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Shepard: Conrad. If you have some kind of weird shrine of me, I'm going to be very unhappy.
Conrad: It's just a poster with a few candles. It's very tasteful!
Shepard: Gah...

What's a good way to show that a character is a bit more attached to someone than is really healthy? That this someone is a Yandere or a Stalker with a Crush or just very, very creepily obsessed? Have a special private place in the character's residence that is dedicated to the object of the person's obsession. A shrine to them.

The contents of the shrine may vary, but they usually consist of photos of the stalker's obsession. Lots of photos. More rarely, newspaper and magazine articles, timelines, address book information, or videos are added. If there's a statue or bust of the stalkee, it has probably been kissed. For extra creepiness factor, a couple of half-melted candles are strategically located at the base of the shrine. There might also be locks of hair, trash, or other mundane items stolen from the object of the stalker's obsession.

While encountering a stalker shrine is almost always a very creepy event, on rare occasions, it can be strangely touching as well if the stalker truly cares for the target of their obsession. The shrine is simply a substitute for their physical presence. A less creepy version replaces the shrine with a hidden stash of photos of the obsession taken in secret.

Compare Shrine to Self, Shrine to the Fallen, Trophy Room, and Kitsch Collection. Subtrope of Room Full of Crazy.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Creed from Black Cat (during episode 20) is revealed to have made a giant sculpture in Train's likeness as well as a painting of Train and him together.
  • Case Closed has several:
    • In episode 344 (adapted from manga chapter 428), Ran mistakes the photos behind Jodie's bathroom mirror to be this, and she's right, except on one thing: Jodie's actually investigating Dr. Araide, and these are actually photos of Araide's—or, rather, Vermouth's—Stalker Shrine.
    • Rose, one of the suspects in the New York arc (chapter 350-354/episode 286-288), keeps a wall of photos in her dressing room like all of the other actresses, but Shinichi notices that they are all of the Archangel Michael, the character that the actor Heath plays in the musical that they are starring in. This turns out to be the motive for murder, as Rose is obsessed with the character to the point of believing that Heath will be killing the role with his retirement.
  • Although he's one of the good guys, Bak from D.Gray-Man spies on Lenalee and has a few pictures of her that he secretly takes.
  • Nao Sadatsuka of Food Wars!, has her whole room full of photos of Erina Nakiri. In fact, the second ending in the anime's first season is about her specifically stalking Erina and Hisako to get photos, since she has a restraining order that keeps her away from Erina.
  • In the seventh The Garden of Sinners film, Lio Shirazumi is shown to have one for Shiki, featured in the opening credits and later found by Mikiya.
  • In Great Teacher Onizuka, one teacher had a wall full of (photoshopped) pictures of himself and the teacher he had a crush on in wedded bliss.
  • Soushi of Inu × Boku SS has a photo-covered shrine to Ririchiyo in his apartment room.
  • In Jewelpet: Magical Change, Laura is so infatuated with Airi's big brother Sakutaro that she has a section in her room, hidden by a curtain, that contains nothing but pictures of Sakutaro.
  • Rune from Karakuridouji Ultimo has this huge painting of his crush Yamato in his room. Then, when Yamato finally comes to his house in Chapter 21, his reaction to the painting is hilarious. But the chapter, unfortunately, gets worse after that.
  • Koharu no Hibi: As of chapter 16, Koharu covers her walls in pictures of Akira, her crush.
  • This trope is Played for Laughs in an omake of Maria Watches Over Us where Yumi is made to be a stalker of Sachiko with her own Stalker Shrine.
  • Komi Can't Communicate: Yamai Ren has her room chock-full of photos of Komi pinned over the walls, and the ceiling, as revealed when she decides to kidnap Tadano out of jealousy. Some of them are even have collages with photos of herself, making it even creepier.
  • Although less of a 'shrine', Kotone Kirishima of Nyan Koi! has most of her phone dedicated to Junpei. He is noticeably creeped out when he finds out. Her sister's reaction to this indicates that this may be normal for Kotone.
  • Ayaka in Negima! Magister Negi Magi's Alternate Continuity Gag Series Negima!? was known for having her room filled with Negi-themed merchandise including pillows, swimsuits, and bread. It was every bit as creepy as it sounds.
  • In Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! W, when the Pretty Freeloaders finally get their own (Bigger on the Inside) bedrooms in Mahiro's house, Cuuko does hers up as one of these, dedicated to Nyarko. It's full of pictures of her from the first season and a body pillow.
  • In Okane ga Nai, Ayase gets an insanely creepy Stalker with a Crush, Tokigawa Takaii, who makes one of these in dedication to Ayase. The whole room is filled with pictures he secretly took of Ayase, along with items Ayase discarded, such as water bottles, which he's been doing ever since high school.
  • Harry has tons of pictures of Melfina on his wall in Outlaw Star.
  • Me-Mania of Perfect Blue has one of Mima in his apartment.
  • One of the minor antagonists in Psycho-Pass has a room filled entirely with slashed photos of a woman he murdered.
  • Kuno in Ranma ½ has a wall dedicated to Akane and the Pig-Tailed Girl. In one anime-original episode, it was temporarily replaced by a Nabiki wall when the fortune-teller told him he was supposed to marry Nabiki.
  • Not a shrine specifically, but in Rosario + Vampire Mizore collected all the articles of the school newspaper Tsukune penned (he's a member of the Newspaper Club) into a scrapbook and showed it to him. He was a bit creeped out.
  • In Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Matoi, the stalker girl, is shown having a wall covered with pictures of Nozomu Itoshiki.
  • From Sgt. Frog, Momoka is rich enough to give her Stalker Shrine to Fuyuki its OWN BUILDING. And that's not the half of it, as her own bedroom has things like Fuyuki-cherubs decorating the bed, an alarm clock with Fuyuki's voice...
    • One episode has Momoka coming to terms with the presence of "the other woman" (Chiruyo Tsukigami), and willingly taking down the Stalker Shrine. Her bedroom remains untouched though...
  • Himespetchi of the Tamagotchi television series has such a passionate crush on Mametchi that she keeps a lot of things themed around him in her house, among them plushes, balloons, an alarm clock, and a "Happy Darts" dartboard depicting him. Whenever anyone visits her house, Himespetchi hastily hides all this Mametchi stuff since she doesn't want anyone to know about her crush.
  • Mutsuki of Tokyo Ghoul plays with this in later chapters of re in that he doesn’t have pictures of the main character Kaneki/Sasaki (object of his psychotic crush) on his wall; but rather copied pictures of his love rival Touka posing with her friend Yoriko. What’s worse is that they are all pinned to the wall with knives highlighting that he intends to remove Touka and anyone else he perceives as being in the way.
  • In Tsukiuta the Animation, Shun has one to Hajime (an Idol Singer) in his room. It's full of actual merchandise, mostly - rather ordinary for a huge fan, and Shun is sixth in his fan club. The issue? Shun is another idol, and he and Hajime live in the same dorm building.
  • Akane Akaza, from YuruYuri, has one... Of her younger sister, Akari. Complete with a dakimakura (Body pillow). Covered in lipstick kisses. Oh, and Akari is thirteen years old.

