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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • One of the promos that air beforehand with Brenda Song is heartwarming, considering her past history with Disney.
    Brenda Song: Hey, this is Brenda Song from The Suite Life on Deck. Oops, I mean Amphibia! And you're watching Disney Channel. It's good to be back.

     Anne or Beast? 
  • Sprig standing up to the mob and getting them to realize (or at least acknowledge) that Anne isn't a monster, but just a lost kid who needs help getting home.
  • Sprig tries to share his toys with Anne so she won't get lonely. While he realizes he can't let go of any of them, Anne smiles at him to let him know she appreciates the effort.

     Best Fronds 
  • Despite still treating Anne with suspicion and calling her a "creature," Hop Pop pretty much adopts her as one of his kids. When he says that she should stay in the house, he asserts it's as much for her safety as it is for the village in case she starts eating people.
  • Sprig tries to stop Anne from jumping in the lake after seeing the sign. When he is being the responsible one, then you know something is up.
  • Despite learning what a real friend is (from Sprig's loyalty), Anne doesn't have ill feelings towards her previous friends. In fact, she wishes them well and hopes they're okay wherever they are now.
  • We don't get a good first impression of Sasha, given she pressured Anne into shoplifting the music box, but it's implied she might have lied to Grime while being held captive because she was trying to protect her friends.

     Cane Crazy 
  • Polly helping Sprig and Anne find a perfect replacement for Hop Pop's favorite cane so he doesn't kick her out. As opposed to having hostility towards Anne the previous episode, she's come to accept Anne isn't a monster and shows a willingness to keep her from being forced to leave the Plantar household. This is cemented when, believing she will be kicked out, Polly weeps "Just when I was starting to like you!"
  • Hop Pop clarifies that he was never going to kick out Anne, and admits it might've been harsh of him to use that threat, even to get Anne to respect him more.
  • When Hop Pop assigns Anne dish duties for breaking his favorite cane, she takes it without a fuss, granting Hop Pop the respect she denied him earlier that morning. Also, she does listen to his list of comebacks for her insults without complaint, though he admits the moment passed.

     Flood, Sweat and Tears 
  • After she accidentally breaks Sprig's favorite action figure, Anne goes to the basement to fix the leak that's flooding it so she can move out of Sprig's bedroom. One can interpret she's doing this because she's genuinely sorry for what she did and wants to move out to give Sprig his space back as much as she wants to get back her own.
  • Upon confessing how hard it's been being roommates, when Anne and Sprig feel it has ruined their friendship, Hop Pop begs to differ. Because they're finally speaking up and being honest with their feelings, this just goes to show the experience has strengthened their bond.
  • Sprig giving Anne a tin can phone so they can while away the night talking about what they want, even when they sleep separately.

     Hop Luck 
  • Anne admits while they're trapped in the tomato plant that she just wanted to share pizza with her new family. Hop Pop in turn says that he appreciates that Anne was trying to help them win, when she didn't need to do so.
  • Anne decides that if the Plantar family is going in the Cage of Shame, then so is she. Now that is Family of Choice at its finest.

     The Domino Effect 
  • According to Anne, she adopted her first cat Domino when it was just a stray. It testifies that Anne is a very sweet cat lover to adopt a stray cat out of spontaneous kindness.
  • Anne and Domino II spending time together.
    • Domino II bringing dead bugs for Anne. If it really is behaving like normal cats do, that means he's trying to make sure Anne is well fed.
    • Anne shows she understands cats really well, too, making a "for me?" gesture rather than get grossed out or upset at Domino II's "gifts". She's also seen doing things like building him a playplace.
  • Even as a giant monster butterfly, Anne manages to entrance Domino II with a cat toy.
  • In the grand scheme of things, Anne and Sprig did save an innocent critter from those giant wasps. So now it's grown up big and strong and is free to roam the wild because of them.
  • For all his belly-aching about Charlie Bigbottom, Hop Pop misses him terribly.
    Anne: I hope you understand...
    Hop Pop: Understand? Understand?!
    (starts crying)
    Hop Pop: I loved Charlie Bigbottom with all my heart n' soul!
  • Sprig giving Anne a homemade stuffed animal resembling her cat back home. Sprig initially thinks that she hates it given her blank expression and offers to take it back, but Anne then hugs it and says that she loves it, appearing to be on the verge of tears of joy. It’s such a sweet gesture and genuine response that make it so heartwarming to watch.

