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  • Adored by the Network: Among the other Disney series such as Big Hero 6: The Series and DuckTales (2017), they renewed the series for a second season before it premiered.
    • It was able to start off with a week worth of premieres that ranged from June 18th to 22nd, similar to DuckTales, the series had start off with the first episode (the two 11 minute segments) was being released on the Disney Now App and on YouTube on June 8, ten days before its initial release on the channel.
    • As of late, Disney XD loves to air the show multiple times a day, even having weekend marathons.
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    • When "Uncaged" premiered after the Disney Channel premiere of Moana, it got 925,000 views. A month later, and Disney Channel would increase its airtime to 4 times a day, and airs more than any animated series in regular Disney Channel airtime.
  • Age-Gap Romance: A meta reference. Chris Houghton, who voices Cricket, is in his early thirties, while Cricket's girlfriend Gabriella is voiced by the 17-year old Jenna Ortega.
  • The Cast Showoff: Pretty much everyone in the main cast, but most notably Chris Houghton, get to do a showstopper in the Christmas Episode. A few minor musical numbers pop up from time to time for them as well, such as the "Funtopia" song in "Park Pandemonium".
  • Channel Hop: The series was moved from Disney XD to Disney Channel before it even premiered. However, reruns would start airing on Disney XD in September 2018.
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  • Credits Pushback: The end credits are pushed toward the bottom for commercial ads despite having a rather catchy ending tune. The second season takes this even further by adding commercial breaks right after the theme song and removing the credits song all together and having the credits appear along the bottom in the last 30 seconds of an episode, to give more room time for commercials.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Cricket is a 10-year old boy voiced by the 30-year old Chris Houghton. His sister Tilly, who is 11-12, is voiced by Marieve Herington, also in her 30s.
    • Remy is voiced by Zeno Robinson, who is in his 20s.
    • A lot of the minor child characters are voiced by adults as well, such as 30-year old director Monica Ray voicing Kiki.
    • Averted with Benny, who is voiced by child actor Luke Lowe.
  • Descended Creator: Series co-creator Chris Houghton voices Cricket.
    • His brother Shane voices most of the unnamed male characters that appear in many episodes.
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    • As stated above, director Monica Ray voices Kiki.
  • Distanced from Current Events: Since mid-2020, the episode "Cricket's Shoes" was pulled from reruns (along with its sister episode "Feud Fight") in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as it involved Cricket catching the flu and going outside when he shouldn't, and sneezes on Bill twice and gets his germs on him.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Chris Houghton said on his Tumblr that he actually broke down during the scene in "Phoenix Rises" when Cricket is upset that Phoenix may be gone for good.
  • He Also Did:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: As of today, there are no home media releases of the series, with only digital platforms such as iTunes and Disney+ for distribution.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Cricket's name was used similarly on another character in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as mentioned above and the other one was ironically named by a mobile phone company, Cricket Wireless.
    • There’s another show where the central location is also called Big City.
    • "Cricket" is also the name used for a little sister to a fairy chef.
    • While Tilly's name is loosely named after a store that spelt "Tilly's".
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Explained from Out of Order, the series' first trailer led many to believe that the Welcome Home episode was the first chronological episode, but instead, Space Chicken (a pilot episode) had aired first, as the said episode did not air until later after the release.
  • No Export for You: The first episode was uploaded on YouTube, but only those who live in the US can watch it.
    • The "Bee Tree" Short was spotted on the Canadian Disney Channel, But can be seen by anyone who lives in Canada until it was released later in the US.
  • Out of Holiday Episode: "The Gifted" is a Father's Day episode, yet it aired on July 11, 2020.
  • Out of Order: The series first trailer, that previewed "Welcome Home", should’ve had aired first instead of "Space Chicken", since the first episode that chronologically starts the series and the characters off, while the latter was actually a pilot episode, which had a very awkward head start to introduce the characters and the series with at first since The Greens had already arrived to the city and had gotten some experience of the city already.
    • To add salt to the wound, one of the co-creators had posted a picture on Twitter that listed episodes with the production codes that Disney Channel had shuffled up all of the episodes from their original order, concluding that it had been airing out of order from the start.
    • And then following after "Phoenix Rises", any continuation about Nancy since she returned at the end of the said episode, was held off by two holiday themed episodes.
    • Disney+ completely rearranges all Season 1 episodes prior to "Uncaged" and sometimes changes the segments around as well. For example, "Welcome Home" is the first episode with "Space Chicken" paired with it.
  • Playing Against Type: Ed Begley Jr. is known for playing very smart yet very smug characters. Here, he plays Chip Whistler's father, Mr. Whistler, who is the total opposite of his jerkass son: A calm, friendly, and hard-working farmer who expects the best out of people.
  • Playing Gertrude: Artemis Pebdani, who voices Alice Green, was born in 1977, making her younger than Bob Joles (voice of Bill, born 1959) and Wendi Mc Lendon Covey (voice of Nancy, born in 1969).
  • Release Date Change: The release date was originally scheduled for 2017 before being moved to Spring 2018 on Disney XD, but ended up being moved to Summer of the same year for Disney Channel.
  • Saved from Development Hell: The series was put in place before it was officially green-lit by Disney in 2012, at that time, Chris was currently working on Gravity Falls, while Shane had worked on other projects, just before they went to Nickelodeon to work on Harvey Beaks in 2015, as there was no official news of the series until four years later into 2016. Although the production of the pilot episode was produced in between 2014 and 2015, while all others were roughly produced in much of 2015 onto 2017.
  • Schedule Slip: The show has recently been renewed for a second season before its premiere, but has since entered a long hiatus after the Season 1 finale with no official release for the season until November 16, a good eight months later.
