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Tear Jerker / Big Hero 6: The Series

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When Hiro cries, we all cry.
Even if Big Hero 6: The Series focuses mainly on humor and action, it doesn't refrain them to drop tearjerking moments here and there.


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  • The very fact that Hiro and the others may never get to live a normal life again, having lost Tadashi to a tragic accident as well as the increasing number of villains and other oddities threatening San Fransokyo. Most importantly, the team was quite close to Tadashi, a hardworking older brother who always put the needs of everyone else before his own. All of that came crashing down in the blink of an eye, and they'll never get it back.

    Season 1 

Season 1
Who would've thought an episode named after an adorable sidekick would've contained such a heartwrenching scene?
  • "Baymax Returns" starts the series grandiosely with a bunch of those.
    • The first episode of the series already start with a wham. First character we see? Tadashi. Who died in the movie. Also counts as heartwarming, since it showcases us that even if Tadashi is not there anymore, his character has still a big part in the show.
    • Hiro watching a video of Tadashi teaching him how to ride a bike before his first day at SFIT. The kid is probably nervous, and the words Tadashi says in the video ("Don't be scared, little brother" and "You can do it!") are words Hiro wishes to hear from his brother at that moment. Then when he pauses the video, Hiro says this, just to nail your heart harder:
      Hiro: Well, Tadashi this is it. [forces a laugh] First day of nerd school. [smile falls to a frown] All because of you...
    • Hiro hurts his finger with his backpack zipper and says "ow". He then looks down at Baymax's empty charging station, just to make the audience remember that since the pilot happens towards the end of the movie, Baymax is still believed to be gone forever into the portal. Ouch.
    • A bittersweet moment is Cass hugging Hiro and telling him Tadashi would be proud of him.
    • As Hiro's friend give him a tour of campus, Hiro suddenly stops in front of... Tadashi's lab. Wasabi goes to comfort Hiro, and this sentence will pull at your heartstrings:
      Wasabi: [softly] You okay? We miss Tadashi, too. And Baymax.
      • The instant he says that, everyone in the gang looks down sadly. Even the tough Gogo. It still makes you remember they lost a good friend, and they miss Baymax too.
    • Entering Tadashi's lab, Hiro looks around and finds Tadashi's hat on a lamp. He holds it in his hands and says a soft "Wish you were here, big brother".
    • Hiro telling professor Granville the lab he's in is his brother's lab... or it was. Though it goes to heartwarming when Granville tells Hiro Tadashi Hamada was an excellent, hardworking student. It's her first "tough but fair" moment. We've just been introduced to Granville's character, and she already sympathizes with a kid who recently lost his brother.
  • In "Killer App", in a way, it's kind of depressing to see Wasabi and Hiro quarrel with each other; even if it doesn't last.
  • The episode "Mini-Max", while having hilarious antics coming from Fred and his eponymous sidekick trying to keep him out of trouble, is probably one of the most tearjerking episodes of Season 1.
    • Let's start with the most obvious moment, the prison scene. Hiro visits Callaghan in prison for information about Granville's past work at SFIT. We can see Hiro looking uncomfortable to be facing the man responsible for his brother's death and wants to leave as soon as he has the information he needs. Callaghan is cooperating the whole time, telling Hiro what he needs to know. But then before Hiro can leave, this conversation ensues:
      Hiro: This is helpful. Thank you, Professor Callaghan.
      Callaghan: Hiro? I never thanked you for saving my Abigail.
      Hiro (grimacing): I'm...I'm glad she's okay.
      Callaghan: (glances at a picture of Abigail hanging on the wall of his cell) I never set out to hurt anyone. What happened to Tadashi... because of me... I know it's not enough. But I'm sorry.
      Hiro: Tadashi would have wanted me to forgive you. (exhales sharply) Someday I hope I can.
