robot who could save everyone in his stead.
    • This could could also mean Tadashi had had similar superhero plans for Baymax, just was unable to get around to implementing them and wanted to primarily focus on medical care first.

GoGo uses her comic counterpart’s origins as a false backstory.
In the Big Hero 6 comics, GoGo Tomago is a Street Urchin who fell in with a Yakuza biker gang, until becoming a test pilot for a powered exosuit and getting recruited as a member of Big Hero 6 team. While this is an ideal origin for an MCU hero, it’s a tiny bit dark for Disney. In the movieverse, GoGo actually had a rather normal upbringing with a well-off family. However, she doesn’t have the best relationship with her parents (or possibly a single father), and tensions eventually rose to the point that GoGo packed her bag and left. As a mysterious, edgy and slightly intimidating girl, she became Shrouded in Myth at SFIT, and GoGo’s fine with the rep as long as nobody knows the truth.

This film is the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the distant future.
I know Word of God says otherwise, but Just For Fun.

Someone will eventually make a pun on "Hiro"/"hero".
Probably something like "you're my Hiro", because come on. The opportunity's just waiting to be taken.

Krei is completely innocent.
Ok, it's true the technician said that there was an anomaly with the containment field, but he did note it was still within the safety parameters.

There will be a Big Hero 6 animated TV series created by Man of Action Studios
After all, they are the original creators of Big Hero 6. This is even more likely since they have worked with Disney before on Marvel-based TV shows.

Fred’s Dad is also named Frederick.
Although Fred’s Dad looks like and is voiced by Stan Lee, there is a clue that he is named Fred, Sr.: the personalized stationary in Fred’s room. The idea that it even belongs to Fred can be called into question because of the fancy monogram on the paper, and it’s distinctive lack of superhero imagery. Why would Fred want such stationary when clearly doesn’t consider his parents' wealth a big deal? Of course, it is perfectly in character for Fred to use his father’s fancy paper for fun.

Everyone on the team had a crush on Tadashi
Let's make all the shippers happy, everyone in Callaghan's class had a crush on Tadashi.

Gogo had a falling out with her parents
Or at least has a strained relationship with them. There's a WMG way up there that's pretty similar to this, but this troper has her own version of things. First, Gogo's parents were very strict. They wanted Gogo to be a lady, and Gogo, you know isn't. So one day, her parents (specifically her mom) and her got into an argument about something, (my money's on getting that purple streak in her hair) and Gogo, in a tense emotional state, cut her hair (A la Mulan), packed up her stuff, and started insisting people call her "Gogo" instead of her real name, Ethel.
  • Or alternately...

GoGo's falling out with her parents was because of her sensitive, more feminine side.
Her parents wanted an son instead of a daughter, so they decided to raise GoGo like a boy. However, things changed when Tadashi came into her life. If we go with the theory that they were very close prior to the movie, he started to treat her like a girl, and she liked it. However, GoGo's parents did not approve of her sudden habit of acting feminine, so they disowned her and kicked her out of the house.

The second movie will feature Baymax's Evil Counterpart
Krei will try to copy Baymax's super hero form, and turn it into a weapon. Naturally, things go wrong somehow. Or Baymax's original body will return from the void, complete with fighting chip.
  • Alternatively, his Evil Counterpart could be a computer virus. Baymax is nurturing and huggable; a virus is malicious and has no body to hug with.

No seriously, Tadashi survived the fire.
The guy was in an entire auditorium full of mad science. Any number of things could have saved him/uploaded his brain/teleported him. It's not like we ever see a body.
  • Maybe Tadashi becomes Sunfire?
  • They never found Callaghan's body. Did they find Tadashi's?

The realm beyond the portal is...
Hell. It might not seem much at first, but maybe a future testing would open the portal long enough for the Legions of Hell to pass through and unleash hell on earth. Fortunately for our heroes, they would've a new ally in the form of Doom Guy.

This film is set in an alternate history timeline where Japan won World War II.
Hence, the merging of Japanese and American culture in "San Fransokyo". The good news is that the Japanese occupation of California ended at some point (probably due to La Résistance), and the USA is restored, but the legacy of the occupation can be found in the extent of Japanese diaspora and cultural influence in California.

GoGo will become popular enough to get her own spin-off series.
Where she has become a solo crime fighter similar to Captain America.

Go (高 or 고), sometimes romanized as Ko, is a common Korean surname, and it serves as Steven Ulysses Perhero.

