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Bee is the Space Princess.
In the aftermath of the Space Outlaw's transformation, a betrayal set up by the Space King and not the Space Princess, the latter suffered such guilt that she did anything to forget her inadvertently breaking her lover's heart and transforming him into a monster. So, she casts a spell on herself that grants her amnesia to forget the pain.

With her memories wiped, a few assistants of the Space Princess help set her-up in our world—not that successfully, obviously, as you can't exactly appear out of nowhere one day and have a large, extensive history and plenty of credible references, compounded by the fact that the Princess' education probably didn't cover skills that would be that useful here.

PC is incredibly neutral and sometimes hostile to Bee because of how much she reminds him of his old flame—a woman who loved him, cared for him, then betrayed him.

  • He keeps her away from Deckard because he's jealous, even if he doesn't fully recognize her.
  • It would also explain her the effectiveness of her... unique fighting style. Bee is obviously not a normal person, being unfazed by numerous strange happenings and generally going with the absurd flow, as if everything was normal to her. (And being an amnesiac Space Princess, it is, though she doesn't consciously realize it.)

Alternatively, the Space Princess was Driven to Suicide (and possibly reincarnated as Bee).
Either A) she never meant to betray the Outlaw, but her father found out about their meeting; B) she was lying to him at first, but at some point fell in love for real; or C) obeyed her father's orders and was later wracked with guilt. In any case, the Space King blames the escaped Outlaw for this, and has been sending out monsters created by the warlocks to hunt him down.
  • She committed suicide by stabbing herself with a sword. Bee's maneuver with her umbrella on herself was a subconscious memory. It is also a Sailor Moon reference.

Bee is the daughter of Space Princess and The Outlaw

Puppycat is Cookie Cat

"Bee and Puppycat" takes place in Adventure Time's past.
Substantially after
the magic came back (hence why Bee took all the supernatural weirdness in stride), but before the Mushroom War.
  • A. I am not ready for those kind of feels. B. They have modern day technology, all tech in Adventure Time is sorta 80s.
    • Adventure Time has technology from a few different eras, it seems. Since it takes place After the End, it's hard to say whether such tech is from before the Mushroom War, or if it's been reinvented. So the theory may still fit.
      • Well considering 80's tech is very hard wearing (some even under extreme circumstances) whereas modern technology breaks easily (think about how many apple products you get through...) so it's possible that only older tech survived the mushroom war...

Alternatively, Bee and Puppycat takes place in the same world of Steven Universe
For similar reasons than above theory, but also because the character designs seem closer to that series than Adventure Time.
Deckard will join Bee and Puppycat in their adventures. But he will do it while Hunting Androids!

Puppycat works in temp works in order to buy a cure
It's implied that Puppycat is actually the Outlaw and his current form was because of his anger and magic. In order to pay out a cure, Puppycat does a lot of temp woks, but the Space King's army of warlocks are sending monsters to hunt him down, so in order to defence himself better, he recruited Bee.

Alternatively, Puppycat's temp works are meant to ease his anger
Puppycat is a
Perpetual Frowner and was his anger at the princess' betrayal what turn him in what he is now. Maybe he would return to his true form once he has vent out his anger and learns to emphatize with others. That's why in the plot, his temp work is babysit Wallace (again), he kiss the fish's forehead, tells him a fairytale and even gives to Bee mot of the money they earned for the job.

And alternatively of the alternative, Puppycat's temp works are to pay off his debts to Space society
Puppycat used to be a Space Outlaw so he's working out to pay for his past crimes.

Deckard will turn out to be evil.
Just because, in shows like this, there's always a chance that the Nice Guy is actually not so nice after all.

Perhaps, if the theories that Puppycat is the Space Outlaw and Bee is an amnesiac Space Princess turn out to be correct, Deckard is in fact one of the Space King's warlocks, and is going to try and prevent Bee and Puppycat from properly reuniting.

  • True, but in shows like this, such an idea is also easily subverted; perhaps it'll turn out that Deckard's one of the king's warlocks but also a Well-Intentioned Extremist who believes that keeping Bee away from Puppycat/the Space Outlaw is the only way to keep her safe.

Puppycat isn't the Space Outlaw
, but rather his pet.And he's searching for his master, or knows where his master is but is trying to find a way to cure his monstrous state.
  • Jossed. Puppycat IS the Space Outlaw. It has been confirmed by the creator in an interview.

Deckard will turn out to be The Space Outlaw.
playing on the above where Puppy cat is the pet I remember seeing a fan pic on tumblr when the shorts first came out where they show Deckard with half his face as the silhouette of the Space outlaw and if Bee is the princess amnesiatic or reincarnated it would explain why Deckard has feelings for her but is reluctant to come out and say it for fear he'll be hurt again.
  • Jossed. Puppycat is the Space Outlaw.