      • Look at Hiro's face during that scene. You know, he's trying hard not to cry. The same goes for Callaghan. You see hope on his face that Hiro might forgive him for his actions, but then Hiro tells him he needs more time. You know the instant the door closes behind Hiro, Callaghan probably burst into tears.
    • Upon recognizing the prodigious gifts of her student, Bob Aken, Granville gave him unlimited access to the lab, even after hours, only for her student to be seriously injured after one of his experiments went wrong. Blaming herself for allowing Bob to take his experiment so far, Granville, a respected teacher, stepped down from her job
  • Hiro being grounded by Aunt Cass in "The Bot Fighter" for going back to bot fighting. It's clear she's disappointed in him and feels Tadashi would be as well.
  • "Obake Yashiki" has Obake distracting the other team members with fearful illusions from the augmented reality lenses he stuck on them. Hiro's image? ...Tadashi.
    • Later, Hiro expresses how painful it was to see Tadashi, seemingly alive and so real, only for it to be an illusion. GoGo and Wasabi agree that Obake has crossed the line in manipulating Hiro like he did.
  • The season 1 finale "Countdown to Catastrophe" will kill you with the suspense, but also with the scenes that will make you cry.
    • The scene where the gang fights without Hiro. They're clearly destabilized without their leader, and Baymax, who normally has Hiro give him orders, is easily overpowered by and rebooted by Noodle Burger Boy, causing him to crash on the ground. Everyone, audience included, wishes Hiro could've been here. Speaking of which, the instant Hiro arrives on the scene, he immediately rushes to Baymax's aid and you know he feels guilty for letting him go on his own.
      GoGo: We need you. Baymax needed you.
    • The Reveal about Lenore Shimamoto's role in the Great Catastrophe can only be this; not only is Shimamoto herself in tears over the unintentional consequences of her actions, but the people who have looked up to and respected her for years are forced to learn, out of the blue the horrific truth of her actions. The look on Honey Lemon's as she plays the wax cylinder really shows the horror and heartbreak she's feeling.
      Shimamoto: My experiment was responsible for... I am responsible for the Great Catastrophe. The destruction, the devastation... I'm sorry. [breaks down in tears] I'm so very sorry! [cries before the cylinder stops]
    • Granville and Obake's reunion after 20 years. Granville is under the shock, and apologizes for what happened to Obake. Though he says she shouldn't and made him the man he is today. It's quite distabilizing to see Granville, normally The Stoic, being frightened by seeing what her star student came to be such a chilling individual.
  • Probably the most tearjerking scene that even topped the prison scene from "Mini-Max": Obake's death. The instant Hiro's plan works and San Fransokyo is saved from the Great Catastrophe happening again, the shockwaves causes Obake's lair to crumble and Obake to suffer from a saddening Villainous Breakdown. The way the scene unfolds and hearing Obake, such a sinister Big Bad on the verge of tears will make you cry while simultaneously applaud Andrew Scott's performance:
    Obake: [distraught] Hiro... how could he possibly...?
    Baymax: Hiro is clever and resourceful.
    Obake: [seeing each of his screens lose connection] My new city... my dream... [loses his balance and crashes on his chair in defeat] They still remember Shimamoto, they revere her!
    Baymax: My scan indicates that this structure is sustaining damage.
    Obake: This wouldn't have mattered, I would've lived forever! The man who remade the city into something... perfect.
    [Obake takes out his chip from Baymax while trying hard not to cry]
    Baymax: [pats Obake's back] There, there.
    Obake: You should go.
    Baymax: You are in danger.
    Baymax: Do I have your permission to help you?
    Obake: Go to him! Go to Hiro! [sadly] Tell him I still think we would have done great things together.
    [Obake walks to his chair as his lair still crumbles]
    Baymax: I am a personal healthcare companion. I cannot leave until you say you are satisfied with your care.
    Obake: I am satisfied with my care.
  • Granville asking Hiro with a heartbroken tone if he knows what happened to Obake, prompting Hiro and Baymax to look underwater for clues of Obake's demise.