Baymax can communicate with machines.
He downloaded data from a computer via touch, and showed a greater understanding of the microbot’s actions.

Krei and Abigail were in a relationship.
There is no evidence to support this theory, but if it were true and Professor Callaghan knew about it, it would have been the perfect extra push that turned him into Yokai.
  • If Krei is anymore immoral, he probably dated her only to have a skilled pilot for his test. Callaghan wanted her out of it for her safety, and Abigail considers not going. Krei overhears this and likely sweet-talked her into agreeing. And when the test failed, since he was only using her he didn't feel too bad for her disappearance. And had the gail to blame Callaghan for making her "lose concentration".

Hiro and Tadashi's parents died... a baking accident.

Hiro sucked his thumb as a child
Theory here. See also this fanart inspired by this headcanon and posted in the Tear Jerker page.

Professor Callaghan is (or is the descendant of) Hans.
Got this from the Cartoon Conspiracies video about Big Hero 6 and other Disney movies being set in the same universe.

Fred and his family are either related to, or descended from Hans.
This could explain why Fred might be related to Hans from his mother's side. At some point after the events of Frozen (2013), Hans, a reformed man, decided to permanently emigrate to the United States as a way to escape from his torturous family and to escape the bad memories of Arendelle. He settled down in California, became highly successful during the Gold Rush by starting a mining company, and soon enough, the wealth generated from the gold mine enabled his descendants to become very prominent in the development of San Fransokyo. Supporting theories related to this:
  • A portrait of Sitron hangs on one of the mansion’s walls.
  • Fred and his parents have hair, noses and chins similar to Hans.
  • Baymax blows up a statue of Hans in the garden of Fred’s family mansion.
  • Fred shares his ancestor's craziness and eccentricity.

The whole thing really does look like a product of Fred's imagination.

Tadashi was secretly abusive to Hiro.
The signs are all there.
  • The essential guide says that whenever Hiro and Tadashi sparred, Tadashi always beat Hiro.
  • When Tadashi hit Hiro for bot fighting, Hiro flinched and looked genuinely frightened.
    • Most people would be legitimately frightened if someone unbalanced them on a fast-moving motor bike, though. Frightened of falling off, even if the person who caused them to unbalance wouldn't actually let them fall.
  • While Hiro was startled when Tadashi picked him up by the ankles, he acted like Tadashi has done that before.
    • Or it's simply brothers roughhousing.

Stan Lee is actually playing himself, not some character that looks like him
Because that's how Stan Lee always does his Marvel cameos.
  • That would be awesome twice over. Because not only would Fred (whose last name is confirmed to begin with L) be Stan Lee's son, STAN LEE WOULD BE A RETIRED SUPERHERO. Also, it would explain twice over why Fred's family is so rich and Fred has all this comic memorabilia.

Honey Lemon's nickname
Comes from how she takes her tea- honey with a bit of lemon. It's pretty obvious how GoGo got hers considering her need for speed, and Wasabi says how his came about. Honey's seems like it comes out of how she takes her tea or her remedy for a cold is tea with some honey and lemon.

Aunt Cass has some Japanese ancestry.
Going on the theory that Hiro and Tadashi's father is Cass' brother, hence the surname. Alternatively, the Hamadas could be her stepfamily, and she took the name.
  • She could be the spouse of a paternal uncle as well, that would also explain the name.
  • Considering the overall setting of the movie, that wouldn't be too surprising. Cass's Japanese ancestry could be fairly far back; she just has to have one somewhere for the surname to be plausible.

Fred was actively hiding his wealth
Fred only told his friends about his money and big house when it was really necessary. Fred wasn't just not mentioning it but actually consciously hiding his wealth, because he liked to think of it as some kind of inverted 'secret identity' - by night disgustingly wealthy, by day, constantly volunteering and charitable.
  • To take it even deeper, Fred has found it tough in the past to make real friends because many people would be intimidated by that much wealth, and he doesn't like the rich life. Now he only brought it up because he knew he could trust them not to think of him differently.