    Audio Plays 
  • Wakasa from Yandere Heaven has in his room. He has taken several pictures of the protagonist and has marked specific dates on them to commemorate each moment he spent spying on her.
  • Yumemi from Yandere no Onna no Ko has several pictures of her cousin on her bedroom wall. The second part of her track reveals that her room is so full of pictures that she has to use the ceiling to tape new pictures she took of him.

    Comic Books 
  • Played for Laughs on an Archie Comics cover, as Betty has apparently turned her entire bedroom into one to Archie. Actually, Betty often has a stalker shrine on covers or even in-story. It's usually never more than her locker or a wall in her room, but it's still kind of creepy. Occasionally, Archie does this for Veronica as well. Reggie, on the other hand, has a Shrine to Self.
  • Hebe has one dedicated to Hercules in The Incredible Hercules.
  • Spider-Man:
    • In a Bronze Age story about the Black Cat, she has been stealing numerous artworks connected to love. Since she has a known obsession with her father, Spider-Man assumes this is some sort of dedication to him, "as if she was making a shrine". He is wrong; she is making a shrine for Spider-Man.
    • Another storyline has the Parkers' creepy neighbor building a shrine out of MJ's publicity photos.
  • In Supergirl: Identity, Powerboy had one of Supergirl, a wall of photos.
  • Superman used to have a bit of a habit about those. If you were one of his love interests, one of his enemies, or just someone he vaguely knew, there was a pretty good chance he had a room somewhere plastered with your pictures and complete with a life-sized statue. Here's one he made for Lois Lane.

    Fan Works 
  • In Batman: Melody for a Mockingbird, the Big Bad Thomas Elliot's Supervillain Lair, rather than the conventional shrine of photos and idols, is his home made into a replica of Wayne Manor, a monument to Elliot's desire to usurp Bruce's identity. The replica is not physically perfect, but it is visibly perfect enough for Bruce to not immediately realize the difference.
  • In The Bachelor Harry has one date with an obsessed fan whose entire house is painted Gryffindor red and gold and filled with Harry Potter memorabilia, right down to a pair of Harry's boxers in a glass box over the fireplace.
  • In Black Betrayals Regulus has a secret room filled mostly with clippings and photos of Harry and his parents (with his dad crossed out), with a small section devoted to Sirius.
  • In Black Rose Admirer Team RWBY finds a shine with pictures of Ruby, and red and black roses. Needless to say, they are all creeped out by it.
  • In the Worm x Dishonored crossover fanfic, A Change of Pace, the Bone Carver has several shrines set up to the Outsider and carves the runes in tribute to him. He's more than a little unstable.
  • In Emerald Flight Book One: Union Ginny's room is filled with books, dolls, pictures and action figures of Harry.
  • In Living Dolls Colin has so many photos of Harry in his bedroom that Ron refers to it as "Harry Potter wallpaper".
  • In the Wreck-It Ralph fanfic Mushy, Romance-y Junk, Gloyd Orangeboar has one dedicated to Taffyta, and the shrine has everything from statues to pictures to a spat-out lollipop. This character, in addition to being played as an ignored enamored underling, effectively becomes an example of what not to do for Rancis.
  • In Nappies and Naked Dancing Colin has a shrine to Harry in his wardrobe.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic ResurrectedMemories: As per cannon, Paulina has a shrine to Danny Phantom in her locker. Ember is quick to point out how creepy it is.
  • In Spotless, after Marinette got together with Kagami, she had her shrine dedicated to Adrien replaced with pictures of her and Kagami together.
  • In Tones of Gray a possessed Ginny has an altar in her dresser, surrounded by pictures of Harry and his family. Harry is circled with little hearts, while everyone else has their eyes either removed or covered with an unidentified substance.
  • Ultra Fast Pony: After Twilight relocates to Ponyville, Princess Celestia demonstrates her obsession by maintaining Twilight's old room exactly as it was when Twi lived there. The room even smells the same as it used to.
  • In Won't Tell a Soul, Nino comes across this in Marinette's room (of Adrien) while waiting for her. He texts her about it and calmly runs as far as he can, knowing that Marinette would not be amused by it.
    "Oooh she's coming to kill me," Nino said aloud to himself, watching as Ladybug all at once vanished from the livestream. He had had a pretty intense laugh at watching her react and did feel sort of bad, but he couldn't quite contain the giddy giggle he had anyways.
    It was just so funny.