    Season 2 

Season 2
Hiro: (stammers) W-wait, she's gone? I didn't say goodbye...
  • In "Internabout", Trina mentioning to Noodle Burger Boy that "Father is gone" brings a pinch to the heart when you remember what happened to Obake in the first season finale.
  • "Prey Date" has a few.
    • Orso Knox is confirmed to be a Non-Malicious Monster with a side dish of And I Must Scream.
    • He appears to think that Amara would mutate Hiro as well, so Knox drags the kid out of her basement and lets him go. Unfortunately, his friends have no idea about that and upon finding Knox alone underground, they are justifiably frightened that he did something horrible to their friend.
      GoGo: What did you do with Hiro!?
    • GoGo flies into a terrifying Tranquil Fury and leads the team to give a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to the poor Knox who is unable to clear up the misunderstanding. He can only howl in pain.
    • When Hiro shows up, the normally careless Fred greets him with the following:
      Fred: You're okay! I thought you were... not okay...
    • Knox shields Hiro from falling rubble, taking some more damage after his fight with the heroes.
    • The episode ends with Knox nervously, unconvincingly praising Sycorax for curing him and having a private conversation with Amara, who extorts money from him and threatens to turn him into a monster again. Poor guy can't catch a break.
  • High Voltage being turned into eel monsters by Liv Amara. Their panic at their monstrous appearance is heartbreaking to watch. All they wanted was to abandon the crime life, but life decided otherwise for them.
  • The pictures of Obake and his crew from Dibs' phone in "Nega-Globby" is bittersweet to watch not only because of what happens to Obake in "Countdown to Catastrophe" but to Globby's eyes, they were basically a family.
  • GoGo trying hard not to cry at the thought of Honey Lemon leaving her to go back to her dorm. Shows that underneath the tough image she gives herself, GoGo is a human with emotions and doesn't want to be lonely.
  • "Write Turn Here" has more of a "heartwarming tears" one. The ending is about Hiro writing his assignment from experience: "a boy, his brother and a robot".
  • "City of Monsters" managed to beat "Countdown of Catastrophe" in terms of heartwrenching scenes:
    • Karmi realizes too late Hiro was right about Liv (actually Di) and hides at the school before warning Hiro. What Hiro and the audience realize too late, is that Di implanted a bio-chip in Karmi's neck off-screen, and when she activates it, Hiro tries to help only to have Karmi shove him away from her. It's totally justified she doesn't want to be touched again after Di forced that chip into her neck.
    • It gets worse from there when Karmi goes through a horrifying, painful mutation and Hiro can only helplessly watch in horror as his new friend is screaming in pain and fear. As if it wasn't enough, she is now under Di's control and has no other choice but to kidnap Hiro and bring him to her.
    • A Hulked-out Chris damages Baymax by stepping on him. Hiro, who was Forced to Watch due to trying to escape Monster Karmi, rushes to his robot best friend's side, and Baymax, true to his nature, tells him to run away because he's in danger.
    • Heartwarming tears example, but Hiro's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight words to Karmi will touch you in some way:
      Hiro: Karmi... you can fight this! Because... [smiles] you're the smartest person I know! You're... my friend. [gently touches her hand] I care about you.
    • Right after that, you see Karmi's face soften. She recognizes Hiro and starts to snap out of it. When Di tries to order her to eat Hiro, Karmi hisses and screeches in pain, putting a hand on her head as she tries to resist Di's Mind Rape on her. Put yourself in her place: she's transformed into this beast and is forced to hurt someone she cares about, and fights with all her might so she doesn't end up eating him.
    • As vile as she is, Di during her reunion with Liv can be a saddening sight. When Liv doesn't return her hug and tells her she's ashamed of her, Di looks scared and than, shocked and downright heartbroken. After all, she has a point in saying that she did precisely what she was created to do, only to be reviled and rejected by the only person she actually cares about.
    • On the other hand, there is Liv's reaction when she wakes up. She is cured now, sure, but to achieve that, her clone committed numerous crimes, such as robbing banks, turning people into monsters, kidnapping children and turning them into monsters as well. And since Di was created by Liv and programmed to save her life, Liv is indirectly responsible for all of that.
    • The ending. Gosh, the ending. Yes, Di and Chris are arrested, and life continues in SFIT. Hiro goes to "check on his new friend", only... he finds Karmi's lab empty with stacked boxes. Professor Granville explains to him that Karmi's parents brought her back home after what happened to her, judging the city was too unsafe. Ryan Potter once again proves He Really Can Act when Hiro's voice is close to breaking:
      Hiro: Wait, she's gone? I didn't say goodbye...
  • "El Fuego" has Hiro being angry and sad that the titular villain calls Baymax junk, which indirectly insults the work of his late brother. It prompts Hiro to go on an impulsive Roaring Rampage of Revenge to honor his brother.