Big Hero 6 and Once Upon a Time Theory

  • Tadashi was never really making Baymax a personal health care companion, but a life-long companion and surrogate sibling for Hiro. This is because as child (which is hinted in the "Baymax" manga), Hiro was bullied by other children for his intelligence, which overtime, has caused him to become shrewd and distant towards other people. Fearing that his younger brother would become anti-social, Tadashi decided to build him a special robot friend who could help care for and look after Hiro but, what he needed to make this robot that would later go on to become Baymax could not be found in the city of San Fransokyo, but in a magical land called "Midst Haven", which where many of the characters on "Once Upon a Time" once lived. After hearing about this place from his friend Honey Lemon, Tadashi left home for Midst Haven to seek Rumpelstiltskin (also known as Mr.Gold) and find some sort of magical spell that could make Baymax completely pure all together. When he got to Midst Haven and found Rumpelstiltskin, Tadashi learns of this magical white orb and how it becomes pure when a person's tears hits it, thus, giving the orb the ability to reflect on that's person's true nature. He then, decides to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin agreeing to give him a journal that has documented all of his exploits in Midst Haven if he managed to find the white orb since Tadashi really wanted to make a deal that was very worthy in Rumple's eyes. Accompanying him was Rumple's then "house maid" Belle, who uses her knowledge of the entire area to help find this magical orb that could purify Baymax's overall AI. However, Over the weeks, Tadashi and Belle grew so close to each that Tadashi eventually thought about bring her back to San Fransokyo and marrying her, but could not because he saw Belle was beginning to fall in love with Rumple. He could not take that away from her.

  • After Tadashi and Belle find the orb, Tadashi was ready leave with it but he soon learned that Rumple had plans to curse the city of San Fransokyo and all who lived there with an endless reign of terror and was going to use Hiro as a sacrifice for a spell he was planning by using the Soccer's hat to curse him to death. Heartbroken by all of this, Tadashi forgot all about Belle and began to offer himself as a victim of the curse in Hiro's place as he wrote down his last journal entry about Rumple was this "beast" who uses love as a weapon. Before he finally left Midst Haven by a magical portal, Belle stopped him at his track, thanking him for the happiness he brought into her life even though it was only for a short period of time. She then, gives him a rose as a token of gratitude and a magic mirror so he could check on Hiro all the time before giving him a kiss. These two items symbolize the broken love between Belle and Tadashi. When Tadashi finally came home from Midst Haven, he basically had an emotional meltdown where his tears landed on the white orb, thus reflecting his true angelic nature which he then, inserts into Baymax and after 84 attempts, the robot becomes his purified self.

  • A few weeks later, Callahan, who is known as Yokai, goes to Midst Haven to seek Rumpelstiltskin and the white orb because his daughter Abigail went missing in the portal and wanted to use it for the wrong reasons. As it turned out, Callahan learned that Rumple had been working with Krei to build a portal that can teleport people to different worlds and that same portal was the one that Abigail was in and went missing. Angered by this confession, Callahan demanded the white orb from him but, he soon learned that it was no longer in Midst Haven because Tadashi had already managed to take it but soon Rumpelstiltskin made a deal with him promising him to give him both a "resurrection orb" to revive Abigail and telepathic powers if he managed to start a fire at the school he taught at and kill Tadashi in the process and the white orb. Callahan agrees and takes this deal as an opportunity to seek revenge against Krei and is given a Kabuki mask with telepathic abilities that would enable him to control microbots. While he was able to start a fire and kill Tadashi, he was not able to obtain the white orb for it was already in Baymax's AI which is why he turned to Hiro's microbots instead because he could not find the orb. When he told Rumple he was unable to obtain the white orb, the angered "dark one" cursed him by turning him into a masked man called "Yokai" whose spell could only be broken if someone is able to give him back his daughter from the doomed portal. Some time later, Hiro and Baymax managed to rescue Abigail, but not before Baymax sacrificed himself to get his friend and Callahan's daughter back to safety, thus, breaking the Dark One's curse on Callahan. A year later, Hiro learns of Tadashi's exploits in Midst Haven and the truth behind his motives for building Baymax from a letter he received from Rumpelstiltskin by claiming to have Tadashi's journal in his custody and would make a deal with him if he were to come not to Midst Haven, but to Storybrooke, Maine where the "OUAT" characters now reside. Both saddened and angered by the letter, a heart broken Hiro decided that he and his friends had to go to Storybrooke to demand the return of Tadashi's journal and they get to Storybrooke by a time portal.

