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    Who Is The Ponytail Killer? 

Coach Steve Sleepwalking

Coach Steve wouldn’t do it on purpose, but what if he has a secret darkness inside of him?


The Rabbi warns Andrew not to see his adult son Leore alone, because there is reason to fear him. Leore had a "wigs for religious dogs" business and we actually see some of the wigs in his closet in Guy Town. They are the right length and color to have been human ponytails.

One of Jay's brothers

Those two are not well in the head

    Andrew Will Get Worse Before He Gets Better 
After the Valentine's Day debacle, Andrew is going to have to face even more humiliation at school than ever before since so many kids recorded what happened at Lola's party. Worse, Nick's new Hormone Monstress is Connie. When Connie was with Jessi she encouraged her to throw unpopular Missy under the bus in order to win favor with popular Devin. She is similarly likely to push Nick to start avoiding Andrew. Missy was greatly disturbed by how Andrew treated her and outraged by what Andrew did to Lars. So she is unlikely to forgive him quickly. Jessi was likewise appalled. Finally, his baldness is going to attract a lot of mockery. Andrew is likely to be very angry and isolated, which will lead to even worse behavior. It has been shown many times that Maury has little ability to restrain Andrew's worst impulses. At best, the Shame Wizard (who at least likes him) will nonetheless be preying on his mind. At worst, the Depression Kitty may enter his life.
  • Jossed by Season 3.

    Jessi will develop feelings for Matthew 
It's not uncommon for straight women to develop close, almost intimate friendships with gay men, and Jessi and Matthew seem to be heading that way since spending Valentine's Day together. Plus, she's at an awkward age, and even though things with her home life seem to be improving, she's got a lot of personal issues to work through. So, maybe she'll end up falling for Matthew, since he's a source of comfort and hanging out with him is a lot less complicated than say, hanging out with Nick or Jay. Of course, Matthew won't reciprocate, because he's gay (and will maybe be hanging out with the other gay kid he met at Walmart).
  • Jossed in Season 3. Jessi actually feels that Guy-on-Guy Is Hot and puts serious effort into helping Matthew hookup with Aiden.

    Caleb has a crush on Matthew 
In "Rankings", Matthew brings Aiden to Devin and Devon's wedding as his plus-one. Seeing this, Caleb remarks "I don't like Aiden." This seems unusual, as the statement comes out of nowhere and Caleb doesn't typically express his feelings. It's possible that over the course of their rather peculiar friendship/working relationship on the morning news, Caleb has developed romantic feelings for Matthew, but is unable to express them due to his limited social skills. Seeing Aiden with Matthew makes Caleb jealous of the former, inspiring a feeling of loathing. It is also worth noting that the costume Caleb draws for Matthew's superhero persona, "The Harmonizer", is a skintight unitard that features a nipple-baring tanktop.

    Aiden will break Matthew's heart 
Their relationship just seems too good to be true, and won't last. Not to mention Caleb dislikes Aiden for reasons that are currently unknown, and Caleb is shown to be pretty perceptive, so maybe he sees something the others don't.

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