    Films — Animated 
  • In Megamind, Hal Stewart has a poster of Roxanne Richie with a sticky note taped to it that says, "Good night, Hal!" He gets rid of it after she makes it very clear that she's not interested in him — by disintegrating it with his laser eyes.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the documentary Abducted in Plain Sight the FBI discovers a shrine to the sexual predator's young victim. Also counts as a real-life example.
  • In Ace Ventura, Ray Finkle's room is a stalker shrine to Dan Marino...or at least, to the famous Super Bowl play that made Finkle a goat, which he blames Marino for.
  • Aftermath (2021): Otto has a shrine to Natalie in his secret room. Any photos of her and Kevin have Kevin's face scratched out.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Max Dillon has one of Spider-Man.
  • The Avengers (1998). Sir August has one to Mrs. Peel (or her clone) in his mansion above the Ominous Pipe Organ.
  • Completing the Jim Carrey hat trick, Edward Nygma in Batman Forever has one for Bruce Wayne in his cubicle.
  • In Better Off Dead, the walls of Lane Meyer's room are entirely covered with pictures of his girlfriend Beth, and he even has cardboard cutouts of her over each of his clothes hangers in his closet, so it appears as though she's wearing each of the items.
  • The B-Movie Black Belt (1992): muscleman serial killer with Mommy Issues keeps a shrine of a singer, adorned with dozens of candles.
    "When I heard the song, I know that is you, mother"
  • In The Boy Next Door, Claire finds out that Noah has one for her in his basement consisting of pictures of her plastered all over the place. He even has a series of pictures taped together to form a picture of Claire sleeping.
  • Willy Wonka's dad turns out to have built one of these, as Charlie and Willy discover at the end of Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, including clipped newspaper articles about Willy's success. It serves as proof that Dr. Wonka truly cared about his son, and followed his rising career with genuine interest, despite initially deriding Willy's dream of being a candy maker.
  • Conspiracy Theory: Since Jerry Fletcher did her a good turn once, Alice Sutton regards the protagonist as loony but essentially harmless until she sees his stalker shrine while they're escaping from his apartment during a fire.
  • In The Crush, Nick discovers that Adrian Forrester, the teenage girl who is Yandere for him, has a shrine to him in his own basement.
  • Helen Sharp in Death Becomes Her has one of her nemesis and rival Madeline Ashton.
  • Jed Parry from Enduring Love toward Daniel Craig's character Joe. He creates a shrine (together with creepily writing Joe's name all over paper and photos), which Joe promptly trashes... only for Joe to find Jed nearby naked. God knows what Jed was doing with it.
  • In the 1996 movie Fear David is Yandere for Nicole so one of the creepy things he does is make one dedicated to her complete with doctored pictures of Nicole’s family—replacing Steven’s head with David’s—a pair of Nicole’s panties, etc.
  • In The Firechasers, Jim Maxwell has a hidden wall covered in photographs of Toby. When Quentin disovers it, he realises that Maxwell must be the arsonist, and what the motive for the fires is.
  • In Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, it is revealed that Dr. Loomis' office is a shrine to Michael Myers, with three decades worth of newspaper clippings about Myers taped all over the office walls. To add to the creepiness, he also has high school photos of Laurie (Michael's sister) stuck to the wall too.
  • He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not shows one by the time one of the main characters finally starts putting two and two together.
  • In I Wake Up Screaming, the innocent man sneaks into the apartment of the cop that's been trying to frame him for murder, and finds a whole apartment covered with pictures of the murdered girl.
  • Killer Workout: When Chuck breaks into Jimmy's house, he discovers that Jimmy has an entire wall of photos of Rhonda.
  • Mimic 2 has Remy's door, covered in pictures of herself, crying after some sort of poor experience with the person labeled under the photo.
  • Minority Report features a pile of photographs of the lead detective's missing son. It is, however, deliberately set up to get him to murder the patsy hired to frame him.
  • In Muppets Most Wanted, Nadya has a locker filled with Kermit pictures in it.
  • A plot-point in My Super Ex-Girlfriend; the Villain is the Super-heroine's old boyfriend, and he still loves her. The main character finds this out when he finds the shrine in the boy friend's house. The main character brings this up to stop the battle at the end.
  • In One Hour Photo, the main character works at a photo development kiosk and prints extra photos from one family to display in his home and live vicariously through them.
  • In Penn & Teller Get Killed, Penn and Teller's stalker has a shrine in his rat-hole apartment, including a video in which he's spliced himself into Penn and Teller routines.
  • In Perfect Stranger, it turns out that Miles actually made one of Rowena that's hidden in a secret room in his house.
  • In Pixels, Ludlow has a shrine of Lady Lisa, complete with posters, figurines, and candles. Sam lampshades the creepiness.
    Man, if she was real, she'd have, like, a hundred restraining orders on you.
  • Celia has this in the 1991 Australian film Proof. Because her point of obsession is a blind man played by Hugo Weaving, he's unaware of it, even as he's standing in the room.
  • Razors: The Return of Jack the Ripper: Following the creepy ghost girl into the cellar, Jane and Sadie discover a shrine devoted to Jack the Ripper: the walls plastered with maps, newspaper articles, photographs, etc.
  • Replicant: Garrote is shown to have a wall plastered with pictures of his nemesis Detective Jake Riley.
  • In the... interesting TV movie Shes Too Young, the Dogged Nice Guy happens to have a bulletin board covered in pictures of the girl he has a crush on. This is never commented on, even when said girl comes to his house.
  • Madison's crush on Ben in the 2002 movie Swimfan. Ben discovers a creepy shrine of his personal belongings that Madison had been secretly stashing.
  • Ted has the titular teddy bear discover that Donny has covered his living room wall with old newspapers and magazines with his picture.
  • The Duke of Buckingham in The Three Musketeers (1973) keeps a painting of Queen Anne in a secret room surrounded by hundreds of candles. Possibly a subversion - since they're in love with each other, it comes across as romantic rather than stalkerish.
  • In The Tripper, the killer has one to Ronald Reagan in his Unabomber-style shack.
  • A later Jim Carrey film, The Truman Show, had a rare reciprocated one - during the climax, it's shown that Truman had created an approximation of Sylvia's face by clipping various features from models in magazines.
  • In Vicki, Cornell's apartment is a shrine to Vicki with photos of her everywhere.