  • Screwed by the Network: Even though the show is overly popular in ways, it falls into this territory now and then. It had no episodes for eight months between the Season 1 finale and the Season 2 premiere, and most recently, there were no new episodes between February and July 2020 because of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. And when episodes do air, they either are released one episode per week or in a "bomb" format. It doesn't help that it eventually releases short series in-between the hiatuses.
  • Series Hiatus:
    • The show went on hiatus for eight months after the Season 1 finale from March to November.
    • Since Season 2's midway point ("Garage Tales"/"Animal Farm"), the show went on hiatus from February to July, with shorts released in-between. This is because of Disney Channel's new binge watching strategy as confirmed by DuckTales (2017) editor Francisco Angones on Twitter, where they have to finish storyboarding, recording and editing about 8-10 episodes instead of one or two, and have them released all at once. This is also due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in production being temporarily halted and the crew was confined to their homes to finish the work from there, as part of attempting to slow the rate of those catching the sickness.
  • Short Run in Peru: As shown here , the Christmas special , "Green Christmas", airs in Asia on December 6, 2019, with its US debut on December 7.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Colton Dunn voices Russell Remington and the Greens' neighbor Brett.
    • The voices of the other two Cyber Knights are done by Cricket and Remy's actors.
    • Gloria's three friends in "Clubbed" are voiced by hers, Tilly's and Andromeda's voice actors.
    • Cricket's voice actor also voices Phyllis in "Park Pandemonium" and Ron the security guard in "Tilly Style".
    • Andre Robinson voices Bill and Russell's young selves in "Greens' Acres".
    • Tilly and Russel's actors voice the other two members of Nancy's former biker gang in "Trailer Trouble".
  • Time-Shifted Actor: In "Green's Acres", Bill, Nancy and Keys' younger selves are voiced by Andre Robinson, Candace Kozak and Jason Maybaum respectively, instead of their regular voices.
  • Video Source: Has its own page.
  • Voices in One Room: Though the voice actors typically record their lines separately (and since the coronavirus pandemic they're confined to recording in their bedroom closets), there are moments when they come to record together. For example, in "Dream Weaver", Chris and Marieve recorded their dialogue together in the scene where Cricket messes with Tilly's dream.
  • The Wiki Rule: Big City Greens Wiki
  • What Could Have Been / Working Title:
    • The series was originally going to be called Country Club. Also, it was supposed to premiere on Disney XD in Spring 2018 before being moved to Disney Channel, along with the release date being pushed back to Summer 2018.
    • An early concept art of the series when the show was originally named Country Club shows some notable changes in the characters' designs, while Cricket's design remained unchanged except he appeared a bit rough on certain portions of his design and his original name was "Buckets".
      • Tilly was slightly taller than her actual height in the series, she originally wore a dress with flowers, while her facial appearance appeared a bit aged up as she had puffy cheeks.
      • Bill originally wore a straw hat and overalls similar to what Cricket wears, while his head shape appeared rock like.
      • Gramma Alice originally was in a wheelchair while her facial appearance is closely similar to Randl's Mom from Harvey Beaks.
      • Remy’s design depicted him, having a bigger head shaped has a little strands of hair, a bit taller, and seen with a portable laptop.
    • While another concept art showed three stages of character design change:
      • Remy appeared almost more like his current one, except his hair was shorter, had slightly long head, and he does not wear a sweater.
      • While the Greens looked closely like their final version with a few minor changes.
      • The episode Welcome Home was originally paired with Space Chicken, while there were a list of episodes that were released randomly out of order. Both episodes were paired with each other on Disney+.
    • Big Coffee was originally called "Cafe de Urbana".
    • Cricket's naughty musical number in "Green Christmas" originally had a scene where he put on a red costume and wear horns, similar to Krampus. Understandably, it was scrapped.
    • Cheap Show originally had a gag where live action versions of the show's voice actors would've made a cameo, but it was cut for being too expensive.
    • A scene in "Chipwrecked" has a woman walking a man like a dog. Shane Houghton said the scene was different, where it was originally where a woman walking a dog, and they were covered in coffee, but the higher-ups didn't want to show a dog drinking coffee (coffee being poisonous to dogs).
  • Word of God:
    • Multiple source releases (and the iTunes description) confirm Cricket is 10 years old.
    • Chris Houghton confirmed on his Tumblr account that Gloria's surname is "Sato".
    • The reason why Cricket, Tilly and Remy have yet to be shown attending school? The writers imply the series is set mostly on weeknights, weekends and school holidays such as summer vacation, as they felt childhood is encompassed outside of school.
    • Chris Houghton confirmed on his Tumblr that the two-guy duo Alexander and Terry are indeed a couple.
  • Write What You Know: Much of the series settings and the characters was heavily based off of Shane’s and Chris’s experience of their early life, who both grew up from a rural Michigan area, and had moved to city like Los Angeles after graduating college, as what they claimed to be much of life changing difference between learning about the urban life from rural life, for example, they mentioned about the hairstyle that Cricket has, is what Chris wore as a child as well as the name that also came upon as well as the character, while Bill was loosely based off the creator's father-in-law while Gramma Alice was based off of their real life grandmother, who also had the same name as the character, and had lastly mentioned about the Greens Family pets, Phoenix, a dog similar to the creator's dog that they had, while the cat was similarly compared to the Creator’s grandmother's cat, while Tilly was lastly mentioned of being amalgamation, who they remembered her being similar to a numerous of neighbors they knew of.
  • Written by Cast Member: The episode Present Tense was co-written by Tilly's voice actress, Marieve Herington.


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