How the theory weights up:

  • The "Baymax" Manga hints that Hiro was bullied as a child for his intelligence.
  • Baymax's voice actor hints that the robot is not only capable of programming himself, but he also has a soul of his own.
  • Callahan/Yokai blames Tadashi for his own death.
  • Hiro is the only character Tadashi introduces Baymax to in the film.
  • Baymax seems to take after Tadashi's loving and caring nature, especially after his death.
  • Callahan seeks revenge against Krei by destroying "everything he had".
  • Callahan stole Hiro's microbots
  • It seems like Rumpelstiltskin and the world of Once Upon a Time does have a connection to Disney cinematic universe since this was hinted with his connections to characters from Frozen (2013), Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid (1989), and 101 Dalmatians. If this is the case, it would make it obvious for the world of Big Hero 6 to have a similar connection in some way.
  • It should also be noted that in the "Tadashi is here" scene, Tadashi only acknowledges his excitement about showing Hiro Baymax though he is not mentioned by name. In addition, the scene hints that it may haven taken him weeks to successfully activate Baymax.
  • While Tadashi hints some the parts he used to build Baymax and his green card, he does not mention the full motive nor how he is completely programmed.
  • In the portal Baymax removed his green card but kept his red card even though he should have gone insane but did not do so.
  • When rebuilt by Hiro, Baymax is restored of all his memories.
  • Other than Hiro, Honey Lemon is the only other character who knows about the microchip that "programs" Baymax as seen in one scene where she attempts to place it back into him.
  • On a side note, Honey Lemon is also the only one of Tadashi's friends to take notice of Hiro without Tadashi introducing him to her.

The other side of the portal was the Lanes Between Worlds.
The gravitational effects were caused by the portal being crudely constructed using technology instead of a keyblade. It explains why Hiro was able to survive out there without an oxygen tank of some kind, as it's not really outer space as we know it. Hiro and Baymax were protected from darkness by their armor (though it's not quite as good as keyblade armor, they were only exposed for about a minute, anyway), and Abigail was protected by both her suit and the transport pod (though she still needed to be hospitalized because she was exposed for longer). The color scheme also matches what we see in Birth By Sleep.
  • Considering Baymax 1.0 is set to return as a Heartless-corrupted boss in Kingdom Hearts III... possibly confirmed?

Big Hero 6 takes place in the same universe as Girl Genius.

Advanced robotics. A world dominated by scientists who like to make portals and blow things up. A strange, not-quite-our-world feel to the universe. Come on. All the signs are there. My first thought when I saw the Nerd Lab was that someone finally took the sparks out of the gilded age.

The portal dimension is Xen.
Accessed by a failed teleportation experiment, check. Eldritch Location, check. "It's well within acceptable bounds," check.

Big Hero 6 takes place in the same continuity as Wreck-It-Ralph
In real life, arcades in North America are slowly dying due to the popularity of home consoles. Yet in Japan they're still huge, which would explain why Litwack's Arcade is such a huge business as it is. (We never actually see any locations apart from the Arcade front, so there could be Japanese buildings just out of the shot) Also, SanFranSokyo is filled with geniuses, (I mean the main characters were just kids, so think of all the things that scientists/inventors who have been working for decades have been coming up with) so that wouldn't be too far off that videogames were created with highly advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Jossed by the Oh My Disney! site in Ralph Breaks the Internet, which shows Big Hero 6 as existing as a movie in that world, with Baymax, Fred, Go Go, and Honey Lemon appearing as website avatars.

Callaghan wasn't looking for something to wow him on the particular expo...
He was looking for a possible weapon to kill Krei. Or he was there to discourage inventors from selling their ideas to Krei. Hiro was just the last of a long line of geniuses told by Callaghan not to trust Krei. It was the beggest revenge Callaghan could get until he saw the microbots.

Mr. Yama caused the fire
There were crowds of people in the expo. Depending on how long bot fighters are held in prison, Yama could have been released prior to that time. He set the building on fire in hopes of killing Hiro. Or maybe his intent was hurting him emotionally by getting his brother killed.

Despite having that Latina VA, Honey Lemon is Taylor Swift
  • Tall, slim, blonde girl? Check, check, checkity-check.
  • Bubbly and perky personality? Check & check.
  • Selfie lover? Check.
  • Extremely intelligent? Check.

One of Krei's cost cutting measures was re-using the pod from another project
Specifically, a deep space travel project. He saw no reason to have the cryosleep and life support systems removed when the pod was repurposed for the portal project.

Abigail is an astronaut or at least a military pilot.