     Taking Charge 
  • After watching Sprig, Polly and Hop Pop get overly suspicious of one another (from watching "Suspicious Island") over who drained Anne's phone, it's refreshing to see the Plantars return to being a trusting family by the end of the episode.
  • Anne and the Plantar family going great lengths to help her recharge her phone when it runs out of power. In the end, the Zapapedes charge it to the point it's at 10,000% power. The heartwarming part is when one considers it means she'll be able to look at the picture on her phone, the only pieces of home she has. So she has enough abundant power to look at those pictures from home whenever she wishes (possibly until she finds a way home).

     Anne Theft Auto 
  • Though she initially does it out of sheer boredom, Anne finally decides to read Bessie's "manual". She really gets into learning about Bessie's life story, from cheering on Hop Pop winning her in an auction from a crooked buyer, to crying when she reads how Bessie saved him from freezing to death. Also doubles as a parallel of someone deciding to read a "boring" book for the first time, only to discover its profoundness and beautiful story-telling.

     Breakout Star 
  • Despite Anne acting dismissive towards the Plantars due to her new celebrity status, Hop Pop insists that they support her, because she's one of their folks.
  • Anne, realizing that the Plantars were the only ones caring about her before she got her pimples, wipes off the berries from her face in front of the public, saying she wants to be with the folks who support her regardless whether she's a monster or a celebrity, in spite of the orders from Mayor Toadstool.

     Sprig vs. Hop Pop 

     Girl Time 
  • Anne admitting to Polly that it wasn't right of the former to force upon the latter how to be a real girl.
  • Polly making a name for the Plantars by breaking Wartwood's spitting record is this when one remembers "Hop Luck". For the longest time, the Plantars have been known for losing the Pot Luck every year and sitting in the Cage of Shame because of it. But now, thanks to Polly, the Plantars can be known for winning something.

     Dating Season 
  • Although they're just friends, Sprig and Ivy have surprisingly good chemistry. They're affectionate, comfortable in each other's presence, and enjoy sparring with one another. Their being friends unto itself is heartwarming, considering it was established previous episodes that Sprig has never had friends, much less one that isn't weirded out by his personality.
  • Admittedly, the Love Doves are pretty and loving towards each other, despite being vicious frog-eaters.
  • The episode ends with Sprig off-handedly admitting to Anne that he's fallen for Ivy. What makes this especially sweet is that he fell for her because they bonded naturally and of their own free will, rather than go through some pressured court ritual.

     Anne vs. Wild 
  • Even if they know it means they will never see Anne again, the Plantars have affirmed their support in helping Anne return home, whatever it takes.

  • Although it's partly out of guilt, Anne steps up to the task of taking care of the Plantars when they get sick from working in the rain. What's more, it's the fact that she legitimately believed the Plantars were sick. A lesser person would've thought they were faking it themselves.
  • Anne is tearfully overjoyed when she learns the Plantars are not dying from Red Legs.

     Family Shrub 
  • Sprig babying the Pumpkin Monster to the point it's happy. At least, for a while it was...
  • Anne learning about Emma the Newt, a traveler who settled in Wartwood and became an honorary Plantar in the family. Given Anne earlier showed no interest in helping with the Family Shrub because she wasn't a Plantar by blood, this convinces her that she can have a place on the Plantar Family Shrub just like Emma did.

     Lily Pad Thai 
  • In previous episodes, Anne where she acted like she knew best — namely with pizza making— would mean her schemes, no matter how well-intentioned, would go wrong. This is the first time that one of her well-intentioned schemes worked, to make Stumpy's a success.
  • Stumpy also appreciates that Anne is putting in 110 percent effort.
  • This is the first episode where the frogs aren't scared of Anne, and are happily learning about Thai food from her. They love hers and Stumpy's cooking.