  • In BIONICLE Adventures #1: Mystery of Metru Nui, Toa Nokama, while looking for her former student and friend Vhisola, breaks into her house to find it decorated with carvings of her, her achievements and copies of her awards, and practically nothing that would hint at the house belonging to Vhisola.
  • In A Certain Justice, by Ruth Rendell (at least in the TV adaptation), a lawyer who was a sort of mentor to the lawyer Venetia Aldridge obsessively keeps a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of her career. When she's murdered he puts her birth and death dates in big press-on letters.
  • The second half of the The Chronicles of Amber reveals that there is an underground "Amber Cult" in the Courts of Chaos, where adherents have taken to fixating on individual members of the Amber royal family. Participants create shrines to their favorite Amberite, with images and paraphernalia — the more authentic, the better. Dara's shrine to Corwin contains a portal to a dungeon where Corwin himself is being held.
  • Older Than Radio: Far from the Madding Crowd's Farmer Boldwood has a room full of jewelry and clothing in Bathsheba's favorite colors and styles labeled "Bathsheba Boldwood" which he's amassed at considerable expense and in considerable secrecy. Bathsheba has NOT agreed to marry him, despite his insistence that he deserves it.
  • In the Honor Harrington short story "What Price Dreams?", the suicide bomber who attempted to kill the princess had one of these. It was created by the people who warped his mind so that he would become a suicide bomber on command so that any investigation would classify her death as the act of a deranged stalker. It would have worked had the man not been taken alive.
  • In Sandman Slim, when Stark goes back to hell and takes on the job of Lucifer, he finds a room that his enemy Mason left that's filled with pictures of him, as well as the bodies of mutilated hellions. Stark realizes with a jolt that Mason must have spent hours down there, torturing and slicing up hellions while staring at pictures of him.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the Arrow episode "Draw Back Your Bow", Cupid has one of the Arrow.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: In the episode "Jake & Amy", Dario Moretti has a wall covered in pictures of Amy with her eyes scratched out.
  • Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has one of Buffy in "Crush".
  • Castle:
    • Used as a setup. Turns out the guy who has it isn't the killer, however.
    • In another episode, the police find the apartment of what they believe to be a stalker, but Castle notes the lack of any shrine, just a single photo. It turns out a rival model had paid him to stalk her in an effort to get her to quit the industry.
    • In the episode "Boom," the team enters the apartment of a serial killer who is obsessed with Nikki Heat, the character in Castle's new book who he based Becket off of, and find a huge shrine on his wall, which includes newspaper clippings, his own copy of the book, which Castle autographed, and even a huge painting of Becket's face.
  • This crops up quite a lot in the various CSI series.
    • In CSI (original), Nick discovered that he had his own personal stalker who installed cameras in his house and taped him doing stuff.
    • In the CSI: Miami episode "Under the Influence" a female stalker has shrines of her victim's photos in both her locker at work and her home.
  • Desperate Housewives:
    • Lynette goes to give the neighbor who saved her life a cake and discovers a basement full of toys and a wall covered in photos of young shirtless boys.
    • In Season 7 Susan's old schoolfriend offers to give her a kidney, and then reveals himself to have a huge crush on Susan. When Susan invites him over in order to thank him, he brings a scrapbook full of her old school pictures, her lock of hair, her old English essay, and her retainer. Lampshaded by Renee: "It's like the part of the movie when they go to the guy's basement and find the candles in front of the picture of the woman he's gonna kill!"
  • Doc Martin: After developing an obsession on Martin due to a medication issue Mrs Tishell constructs one of these in season 5 finale.
  • A somewhat milder version of this in Doctor Who series five: young Amelia Pond, who met the Doctor briefly as a child, apparently became obsessed with him and made dolls, models, and drawings of him and his TARDIS for years. These can be seen strewn about her bedroom even fourteen years later when he reappears as her Not-So-Imaginary Friend.
    • In the 2015 episode "Face the Raven", Clara reveals that she's aware of a secret room in the TARDIS where the Doctor collects information related to the immortal Ashildr.
  • Frasier, in "The 200th Episode", has every one of his radio shows on tape - except one, which is accidentally destroyed. To replace it, he contacts an obsessive fan who pulls back the curtains of his apartment to reveal a giant wall of stalk, where his window used to be.
  • Happens to Nick in one episode of Grimm where he is searching for a Grimm vigilante and upon going into their bedroom, he finds that the walls are posted with dozens of pictures of Nick.
  • In the Hart to Hart episode "You Made Me Kill You" a woman named Peggy Mullen has one of Jonathan.
