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  • Bee is a wellspring for these moments.
    • "You took too long. Now your candy's gone. Dat's what happen." BAKOWWWWW!
    • "There better not be anything scary-cryptic written in here... I will scream SO. LOUD... And then totally lose my marbles... (chuckles)"
      • "Pretty stationery, though..."
    • (After hitting herself in the stomach with her umbrella) "My gu-uuuuuts, my guts."
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    • (jolting up awake from a bizarre nightmare) "AAH BAD DREAM!!" (points at Puppycat) "AAH YOU WERE THERE!!" (picks up tray) "AAH THE LASAGNA'S GONE!!" (looks at phone alarm) "AAH I'M LATE!!"
  • The sounds the pigeon outside of the Temp Agency makes. "Bawk. Bawk. BLAGAWWW!"
  • This Exchange:
    Puppycat: Hello Peon. Bow to me.
    Ladybug: Ummm... no... thank you.
    Puppycat: Why not?
  • When Bee's stomach starts growling from hunger.
    Bee: Crap! I ran out of food money!
    (Puppycat guards his food)
    Bee: Relax, man. I'm not gonna eat your food.
  • Puppycat hitting Bee with an envelope that came out of his collar bell to get her to open it/stop her freaking out.
  • Bee offers to get Puppycat a pen to sign his letter, not even batting an eye at the fact a letter for temp work came for her pet.
  • The retching sound Assign Bot makes as Bee and Puppycat enter Fishbowl Space.
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  • Bee's reaction upon receiving her Magical Girl costume:
    Bee: Uh... No. No no no no noooo! I don't like this outfit!
  • Wallace would be hilarious if not for the fact that he's so sad.
    Bee: What's wrong?
    Wallace: *sniff* I miss my mama.
    Puppycat: He always misses his mama.
    Wallace: She's been gone forever!
    Bee: Awwww....
    Puppycat: She's been gone for 2 minutes. And she'll probably be back in 10 minutes.
  • The frustrated noise Puppycat makes when Wallace asks for a story. GAAAHH.
  • Puppycat is attacked, Bee pulls a sword, lets out a yell worthy of Xena: Warrior Princess, then starts biting the monster's tongue.
    Puppycat: Aw, siiick. Use the sword!
    Bee starts bludgeoning the monster with her sword
    Bee: (imitating Puppycat's Simlish) Don't tell me what to do! Wahwahwahwah!
    • What makes it even funnier is that it works and she successfully bites the tongue clean off!
  • After Bee lands on her couch upon their return from Fishbowl Space:
    Bee: Oh my God, I am so glad there wasn't anything sharp on my couch.


  • The various eyebrow changes as Bee types out her text to Deckard.
  • The cicada:
    Who-wants-to-make-a-million-babies-with-me? Who-wants-to-make-a-million-babies-with-me? Who-wants-to-make-a-million-babies-with-me?
  • At the supermarket, Bee gets an attack of Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!:
    Bee: [As Puppycat leaves with the shopping cart] Where're you-Fish Cakes!
    • Puppycat comes back moments later with the cart filled with various implements of destruction including a crossbow, grenades, and a chainsaw.
      Bee: Where'd you find a leather jacket?
    • What's better is her only other comment on the stuff in the cart is that Puppycat forgot to bring his money with him, so he should put it back. Puppycat responds by throwing the leather jacket he was wearing on the ground in frustration.
  • The entire attempt at cooking the recipe. Basically, Puppycat shoves things off the counter and shelves like a cat out of spite of Deckard.
  • Puppycat is bribed into looking for temp work with the promise of a leather jacket.
    Puppycat: My own leather jacket. A chance to look as cool on the outside as I am on the inside.
  • Puppycat's much loathed helmet, which reads "2 cute 2 poot."


  • Bee telling to Puppycat to don't look while she's falling down and her skirt is flowing up. And she does the same to Temp Bot.
  • Bee insisting Temp Bot to hurry up to assign them an easy job.
    Bee: [touching Temp Bot's screen] Temp Bot, hurry up, we don't have much time, we just came from the bathroom-
    Temp Bot: Eww, and you touch my face...Wait, did you wash your hands?
    Bee: There;s no time to wash hands, we need quick cash!
    Temp Bot: ...Eww.
  • Bee and Puppycat kiss by accident. Bee's reaction?
    Bee: Where's my gum?
  • Bee couldn't buy the leather jacket she promised to Puppycat so she gives him her old baby jacket. Remember he wanted the jacket to look cool instead of cute, now he's a cute dog/cat thingie in a baby blue with pink bows' jacket. That has glitter in the pockets. And it says "Poo Monster" at the back.
  • The Farmer intended his payment to be the sweet release of death. Bee's response is to pluck the leaf off his head and take it with her.


  • The crab who follows Bee and Puppycat around throughout the episode in search of cleavage and cleavage-like imagery, culminating with him pulling down Puppycat's swim trunks to see his "butt cleavage", only to be shocked by his non-existant ass.
  • Cardamon alone is comedy gold, especially with the British accent.
    • Cardamon attempting to fix Bee's toilet... by hitting it with a squeaky toy hammer.
    • Cardamon calling Puppycat fat. Puppycat's reaction sells it.
    • Cardamon's introduction.
      Cardamon: (with his hair wet) Touch my hair.
      Bee: Yeah, okay! (gets hand wet) Oooh...?
      Cardamon: That's toilet water.
      Bee: Ewwww.
    • Cardamon tells to Bee and Puppycat he needs space while he works, and each time he tells them to go back away further until they're at the beach of the island...and he still texts them to go "further".
      Bee: as we can go.
  • Puppycat casually demanding Cardamon's hammer.
  • Puppycat's high pitched scream, with a expression of complete annoyance at "cleavage crab"...while his head spins.
  • Bee walking on the burning sand, and suddenly a horde of cats coming out of nowhere behind her.
  • The episode ends with Cardamon fishing a can of canned food out of the toilet. His only reaction is a completely deadpan "Why."
  • Puppycat's Speaking Simlish has one exception: Pretty Patrick's name.
  • Bee gargling her yogurt.
    Bee (garbled):Soon it will be cheese.


  • "Puppycat, why is there so much fabric in the crotch? There's a lot!"
    • Bee rubbing the crotch-fabric, which is followed by a large slap on the wrist from Puppycat and Bee yelling "WOOOOOOOW!"
  • The Cat Head Planet people continually dismissing Puppycat from watching TV due to a defense move that continually leads to them puking in their mouths.
    • "Betrayal..."
  • Puppycat's ">:(" face after Bee admits her mistakes.
    Bee: I'm the worst pet-owner ever!
    Puppycat: .....I'm not your pet.
    • Cardamon's letter to Bee.
    Dear Bee. I taped that show you wanted to watch. I don't know why you'd wanna watch a show where a guy eats a pile of mashed potatoes but I'm not one to judge.
    Bee: (crumbles the paper up) Spoilers!
    • If fans were long-time watchers of Natazilla's tumblr (or went through it), they'd recognize Puppycat's posing as the same as Pancake's (Nat's cat) in a comic she drew.
    Pancake: (strikes the first pose)
    Nat: Too sexy. (Slams hand on the table)
    Pancake: (Jumps and changes to a second "sexy" pose)
    Nat: DARN IT.



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