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Nightmare Fuel / Amphibia

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Welcome to Amphibia.

"Moments" pages are Spoilers Off, all spoilers are unmarked


     Anne or Beast? 
  • Anne's been wandering around the woods for days, fending for herself while hiding from carnivorous beasts. The only things to eat are bugs, and some roots if she's lucky. And she's only thirteen.
  • Anne nearly getting lynched by the angry mob. They manage to ambush and tie her down by virtue of Zerg Rush. Even through Sprig frees her, Wally suggests harvesting her for medicinal purposes.

    Best Fronds 
  • The serpent in the lake. Anne goes Oh, Crap! when she spots it behind Sprig and they try to outswim it. Sprig can, but Anne's limbs are too tiny. Soon the snake catches up and wraps them in its coils. Anne goes My God, What Have I Done? and begs Sprig to leave her.
    • The serpent actually swallows Sprig in what appears to be a Heroic Sacrifice on the young frog's behalf. Although it's just a ploy by Sprig to poison the predator with some hot pepper, for a while it looks like Anne lost her new best friend.
  • It's revealed that Anne’s friends, Sasha and Marcie, also wound up in Amphibia the same time she did. Sasha has already been captured by the Big Bad, while Marcie’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

    Cane Crazy 
  • The Doom Tree. Few have ever found it, and fewer still have returned to tell the tale (Hop Pop's grandfather apparently being one of those lucky few). When Anne, Sprig and Polly find it, they notice it's surrounded by frog skeletons, and it turns out to be a giant stick insect, who likely devoured anyone who got close enough.

     Hop Luck 
  • Maddie's behavior is rather creepy, to say the least, like the Voodoo Doll of Sprig she's introduced driving a sharp stick into, and implying that she wants to kill him.
  • The tomato plant is the stuff of nightmares with how it easily eats the Plantars, and nearly digests them. Sprig hopes that maybe the gastric juices are painless.


  • Hop Pop and Anne get tripped up on each other's energy drinks and end up mistaking Sprig for a corn thief and almost kill him (before they come back to their senses) to the point where Sprig is in tears and begging them not to kill him.

     The Domino Effect 
  • Domino II looks like a cute caterpillar, but it grows up into a frog-eating moth that nearly eats the Plantars. It's a mix of both cute and horrifying.
  • Hop Pop's Adult Fear when he realizes that Anne sneaked a wild animal into the house, not knowing it was dangerous to frogs. And they go around the basement, searching for a creature that is meant to be in the wild for the reason. Then you see Domino II's eyes...

     Taking Charge 
  • Hop Pop getting electrocuted in "Taking Charge", which is played with some uncomfortable realism. There's some pretty dramatic music that plays during this scene too.

     Anne Vs. Wild 
  • Soggy Joe getting axed in the back. Even if it turns out he was fine, you can't blame the Plantars for screaming when he stands up with an axe lodged in his emergency armor.
  • The Mudmen turn out to be a Cannibal Clan of frogs that nearly manage to corner and eat Anne and the Plantars.

     Family Shrub 
  • Hop Pop getting absolutely COVERED in glue and screaming for help while looking like some crazed slime monster.
  • The true horror of the pumpkin creature found in the cellar isn't any kind of threat it may pose, but the sheer pathos of its condition. Its roars appear to be as much in pain and confusion as rage, and its existence appears to be constant, inexplicable agony.

  • Everyone could see the ending a mile away. The whole thing was a prank to guilt Anne into admitting she skived off work by pretending to be sick. There's no way that the entire Plantar family were actually quietly resigning themselves to their inevitable deaths, right? Right? Right? Nope! They really did think they were about to die; only it turned out to be a misdiagnosis.

    Toad Tax 
  • The mayor nearly kills Sprig when the latter learns that the mayor stole the town's taxes. Now we all thought the Mayor was sleazy, but this is a whole new low.
  • Anne nearly killed by the toad warriors. Having her arm get broken was unnerving enough, especially since she's only just a child that attempted to fight adult toads.

     Prison Break 
  • In their introduction scene, the herons have blood dripping down their mouths!
    • If you slow the playback speed, you can see the horrified expression on a toad's face as he is swallowed whole by a heron.
  • Grime gains some Villain Respect for Sasha by the end of the episode after she saves his army from some herons. He says she can either work for him or go into the wilderness with little supplies. Sasha agrees to the former with a Cheshire Cat Grin about the fun she'll have, but really there isn't a choice; everything out in the wild will try to eat her, and there's little that a human can survive on unless they know a roots expert. Sasha just made a Deal with the Devil to survive and, she hopes, find her friends.
    • The fact that Sasha is looking forward to getting some enjoyment out of aiding Grime in his conquest and tyranny is also unsettling. She was not the best of people back in her home world, but the change in environment for her, as opposed to Anne, might have changed her for the worse.
  • Really, this episode puts the events of the previous one and any episode involving the Mayor upping the taxes in a whole new light: The heavy taxation is an extortion scheme by Grime. Any town that refuses to pay will face Grime's wrath. Whenever the mayor raises taxes, he takes the extra for himself while the rest goes to Toad Tower to save his own skin from Grime.

     Snow Day 
  • Every Hibernation Day, a single member of the town disappears never to be seen again. It happens so often, the townspeople say goodbye to each other! And what is the reason they disappear? A mother weasel feeding them to her babies.
  • Speaking of the weasel, just the design of it is every bit as nightmarish as other predators in Amphibia, with its red eyes and long, pointy teeth.

     Cracking Mrs. Croaker 
  • Just Jonah. That fact that he had been hunting Mrs. Croaker for thirty years and still hasn't given up despite his elderly age is unnerving. Not to mention the wide variety of weapons he keeps under his coat, followed by the wild, maniacal look in his eyes as he tries to kill her is just terrifying.

     A Night at the Inn 
  • The Dandy Lion Innkeepers start off as a warm, inviting couple who are generally kind and generous to the Planters when their snail stops during a storm. Turns out these people are part of a Cannibal Clan who actually laid out traps in the road in order to lure wandering amphibians.
  • When the Plantars escape and find Bessie inside the barn, they come across many other snails whose owners had been victims. Mixed with Tear Jerker as one of the snails had been a coach for a newly-married couple.

     Family Fishing Trip 
  • Sprig makes a downright evil Nightmare Face when he gets the idea to have Sylvia pick the blue flowers (that are on top of a giant crab) for Hop Pop.

     Bizarre Bazaar 
  • Hop-Pop buries the music box in the ground, saying it's too dangerous for anyone to get their hands on. And he knows he's dooming Anne to trapping her in Amphibia forever.

     Anne of the Year 
  • After Sasha and Anne reunite, the former says that she brought her friends. How are we introduced to them? A fly whizzes past Grime and briefly illuminates his face before she snatches it with his tongue, the only thing visible are his glowing eyes. He says, "Nice to finally meet you...Anne Boonchuy." This line is followed by all the toads assembled behind Grime, their eyes glowing red. The music that accompanies it makes it all the more unnerving and disturbing, making one wonder what is going to happen in the next episode.


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