  • In an episode of I'm Alan Partridge Alan is creeped out by the discovery that his "number one fan" has a room papered entirely with Alan's publicity photos. (Mind you, they're creepy enough even before being turned into an obsession.)
  • JAG: DC Detective Frank Coster had one of these with secretly taken photos of Mac in the, rather aptly named, episode "The Stalker".
  • The Jim Henson Hour has a reconstructed parody in Miss Piggy's Hollywood. All through the special the egotistical Piggy's been trying to play up her stardom and nonexistent friendships with other Hollywood celebrities by ambushing them for interviews. At her lowest point, however, Dudley Moore is delighted to see her at his doorstep and it turns out his house is filled with pictures, paintings, etc. of her at her most glamourous. She's overwhelmed, but she loves it and they sing a duet of "(Our) Love Is Here to Stay" to close out the special.
  • John Doe has one about himself, as he tries to find clues about who he is. Upon discovering it, Karen comments that it looks like a serial killer's shrine.
  • Hiroki Makise of Kamen Rider Fourze holds one on the prettiest girls in school, and desired to crash a bus full of these girls off of an unfinished highway.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The killer in "Delicate" has one devoted to the current subject of her obsession hidden in her dorm room.
  • There's also the "wall of VCR tapes" version; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit found a few of these in some of the houses of the pedophiles they were on the trails of.
  • One episode of The Mentalist has the team find one in the house of a suspected Red John copycat killer, showing the suspect photoshopped into pictures of the victim. It's actually fake — the suspect was just being set up to take the fall by the real copycats and wasn't actually stalking the victim.
  • Midsomer Murders:
    • Barnaby and Jones discover one in a storeroom at the killer's house in the episode "A Rare Bird".
    • Another had the homophobic Troy realize one man was actually Camp Straight when he found one dedicated to a young woman in the man's house.
  • Monk:
    • In one episode, it is revealed that Marci Maven has a stalker shrine for Adrian Monk.
    • In another episode, Monk observes that if the deceased person had been an obsessed fan, as the police assumed, one would expect some kind of stalker shrine in his apartment.
  • Motive: In "The Scorpion and the Frog", the detectives discover a very creepy shrine (the photos all have the subject's eyes scratched out) in the apartment of the paranoid schizophrenic that is being framed for the murder of the Victim of the Week.
  • The Muppet Show: Ms. Piggy's dressing room has one for Kermit.
  • The murderer in the Murder, She Wrote episode "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder" has one to the actress whose diary is the MacGuffin. It turns out that as well as the two murders that happened on screen, he also killed her.
  • Abby's stalker has one of these in an episode of NCIS.
  • One Tree Hill had an episode where an impostor of Peyton's brother does this. He had lost his girlfriend in a car accident and sought to use Peyton as a Replacement Goldfish. Needless to say, when Peyton discovers the shrine, still thinking that he is her real brother, she is terrified.
  • One episode of The Rockford Files featured one of these for Beth Davenport, but it mysteriously disappears before the police get there. It was actually made by her client at the time as part of a plan to be able to request a mistrial if she failed to clear him on the grounds that she was clearly distracted by the stalking.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures: In the episode "Eye of the Gorgon", Chrissie explores her neighbour Sarah Jane's house and finds a statue of her husband Alan (who was actually petrified by an alien gorgon posing as an abbess), but she assumes that her neighbour is obsessed enough to craft a statue of Alan. Later, after Alan is turned back to flesh and blood, Chrissie storms into Sarah Jane's house, claiming that the statue was right there, but since Alan is back to normal, and there is no proof of a statue, she gives up, going back to the house.
  • Scandal: Becky, Huck's girlfriend, has a secret room containing this and super-spy equipment. Sure, she's an assassin, but that's a lot of photos she's got on him...
  • The episode of Seinfeld where Elaine enters the apartment of Crazy Joe Davola for the first time and finds a wall of pictures of her that serve as the first hint to her that all is not well with her new boyfriend "Joey".
  • Skins:
    • Sketch has one of Maxxie.
    • Sophia has one of Naomi.
  • Subverted in A Touch of Cloth when the main characters find a creepy shrine to Todd Carty in a seemingly abandoned warehouse.
    Anne: What kind of sick mind creates a shrine to Todd Carty?
    Todd Carty: Oi! What are you doin' in my lockup?!
  • Sam "Whiplash" McBride has a door full of photos of Bridget "Red Cap" Sullivan on The Unit.
  • An oddly heartwarming example in the VH1 biopic on Meat Loaf. After a fight with his drunken father, (words were said, knives were thrown....) Meat runs away from home and becomes a famous rock and roll singer. Years later, when he's hit a rough patch in his life, Meat goes back to his childhood home to find his estranged father has built a shrine of Meat Loaf albums and photographs. Not sure if this is real life since Meat made no mention of it in his autobiography.

