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Heartwarming / Big Hero 6: The Series

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True Companions through and through.

The series keep the movie's tradition going by giving you moments that makes your heart melt.


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    Season 1 

"Baymax Returns"

  • Hiro starts his first day of school by viewing a video of Tadashi helping him ride a bike.
  • The team still remaining close after the film's end.
  • During the tour of the campus, Wasabi is seen with an arm around Hiro's shoulder a few times, in a brotherly fashion. When Hiro gets his ID card, Wasabi even puts it in a sleeve for him and tells him not to lose it in a brotherly tone.
  • Granville's Establishing Character Moment. Under a minute, she demonstrates a stern, but patient and sympathetic personality towards Hiro, with the implication that she has faith in him and wants to help.
  • Hiro's hug with Baymax after he rebuilds him becomes even sweeter when you know how much time and effort he put into restoring him, along with risking his life to get the new body back.
  • Baymax greeting Aunt Cass, who mutters "Baymax?" in delightful surprise, implying that she knew about him. Cue hug between the two, until Aunt Cass pulls Hiro in to make it a group hug.

"Big Roommates"

  • Wasabi enthusiastically hugs Honey Lemon upon discovering that she wasn't killed in the mishap that froze her dorm room.
  • Gogo trying to cheer up Honey Lemon after she realizes she accidentally created a villain.
  • Honey Lemon trying to help Globby. It ends up making him a villain, but its the thought that counts.

"Food Fight"

  • Hiro complimenting Cass for standing up to Momakase and saying that he sometimes forgets how amazing she is.

"Fred's Bro-Tillion"

  • After spending the episode worrying about the opinions of Binky, Fred's mother firmly establishes herself as an Aunt Pennybags and good parent by declaring that earning Binky's favor is overrated, happily enjoying the second Bro-Tillion at the humble Lucky Cat Cafe, and outright saying how proud she is of Fred!.
  • Fred waltzing with his mother in the Lucky Cat Cafe.

"Aunt Cass Goes Out"

  • Krei being a gentleman to Aunt Cass, his jerkassery towards other people in the process not withstanding. He gives her special hard-to-acquire flowers and takes her out to nice restaurant, and they also bond over using money to make cute origami.
  • Aunt Cass listening to Mel about how Krei is a Mean Boss/Bad Boss.

"Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle"

  • GoGo admitting that Mochi slow clapping is actually pretty cute
  • Mochi's reunion with Aunt Cass.

"Killer App"

  • Baymax telling Noodle Burger Boy that robots are meant to help people.

"Small Hiro One"

  • Trevor admitting to Wendy that he stole her thesis, and that he's going to admit what he did. Wendy also forgives him immediately, since fame and recognition was never why she pursued a career in science to begin with and is happier teaching it to young kids.
  • There's a brief one when Karmi admits to Hiro that Trevor kicked her out. Hiro gives her sympathy for it, and she responds with a "Thanks." She even has a sincere smile! Turns into a funny moment when both Hiro and Karmi realize they're being nice to each other and gag in unison.
    • Later, Karmi is shown happily helping Wendy Wower teach her kids, even though she mocked Hiro for it earlier.

"Rivalry Weak"

  • All of Honey Lemon's artwork depicts her friends.
  • Honey Lemon's friends knew all along that she takes art classes at SFAI and are okay with it. They remained quiet because they decided to wait until she was ready to tell them herself.

"Big Hero 7"

  • While it's also played for laughs, High Voltage's reconciliation is still legitimately touching.
  • Fred comforting Richardson when his comic book store contents are torn to shreds. It turns funny, however, when they both draw back in disgust.
    Richardson: Who would do such a horrible thing?
    Fred: Villains, that's who. (hugs Richardson) Filthy villains.

"Big Problem"

"Steamer's Revenge"

  • The gang retrieving Wasabi's car from the bay, and upgrading it, as a surprise for his birthday. His reaction says it all:
    Wasabi: (hugging the hood of his car, choked up) You guys! You're giving me all the feels!
    • Fridge Heartwarming: One upgrade given is the ability for his car to operate underwater. Never again will he lose it to the bay!
  • Fred telling Hiro that nothing's more important than Wasabi's birthday. It may just seem like it's Fred being his usual self, but he really is a great friend.
  • Fred is encouraged to be himself after he feels insecure about having to live up to his father's legacy.
  • Wasabi, as he drives his car underwater to thwart Steamer's plan. He's clearly quite delighted with the outcome:
  • Fred hugging Boss Awesome from the video chat screen after learning to impersonate him. It's also a Fridge Tearjerker.

"The Bot Fighter"

  • Baymax showing Hiro a video of Tadashi speaking of botfighting, and that even if he doesn't agree with his brother's botfighting tendencies, Hiro is a good kid and will always make what's right.
    Baymax: Tadashi was right. Hiro, you are a good kid.
    [Hiro gives a touched smile to Baymax]
  • The group hug at the end. Enough said.