    • Basically the whole dialogue of Hiro venting his frustrations to Baymax is enough to jab a dagger to your heart:
      [Hiro sighs in despair]
      Baymax: A deep sigh can indicate frustration.
      Hiro: You're not junk. You're one of the most sophisticated robots ever built! State-of-the-art A.I. Kinesthetic force sensors. High dynamic range cameras. Not to mention saving the city multiple times!
      Baymax: You are right, Hiro. I am not junk. El Fuego is incorrect.
      Hiro: I know, but I... I can't stand that he thinks he's right! It's not just that he's saying my work is junk. [looks at a family picture with Tadashi, frowns] He's saying Tadashi's work is junk.
      Baymax: [puts a hand on Hiro's shoulder] El Fuego's opinion does not diminish Tadashi's achievements.
      Hiro: Yeah. I know you're right, Baymax...
      [Baymax gives a hug to Hiro, who sadly leans into it]
    • Later in the episode, Baymax goes armor-less to protect Hiro from El Fuego. El Fuego, who at this point only tries to destroy Baymax For the Evulz, tries to give Baymax a Deadly Hug to crush him. It then prompts Hiro to completely brush off his desire to fight, admits defeat, and BEGS El Fuego to spare Baymax. El Fuego proves how rotten he is by ignoring his begging and still going for the kill. Luckily, Fred is able to save the day with Hiro's exo-suit, but this scene is still extremely poignant.
  • "The Globby Within" puts Globby through the wringer.
    • He just got his life on track, overcame his Power Incontinence, found his purpuse and friends, and boom! Suddenly, his arm starts wreaking havoc by itself, and he can't stop it. He looks confused, horrified, and guilty. He can't explain anything to the police either so in a few hours, he goes from beloved hero to a wanted criminal again; only this time, he is afraid of himself.
    • Felony Carl tells the heroes where they can find Globby On One Condition... they are to give him a big hug from Carl. Then, the tough guy sniffs, showing that he is really shaken by what happened to his friend.
    • When Honey goes to give him that hug, the sad and confused Globby dodges her: he's afraid he'd do something bad to her.
    • While Nega-Globby's petty antics are mostly Played for Laughs, Globby's terror about hurting his friends and his growing despair are not. There is an enemy inside him, it is going to take over him and hurt Globby's dearest friends, and there is nothing he can do about it.
    • At the end of the episode, Globby defeats his Evil Counterpart again and the heroes contain Nega-Globby... only for Chief Cruz to show up and brand them all as criminals. Sure, they escape him without much trouble, but they become fugitives, making it a rather Bittersweet Ending.
  • "The Present" being the first Christmas the characters spend without Tadashi is already tearjerking in itself, so this episode contains lots of heart-wrenching moments:
    • The episode starts with a flashback of Tadashi and Hiro as kids. While it's mostly funny to see Tadashi's invention cause a literal avalanche in the whole Hamada household, seeing Tadashi and Hiro being happy and creative as kids pulls a heartstring when you remember what's bound to happen to Tadashi in a few years.
    • Back in the present day, Hiro finds Tadashi's stocking in the Christmas decorations' boxes and sadly contemplates it. The look on his face, the sad music in the background completed with Aunt Cass' smile fall makes you know at this moment this episode is gonna be an emotional wham.
      • Speaking of Aunt Cass, she once again pulls a happy smile to encourage Hiro, like she did in the movie. She obviously suffers over the loss of her nephew, and knows her nephew does too, but she's doing everything she can to remain brave for Hiro's sake.
    • The look of utter shock on Hiro's face when he learns from Baymax the lost gift was from Tadashi all along. When Hiro asks Baymax why he didn't tell him, Baymax rightfully states that Hiro wanted the gift to be a surprise. Hiro is obviously devastated that he lost a gift from his late brother:
      Hiro: It's from Tadashi... [grabs his head in despair] and now it's gone!
    • Once Hiro gets the gift back and goes home, he and Aunt Cass look at Tadashi's gift, smiling about how Tadashi always planned ahead. Then the camera shows tears falling on the box, revealing Hiro with tears streaming down his face.
      Aunt Cass: [frowns at Hiro crying] I miss him... so much.
      Hiro: [voice breaks] Me too...
    • After expressing their sadness over Tadashi's departure and their first Christmas without him, Aunt Cass and Hiro share a hug, where both allow themselves to cry freely over their grief. Even the robot Baymax is seen lowering in head in sympathy. Try and watch this scene without feeling a jab in your heart.
      • Watch the scene closely: when Aunt Cass hugs Hiro, she's smiling. But once her face is hidden from his view, that's when she starts crying. Then she wipes her tear and smiles again when Hiro looks back at her. For those who complain about the lack of sadness from Aunt Cass in the movie (despite the small signs) and the series alike, this scene definitely proves Aunt Cass suffers from Tadashi's death AND tries to be a Stepford Smiler for Hiro.
    • The scene where Hiro opens Tadashi's gift: the snow machine from the flashback. He had fixed it, and planned to have a white christmas with his family next Christmas... only he died before it could happen.