    Music Videos 
  • In the video of Dido's White Flag, the singer has pictures of David Boreanaz all over her wall and then spends the rest of the video stalking the actor. At the end, it turns out that Boreanaz also has a stalking shrine of Dido.
  • Speaking of Dido, Stan from Eminem's "Stan" writes his letters in a basement plastered with Eminem's pictures and magazine covers. In the lyrics, he tells us, "I got a whole room of your posters and your pictures, man!"
  • In the video clip for George Michael's Father Figure, George has a shrine to the supermodel he carries around in his taxicab.
  • Kim Petras: The music video for "I Don't Want It at All" starts with Kim kneeling in front of her Paris Hilton shrine, filled with scented candles and pictures of Hilton.
  • Seen in Weird Al's parody of Taylor Hicks' Do I Make You Proud, called Do I Creep You Out.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Used twice in WWE/F. First was Diamond Dallas Page having a shrine set up for Sara (The Undertaker's then-wife). A few years later Mickie James set one up for Trish Stratus.
  • In TNA, Samuel Shaw had a shrine dedicated to Christy Hemme, as shown to viewers via supposed hidden camera footage. Bizarrely it seemed that Hemme must have actually watched the show, as she called him on it the following week.

  • When it was announced that UK terror legislation would be used to monitor people with "an unhealthy interest in the Royal Family", The News Quiz started joking that this would include some journalists at The BBC and that senior Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell probably had a stalker shrine to the Queen.

    Video Games 
  • In AMBER: Journeys Beyond, the delusional gardener, Brice has a small one hidden below a gazebo he was building, complete with candles, a framed photo of his crush, Mandy, and a letter which she wrote. The letter describes Mandy begging Brice to quit stalking her, being sick of his conspiracy theories, and threatening that her father would fire him if this went on any longer. When Brice looks at it, he only takes note of her handwriting.
  • In Borderlands - Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC, there is an easter egg featuring a stalker shrine dedicated to Lilith, one of the protagonists.
    • In Borderlands 2's Captain Scarlett DLC, Herbert has a stalker shrine dedicated to Scarlett.
  • Deadly Premonition - Near the end of the game you enter George Woodman's home and in his basement is a shrine to Emily with photos of her and evidence bags containing items she used or touched hanging on the walls.
  • Dragon Age II - One of the creepiest missions in the game features one dedicated to a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hawke's mother.
    Fenris: This man is either very devoted or very insane.
  • In Front Mission 5, there's a Running Gag of how cold hardass Lynn Wennwright has one such shrine of player character Walter Feng.
  • Hollow Knight: If you rescue Bretta, she idolizes the Knight and starts keeping a doll in its likeness in her house in Dirtmouth, complete with flowery prose in her diary gushing over her "White Savior". If you save Zote the Mighty and face him in the Colosseum of Fools, she becomes obsessed with Zote and his tall tales to the point of putting up a poster of him and building a shrine to him in the basement, which has enough "dream power" to unlock an optional boss fight against Grey Prince Zote, a much stronger idealized version of Zote.
  • Hyrule Warriors: Cia's dimensional lair is, in itself, one gigantic stalker shrine to Link. Everywhere you go, portraits of him can be found here and there. Her backyard? A rose garden with statues of every single Link. Including Wolf Link, Young "Hero of Time" Link and Right-Handed Link. Oh, and guess who you get to come here as, and who you're here to find? Simply delightful.
  • It was known throughout Luigi's Mansion 3 that the hotel's owner Hellen Gravely is a Fangirl of King Boo. The Master Suite, where she lives, has King Boo statues plastered everywhere.
  • Played for laughs in Mass Effect 3 with Shepard's obsessive fanboy, Conrad Verner. When Shepard asks Conrad if he lost anyone when the Reapers hit Earth, Conrad answers no, eventually admitting that the "wife" he's mentioned before doesn't actually exist. In light of this, Shepard sees this trope coming a mile away, and sure enough, Conrad lives down to expectations. In his "defense", it's apparently very small and only has a few "tasteful" candles. Shepard is understandably still weirded out.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3 in the Female Protagonist Magician Social Link, has the Protagonist getting told by Junpei that someone took photos of her during gym class. Junpei briefly wonders why someone would do this but then gets quiet and tells the protagonist to enjoy the ramen. (They later find the culprit and Junpei fights with him offscreen)
    • The first area in the TV world of Persona 4 (The one with the noose) has photos of councilman Namatame's wife with her head cut out plastered all over the walls. It's the mental world of the first victim, who was in a relationship with Namatame. It's implied, given the state of everyone else's mental worlds, it was formed by her repressed envy towards Namatame's wife.
    • In Persona 5, Kamoshida's castle holds a hidden room containing photos of Ann's friend Shiho.
  • In Pokémon Omega Ruby, Psychopathic Manchild Courtney has a laptop filled with photos of her boss Maxie.
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon has the Ghost-type trial, the boss of which is a Pokémon called Mimikyu, a Ghost-Fairy who dresses up as Pikachu because it wants to be as popular as Pikachu. The fight takes place in a room filled with pictures of Pikachu, with the strong implication that Mimikyu put them up itself.
  • Portal, in the Room Full of Crazy, has a photo shrine for the Companion cube.
  • Inbeda of the House-In-Exile has one of these in The Secret World. More specifically, he's turned most of the bathhouse into a weird sex-shrine to Illuminati handler Kirsten Geary. One room alone is dominated by a massive painting of her in a pose that the real woman probably wouldn't be caught dead in; the pool is surrounded by mannequins, quite a few of which appear to be deliberately modeled on Geary as well... and there appears to be a blow-up doll floating in the water. Also, Inbeda is in the habit of having sex with the mannequins. Geary has seen this particular shrine, and the fact that she recommends having Inbeda bumped off as soon as he's no longer useful is purely coincidental.
  • To absolutely no one's surprise, Yandere-chan from Yandere Simulator has one for Senpai, complete with things she's personally stolen from him without his knowledge.

