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What's really remarkable is how Caleb rendered an entire splash page using only a 4-colored pen.
  • This bit after Jay comes in making jokes at the worst moment (after Jessi has her first period):
    Jessi: Not now, Jay.
    Jay: What, are you on you per— (Jessi throat-punches him)
  • Daniel's well-deserved Humiliation Conga after he's outed for Slut-Shaming the many women whom he has attempted to sexually assault, culminating in Nick vomiting into his hat and Leah forcing it on his head. Even the otherwise misogynistic Jay is appalled when he realizes what non-consensual sex is and further humiliates Daniel by offering him a scarf to wipe off the vomit, then magically make it disappear, Flipping the Bird at him as he moonwalks away.
  • Caleb shows that he can fight when beats up Andrew for (accidentally) humping his bag.
  • "We Love Our Bodies", In-Universe and on it's own terms. Not only does it make Missy and Jessie believe that women of any shape and size can be beautiful, including themselves, but it's also the show definitively putting it's foot down that no, nudity is not automatically sexual.
    • After taking Mirror Missy's verbal abuse all episode, Missy finally tells her to go away with a Precision F-Strike.
      Missy: You know what, Mirror Missy? Why don't you just go fuck yourself, you fudging cu-cu-cunt?
      Mirror Missy: [gasps] Mama mia! I'm melting! [melts]
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  • As sad as it is, Jessi finally calling out her mom for cheating on her dad and making him live in the basement is cathartic.
  • Bad Mitten snapping a bird's neck offscreen right after the bird flies away with it, proving that he's more than just talk.
    Bad Mitten: Still don't think I'm a bad mitten? Then stick around and watch me fuck this dead bird.
  • Missy reveals that she goes to Capoeira classes, right before intercepting Jay before he can pants Jessi and subsequently pantses him.
  • Connie wastes no time defending Jessi from the Shame Wizard, successfully getting him to go away soon after he first appears before Jessi.
  • The Planned Parenthood episode. All of it.
  • Elliot is able to save a man's life by resuscitating him even when he himself has a bad back.
  • Greg and Martin standing up to Guy Bilzerian before Caleb knocks him into the pool, where the penis worms get him. It couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole.
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  • The students banding together and getting rid of the Shame Wizard. Then having a very shameless party!
  • Lola laying into Devin and telling her off after having had enough of her shit.
  • Connie, Maury, Andrew, and Nick rescue Jessi from the Depression Kitty.
  • Missy finally giving into her pent-up anger and flipping out on everyone at the end of "Girls Get Angry Too." Not only does she tell the boys to knock off the perverted antics and mouth off to the teacher who's making everything worse by punishing the girls for something the boys are doing, she also flat-out rejects the approval of her female classmates who only seconds ago were telling her she was protesting "wrong." It's clear from this point on, Missy is not taking anyone's crap.
    "I'm not wearing my uniform 'cause it's butt ugly and stupid! And you are a creepy, sexist fudge face!" [girls cheer] "Oh, now you're cheerin'? Rah-rah-rah! Your cheers are hollow. You shamed me for what I wore! All you girls are a bunch of hypocrites!" [Jay cheers] "Oh, button your yap, Jay! And just so you know, boys aren't animals, they are capable of self-control!" [Andrew meekly agrees] "And you. We went out for, like, five fudgin' days. I don't owe you squat-diddly! Get over it, Senior Poop!" [Mr Lizer steps in] "Chow down on your vertical frown, Lizer! (Mr Lizer is baffled) Uh, what that is actually supposed to mean is that now it is time for you to EAT YOUR OWN ASS, YOU BOZO!"
    • Before that, we see a hint of her anger when she punches Mirror Missy in the face, giving the latter a bloody nose.
  • Barbara finally putting her foot down and telling off her obnoxious father-in-law for making Marty and his brother fight, and her son for kissing Cherry.
  • Everyone hanging against Mr. Lizer and Principal Baron firing him. It's the first we see her do something without complete apathy.
  • Coach Steve getting his job back with the help from Jay and the Fab Five.
  • The reveal that the entirety of Super-Mouth was just something Caleb imagined not only showcases his impressive art style, but reveals that he's far more perceptive than he lets on.
  • Caleb, in his characteristically blunt fashion, telling Matthew to stop messing with Coach Steve in such a mean-spirited manner. It's delightfully no-nonsense to watch the kid absolutely refuse to let Matthew think he's being clever or funny as opposed to just cruel.
  • Nick using the Gratitoad to fight Nick Starr and a more monstrous Tito as a means to return to his own body. After spending the entire season making Nick, Jessi and Andrew feel miserable about themselves, seeing Tito get destroyed is immensely satisfying.
    Nick: You can take your destiny and go fuck yourself!


  • My Furry Valentine:
    • After seeing how Andrew has been acting the entire special, Lola ripping out his hair and throwing him out will have you both laughing and cheering.


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