The other five Puppycats in Bee's dream
Based in Bee's dreams, there's at least five more Puppycats, and in "Farm" Temp Bot mentionesd that nobody wanted to do the job in Jelly Cube Planet. So our Puppycat is one of many others; even, the Puppycats are all space bandits and outlaws that, after been transformed, must work in Temp Bot's agency to pay their freedom.

Puppycat isn't the Space Outlaw, but the Princess
.After the curse turned the Space Outlaw into a monster, the Princess was so guilt stricken that it caused her to turn into Puppycat. Her works as a temp is to fund her search for the Prince. She sees a lot of her past self in Bee — a halpless, ineffective manchild — and thus sticks with Bee to look out for her. 'Evidence' to support this theory is PC's attempt at ordering a ladybug to bow before him, and calling Deckard a 'peasant' and ordering him to pick up the groceries, so he still has a bit of those 'princessey' traits about her. Plus we haven't really had any actual confirmation that Puppycat is 100% male, or that the Princess was a 100% female for that matter.
  • Jossed. Puppycat IS actually the Space Outlaw. Word of God confirmed it.
Bee isn't entirely human
  • she eats massive amounts of food and still feels hungry (the Beach episode)
  • she is afraid of water to the point that she tears up when the Cathead people tried to give her a bath
    • and the tear that hits the ground immediately turns to ice (or some kind of crystal)
  • she is unfazed by the fact that her toilet is overflowing, and even tells Cardamon that he doesn't have to fix it. Given her fear of water, it seems she should be very upset about the overflowing toilet, unless she never went into her bathroom because she doesn't need to use it
  • Confirmed. In the newly released episodes, it's revealed that Bee is some sort of android.

Puppycat's ability to talk to animals only works on invertebrates
  • Because all the Talking Animal gags so far (A Ladybug, a Cicada, and a Crab) have all been invertebrates, while he was around various other animals in "Farm" without any of them talking to him.

Bee gained the ability to understand Puppycat during the dream sequence in the Pilot
  • In the dream sequence she sees several different puppycats and when they started to leave she grabbed Puppycat and asked him not to go. He pauses and then cuts her arm with his claws, a ribbon comes out of the cut and wraps around her. She then wakes up. I think that wasn't merely a dream, and while it didn't happen physically it happened mentally for both of them. The moment he cuts her, Puppycat is marking her as his partner, giving her the ability to understand him like the animals and other space creatures.
    • Humans like Deckard and Cardamon don't seem to be able to understand him, but Bee can.

Bee's cosmic adventures are all fantasies in her head.
  • Nearly all of Bee's cosmic adventures coincide with some sort of real-life event that happens before. After she loses her job and gets stuck in the rain, and then flatly rejected at the temp agency, she dreams about getting a temp job in space, on a planet made of water. After she tries to cook a meal with Deckard, but doesn't have the secret ingredient, she dreams about a farmer who uses a "secret igredient" for his pet food. After she goes to the beach and is followed by a bunch of cats, she dreams about going to a resort full of sapient cats. The most logical explanation is that Bee, being the Woman Child she is, finds reality to be much too mundane and much too "mean," and tries to make sense of her life with dreams.
    • Jossed. Same troper here. Bee is actually a robot, and since Deckard was brought on one of her jobs, and had an injury that carried over to our world, this confirms that it's not in her imagination.

The reason Temp-Bot's voice keeps changing is because Bee and Puppycat are seeing a different Temp-Bot every time.
  • After all, it is an intergalactic temp agency. How could they have one robot managing all that?

Bee's father turned her into a cyborg to save her life.
  • In "Wedding Donuts," certain parts of Bee's body are shown to be robotic, including her arms, legs, and eyes. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of her body is robotic. Not only did one episode show that Bee still has at least some of her baby clothes (like the jacket she gave Puppycat), but pictures have been shown of Bee as a two-year-old (in one of the comic book stories) and as a little girl (in "Birthday Game"). That's because Bee used to be human; she grew up as a normal girl with her dad. However, at some point (probably a little younger than her current age), Bee was involved in some kind of accident that left her body in critical condition. Her father, having knowledge of electronics, created cybernetic implants for his daughter in order to save her;he also managed to save her internal organs, such as her brain (which allows Bee to keep her memories and personality) and her stomach (explaining how Bee still eats and gets hungry). While the implants are normally just used as replacements for Bee's old body parts, the pink-eyed trance she falls into after her arm is damaged is a fail-safe mode her father created in case Bee is badly injured again. This way, she can prevent herself from being damaged any further. Bee is aware of everything her father did to her body, but just never felt the need to bring it up; as far as she's concerned, she's still the same old Bee she was before her accident, just with a few changes.
    • Alternatively, Bee suffered from a terminal illness when she was younger; her dad had no other choice but to replace certain parts of her body so the disease wouldn't spread any further. It was a slow and painful process, so Bee's dad made video games for her as a distraction as she recovered from her "surgeries."

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