"Obake Yashiki"

  • Although it's mitigated by the context that it's an illusion and a trick, the interaction between Hiro and the Tadashi illusion was nice while it lasted. For an instant, one wants to believe that in the least, Tadashi's spirit manifested for Halloween just to talk with his brother. The conversation even feels as though the two brothers are picking up where they left off.
    • Afterwards, when all is said and done, Hiro tells his friends about what happened, and is saddened by how it was just an illusion. What more can you expect; his friends comfort him and express how low it was for Obake to manipulate Hiro emotionally like that.
  • On a meta-level, an interview with Tadashi's voice actor has him reveal that if the show ever needs him to voice-act more of Tadashi, he's more than happy to lend his talent.
  • Baymax taking a moment to give a little girl who is dressed as his hero self a lollipop. D'aww.
  • After realizing that what they're seeing is augmented reality from contact lenses in the haunted house, Gogo comes to Wasabi as Fred and Honey Lemon take the contacts out. Even through her annoyance at his not listening to her, she still tells him to take the contacts out, which he does.

"Countdown to Catastrophe"

  • Globby cares enough about his Only Friend, Felony Carl, he doesn't need any other reason for his Heel–Face Turn.
  • When a shocked Obake asks how Hiro could have stopped his plan, Baymax just says that Hiro is smart and resourceful, like there as never any question in his mind that he could do it.
  • Baymax discovering that Obake is suffering from a brain injury that essentially lobotomized his sense of morality, suggesting that his evil may be involuntary as opposed to self-imposed, and he offers to get him help if he stands down.
  • Obake releasing Baymax from his control and telling him to save Hiro. Maybe there was still some good in him after all.
    • Baymax patting Obake's back and saying "there there" to comfort him. Baymax is programmed to be pure.
  • When Wasabi, standing on top of a school bus with elementary students, awaits for the outcome of Hiro and Fred's stopping the catastrophe, a little girl holds his hand. The scene is quite adorable.
  • Baymax doing a Call-Back of "The Bot-Fighter" and calling Hiro a good kid before a group hug, where even Globby joins. D'aww!

    Season 2 


  • In a way, Trina showing concern over her "little brother" Noodle Burger Boy.

"Prey Date"

  • After squeeing over Captain Cutie and assuring him they would cure Orso Knox, Karmi asks if Hiro was hurt when he was taken by him. Karmi and Hiro have had their share of arguments (even at the beginning of the episode), but it's nice to know that she does genuinely care for him, if only a little bit.

"Something's Fishy"

  • This episode is Barb and Juniper's most heartwarming episode to date. Once they finally give up supervillain life after being forced to work for Liv, both give eachother a hug and are excited to finally live their lives as civilians. Though it turns to slight Tear Jerker after their eel mutation, where Juniper calls themselves freaks and Barb is reassuring her daughter with a hug.
  • Hiro dancing with Megan at her high school. Sure, he needs some work, but he never got to live a normal life, and he's laughing and having so much fun with his new friend.
    • Just his friendship with Megan in general. They hit it off right away, and Megan, being aware Hiro never got to live like a normal kid due to being a genius, wants him to do fun activities because everyone deserves to have some fun.


  • Honey and Globby's friendship. Their relationship evolved since Season 1 and both trust eachother and are ready to go to great lenghts to help one another. It's especially heartwarming considering Globby used to actually be a villain Honey had to defeat.
    • Dibs feeling guilty about stealing Honey's purse again, knowing it's the only way he can become Globby again and help them defeat Nega-Globby.
    • Honey Lemon thinking Nega-Globby is Dibs and feeling guilty to have messed her experiment up.
  • Felony Carl reading through Dibs like an open book and knowing he's not entirely satisfied to be human again, telling him he is special. The whole time, he has his arm around Dibs in a comforting way. Everyone needs a friend like Felony Carl.
  • The photos in Dibs' phone of Obake's team being like a family.
  • Honey Lemon and Karmi's "bio-besties" friendship. Considering Karmi is friendless (except for Liv, but it's not like she's honest about it), seeing the sympathetic friendly Honey befriend her and act like a big sis towards her is definitely heartwarming.

"Fate of the Roommates"

  • GoGo finally getting the courage to tell Honey Lemon that she wanted her to stay and not move out of her apartment. The subsequent hug and "emotional moment selfie" sums it up beautifully.


  • Mochi going Papa Wolf on Hibagon Ned to protect Hiro. Sure, he may be annoyed to be used as a guinea pig sometimes, but no one messes with his owner.

"Something Fluffy"

  • Even if they're created for nefarious purposes, the infant Mayoi are inoffensive and genuinely love the civilians who adopt them.

