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Ben and Neb will review another thing together.
  • Jossed, the series is over (For real this time).
If Ben '"retires" Ben Rants, he will just revive it again a couple months later.
  • This has happened before in 2011 when he unexpectedly closed down production on the series and resumed regular videos. With the success of those, Ben finding new topics to rant on, his videos soaring in popularity months after cancellation and fan requests, Ben Rants returned in 2012.
    • Probably not, he'll be busy with collage and stuff and won't have time to make more videos.
      • Scratch that, confirmed. He'll be making a few more videos featuring Ben T. Looney until June, then the series will truly be over.
      • Unconfirmed, he changed his mind.
      • Reconfirmed, he changed his mind, again.