  • "Hiro the Villain." When Momakase asks Hiro how Aunt Cass would feel if she found Hiro was keeping his superhero life secret from her, Hiro is shown to have a look of guilt on his face over not telling her his secret.

  • "Legacies", the season 2 finale, definitely has its moments.
    • Hiro has to give a speech at the SFIT graduation ceremony about Tadashi, but is reluctant, afraid of how much it'll hurt to talk about him.
    • Wasabi loses his car to the bay, again. His visible, and verbal distress is quite heartbreaking.
    • Despite everything he's done, you can't help but feel bad for Chief Cruz when Megan gets taken away by Trina. He falls to his knees, and fears for his daughter's life, who rests within the hands of a Robotic Psychopath.
      • It gets worse when you remember that he previously lost his father when he was a child and couldn't do anything about it, and that Megan is probably the only family he has left. But this time? Megan gets taken by Trina because of his own actions. This causes his change of heart towards Big Hero 6.

    Season 3 
  • In "The Hyper-Potamus Pizza-Party-Torium", Hiro and Fred are feeling sad when Wasabi, Gogo, and Honey Lemon are pre-occupied with finding jobs. Seeing Hiro losing faith in them with they don't make it to a mission is heart-wrenching.
  • In "Mini Noodle Burger Max", the team and the animatronic sisters get stuck in a cave-in that will completely fill up with water in a short amount of time, and Mini-Max and Baymax have to save them quick, not only before it's too late, but also before their battery dies, leading to them cooperating with Noodle Burger Boy. But when they fight against Baron Von Steamer, the inevitable happens: their battery starts dying. As Baymax lays motionless and feels himself shutting down, he begs Noodle Burger Boy, who is one of his foes, let's not forget, for help.
    Baymax: [glitching] I'm Hiro's companion. He is my companion. [puts a hand on Noodle Burger Boy's face] Help me, save my family... [shuts down]
    • Noodle Burger Boy seems shocked and saddened once he finds himself alone against Steamer. Let's not forget that he previously lost Obake and Trina, that he considered like his father and sister respectively. So he can't help, but sympathize with Baymax, leading to him giving Baymax and Mini-Max his remaining power knowing they have more chances against Steamer together than he does alone.
    Noodle Burger Boy: [gently pats Baymax on the arm, soft-spoken] He just wants to help his family...