"Supersonic Sue"

  • Fred deciding to let Richardson keep Captain Fancy's underwear after he saw Richardson was friendless and uses collection objects to fill the void.
  • Supersonic Sue admitting to GoGo that she came out of retirement after seeing her skate on the news. After spending the episode boasting her superiority to GoGo, Sue really does see GoGo as a Worthy Opponent.

"Lie Detector"

  • Hiro lying about Cass' salami acai bowl being good so he wouldn't hurt her feelings.
  • Baymax Playing Possum and pretending to be down for the count only to use a stealth attack on Bessie. "He lied" so "Hiro wouldn't get hurt".

"Write Turn Here"

  • Honey Lemon, after Hiro tells a rather harsh fanfiction about Karmi being humiliated, continues it by have Hiro comfort her and confess his feelings. Sure, it's mostly a funny moment, but it just shows she doesn't want anyone to be hurt and wants Hiro and Karmi to get along (though at quite some extent).
  • While silly, Fred's take on the fanfic has Noodle Burger Boy pull a Heel–Face Turn and indicates Fred still thinks of him as a friend.
  • Hiro realizing he has to write his creative writing assignment about something he knows, all that while looking at a picture of him and Tadashi. The next day, he gives his assignment to Granville: "a story about a boy, his brother and a robot".

"City of Monsters, Part 1"

  • Karmi honestly accepting Hiro's help and how well they work together.
  • Karmi telling Hiro she is sad to what happened to his older brother and admits she also looked up to him.
  • Hiro rushing to Karmi's aid when she calls him from SFIT, and reassuring her when she's visibly scared and tells them they make a good team.

"City of Monsters, Part 2"

  • Hiro's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Karmi. After a season and a half of Snark-to-Snark Combat, he smiles at her warmly and clearly tells her that he cares about her.
    Hiro: Karmi! You can fight this. Because... you're the smartest person I know. You're... my friend. I care about you.
    • The best part is that he wins. Karmi comes back to her senses, protects Hiro from the hulked-out Chris, and Diane, who effortlessly mind-controls all the other monsters in this episode, can't regain control of her.
  • Also counts as a Moment of Awesome, but Karmi fighting off Chris to protect Hiro. She spent one season and a half mocking and insulting him, and in that moment, Karmi goes into Unstoppable Rage and does not stop fighting Chris even if he has the upper hand. She was ready to die to protect her new friend.
  • As Karmi turns back into a human, Hiro catches her and envelopes in a hug.
  • At the end of the episode, Hiro firmly includes Karmi into his group of friends. Turns into a tearjerker when he finds out she's gone, and back into heartwarming when he is shown reading her new fanfic chapter about his team and hitting a 'like'. Remember his previous attitude towards her writing? It's possible that he still doesn't like the fanfic itself, but does this just to make her happy.

"Mini-Maximum Trouble"

  • Mini-Max being turned back to normal and his heartwarming reunion with Fred:
    Fred: Please tell me you're not gonna drop any more heavy stuff on me.
    Mini-Max: Hearty chuckle! Of course not! You are my best friend!
    [Mini-Max hugs Fred, who starts gross sobbing and his nose leaks]
    Baymax: Would you like a tissue?
    Fred: No, thanks.
    [Mini-Max blows Fred's tears and nose fluids with his fan]
    Fred: [smiles] Glad to have you back, Mini-Max!

"El Fuego"

  • Baymax comforting Hiro, who's upset over El Fuego (indirectly) calling Tadashi's work "junk", by giving him a gentle hug from behind.
  • Even if Hiro gets carried away, his motive to defend Tadashi's honor and legacy is too sweet.
  • Baymax putting himself between Hiro-as-Baymax and El Fuego. True to himself, Baymax will always be ready to discard his own safety if it means he can protect Hiro from being hurt.
    • And if not from Fred, Baymax could've suffered serious damage from El Fuego's "power hug". But it's what Baymax is made for. To care about and protect his patients, at the cost of his own life.
  • Even if El Fuego used it at his advantage, Baymax was still willing to comfort El Fuego over his (supposed) insecurities related to his anger issues.
  • The ending: Hiro and Baymax play wrestling and Hiro laughing happily as he jumps on Baymax's belly. Awww!
    Baymax: This is safe. Because it is fake!
    • Right before, Hiro admits he shouldn't have let his emotions get the better of him and Baymax says that Tadashi's work is now his, before giving him another hug.

"The Globby Within"

  • Just how happy Globby has become ever since he pulled his Heel–Face Turn.
  • The heroes promise Globby to save him, and he gives them a huge hug.
    Globby: What did I ever do to deserve great friends like you?
    Wasabi: Oh, I don't know. Maybe saved millions of people in San Fransokyo?


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