     Toad Tax 
  • Anne doesn't take any pleasure out of being part of the Toad Soldiers' "collections". Even though the townspeople had mocked and insulted her earlier, she feels nothing but sorry for them, and even sees to it that they get to keep at least one of their possessions.
  • Hop Pop showing Anne how to do taxes - while it's hilarious, it's sweet in that he's teaching her something about responsibility, and something important about Wartwood just in case she does end up staying longer than she hoped. She's also considered a deductible, which is usually reserved for one's children. She is legally considered part of their family.
  • After standing up to the Toad Soldiers, Anne has finally earned the respect of the townspeople. From being called a Scarecrow to the town's hero, it brought Anne to tears to see she's finally been accepted.

     Prison Break 
  • At the end of the episode, after Grime has made Sasha his second-in-command, she pulls out a photo of herself, Anne, and Marcie — the same one that Anne herself has. She softly and genuinely says that she's going to find them and they'll be able to get home. Even though it happens just before giving a Cheshire Cat Grin at the thought of all the carnage she'll be causing before that reunion, it does show that she truly does care for both of her friends.

     Grubhog Day 
  • While it goes wrong, at least at the beginning it seems that the Grubhog is enjoying itself on the rides and getting treats.
  • In a twisted sense, Sprig and Anne accidentally saved the Grubhog's life. They created an opportunity for the bird to rescue it. Though that gets undercut by the Grubhog planning for war.

     Hop Pop And Lock 
  • It was sweet of Anne to teach Hop Pop how to dance.
  • Even though everyone would say otherwise, in the end, Hop Pop stayed true to himself and danced way the only way he could, which horrified everyone. And yet, Sylvia was not put off, and she even danced along with him, in the weirdest way possible. He may have lost the dance battle but Hop Pop surely won Sylvia's hand in a dance. Made even more touching when they shared a private romantic dance together at the end, with Sprig playing the violin and Anne & Polly dancing along with them.

  • When Hop Pop feeds the baby birds during the second challenge, Sprig notes that Hop Pop used to feed him and Polly the same way when they were younger.
  • Even though Hop Pop lost the election (thanks to the mayor getting the rest of the valley's vote), the townspeople appreciated what he did so much they got him a new vegetable stand. Hop Pop was so touched he was brought to tears. Also, on the stand's sign is printed "Plantar & Grandson & Granddaughter & Human" (notice how they're finally referring to Anne by her correct species term, rather than by the more generic term "creature").

     Snow Day 
  • Anne realizing that the weasel captured Polly to feed its young, and leaves it with the omelet she made earlier so they don't starve. She even regards the weasel with a touch of admiration as she leaves the cave.
    Anne: "Now that's a protector."
  • A bit of a small detail, but Mayor Toadstool, despite all his flaws, truly cares for Toadie, as he is shown sadly hugging him in fear of losing him. They're even shown to be in an embrace once they're frozen.
    Mayor Toadstool: (sadly) "Possible goodbye, Toadie."

     Cracking Mrs. Croaker 
  • It's an easily-missed detail, but Anne started off with a mattress on the floor when she first began living with the Plantars. Now she has her own actual bed.

     Wally And Anne 
  • Anne and Wally bonding during their trip to search for the Moss Man, from Wally saving Anne and her phone from falling off a cliff to Anne showing him her elaborate handshakes.
    ( After losing trace of the Moss Man.)
    Wally: "You lost your one chance to get proof and it's all my fault, now everyone's gonna to think that you are as loony as I am."
    Anne: "You know what, I'm good with that."
    Wally: "Wait, really, what a turnaround."
    Anne: "We know what we saw and a good friend once told me it doesn't matter what other people think of you."

     Family Fishing Trip 
  • Sprig telling Anne all of the memories him and Hop Pop made over the years on their family fishing trip. It has flashbacks to Sprig when he was just a pollywog (Cuteness Overload anyone?) and all the fun times they had, ending with Hop Pop and Sprig fishing together with the former's arm around the latter. It is genuinely touching to see the close bond they shared compared to the somewhat strained one they have in the present (with Hop Pop thinking that Sprig can be irresponsible, reckless, and impulsive), and it makes it even more emotional when Sprig realizes he might lose the one day he can truly connect with Hop Pop on all those fond memories to someone the older frog just recently met (Sylvia).
  • Sylvia noticing how depressed Sprig feels brings out the grandmotherly instincts in her. She harbors guilt over how lonely he must feel, instantly realizing that she may have unwittingly caused this. She is gentle and patient when she confronts Sprig on his feelings, and doesn't press further when the latte denies anything is wrong.
    • Not to mention how she tries to bond with Sprig, showing that she not only accepts Hop Pop, but his grandkids (including Anne) as well.
    • And even when Sprig tricked her which nearly resulted in getting killed by a giant crab, Sylvia doesn't get angry with him. And she's warmed by his sincerity when he tells her he really is happy to have joined the family on their fishing trip.