    Web Comics 
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court, Chapter 18, "S1", Antimony and her True Companions stumble upon a room full of robots, and an adjoining chamber with a large portrait of Jeanne and a much smaller portrait of someone named Diego. They conclude that Diego must have put the whole thing together to honor Jeanne's memory; they disagree on what the relationship between Diego and Jeanne must have been, and consequently whether the construction of the shrine was something sweet or creepy. The story itself later reveals that Diego was in part responsible for Jeanne's death and did his part out of jealousy, only to afterwards deny any association with the crime even from himself, only blaming others for what happened pushing it firmly into the creepy camp.
  • In Homestuck, Vriska Serket keeps one for Nicolas Cage (or rather, Cameron Poe).
  • In Kevin & Kell Kevin's first wife arranged a marriage for his adopted daughter Lindesfarne when the latter was a baby and the parents of the intended groom have one set up in their home.
  • In Nerd & Jock, Stalker Girl has one for Jock. Xarhuul, the eldritch being Stalker Girl worships, has a similar one for Nerd.
  • Penny Arcade: Tycho apparently has one to John Romero.
  • Driver of The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred has one of these to Mordred, complete with a life-size plush doll and nude photos (from the back).
  • Alternate Universe John Williams has one for Yoko Kanno.

    Web Videos 
  • Empires SMP Season 2: fWhip has proclaimed himself to be deeply devoted to Sheriff Jimmy and the Law he enforces. Reflecting this, he has a shrine to the Law filled with candles and toys made in the Sheriff's likeliness located deep in Gobland. When Grian accidentally digs into the cavern where it's located during the Hermitcraft crossover, he is understandably uncomfortable and voices a sneaking suspicion that he's not supposed to be there.
  • When KateModern's K-Team break into Justin's office in "WC ONE", they find that it is a repurposed disabled toilet with the walls plastered with notes, and photographs of Julia in a bikini and (bizarrely) Lee dressed as a jockey.
  • The Spoony Experiment: The Spoony One joked about having one for Morgan Webb in his basement in his Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh review, which apparently contains a desiccated human corpse.

