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Man of Action Studios is a group of comic book creators featuring Duncan Rouleau (writer), Joe Casey (writer and artist), Joe Kelly (writer and artist) and Steven T. Seagle (writer and artist). They are most famous for creating two rather well-received shows, Ben 10 and Generator Rex, for Cartoon Network.

Man of Action got its start when writers Steven Seagle and Joe Kelly stood in front of the panel platform at the San Diego Comic Con, while Joe Casey leaned casually at the end, and artist Duncan Rouleau parked himself behind the lectern. The four friends recalled how they created Man of Action many years ago in response to "wanting a place to sit down at the San Diego Comic Con". They grew tired of wandering around the large convention and decided they needed a booth. In order to have a booth, they needed a company.


During the time they worked with Cartoon Network, the team created Ben 10, a show which became iconic for the channel and spawned a franchise. Though they they had no direct involvement with any of the original's sequel series, aside from a few contributions, they would go on to create Generator Rex and write the crossover special between the two series.

In recent years, Man of Action's work became rather... controversial due to more "childish" nature of their later projects. After Rex, the crew jumped to Marvel Animation, where they served as supervising producers for Ultimate Spider-Man and executive produced the first two seasons of Avengers, Assemble!. Back with Cartoon Network, they developed a reboot of Ben 10 that was met with mixed response.


Shows created:

  • Ben 10 Series: Only Ben 10 and Ben 10 (2016) were developed by Man of Action.
    • Ben 10: While on a road trip with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen for summer vacation, ten year-old Ben Tennyson comes across a mysterious extraterrestial watch that attaches itself to his wrist. He discovers it allows him to temporarily transform into a choice of ten different aliens, all with their own set of powers. Using the Omnitrix, Ben transforms to save places and people he meets along the way, including uncovering mysteries about the world and universe around him.
    • Ben 10: Alien Force: Five years after that fateful summer and giving up the Omnitrix, Ben and Gwen discover their grandfather has gone missing. Not only that, but Ben dons the Omnitrix once again—this time, with a new set of aliens and his counter being reset to the original number of ten—to combat a new threat known as the DNAliens. After joining forces with an old adversary, the trio resolve to discover what happened to Max, defeat these new packs of baddies, and learn about where they fit in the universe. (Developed by
    • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: A year after the destruction of the Omnitrix, Ben must learn to master the Ultimatrix, a more powerful version of the Omnitrix that gives him his alien roster back, but with the addition of stronger forms called "ultimate forms". With the help of his friends and family, Ben must stop an old adversary, a group of criminals, and possibly lose a close ally...
    • Ben 10: Omniverse: A few months after the events of Ultimate Alien, Ben and company begin to follow their own roads, with Ben returning to the Plumbers. Ben gains a new partner in Rook Blonko and must face the arrival of a new enemy named Khyber, all while things from the past six years make their way back in Ben's life.
    • Ben 10 (2016): A Denser and Wackier Continuity Reboot of the franchise, returning to the plot of the original Ben 10.
  • Generator Rex: Five years ago, an unexplained accident called "the Event" spread nanites throughout the world, causing random mutations in living beings, from animals, to plants, to people, deemed Exponentially Variegated Organism. Today, an amnesiac fifteen year-old teen named Rex is the only exception; he can control his mutations and cure E.V.Os. Under Providence, an organization tasked with dealing with E.V.O. threats, Rex seems to have nothing more for his life... until he decides to have a taste of a normal life for himself, and attracts the attention of a man named Van Kliess, who knows about his past...

Shows Developed:


  • Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United: A canon episode of Generator Rex featuring Rex and Ben (from between Ultimate Alien and Omniverse) as they team up to fight a strange EVO that escaped from the Null Void.
  • Machina Rex (1999): Adapted into Generator Rex.
  • I Kill Giants:
  • Big Hero Six (actually created by Seagle and Rouleau before Man of Action was founded, but the Disney version credits Man of Action.)

Tropes associated with Man of Action and their work:

  • Animesque: Ben 10, Generator Rex and Monsuno; Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble fill this role also to some extent.
  • Creator Thumbprint: Recurring themes are Nanotechnology, Body Horror, high-tech government conspiracies, and ethnically-diverse protagonists.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: A lot of their characters are this.
  • Idiot Hero: Their usual protagonists.
  • Tsundere: Almost all the token female characters in their shows tend to be characterized as Type A Tsundere; special mention to Gwen, White Tiger, and Black Widow, who are almost always very Tsun, especially the latter two, who are almost never Dere.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: The shows they do usually are comedic and light-hearted, but with vile major antagonists and often a lot of terrifying stuff when it comes to the villains' designs.