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Awesome / Bee and Puppycat

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  • Bee attacks an Eldritch Abomination with her teeth and it works.
  • Bee telling off the Farmer for harvesting souls.
  • As sudden as the sequence is, Bee's Robotic Reveal and subsequent reaction stands out, with the otherwise-goofy Bee regressing to a cold, mechanical state to save Deckard and singlehandedly destroy the monstrous Wishing Hole.


  • The kickstarter campaign raised a quarter of its goal in half a day. They raised over 125 grand in less than a day.
    • They made their goal with six full days to spare, and made enough in the end to add three extra episodes to the set for a total of nine.
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    • This article reveals that Bee & Puppycat broke the record for most funded web series, beating out previous record-holder Video Game High School by over $63,000.
      Overall, Bee and Puppycat is the fourth-most funded film/video project on Kickstarter, behind entries from Hollywood directors Rob Thomas, Zach Braff, and Spike Lee. That's some pretty good company.
  • Natasha handles a hater with class.