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  • "Ducky Dearest" has Huey, Dewey, and Louie attempt to throw a surprise party for their Uncle Donald's birthday, but the way they act while trying to hide everything causes Donald to mistake them for doing illegal things behind his back, which causes things to go downhill from there. At the end of the episode, the triplets have no choice but to give their uncle his presents early. Donald is so touched to see what his nephews have done for him, and they finish off the revelation with a statement of "Happy Birthday, Uncle Donald!"
  • Stunt Double or Nothing has plenty of heartwarming moments alongside its more comedic parts.
    • Daisy and Donald defending the boys when Kent threatened to fire them even though it was an accident, Dewey actually saved his statue and they don't work for him. The Death Glares both adult ducks gave at Kent sealed the deal.
    • The boys accidentally destroyed Kent's tape and fearing that their uncle and Daisy will lose their jobs, they ventured into the jungle to reenact everything in the video and no one would notice. It became a Tear Jerker later but it showed the lengths they would go to help their friends and family.
    • Bobo, the ape that was friends with Daisy, Donald and the boys gets a Throw the Dog a Bone in the end of the episode.
      • Not only that,the Ducks started Kent's Humiliation Conga as a result of the latter abusing Bobo. Whatever Bobo had, they made sure Kent had it worse.

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