    Western Animation 
  • Firefly in Batman: The Animated Series had one of these for the female singer he did pyrotechnics for. As Detective Bullock noted upon seeing it, "Oh, he's got it bad."
  • A benign example Played for Laughs: Beetlejuice has a shrine to his head. She finds out in one episode where she gets stuck in his brain. (They do take donations for its upkeep.)
  • Danny Phantom:
    • In the episode "Fanning The Flames", whilst under the effects of Ember's Love Spell, Danny constructs a mini-shrine to Sam, meditating over it. When Sam sees it, she's a bit creeped out.
      Sam: O-kay, even the part of me that's liking the attention is really freaked out by this.
    • "Lucky In Love" shows that a random boy at Casper High School has a shrine to Paulina in his locker. At the end of the episode, Paulina has made her own locker into a shrine for "Inviso-Bill".
  • Denis and Me: In "Besties", when Lady Barks-A-Bit goes to retrieve her ball for Denis, she goes inside her doghouse, which is full of photos of Denis.
  • Duck Dodgers: In "The New Cadet", Dodgers finds a room abundant with pictures of himself by Soren, an assassin who hunts targets she's fallen in love with. The room contains a statue, one picture with Cadet Porky crossed out, and a picture Dodgers doesn't remember taking.
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
    • Tootie basically filled her entire bedroom with Timmy shrines, dolls, and pictures.
    • Veronica is obsessed with her popular friend Trixie and has tons of Trixie merchandise decorating her room. She isn't obsessed with Trixie; SHE IS TRIXIE!!
  • Family Guy:
    • In the episode "Stuck Together, Torn Apart", Peter sees Lois talking to an old boyfriend and decides to respond in Operation: Jealousy fashion. Unfortunately, one of the women he tries to pick up happens to be his old prom date, who has an entire hallway full of pictures of Peter. She is also wearing the dress that she wore to that prom... and hasn't washed the hand that touched Peter's since then... or flushed the toilet he used, for that matter.
    • In the episode "Barely Legal" Brian took pity on Meg and took her to her prom, and she became violently obsessed with him. He discovers she made a shrine for him in her room.
    • Quagmire has been shown to have a shrine for Lois.
      Quagmire: A couple of teeth and some toenails, and we'll be ready for our date!
    • In the non-Christian universe from "Road to the Multiverse", Stewie mentions that without Christianity to inspire the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, they gave the job to John Hinkley, Jr., and the scene pans up to reveal that the ceiling is a shrine to Jodie Foster.
  • The Fanboy and Chum Chum episode "The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy" reveals Yo to have a shrine consisting of photos of Chum Chum.
  • In Fish Hooks, Clamantha has a shrine to Oscar in her locker, and Oscar has a shrine to Bea in his.
  • Berry has one for Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and it isn't even in her house. It's in the house of the family she's kidnapped in an elaborate plot to alienate Bloo from Mac so he can spend more time with her.
  • Futurama:
  • Get Ace: Downplayed. It's never called attention to, but Ace has a crudely drawn picture of his crush Tina blowing a kiss with hearts on the wall of his room.
  • Glenn Martin, DDS: Jackie's old boyfriend Gary never got over her and has a room full of photographs and other mementos of Jackie. There's even a wedding photo with Gary's face taped over Glenn's face.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Irwin is so unhealthily obsessed with Mandy that he has an entire wall of his room covered with her photos, most taken while she was glaring at him and trying to hit him.
  • Myron Reducto's not-so-well-hidden Booty Shrine in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • The intensity of Helga's love for Arnold was quickly established by showing that she kept a shrine of Arnold in the back of her closet that was shaped like his head and made out of his used chewing gum. Later shrines shown included one made out of an actual football and garbage, and another that was some sort of hat / mask thing that she put on and danced around in. About the only thing preventing this from being incredibly creepy is the fact that she's nine years old and it's Played for Laughs.
    • Ernie, one of the boarding house attendants, has a shrine to Lola, a tall fashion model who he has a crush on.
  • Heloise of Jimmy Two-Shoes has a very Helga-esque shrine of Jimmy hidden behind her living room. Her interest in Jimmy is used as a cute contrast to the fact that she's a horrid little Mad Scientist who spends her days working to create instruments of torture, and her free time to beat or murder anyone who looks at her funny.
  • Krazy Kat has one of Ignatz in the 1963 cartoon.
  • Played with in Milo Murphy's Law; although this is Zack's first thought when he discovers that Melissa has a room full of pictures of Milo, it's very much Not What It Looks Like. Unless it looks like an attempt to discover the inner workings of Milo's condition, in which case it's exactly what it looks like. Either way, it's fair to be a little unsettled by the fact that she managed to procure his old toothbrushes.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Marinette, who has a huge crush on Adrien, has pictures of him plastered all over her room. She then has to take them out when he is going to visit her.
    • The Agreste Mansion is loaded with paintings and sculptures of Adrien's Missing Mom and Gabriel's beloved wife, Emilie.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Sheldon has an unsettling amount of pictures of Jenny in his locker and closet.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "Simple Ways", Rarity had a shrine of Trenderhoof.
  • My Little Pony: Pony Life has Fluttershy of all ponies having one for Finn Tastic.
  • Candace from Phineas and Ferb has a shrine for Jeremy.
  • Lorne The Friend for Life has one, glorifying his idols Sam & Max: Freelance Police:
    Sam: Now about this shrine...
    Max: What's the deal with these wax figures and yellowing news clippings? It's so outdated.
    Sam: Yeah, a Sam and Max website is the way to go!
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: "Howl of the Fright Hound" features Jason Wyatt, a teenage robotics genius and Velma's obsessive stalker. When the gang go to his house to question him about his potential involvement in the case of the week, they find his room covered with pictures of Velma.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Parodied in the episode "Pranks A Lot." When SpongeBob and Patrick turn invisible, they use it to prank Sandy. One of the things that they do is set up a bunch of pictures of Patrick in one room at Sandy's house.
    Sandy: And since when did I acquire ALL THESE PORTRAITS OF PATRICK?!
  • Parodied in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star has a fangirl who has her locker filled with pictures of her. Then Star shows her locker is filled with pictures of said girl.
    StarFan13: Star! I wallpapered my locker with pictures of you!
    Star: That's weird…because I wallpapered my locker…with pictures of you!
    (the two girls high-five)
  • A disturbing variant occurs in Star Wars Rebels where Darth Maul is shown to have a candlelit shrine to Duchess Satine, a woman he murdered. Rather than it being a result of an obsession with her however, it was a symbol of his victory over her lover, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Total Drama: This is actually averted or downplayed with Sierra, who otherwise displays every other Loony Fan and Stalker with a Crush hallmark but is never even implied to have a shrine to Cody, the unwilling object of her affections — unless one counts the numerous fan blogs she made for him. It's played straight with Sierra's mother, who is just as obsessed with Chris as Sierra is with Cody and showed this devotion by converting an entire room of her house into a mini-Chris museum.
  • Wander over Yonder: The Stinger for the episode "The Buddies" reveals that Commander Peepers' entire room is liberally plastered with images of Lord Hater.
  • The Zeta Project: Buzz had one for Ro, which seriously creeped her out.


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