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Projectile Kiss

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Kiss whatever's in range goodbye.

A character creates a heart or lips shape by smooching her or his lips and blows it over, usually causing whoever it hits to fall in love. A rare variation of this is an invisible version. This is a situation wherein the recipient actually tries to avoid the air kiss but gets hit by it anyway, usually to some comically haphazard way (ee/g. the kiss knocks them literally off of their feet). In anime, a similar move like this is used when ever a male or female characters winks sometimes a heart pop out of their eyes when they wink, or sometimes when they do wink hearts might fly straight to a person he or she loves or is flirting with.

In video games, this can be used offensively, usually by a Charm Person, and usually causes a Status Effect of "charmed", "infatuated", or the like.

Related to Heart Beat-Down (its own Sub-Trope), which is framed as a traditional superpower instead of a comedy trope. Might overlap with Kiss of Death.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Takes the form of a tiny heart-themed superhero with a Porn Stache in an episode of Crayon Shin-chan. The Funimation dub had a field day:
  • Taken to extremes in Naruto; on their second meeting, Rock Lee starts shooting gently floating kisses at Sakura and she starts dodging them as though her life depends on it.
  • Boa Hancock in One Piece has the move Pistol Kiss in which she blows a Heart Symbol onto her finger and then fired it from said finger.
  • El-Hazard: The Magnificent World. Priestess Miz Mishtal blows one of these to her beloved Fujisawa.
  • Pokémon: The Series: How the move Sweet Kiss is usually animated, with a flurry of hearts blowing from the mouth.
  • While Clover from Happy Happy Clover doesn't actually do this, she does making a kissing gesture at the reader in Volume 3 between chapters after she learns that the reader is still reading about her and friends. The expression she makes is cute to say the least.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the Maiden in Love card does this when placing Maiden Counters on enemy monsters that attack her.
  • Weaponized in Sailor Moon, where Minako/Venus unleashes her Love and Beauty Shock by first mimicking a kissing gesture and creating a heart-shaped projectile, then shooting the latter on her enemies.
  • Baby Felix and Friends: Baby Felix, like all the other persons, blows a kiss on Baby Kitty in the episode "Tour de Tinky Ville", but it is a kiss sequence.

     Comic Strips 

     Film — Animation 
  • Jessica Rabbit blows a kiss at Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Since she's a toon, her kiss flies on Eddie's face like a red butterfly.

     Film — Live Action 

     Live-Action TV 
  • On the 60's-70's version of The Dating Game hosted by the late Jim Lange. Just before the credits, the host and the winning contestants would appear on stage, then on cue all would blow a kiss to the viewers. The word "kiss" or some other words zoomed in on screen.
  • In episode 59 of Mimpi Metropolitan, Trisno blows several kiss at an unattracted Mami Bibir, who dodges most of them and throws the last one away.
  • One of the Whammies on the 2019 revival of Press Your Luck blows kisses at the contestant's score screen. Each heart that floats over erases a number on the score.

     Video Games 

     Visual Novels 
  • In Virtue's Last Reward, when Phi is trying to explain the nature of the Many Worlds Theory that they can seemingly observe, she asks Sigma to do something random. This is presented to the player as a list of actions (wave, clap, cheer, tap dance, moonwalk) that ultimately continue the conversation in the same way, with one of them letting Sigma blow a kiss at her; he notices that she actively dodges every one of them as if they were fired out of a gun.

     Western Animation 
  • Mr. Bogus
    • In the second act of the episode "Bogunda, Bogetta & Bogus", a woman on a shampoo bottle (Long story) blows a kiss in the shape of a heart at Bogus, which causes Bogus to become emotionally excited once he gets the kiss.
    • Near the end of the first act of the episode "Bogus Private Eye", the female rat who hired Bogus to solve the mystery of the smuggled goods rewards Bogus by blowing him a kiss in the shape of her lips, but Brattus pushes Bogus out of the way and gets the kiss instead.
  • In the episode of Spongebob Squarepants called Le Big Switch, Spongebob does this with a heart. However, Squidward accidentally swallows it and chokes on it a bit.
  • There was one instance in Superman: The Animated Series where Volcana thanks/flirts with Superman for saving her life by blowing a kiss (made of harmless fire) at him. In Justice League, however, she uses a harmful version when fighting Batman and Green Lantern during the events of "Only A Dream".
  • In the Futurama episode "Route of All Evil", Prof. Farnsworth teases his cloned son Cubert as he's off to deliver papers by blowing him a kiss. Cubert tries evasive maneuvers, but Farnsworth claims it's a cheek-seeking missile.
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy, Ed tells a story in which the Kankers are giant radioactive monsters that attack them with projectile kisses, which leave huge holes in the pavement.
  • In Danny Phantom, the ghost villain, Kitty, has the ability to do this, making whichever male she hits to disappear unless she blows another kiss.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: In "Frankie My Dear," Bloo intercepts the projectile kiss Frankie threw to Mac, leading to a physical tussle between the two.
  • In the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode "This Time With Feeling", Jenny gives herself robotic nerves that only let her feel ticklish and pain. When Sheldon throws a projectile kiss at Jenny, she ends up falling to the floor in pain when it hits her.
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter's school teacher, Miss Wimple, blows a kiss to Dexter, which hits him on the cheek, leaving an A+ mark.
  • When Jamie blows a kiss at Gumball in The Amazing World of Gumball, it narrowly misses him, to his shock and relief, as it lodges sideways in a metal locker right next to him like a thrown dagger or shuriken.
  • In Miraculous Ladybug, the villain Zombizou can blow kisses at people that are represented by a moving pair of black lips; anyone who gets hit by them goes into a zombie-like state where they will want to kiss others, spreading the infection onto them.
  • Wakfu: In an early episode, the group must rescue Sadlygrove from some princesses that have been cursed to be ugly, with the biggest danger being that if he attempts to break their curse by kissing them, he'll be turned into a frog if it isn't genuine. After the princesses are convinced to let him go, he blows them a goodbye kiss, which is genuine enough to break the curse.


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