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Headscratchers / Bee and Puppycat

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  • Is it a joke that there's nothing doglike about Puppycat, or am I just missing some features? When Bee started wondering if he was a dog there was a close-up of his tail wagging, but cats do that too, then I thought maybe it's because his tail is short but that'd just make him a bobtail.
    • Probably just an effect of the art style - he looks either like a cat or a short-snouted dog, depending on how you look at him, but in animation a critter with his design typically defaults to "cat" in the eyes of most viewers (the bell only reinforces this). A few of his features, such as a black nose against white fur and distinct brow-dots, are typically only seen on dogs, though the former is also pretty common in animation anyway so take it as you will. I personally see him as looking like a mix of Siamese cat and Shiba Inu.
    • Episode 1 of the series says that he smells like a dog.
    • Comparing him with the cats in the beach episode; the black nose, eyebrows, and ears seem to be the dog parts of him. I'd argue the little puppy tail too, since the screen focused on it when Bee added "dog" to her description.
  • What's up with Temp Bot's voice CONSTANTLY changing?
    • Pilot: She has a computerized Synthetic Voice similar to Siri or GLaDOS. Fits her very well.
      • Heck in episode five, "Birthday", Temp Bot IS GLaDOS (as in voiced by Ellen McLain).
    • "Farmer": She now has a regular female voice. My personal favorite.
    • "Cats": She now has the voice of a Sassy Black Woman. What.
      • Someone asked about this on the official Bee & Puppycat tumblr and it's very much intentional that Temp Bot's voice changes every episode. Though the same computer-y voice filter seems to be applied each time.
    • Does this mean the voice is also a temp worker?
    • Temp Bot states in the Netflix remaking that there are many Temp Bots that share the same memory. This is how the story explains her changing voice.
  • Given Bee's hatred of water, why wasn't she more upset that her bathroom was flooded in "Beach"?
    • She didn't even notice, because she avoids her own bathroom. The water was draining into Cardamon's place, so It wasn't flooding her home.
  • Cardamon is a small child living alone with his comatose mother and a small dog. Everyone comes right to him to pay the rent. He can't possibly be the legal owner of the property, why hasn't anyone contacted Child Protection?
    • Maybe his mum is the true landlord and Cardamon is such a Child Prodigy that he's able to handle rent. That or it's just Artistic License – Child Labor Laws.
      • As it turns out in the Netflix series, his mom actually owns THE WHOLE ISLAND, although this doesn't seem to be widely known.
  • How was Bee's toilet draining into Cardamon's place? As we are shown when they go to pay rent, Cardamon lives in a house separate to their building.
    • I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think it is separate from their building. It might just be that there's no way to get to his part of the building from the inside, so Bee and Deckard had to exit their houses first and walk around.
    • Cardamon was using confusing "landlord speak". It's his house since he's letting Bee rent it out.