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Say what you want about Disneyfication, but there's no denying the warm and fuzzy feelings these moments from the best-known names in Western animation give us.

Other Films
  • The Small One: everything from "I need a gentle donkey, to carry my wife to Bethlehem" to the end.
    • "He's good enough to be in a king's stable!" The love between Small One and his master is palpable.
    • The tanner at first seems like just a terrifying villain, but after re-watching it, it's obvious the tanner is actually a very decent man. He can tell the little boy is nervous, and while he's sharpening a knife the whole time he seems to make a conscious effort to be as nonthreatening as possible. When he realizes that the child doesn't understand who he is, he also explains "Boy... I'm a tanner. I only want him for his hide..." in as gentle a manner as possible when it would have been simple to just say "Sure thing, kid, I'll take real good care of him". Small One likely isn't the only old, loyal friend that he's had brought to him, and while the nature of his work doesn't let him have too much empathy for the donkey, the tanner is nevertheless a good man and the gentleness he showed the two is a welcome contrast to the mocking auctioneer later on.
  • In Brother Bear, when Koda snuggled up to Kenai, mumbling "I always wanted a brother..."
    • Koda throwing himself into Kenai's arms, dispite Kenai now being human. AAAW.
    • Kenai choosing to remain a bear so he can watch over Koda.
  • Lady and the Tramp: Spaghetti kiss. Aww.
    • Darling is singing to her new baby, and Lady comes into see, then Jim Dear enters and holds Lady up so she can see the new baby and looks at it and wags her little tale, and both Jim Dear and Darling pet her. Lady is so sweet.
    • The ending, Lady is all grown up, Tramp is adopted and they have a litter of puppies.
    • From the sequel, Scamp's Adventure, we get the entire sequence of "I Didn't Know I Could Feel This Way"
  • While it might be a major Mind Screw (It was a collaboration with Salvador Dalí, after all. Yes, that Salvador Dalí), Destino also manages to be a major Heartwarming Moment once you start to figure out all the heavy symbolism. In particular, the final shot, with the silhouette of the bell inside the statue's heart? D'awwwww. note 
  • Pinocchio: The ending, when Pinocchio comes back to life as a real boy. Before that, it was believed that he died from the attack by Monstro after saving his father.
    • This exchange when Pinocchio decides to search the ocean floor to rescue his father.
    Pinocchio: Goodbye, Jiminy.
    Jiminy: Goodbye? I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya. Let's go!
  • The Disney Fairies films themselves. That is all.

Other TV

Real Life Events

  • Every time Walt Disney was at Disneyland, cast members always knew he was in the park when the lamp in the apartment above the fire station was lit. Although Walt Disney is now gone, the Apartment's lamp is still lit to symbolize Walt Disney's enduring spirit in his original Magic Kingdom.
  • Roy Disney, Walt's older brother and company co-founder, was planning to go into retirement when his brother died. He made a promise to see that Walt Disney World would be built. Roy, who had mostly stayed out of the creative side of the company, became deeply involved in Disney World's construction and creative input, coming to understand the process it took create Walt's dreams. Roy intentionally named the Floridian resort after Walt. He sadly died two months after Walt Disney World opened, completing his promise to Walt.
  • In the documentary Pursuing Happiness, Richard Sherman recalled that when he was giving a lecture to a college, a student asked him how much money he made from the song "Winnie the Pooh". He responded by recalling an event from the Baby Jessica fiasco from 1987 where she asked her mother from the well to sing the song to her, saying that if Pooh can get out of a tight spot, she can too.
  • Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller, spent her last years reminding the public about the humanity obscured by her father's corporate image. One way she did this involved opening the Walt Disney Family Museum. She also recorded intros for the Diamond Blu-Ray Discs of her father's animated movies, placing each in the proper context of his career. She didn't live long enough to record intros for all of these releases, and by an unbelievable coincidence, the last release confirmed to have her is The Jungle Book — the last animated movie made under Walt's supervision.
  • Some of the most unique licensed Disney products are Disney prosthetic hands for children. They are designed to be easy to produce for low cost, but still provide a great deal of functionality. In addition, the designs (inspired by Iron Man, Star Wars and Frozen) were chosen to encourage children not to be embarrassed or ashamed of their prosthetics. Not only was Disney willing to have their designers work with the company, but they provided funding for the project and licensed the designs without requiring royalties.
  • If one goes on Disney+ and uses Inspect Element, Walt Disney's "moving forward" quote can be found embedded within the code.

    “We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and
    doing new things, because we’re curious ...
    and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

    Walt Disney