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She's no city girl, she's from the suburbs.

Season 1

  • Gramma Alice navigating her way out of a demolition derby in "Gramma License".
  • Tilly risking her life to save her baby birds from being crushed by a trash compactor in "Mama Bird".
  • In "Cricket's Shoes", despite not approving of it, Bill fulfills Cricket's promise to run into the dog park covered in raw meat.
    • In that same episode, Phoenix manages to stop the dogs from attacking the Greens.
  • In "Cyberbullies", there's Cricket and his friends banning together to stand up to the Cyber Knights and use their kites to destroy their drones.
    • Extra awesome points: Cricket was the only one of the group not afraid to face the Cyber Knights, and was also the only one whom they are unable to hack, because he and his family don't have any devices to begin with.
    • Meta example: The entire episode is known for being a Very Special Episode about bullying, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it. Even in October 2020, a clip from said episode was released under Disney's campaign "Use Your Voice".
  • Gloria knocking out Chip with one roundhouse kick in "Coffee Quest".
  • In "Big Deal", Cricket realizes the true meaning of Thanksgiving and defeats Louis.
    Louis: Don't you want this TV?!
    Cricket: Very much so! But I want my family SLIGHTLY MOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cricket jumping right in front of Gloria to prevent her from getting hit by the skunks' stink in "Skunked".
  • "Harvest Dinner":
    • Tilly knew Cricket and Gramma would switch the paprika, so she stuffs it in her pocket sometime offscreen.
    • Cricket and Gramma realizing the meaning of Bill's job and defeating the mean rooster.
  • "Hurty Tooth": Dr. Enamel somehow pulls Cricket's tooth out some time offscreen during his Rousing Speech.
    Cricket: Whaaa?! Dang, you are good.
    Dr. Enamel: Eh, so I hear.

Season 2

  • "Bad Influencer", Cricket, of all characters, was the only one in the episode who did not fall for Itchaboi and his insane words, as he is able to see right through him and tell he's a scam.
  • "Green Christmas": Cricket's Selfless Wish to get Tilly back on the nice list.
  • In "Reckoning Ball" as the Greens are threatened by Chip's wrecking ball, Keys, OF ALL PEOPLE, comes out of nowhere to protect them and vowed to arrest Chip for attempting murder.
  • "Impopstar":
    • The Greens breaking into the mannequin warehouse to rescue Cricket from Amaryllis.
    • Tilly, being the only one who knows Zillon is not Cricket, found out he's a fake by testing him with the word "toot".
  • "Shark Objects": Gramma's Big Damn Heroes moment, coming down from out of the sky with seagulls and taking the lifeguard out to sea, saving Cricket's life.
    Gramma: Hey, pretzel thief! You messed with the wrong Gramma, for I am THE BIRD QUEEN!
  • "Quiet Please":
    • Bill willingly sacrificing himself to give Cricket the gift of reading, while simultaneously costing him his own.
    • Also Tilly managing to stay quiet the whole time, and was thus the only Green who was not threatened by the librarian.
  • "Chipwrecked":
    • By this episode, Cricket has stopped taking Chip seriously and begins treating him like a joke; although the end of the episode is dark for Chip biting right back at him for it, it marks the turning point he fully considers Chip a true threat to the family and it is seen to him never to mock Chip again.
    • Cricket's family discovering he only made up "Bring Your Family To Work Day" to coax them into doing his job, and they call him out for it.
    • Gloria being the only one who sees right through Cricket's hoax.
  • "Chipocalypse Now":
    • Gloria, after being reminded of what the Greens have done for her, manages to take down a bouncer wi5 her taekwondo skills (she's a purple belt). And when she gets fired, she takes the bouncer with her.
    • Tilly's Rousing Speech to Bill, which gets broadcast through all of Big City.
    • The citygoers standing up for the Greens.



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