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Heartwarming / Bee and Puppycat

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Bee and Puppycat - The Original Short

  • Deckard made lasagna for Bee after she lost her job.
    • And in part two, The first thing Bee wants to do with the money she got from Puppycat is to buy Deckard a lasagna in return. Dawww...
    • And the fact that as soon as they saw each other they couldn't stop blushing.
    • The fact that he was nice enough to leave her the lasagna even after she accidentally decked him in the crotch.
  • Bee trying to comfort Wallace even though she has just met him.
    • And Puppycat kissing him on the forehead.
  • "If you want, I can help you figure out a nice ending."
  • Puppycat making sure Bee doesn't get incinerated and giving her most of the money from the job. He doesn't act like it, but he seems to appreciate that she took him in and gave him food.
    • Bee and Puppycat's odd but endearing relationship in general.

Food Farmer

  • Puppycat accepting and even thanking Bee for his new jacket, which is anything but what he wanted.

Beach Cats

  • It's incredibly cute seeing Puppycat watching (and enjoying!) the Pretty Patrick show with Bee.
  • Bee dreams about one day having enough money to buy a cafe where she and Puppycat can watch Pretty Patrick Lunchtime all day, Deckard can cook, and Cass can rig a break-proof toilet so that Cardamon won't have to fix it when he visits.

Birthday Game

  • The Dad Box's birthday song to Bee.
  • Puppycat agreeing to accompany Bee to Glitch Gorge, where she used to spend her birthdays with her dad as a child.
  • When Bee decides to just go home without playing the arcade game her dad made for her since they don't have anymore coins, Puppycat immediately stops her and convinces her to take a temp job so she could play it, even letting her pick the job. Bee asks if he could sing letting her pick, and while he does clearly look annoyed about it at first, plays along with her request.
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  • The monologue Bee has as she and Puppycat go to defeat the Eyeball has her commenting on how this is the first time in a long time she's had fun on her birthday. The last time was when she was spending them with her father.

Toast Dogs, Wedding Donut

  • Cardamon dutifully taking care of his coma-ridden mother, and remembering the fairy-tale she told him about where jellyfish come from. While we don't see her wake up after Cardamon gives her the wish donut, tears start emerging from her eyes, indicating that she's at least somewhat responsive.
  • When Puppycat realizes that Bee has been crying, his immediate response is to scream that he'll kill whoever is responsible, completely forgetting about the fact he's currently stuck in a window.
  • Bee leaves a magical donut for Cardamon.
  • Despite the fact that Deckard doesn't directly say goodbye to Bee and that he witnessed the reveal that she's at least partially robotic, it appears that his feelings for her haven't changed.
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  • At the end of the episode, Puppycat walks in to witness Bee getting her robotic arm repaired by the Dad Box. Bee can only sadly say that there's a lot of stuff they don't know about each other. Puppycat responds by asking questions like "What's your favorite color?", "What's your favorite animal?" and "What's your favorite food?"


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