Hiro is just an alternate-universe version of Alice Liddell, from Alice: Madness Returns.
The two characters' story arcs are way too similar to not draw parallels. Deeply cerebral main character who usually lives in their own mind? Check. Huge traumatic fire? Check. Loss of beloved older sibling in said fire? Check. Fire intentionally set by (mostly) trusted mentor figure that had strong links to said older sibling? Check. Main character becomes motivated by revenge and quest to find the truth? Check. Character kills, or comes close to killing, the villain in a fit of righteous rage triggered specifically by a derogatory comment about dead older sibling? Check. Heck, if Disney had gotten hold of the Mcgee's Alice franchise, this is pretty much exactly how they would have toned down her story, minus the rape and abuse scenarios as well as inserting their "blind revenge is bad" moral.

Tadashi and Honey Lemon were dating before the fire
Evidence: When Tadashi takes Hiro to the "nerd lab", he introduces him to Go-Go and Wasabi, but Honey Lemon knows who he is without Tadashi saying a word, suggesting that she's listened to Tadashi talk about him all the time. She also greeted Tadashi rather enthusiastically she saw him at the lab. What's more, after the funeral, we see Honey Lemon offering Aunt Cass a cup of tea at the cafe, suggesting she is familiar with the cafe and it's layout. And during the fight with Callaghan, it is she who recognizes the importance of returning Baymax's medical chip to return him to being Three Laws-Compliant, suggesting she was somewhat more familiar with Baymax than the others, perhaps from talking with Tadashi about his project.


Lenore Shimomoto spearheaded the building of San Fransokyo.
In order to atone for causing the Great Catastrophe, Shimomoto rallied Japanese immigrants to begin rebuilding San Francisco, pouring the remainder of her money and life into the restoration. The movement she began led to the Japanese residents of the city becoming prominent enough to justify changing the city's name to San Fransokyo.


Baymax's "chips" are real life tech
Those are enterprise-grade M.2 or mSATA SSDs in colorful cases, and the four slots on Baymax's chip compartment corresponds to the four SAS/SATA channels from one iPass cable, which is connected to an enterprise-grade SATA or SAS HBA (or RAID controller configured in JBOD mode)

The original, green SSD contained the original operating system and programming of Baymax, as well as a complete copy of system log. During the scene before Baymax sending Hiro and Abigail back through the portal Baymax cloned the contents of the green SSD to the red SSD, wiping the battle program (except the program for firing the rocket fist) in the process. When Hiro rebuilt Baymax and imported the contents from the old SSD, all but the last few minutes of his memory, including his personality, is recovered when the contents are parsed. The rebuilt Baymax can still have the battle capabilities because in Hiro's computer there is still a copy of the original battle program that can be restored later.

Honey is modeled after Taylor Swift
  • Towering height? Check.
  • Slim, lanky build? Check.
  • Long flowing blonde hair? As of recent years, check.
  • Total girly girl? Check.
  • Loves heels? Check.
  • Cheerful personality? Check.
  • Social media addict? Check.
  • Extremely intelligent? Check.
  • Loves music? Check.

The duck test tells me that Honey Lemon is Taylor Swift.

San Fransokyo is a mashup of San Francisco and Tokyo...they must have a baseball team called the Giants
Between the San Francisco Giants and the Yomiuri Giants, this seems like a foregone conclusion...

Big Hero 6, or the movie, anyway, is inspired by Heroman.
Let's see... A teenage boy and his big white robot? Check. Said big white robot is designed by Shigeto Koyama? Check. A more foreign setting (Heroman being the American-set Central City and Big Hero 6 being the Japanese inspired San Fransokyo)? Check. Power Armor? Check. A cameo from Stan Lee? Check. Said white robot has connections to his family (Baymax being created by Tadashi and Heroman bearing a striking resemblance to Joey's father)? Check. I don't think this was a coincidence, you guys....

Aunt Cass is from the same family lineage as Rapunzel
Cass pretty much looks like an older version of brown-haired Rapunzel. Not only that, but in Tangled: The Series, Rapunzel befriends someone named Cass. Perhaps Cassandra became highly honored in Rapunzel's family and her descendants later named Aunt Cass as a tribute to her.

Fred is only half-human on his mother's side.
Because his dad is Stan Lee, who in the MCU is apparently an informant to the Watchers, so he might not be human.

San Fransokyo is where Phoenix Wright practices law.
Finally, an explanation for Japanese Culture in California!