     Bizarre Bazaar 
  • Hop Pop having followed Anne and Sprig when they snuck out to visit the Bizarre Bazaar, one again displaying his need to protect them once again. However, rooting for his parental care immediately dies down when the end of the episode reveals he's buried Anne's magical box; just after promising her he would help find some way for her to get home.

  • Anne is creeped out by Maddie putting bread shaped like Anne and Sprig in the oven, but Maddie later brings the same bread to their house as part of their order. Maddie most likely custom-made the bread in their likenesses as a friendly gesture.

     Anne of the Year 
  • Anne being chosen for the Frog of the Year award shows just how much she has grown as a member of the Wartwood community, and its touching to see how the townsfolk have accepted her as one of their own.
    • Hop Pop quietly but proudly saying "A Plantar, Frog of the Year", showing that without a doubt, Anne is a member of their family.
  • When her hardcore party becomes a disaster and Anne ends up saving everyone (with Mayor Toadstool's help), she thinks she's ruined everything and miserably asks why Wartwood even voted her 'Frog of the Year'. We get this gem that shows how wonderfully developed everyone has become since the beginning of the series:
    Hop Pop: Anne, we didn't vote for you because you're flawless. Heh, far from it. We voted for you because of how far you've come. You've grown so much in your time here. And this town just wouldn't be the same without you.
    The citizens of Wartwood: (cheering in agreement)
    Wally: Here! Here! That's why I voted for her!
    • What makes this moment even more incredible is Mayor Toadstool forced to come to terms that the others are right. He even admits to Anne he's impressed with the way she just saved everyone.
  • It's revealed that Ivy likes Sprig as well, after Sprig spends the whole episode trying to convince himself to tell Ivy how he feels.
  • The end of the episode finally sees the reunion of Anne and Sasha, after Anne has spent the entire season thinking she was the only human in Amphibia. The way they scream in joy and hug each other does seem to show a genuine friendship between the two. Of course, it's kinda overshadowed by the fact that Sasha brought along Grime and his entire army of toads, and we know they are NOT friendly at all.

  • In the flashback prior to their arrival in Amphibia, Sasha is shown protecting Anne from a bully who tries to steal her food.
  • A small one, but when Sasha and the toad army assure Wartwood that they merely want to invite them to a banquet at the tower, unsurprisingly, the citizens are skeptical. Then Mrs. Croaker calls out what Anne thinks of this whole thing. While may be overlooked, it's a sweet reminder how much Wartwood not only cares about Anne, but also seek her opinion and guidance.
  • When Hop Pop is horrified and frightened over the toads' plan to execute him, Mrs. Croaker assures him that she and the townsfolk won't let them. This proves that despite a lot of things shown throughout season 1, Wartwood is a close-knit community who really do look out for one another.
  • A villainous example when Grime compliments Sasha on how smart she is...even if through an Amphibia-based metaphor that goes completely over her head.
  • During the castle's destruction, we see Mayor Toadstool carrying frogs on his back as they run away to safety. Many wouldn't be blamed to see him trying to save his own hide instead, but he chose to save others as well. And while he does claim he needs someone to govern, one can assume he was likely saying that to save face as not to look too kindhearted.
  • Anne and her friends are trying to save Sasha from a deadly fall, in spite of what she'd done to them. When it is clear that they would only fall with her Sasha lets herself fall so that at least Anne would be saved.
    • Grime saving the unconscious Sasha and carrying her to safety. The distraught look on his face as he looks at her in his arms shows that he really has grown fond of her.
  • The fact that Anne would not go home if it meant anything bad would happen to the people of Wartwood. On the other hand, the Plantars stick to their promise that they will help Anne find another way home.

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