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Headscratchers / Big City Greens

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  • How does Cricket know that the neighboring cafe girl's name is Gloria? She has no visible name tag, and there is no showing of Gloria introducing herself to Cricket.
  • In "Gabriella's Fella", how does Cricket know that Gabriella's full name is Gabriella Carlita Espinoza?
  • In "Chipwrecked", Chip has a picture of Nancy on his evidence board as well as her name and trailer, but she's never encountered him yet, and how does he even know her name?
    • She's Bill's ex-wife, so there's bound to be a public record of their marriage/divorce that a private investigator could find.
  • Honestly Chris' constant confirming that BCG shares the same universes with most other Disney cartoons (and Planet Sheen apparently) is beginning to get way more confusing than cool. If Big City Greens really does share the same continuity, why does everyone in the BCG universe have different skin from literally everyone else in the world? Why does nobody mention the world ending threats that come from shows like Kim Possible and Big Hero 6: The Series and the alien invasions like in Phineas and Ferb?
    • Maybe he's trolling?
  • In "Swimming Fool", why did Gramma get her hair styled just before the family made their trip to the swimming pool? She could have easily put it off until afterward, saving herself (and others) a whole lot of trouble.
    • A lot of vain old ladies will get their hair done right before going near (or even in) a pool, then blame everyone else when it gets ruined. Gramma isn't vain, exactly, but she is self-centered.
  • Cricket has been shown to be mentally unstable. Why is no one putting him in some mental hospital?
    • Cricket is a child, and they are not going to put him in a mental hospital.
  • In "Desserted", why didn't Bill, Alice, or Nancy leave the restaurant by themselves to go get the money to pay for their meals while the others stayed?